Anthony Bourdain's Hungry Ghosts by Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain's Hungry Ghosts

Hungry Ghosts is cooked up by the best selling author and veteran chef, Anthony Bourdain ( Kitchen Confidential , Emmy-Award winning TV star of Parts Unknown ) and acclaimed novelist Joel Rose ( Kill, Kill, Faster, Faster ) back again from their New York Times #1 best seller, Get Jiro !. Featuring all-new original recipes prepared by Bourdain, plus a guide to the ghostly ...

Details Anthony Bourdain's Hungry Ghosts

TitleAnthony Bourdain's Hungry Ghosts
Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
PublisherBerger Books
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Horror, Fiction, Comic Book

Reviews Anthony Bourdain's Hungry Ghosts

  • Gabrielle
    Anthony Bourdain loved creepy stories, and he was very fond of Japanese culture, and “Hungry Ghosts” is his take on an old Edo-period Japanese parlor game. In the original context, guests would gather at night to tell each other folk tales and ghost stories; in the adjoining room they would light one hundred candles and set a small mirror on a table. After each story, the story-teller would go to the candle room to blow out one flame and look...
  • Lauren
    Hungry Ghosts: Tales of Fear and Food from Around the World was Anthony Bourdain's last work before his death in June 2018.Bourdain, an admirer of Japanese folklore as well as graphic novels/comics, worked with several artists to compile Hungry Ghosts.They were released as single issues, but I read the book form, which includes all 9 stories.The scene is set with a Russian oligarch-type figure who hosts a dinner party, and wants to end the evenin...
  • Elspeth
    Oh mannnnn I really wanted to love this. It could have been perfect. I don't know if it was a short production schedule or what but the transitions between issues just did not make sense. First it's these rich guys doing this ritual and I'm thinking damnnn this is going to backfire on them but then in the next few issues the rich dudes are not even there? They explained at the beginning that everyone was to sit together in one room and light 100 ...
  • Peacegal
    I'm starting this review by saying that I have changed my mind about Anthony Bourdain (sort of) in the wake of his untimely death. I used to hate the guy. His obnoxiousness to the animal world...ok, most people eat meat, I get that. But most people don't revel in eating endangered species, either. But it was his detestable comments about vegans, such as saying that we should kill ourselves, that tipped my opinion of him into loathing. Then, after...
  • R.
    Terrifying Tales Served Too Soon with a side of Mashed Pota-toes and Grave-yWhat could have been a fun Vault of Horror style romp is hampered by artwork a bit too serious for the, ha ha, undertaking. And shitty continuity that would shame the archivists and editors and cosplayers of Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy. And, overall, the entire project is, for my tastes, made creepy in a very un-fun way by the looming shadow of Bourdain's untimely dem...
  • dg
    great illustrations, nonsensical stories. there were two stories that were just about rape and there were also two stories just about pulling something out of a guys ass. why???a banquet for hungry ghosts by ying chang compestine did it a lot better, and had more recipes/explanation for stories/scary stuff.
  • Kirsten
    I didn’t love this as much as I wanted to. There’s some great horror artwork, and the stories are ably told, but it was often kind of difficult to discern what exactly was happening, particularly at the end of some of the stories.
  • Michael J.
    I read this in single issues, published January through April 2018. I highly recommend the collected edition once it is published (October schedule).I'm already missing the observational skills and honesty of Anthony Bourdain. He wasn't perfect but he was genuine. Those properties are reflected in his comics work as well.This is a clever anthology of food-themed horror stories taken from Japanese mythology and placed in various global settings.I ...
  • Yves Loomans
    Japanese Ghosts, Food, Great Artists (Pope, Ponticelli, Manco, Francavilla) and Karen Berger. Already the anthology book of the year?—- While reading this I learned about the dead of Anthony Bourdain, co-creator of this book. A lot of us Europeans might not now him but this American masterchef, well esteemed tv host, world traveler and all around nice guy was a very talented writer and huge star in America.He took his life in a hostel in Paris ...
  • Charlene Nelson
    What a fine collection of scary stories that made for interesting reading. The fact that the late Anthony Bourdain had the foresight to put these stories together in one place made them accessable to all to read. The graphics are terrific and each story has an underlying theme, that of food. This book is able to say things with the graphics that one wouldn't say otherwise. One of the most unique things is in the back of the book there are some gr...
