Famous in a Small Town by Emma Mills

Famous in a Small Town

For Sophie, small town life has never felt small. With her four best friends—loving, infuriating, and all she could ever ask for—she can weather any storm. But when Sophie’s beloved Acadia High School marching band is selected to march in the upcoming Rose Parade, it’s her job to get them all the way to LA. Her plan? To persuade country singer Megan Pleasant, their Midwestern town’s only claim to fame, to come back to Acadia to headline...

Details Famous in a Small Town

TitleFamous in a Small Town
Release DateJan 15th, 2019
PublisherHenry Holt and Co. (BYR)
GenreContemporary, Young Adult, Romance

Reviews Famous in a Small Town

  • emma
    Emma Mills books are:- funny- gorgeously covered (this is probably the first most important thing except “don’t judge a book by its cover” or whatever)- under the dust jacket, ALSO gorgeous (can’t emphasize the aesthetics enough)- charming- friendship-filled- banter-y- romance-y but not TOO romance-y you know?Basically they are the perfect contemporary. Always. Without fail.Okay. Maybe not without fail. This Adventure Ends is kinda meh. F...
  • jessica
    if i could use only one word to describe emma mills, it would be consistent. she is consistent with her storytelling, her writing, her interesting female main characters, her swoon-worthy crushes, and her cover art (i highkey love when authors use the same style of covers so that all their books match)!the thing with emma mills is you know exactly what you are going to get when you open up one of her books. some might say that makes an author bor...
  • may ❀
    full review postedI wish I was smart enough to take notes //while// I was reading bc I have SO MANY thoughts and I have no evidence to support them, thanks a lot past may, you’re a wonder to work withemma mills basically figured out the secret to making me instantly stan a book and it basically consist of:- wholesome group of friends - soft boys - actual, genuine humour - a relatable mc that I mistake for myself sometimes that was just my thesi...
  • Lola
    I opened this gorgeous book expecting to smile and laugh at every chapter. Emma Mills always makes me think that, what with her original and feel-good-sounding premises. And her stories do start in a lovely, fun manner. But eventually and slowly, heavy themes creep into the storyline and grow. This is good, because it means we are gently guided towards more impactful situations instead of being thrown into them without warning. That doesn’t mea...
  • Heather
    My first read of 2019!I love Emma Mills books, they are just so cute & adorable.
  • Hollis
    So. many. feels.Has there been a single Mills book that hasn't made me cry my eyes out? Survey says : haha you funny. I went into this blind and I want you to, too. All you need to know is that it's Millsy. It's YA. It's feelsy. It's friendshippy. And it's freaking lovely. Sophie might be one of my new favourite lady-leads because.. gah. Reasons. I'll admit this was nowhere near as funny as FOOLISH HEARTS but there's a scene in chapter five that ...
  • Kat
    Reading an Emma Mills book is like curling up in a cozy overstuffed chair with your favorite hot drink and fluffy slippers on. You can just relax with ordinary characters doing ordinary things and watch things slowly unfold. Very character driven and heartfelt in the way she brings that small-town Midwestern USA comfort to every page. Sophie is a band girl with a close-knit group of friends. They have typical high school lives. Bicycling to get f...
  • Malanie
    ““You’re my best friend, and nothing here is gonna last.”” Sadly, morosely, TRAGICALLY, this was my least favorite Emma Mills. It wasn’t bad exactly. But it wasn’t good. And the reason is that it doesn’t follow the Emma Mills ~Whole New World~ Plot Line Brand. For example: 1. First & Then: The mc has a new little brother, the main plot focuses on their relationship. This beautiful platonic bond = “whole new world”2. Foolish ...
  • Julie Zantopoulos
    I love how Emma takes an aspect of high school/teenage life and weaves it into all her stories, there's something for everyone in her novels. In Foolish Hearts it was the drama kids and in this novel it's the band kids. I don't relate to either-which may be why the fanfic centered This Adventure Ends is my favorite of hers-but I still love her stories. One thing that Emma does REALLY well is write family dynamics and friend groups. I will say, I ...
  • Fafa's Book Corner
    Review posted on Fafa's Book Corner! Beware spoilers ahead!Trigger warning: Mention of car accident, mention of prison, mention of fatal accident, and taking credit for someone else's work.Sophie and her friends are preparing to enjoy their summer break. Much to the group's surprise a new boy August moves in. August is the brother of Sophie's neighbor. While working Sophie overhears her band teacher talking about the upcoming fundraiser. The teac...
  • Jaime Arkin
    Her books just keep getting better and better!! Mills just writes friendship so amazingly well that i want to climb into the pages and be a part of these characters lives. absolute perfection!! Full review to come!
  • Maggie ☘ (Wonderland-Reader)
    Emma Mills books are the peak of the YA contemporary genre and I'm forever lamenting that more people are not reading them!Famous in a Small Town is a book about a small town girl, and taking place across the summer. This book also focuses on the mystery of famous country singer Megan Pleasant, the town's darling, who once lived in the town and wrote two whole albums about it, now seemingly cutting strings with it. As always, there's an amazing f...
  • Kristin Hackett (SuperSpaceChick)
    This is such a hard book for me to review because it was one of my most anticipated and it ending up being somewhat disappointing. It was clearly an Emma Mills book- the writing hooks you from page one, the characters have their sharp wit and the friendship was between a group of people who would clearly do anything for each other... yet the ending left something to be desired. There were a total of 5 core friends but I felt like we only really g...
  • Sue (Hollywood News Source)
    Of course Emma Mills made me cry again. What else is new??!?Though, seriously Famous in a Small Town is another gut in the punch (in a good way.) I cried so much but I also laughed at all the joyous moments. This book made me feel kilig. It's a Filipino word which I don't want to give any English translation because it's kilig on its own. It's that feeling when you're reading a really good book and you get these flutter kicks in your heart - like...
  • Jessica
    4.5 starsThis book took me completely by surprise. It was so lighthearted and funny - at first - I laughed a lot and so I didn’t expect the story to gain such an emotional depth at all and to be crying at some point as well. I loved how the story unraveled slowly and I was caught off guard by most of the revelations. Loved it!
  •  Amelia
    GUYSSSS REMEMBER WHEN I TOLD YOU EMMA MILLS IS BECOMING ONE OF MY FAVE AUTHORS? I. WAS. RIGHT. Ignore the "not 5 star" rating - this is some high quality content. What I love most about her books is the friendship that is almost always put before romance. It's not superficial or just there to fill up the pages. It's REAL. It feels good and I just love reading about all of her characters. They are fleshed out and I always end up wishing they were ...
  • Alexa
    I’ve always enjoyed reading novels by Emma Mills, and I can’t say that experience was any different with Famous in a Small Town. This newest novel is about Sophie and her friends over the course of one summer in their small town of Acadia, including the arrival of a new boy next door, and the pressure to raise enough money to send her marching band to California. I enjoyed Emma’s writing, as always, and flew through the pages of this tale. ...
  • Cori Reed
    4.5 Stars! I love Emma Mills.
  • ambsreads
    i actually moved this wow full review to come!
  • Joshee Kun (조수아)
    Thank you, