Coming Home for Christmas by Fern Michaels

Coming Home for Christmas

No one captures the delights of the holiday season like #1 New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels . . . Silver Bells For years, movie star Amy Lee wondered what it would be like to leave her shallow Hollywood life and go back home to Apple Valley, Pennsylvania. This Christmas, she plans to find out. And Hank Anders, her high school boyfriend, is now ready to give her a welcome she'll never forget . . . Snow Angels The only way irresistib...

Details Coming Home for Christmas

TitleComing Home for Christmas
Release DateNov 27th, 2018
GenreHoliday, Christmas, Romance, Fiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews Coming Home for Christmas

  • Mitch
    Dang...a second Christmas book in a row that I consider a dud. First it was "Snowbound in the Earl's Castle" by Fiona Harper, and now this one, "Coming Home For Christmas" a collection of 3 Fern Michaels novellas. I had such high hopes for it. The cover is soooo cozy and Christmasy and the descriptions made me hope it would be like Hallmark holiday movies in book form. Alas, although these stories were corny, it wasn't in the good way.The first s...
  • Ayami
    Don't even know where to start. The writing was good and each of the three novellas was very promising in the beginning. But the characters' actions were completely unbelievable. There was just no logic in their behavior and the choices they've made. Not to mention that they all had a strange tendency to fall in love with each other within 12 h or so of the first meeting. It was just all very odd and difficult to believe in.
  • Shannon
    First 2 stories were cute, although a little too sweet and even slightly cheesy. But that 3rd story really tanked. I can't believe how awful the "hero" was, and how easily we were supposed to accept his change of heart. Yeah, did not work for me at all! It left a really bad taste in my mouth and I'm honestly surprised at that whole story.
  • Joyce Stewart Reviews
    I was so excited when i won this book on goodreads, Because i love Fern Michaels books. But this one just was not what I expected at all. I did not realize at first it was actually 3 short stories in one book. The first 2 short stories was the best and i would give them both 5 ⭐'s. The 3 rd i would only give 1⭐.
  • Desiree Watson
    Silver Bells: Amy and Hank reunite after Amy is whisked away to California to live with her aunt when her parents die in a car accident. Amy is tired of the movie star life and comes back home for a while. She is reunited with Hank when he's left to care for his nephews when his sister in law decides she's had enough, needs a break and leaves. Will Amy and Hank find love at Christmas? Read: December 2015Snow Angels: When Grace takes Amanda and As...
  • Wendy
    Typical Christmas romance. Will never remember a thing about it, but it got me in the Christmas spirit!
  • Marran
    eh..nah...didn't like the storys very a bit bored to be honest...
  • Gabriela Milanes
    Yeah, this was pretty awful. Filing this under Never Again.
  • Anne
    I think this is the second or third book I read from this author and I remain unimpressed. I'm a huge fan of crummy romance novels if they're set during Christmas, so I was hoping this would be at least average.Although the author's writing style isn't bad (aside from using dopey sentences such as "and the rest, as they say, is history"), I greatly dislike her vision on romance. She always starts off with clever ideas for background stories but t...
  • Hazel
    DNF on page 31. For me, its incredibly hard to dnf a book. I almost never do it on purpose, even if Im not really feeling it. My rule is usually if I still dont like it by half way through, I can dnf it, but I never do because I still want to know how it ends and I figure if I get to half then I can finish it. With this one, I hated it from the first page. I didnt even want to read it, but I was trying to firce myself to so I could see if it was ...
  • Bcastle
    This book consists of three short stories. I have not read anything previously by this author so I don't know if this is typically their writing. I enjoy some quick semi cheesy holiday reads, but these were definitely on the super cheesy side. The stories were quite over the top and the characters seemed to change feelings/tempers too quickly and I found myself rolling my eyes throughout them. Had these have been lengthier stories I would not hav...
  • Margaret Fraleigh
    Loves the three stories in this book.The first story called Silver Bells was about Amy Lee and Hank.The second story called Snow Angels was about Max and Grace.And the third story was about Stephanie and Eddie.All three stories were connected through a small place called Apple Valley and surrounding area.
  • Marco
    Let me get straight to the point: 3 novellas that are juvenile and poorly written.The plot would be good except for the writing.Characters are... How can I say it? Dumb. There's a good thing though: the 3 stories are set in Telluride or close by. This has made me think about Gus Kenworthy 😁✌Other than that, just a worthless book. Let me get straight to the point: 3 novellas that are juvenile and poorly written.The plot would be good except...
  • Nancy
    If your looking for a quick christmas read, this is it. Of the three short stories, the first was cute, christmassy, funny...a nice read. The second story was a bit more predictable, but good storyline, quick read. I was a bit disappointed with the third story. It had potential but i felt the story felt choppy and unbelievable.
  • Megan
    Silver Bells - 4 stars, Snow Angels - 3.5 stars, Holiday Magic - 2.5 stars. Also I totally missed the fact that this book was actually 3 novellas until I finished the first one and turned the first page to discover the story was over!
  • Dawn
    1.5No. Just no. The stories are too short to be believable love stories. Does everyone meet and fall in love at first sight? The first was fine which brought on the 2 star rating. The last one was terrible, I hated the ending and didnt even like the love interest. 1.5No. Just no. The stories are too short to be believable love stories. Does everyone meet and fall in love at first sight? The first was fine which brought on the 2 star rating. The...
  • Rebecca Corrow
    This was my first fern Michaels book. The stories were good, but I didn't like having three different stories. The characters fell in love too quickly. I wish the whole book would have been about stephanie instead.
  • Vicki Lanzendorf
    Three short stories, all with happy endings, filled with love.
  • Debbie Tanguay
    3 short stories cute- fast nothing special
  • Ann Babcock
    Great stories!!
  • Notserp2002
    Three fun short Christmas stories!
  • Linda Jung
    Regular Christmas love stories, good to get anyone into the holiday spirit.
  • Karen
    2019 PopSugar Reading Challenge - Read a novel during the season it is set in (Christmas)52 Books in 52 Weeks - Set during a holiday (Christmas)
  • Diane Funk
    Enjoyable light reading.
  • Kelly Pata
    Characters did not develop. Stories were all three silly and unbelievable.
  • Rachel
  • Marie
    The stories denouement occurs too quickly based on the pace of the earlier parts in story.
  • SandraLee Smith
    This book contains three short feel good delightful Christmas stories that I would recommend any time of the year.
  • Jenn
    My mom gave me this book. Three short stories that were so rushed and the characters so unrealistically developed that I almost didn't finish.
  • Andrea Blankenship
    Not the perfect book no but so cute and fun for the holidays!