See How She Dies by Lisa Jackson

See How She Dies

Fear is just the beginning . . . London Danvers disappeared almost twenty years ago. The youngest child of hotel tycoon Witt Danvers--and the only child with his second wife, Kat--London hasn't been seen since. Over time, many women have claimed to be the long-lost heiress. Adria Nash is the latest. But from the moment Zachary Danvers sees her, he believes Adria is different. For one thing, Adria looks just like Zachary's former stepmother. For...

Details See How She Dies

TitleSee How She Dies
Release DateNov 27th, 2018
GenreMystery, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Fiction, Suspense

Reviews See How She Dies

  • Barbara ★
    The fact that the hero (yeah right) had sex with his step mother just grossed me out. The added fact that he also knowingly had sex with his step-sister (same father) was just too much for me. I just couldn't get past the yuck factor though the author tried to get past this fact in the last chapter. LAME!!!And don't even get me started on Nelson, Jason and Trisha. What a bunch of money-grubbing assholes. Not a likable on in the entire bunch. They...
  • Brodiebert
    You know it's bad when you are composing the bad review in your head while you are still listening to it.The only good thing about this book was that I didn't know 'who dun it?' until the end, that's the only thing that kept me hanging on. SPOILERS AHEADFull of plot holes -they can't do a DNA test to see if she is London because the parents are dead, yet the siblings are alive and kicking, so they could have easily checked them. Also if you're go...
  • Nancy
    Yuck. How is this rated so high. Narrator good but story is just so weird and unbelievable. And Judy yuck. Gave up around 60%.
  • Melissa
    Not the book I remember. There was a lot of mystery, but most of it could have been avoided had there been a REAL investigation THEN. London goes missing, they search with no success, the parents die, time passes, Adria learns she might be London, Adria searches for the truth, gets death threats, fall in love with her possible half brother Zach, and the truth is revealed. Whew! You know, DNA testing is a thing that could be done to tell if Adria ...
  • MuchAdo
    (the identity of the villain is not revealed. Spoilers concern more the 'convtroversial' -for some- relationships in the book)I must say that I find all those 'outraged' reviews really really amusing. For I always thought that one reads RS for the darkness and the ambiguity, and for having a peek into the forbidden, the repressed, the unconfessed. If you don't want the darkness of sexual desire to drive the story, then don't read (or write in) th...
  • Alasandra Alawine
    Possibly one of the stupidest plots ever. Adria Nash shows up claiming to be London Danvers who was kidnapped from her very wealth family as a child.Her half-siblings of course are convinced she is yet another fake even though she bears a strong resemblance to their Step-Mother Kat. Jason (the eldest) hires a private detective to dig up dirt on Adria and uncover the truth. And Zach and Adria fall deeply in love with each other, which is sickening...
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    DNF Mary Higgins Clark would have done a better job with the story.
  • Jorran
    Cannot finish this book.
  • Steve Center
    This book is a romance novel. A cheesy romance masquerading as a suspense thriller.
  • Ashley
    It took me a while to finish this and I really only enjoyed the ending and beginning out of the whole book. However, even the parts I enjoyed were a little forced. I found the middle of the book so damn boring, it was a struggle to keep reading. I know it’s not how the story goes but I feel like Adria did have options for paternity tests even through using any of the other Danvers’ DNA.I felt like things just jumped around a little too much a...
  • Liz Pollinger
    London Danvers disappeared when she was just a child, along with her nanny. Now, some twenty years later she returns. Of course the Danvers are the wealthiest family in Portland so they doubt who she really is. As she tries to prove her heritage someone is out to wither scare her off or kill her.The novel has a lot of twists and turns, but I could have done without the romanticism of two of the characters.
  • Emily
    **Goodreads giveaway win**This is a 200 page book disguised as a 500 page book. The repetitive dialogue and thoughts are painful. And the angst! Oh the angst. There was potential in the plot but it's mowed over by cliched conversations and over-wrought adverbs. And then the absurd ending. I'll also give Lisa Jackson some credit for getting Portland geography correct. Otherwise this book gets a nope from me.
  • Linda Munro
    Twenty years ago, the precocious, four-year-old, youngest daughter of lumber and hotel tycoon Witt Danvers disappeared without a trace. She was the only child Danvers shared with his second wife, known as Kat. Over time, several young women had shown up in Portland, all claiming to be the missing heiress; than Adria Nash came to town. Not only was she claiming to be the missing London Danvers; she was also the spitting image of Kat.At the time of...
  • Sue
    Repetitive and a little long but kept my interest in who done it
  • Joyce Villeta
    Romantic and very suspenseful. Kept me going. I enjoyed it thoroughly!
  • Heather
    Awful, just awful. Couldn’t keep going. Far too much sappy emotional romantic angst between family members. Gross. I didn’t realize this was a romance novel, are they all like this? Ugh, awful. Barely a thought crosses anyone’s mind that doesn’t involve sexual desire and lust and greed, so the characters are god-awful boring. I can’t fathom how anyone gave this novel 3+*s. Awful.
  • K
    I think I was being nice giving this book 1 out of 5 stars, cause it deserved 0! Let me explain why..I hated the characters. First of all, Zack was a douche. He slept with his step mom, then after she died he slept with her daughter, who we assume is his biological sister (they share the same father). Unresolved- Did he love his step-mom? Did Witt know that Adria wasn't his real biological daughter? Why did the feud end between the two familie...
  • Jeanne
    Like the storyline. Too Harlequin romance for my taste.
  • Lindsey
    Oh my. While this was probably not the worst book I've ever read, and I did actually finish it - I just couldn't handle the plot line. It was like a bad 70s/80s soap opera that has jumped the shark. I mean, the love interests are potentially brother and sister!!! Seriously, in a real situation like that you most certainly would WAIT until you knew for sure whether you were brother and sister or not before you fall in love with each other. Beyond ...
  • Peggy
    I really liked it you got Andria tneli, girl taken at age 4 froma very wealthey family. Now 20 years later she returns to clam her birth right.Only to fall in love with her half broutner. The big mystry is hopig one of them is not realted. There is mystry here and some who done it. Zac and Andra do find there answer and it an't like you think. Ver very good book I loved it from the frist page. 1/279/2013
  • Erth
    now i am hooked. This was such a great, easy and creative book. i was hooked after the first page. The characters were easy to fall in love with and follow, along with the story. the author made the mental visions so easy and vivid of the surroundings and the characters actions felt so real.i would highly recommend this author and this book.
  • Tanya
    WOW...What a great book! I was a little grossed out by the relationship of the main character and her interest, but since it happened more towards the end of the book, there was no way I was going ti stop reading it! =)
  • Chana
    Sex and nonsense, but readable.
  • Lillian
    just okay story. I am annoyed by all the typos, though - don't authors have editors and proof readers anymore?
  • Peggy
    This story about the Dever family was great, it kept me thinking on who did it. I figured out one person but didn't get the other person and the end was a complete surprise to me.
  • Phyllis Lee
    Keeps you up all night and keeps you guessing.I loved this book, but I've never read a Lisa Jackson book that I didn't love. She is my favorite author and has been for many years.
  • JudyAnn White
    Great bookI could not put it down. Had to keep reading to stay up with everything. Would really recommend this book to anyone. Hope you enjoy it to!
  • Karin Hodges
    Another great one by Lisa JacksonLoved the characters and plot. Had guessed the killer but had no idea how the plot was going to twist. A great read.