How to Knit a Murder (Seaside Knitters Mystery #13) by Sally Goldenbaum

How to Knit a Murder (Seaside Knitters Mystery #13)

* Includes a knitting pattern *A mysterious woman arrives in picturesque Sea Harbor, Massachusetts, and the Seaside Knitters welcome her into their cozy world of intricate patterns and colorful skeins. Unfortunately, nothing frays a warm introduction like cold-blooded murder . . . With her shy manner and baggy jeans, Rose Chopra becomes an unlikely superhero the night she stumbles into Izzy Perry's shop and inadvertently saves a shipment of yarn ...

Details How to Knit a Murder (Seaside Knitters Mystery #13)

TitleHow to Knit a Murder (Seaside Knitters Mystery #13)
Release DateNov 27th, 2018
PublisherKensington Publishing Corporation
GenreMystery, Cozy Mystery, Fiction, Crafts, Knitting, Audiobook, Art

Reviews How to Knit a Murder (Seaside Knitters Mystery #13)

  • Tari
    After reading only my second in this awesome series, I realized what sets them apart, and that is people. These books are more than just a great cozy that is solved by a group of friends. They're about the people they come into contact with. Sometimes some of the people don't have much to do with the case itself, but I never have the urge to speed read or read super fast. There's just a feeling you get afterwards that you want to hold onto for aw...
  • LORI (Dollycas) CASWELL
    Dollycas’s ThoughtsBack in Sea Harbor amongst some of my favorite cozy ladies was exactly where I needed to be the night I started reading this book. A stranger comes into Izzy’s shop and solves a huge problem and almost immediately Rose Chopra is moving into to the apartment above the shop, has a job she loves and friends that care about her. But Rose has a secret, a secret that has to come out, especially after Spencer Paxton is murdered an...
  • Lisa Ks Book Reviews
    There is nothing quite like visiting Sea Harbor, Massachusetts the ladies of the Seaside Knitter’s Society. Author Sally Goldenbaum makes everything come to life to the point that you can hear the sounds and smell the aromas of the sea. In HOW TO KNIT A MURDER, the Knitters welcome a newcomer with a secret past. Author Goldenbaum brilliantly reveals that past, and more, in this wonderful, faced paced mystery. Every chapter brought something to ...
  • Betty
    We are visiting the Seaside Knitters in the 13 I installment of this series. A Couple of formers residents have returned to See Harbor, Massachusetts. One who spent a privileged student, Spenser Paxton who bullied other students. The other one, Rose Chopra whose family moved after her freshman year who was bullied throughout her school days. Rose is repairing a wall at a mansion when Spenser arrived unannounced making her the last person to see h...
  • Kirsti
    Thank you to Netgalley and the publlisher for the chance to read this book.Normally I love a good cozy mystery, but at the heart of this book it really didn't feel like a traditional cozy to me, because there is very little investigating. There is plenty of the things I enjoy about cozies; food, friendship, a themed book. I just felt like the murder took far too long to occur (40% or more in) and then there wasn't a rush of clues, more like a boo...
  • Kristina
    How to Knit a Murder by Sally Goldenbaum takes us to Sea Harbor, Massachusetts. Rose Chopra has returned to town to heal after the death of her mother. Rose is admiring the display in The Seaside Knitting Studio when Bree McIntosh draws her inside. Rose saves a new shipment of yarn from water damage and then proceeds to fix the leak for Izzy Perry. When Izzy learns that Rose is staying at a run down boardinghouse, she invites her to live in the a...
  • Vicki
    How to Knit a Murder by Sally Goldenbaum is the 13th book in the "Seaside Knitters Society" but it's my first book. Obviously I wouldn't normally start with #13 of a series unless I knew it was a standalone, but after reading it I'd say it definitely is not. I do think I should've read the other books (at least #1) first, because it was honestly a bit confusing to me even if the cover is deceptively simple and cute. lolThat being said, I very muc...
  • Natasha
    Yes all the Seaside Knitters are in the book along with all the regulars that appear in each book. Some new characters are brought in. But this book just fell flat for me. 13 books in and the formula of no the person that committed the murder cannot be one of our good friends. It has to be someone on the fringe of our group. I think Sally Goldenbaum needs to shake the series up a bit and maybe have a "good" friend do the nasty deed in a book. All...
  • Patty