  • Eve Schaub
    I'm a fan of graphic novels and Anthony Bourdain, but not horror... if you love all three I can guarantee you'll adore Hungry Ghosts. I love the audacity of this premise more than anything- the combination of food, blood and guts, Asian monsters and comics sounds like it might be hard to sustain for very long but to the contrary: the gruesome tales unfold effortlessly, like so many ghost stories told at an all-chef slumber party.A little gross an...
  • CJ - It's only a Paper Moon
    While it was interesting (and some of the stories I actually knew, thanks obsession with Manga) there seemed to be lacking a concrete thread from one story to another. Some ended similarly while others seemed to just end. If this was supposed to be something of a roundtable of stories (like the game is supposed to be played) that wouldn't have happened. I didn't need character development because the star of the show were the stories (which weren...
  • Susan
    As I had expected these short stories all focus on eating. Not eating delicious mouthwatering food but disgusting and nauseating consumption. People eat horses, people eat people, ghosts eat people and it's all pretty gross. The stories weren't scary so much as just straight up gruesome. The one I actually really liked was "The Snow Woman" which was quite beautiful. The others I could take or leave. I appreciate the overall message of the bigger ...
  • Richelle Priscilla
    Man this graphic novel was wild and more than gruesome but it was a fun time. I enjoyed the art and the different stories. I gasped a bit, said ewww a lot and chuckled more than once. I learned a thing or two about different types of ghosts and best believe I’ll be trying the recipes they included at the end. Maybe some of the writing was a bit choppy at times and it’s certainly not the best compilation of stories I’ve ever read but overall...
  • Doria
    Delightfully creepy selection of stories drawn directly from Japanese traditional tales, with appropriately brilliant and lurid illustrations. Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. The stories are accompanied by several luscious and elaborate Bourdain recipes which tie in rather wickedly to the stories. However, I found it difficult to contemplate cooking and eating directly after reading this graphic novel!
  • Sunny
    I was intrigued by a comic that integrated Japanese folk horror with cooking. Plus, I wanted to read something that may inspire me to try cooking different dishes. Gory images mixed with storytelling--graphic imagery and a taste of some of the Japanese folk tale (one I have to confess I heard many times) but not so great for stimulating the appetite or encouraging one to cook. Nevertheless, it did a good job of introducing horror stories in relat...
  • Simon
    An inventive set of tales that features all the tastiness of modern comics art (Francavilla and Pope and Santaluoco, oh my) but lacks a bit of substance. The stories, as is tradition in anthologies, vary in quality, which means some issues are half-full of great stuff and half-full of, erm, the rest. Still, a very worthy dish for fans of the horror genre.
  • Scott Gould
    I love Anthony Bourdain, obviously. But this was so dumb, I can't even really be mad at it. Maybe the stories were too short to get invested in them in any real way. Cool art though, good for some sight gags.
  • Alex
    I enjoy Anthony Bourdain's writing and mourn the loss of his voice. Unlike his other writings i don't hear his voice in my head when I read it, but I love that he worked in comics. His sensibilities still come through. I look forward to picking up the other issues
  • J
    Short little horror stories from a man who's now joined the ghosts. Relatively little time for character development in these tiny quick tales, the set up is good but these just exist to creep you out a little. They aren't more than little snacks.
  • Jana Eichhorn
    Great story collection, perfectly spooky. I'm glad I bought this one.
  • Eric Riggs
    This was a fun take on Bourdain's love of food, culture, and horror. Quick read with some great recipes.
  • Sarah I
    Great art and concept, but the stories fall flat.
  • Lizzy Walker
    Review forthcoming for Monster Librarian.
  • Meredith
    Two stars for weird stories, four for awesome illustrations. Meet in the middle. Meh.
  • Julie
    It’s really difficult to say anything bad about this posthumous work, and impossible not to notice the hunger now, looking back. Honestly, it’s a great collection of stories with outstanding art.
  • Benjamin
    I’m hungry.
  • Susie Steadman
    Do you enjoy spooky stories? Then this is for you.
  • Tricia
    🖤 AB 🖤
  • Jenifer
    This was a nice quick read that reminded me of the horror comics I loved as a kid; but be prepared-most of the stories are dark and gory and sometimes too gratuitously sexual.