    How to Knit a Murder by Sally Goldenbaum is the 13th book in the Seaside Knitters Society series, and my second book by this author. I really enjoyed this book, but feel I would have gotten a lot more from if I would have read the whole series. I found this book to be a quick read, with a well developed plot and characters,but found myself loosing track of all the characters. I am looking forward to reading the other books in this series. You don...
  • Micky Cox
    The characters are so well fleshed out that they feel like old friends or new friends. The heartache, joys, celebrations and fear that the characters feel and share with their friends are felt by the reader as you feel like you have a connection to them. The plot is, as always, well done and the potential suspect pool in this case is quite deep. The childhood angst of Rose resonates for many, myself included. I love the camaraderie that the core ...
  • Linda Smatzny
    The gang of knitters known as the seaside knitters society get involved in a murder when a man who charmed most people is found dead at his new residence. Nell and her friends ask questions and discover some answers which leads to more questions but in the end leads to the killer.The characters are believable and likeable. The book was a quick easy read.
  • Susan
    Excellent series. Like visiting with old friends. Great narrator. I always look forward to the next one.
  • Sofia Lazaridou
    3.5 starsHow to knit a murder is a story that's told from so many point of views that made me wonder, how I was able to remember half of the characters in it. I know it's book #13 in the series, but I couldn't resist the cover and I just wanted to read it. I didn't like two things about it though. The first thing was the multiple POV's because I kept losing track of them and it took me a while to fully grasp who was who. The second thing is the m...
  • Lisa Morin
    Izzy, Birdie, Nell, and Cass are some of my favorite characters. I love the comfy feeling I get when I open a book by Sally Goldenbaum and How to Knit a Murder is a great addition to the series.When a young woman visits Izzy's yarn shop, she saves the day, literally. AS the tight knit friends draw Rose Chopra under their wings, they discover a horrible secret that has haunted Rose all her life.When Rose becomes a top suspect in a murder investiga...
  • Mary Ann
    This story just didn't hold my attention. While I know that a man who was causing issues in town was murdered and his wife was found but stated that she really disliked her husband and that she was staying married so that her mother could receive the best care. They help to prove that the newest person to town who is very handy at fixing things was not the murderer.
  • Linda
    Nice book to finish the challenge! The knitting group a interesting women and the town is it’s own character. Loved the way they solved this murder. No spoiler. The food is always tempting. Excellent detail with background music. Not enough on the kittens even if they made the cover.
  • Leah
    This book involves a handyman, an old house, a mayor, a newsletter, a yearbook, and Winnie-the-Pooh. The mystery in this book is okay. It involves some sad backstories. Some were worse than others. I enjoyed the bit of romance. Although, I did know it was coming before it was revealed.
  • RO G'ma
    How to Knit a Murder is the thirteenth book in Sally Goldenbaum’s Seaside Knitters Society series. The storyline is well plotted, and the relatable characters are well rounded. The sensitive issue of bullying and the long-lasting effect it can have on a victim and those who love them are addressed in this book. This steadily paced book can be read as a standalone as the author provides great background information for the main characters and ex...
  • Kathy
    The Seaside Knitters are back. This time, a shy woman, Rose Chopra, who can fix or repair anything about as well as any handyman, arrives at Izzy Perry’s shop, just as a new shipment of yarn is about to be ruined by a water leak. Luckily, Rose is there, since she fixes the leak and saves the day. After this, the group helps Rose settle into the town, and she finds a job doing repairs for a local realtor. Things look like they are going well for...
  • Book
    Once again Sally Goldenbaum updates readers on the Seaside Knitters and their lives in Sea Harbor beginning with a plumbing disaster flooding the Seaside Knitting Studio. As luck would have it, Rose Chopra just enters the shop when store owner Izzy comes rushing down to ask Mae for help getting a plumber. Experienced as a fixer-upper, Rose volunteers to help and proceeds to stop the leak.Rose grew up in Sea Harbor, but this is her first day back ...
  • Cozy Cat Reviews
    This is the 13th book in this beloved cozy series. I was thrilled to receive this book for review as I have read all of the series and highly recommend the entire series set in The Seaside Knitting Studio. I am a fan of knitting series and enjoy the friendships throughout this series as well as the knitting information. This is a wonderfully structured mystery with multiple complex story lines that was enjoyable to read to conclusion .The very cu...
  • Mary
    I received this book as a giveaway and was asked to review.This is the 13th installment of the Seaside Knitters Society series. I came upon the series a few years ago and have read about six of the books. I really enjoy this series. The author is consistent in the quality of the content and storytelling. A reader can pick up any of the books and enjoy, no need to start from the beginning. It includes a pattern for those who like to knit. And I've...
  • Scilla
    As a knitter, I enjoyed this mystery. It is the first one of the series which I've read, and now I'll be looking for more. It had a lot of characters, but their connections were listed at the front of the book. A young woman, Rose, comes back to the town in which she grew up. She had a difficult time and was bullied as a child, but she quickly found the knitters group and made new friends. She got a best friend and an employer in Stella, who ran ...
  • Lisa B.
    Rose Chopra returns to her childhood hometown. She has kept her married name and does not reveal to anyone that she used to live in Sea Harbor. Soon she is befriended by the Seaside Knitters - Izzy, Birdie, Nell and Cass, local women who have a bond due to their love of yarn and it's different uses. When Spencer Paxton is found dead, Rose is high up on the suspect list because she was on the same property where his body was discovered. The Seasid...
  • Yuriko
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had characters you cared for: Bree and especially Rose. There was a topic, bullying, that seemed to be around forever but now it is topical. I remember an incident from junior high/high school that involved bullying for a boy in a family of 9. Back then, it was acknowledged as boys will be boys and he should man up and take it on the chin. How that story ended so tragically. He married a classmate of mine and a ...
  • Lisa Christopher
    I can never say enough good things about this series. It is an absolutely character driven series. Sure the plots are always good and its not so easy to figure out who done it. More than that though the way Sally Goldenbaum describes the small town and the ladies that these stories always revolve around are just amazing. They are always spending time together in either Izzy's knitting shop or on Nell's deck or the local coffee shop. breakfast spo...
  • Susan Johnston
    Princess Fuzzypants here: It is nice when you read a cozy with characters that leave you warm and cosy. The citizens of Sea. Harbour particularly those associated with the knitting club are the kind of people who would make you feel welcome and secure. It’s a good thing this tightly knit group embraced Rose when she stumbles into their lives. Unbeknownst to the group, Rose lived much of her early life here and the scars she carries and the demo...
  • Kathleen
    This is the thirteenth in the Seaside Knitters Society Mystery series and the first that I have read. I was intrigued by the description and cover art. I have read other knitting cozy mystery series and this one is also just as delightful.I could relate to the water leak as my HOA is experiencing this.Seaside Knitting studio owner, Izzy Perry is in search of a plumber when Rose Chopra enters her studio. She isn’t a plumber but professes to be a...
  • Edel
    I came upon this series fairly recently and I have to say I really enjoy it . The story is about a group of knitters who are also good friends so when one of them gets into trouble the rest of them are there to support one another . The relationship between the members is a special one and all the knitting talk is just so lovely it’s hard to put down . Mysteries and knitting .... sheer heaven ! In this , book 13 of the seaside knitters society ...
  • Yalonda
    I choose this book as my reading challenge "cover love" item. Lighthouse and kittens ... can't beat that for cute. Even though this is book #13 in a series, I don't believe I missed much by jumping in at this point. It was easy to establish the who's who and settle into the relaxed rhythm of the book. I am used to more action in my murder-mysteries but the leisurely pace did not stop me from enjoying my visit to Sea Harbor. It was tad past the ha...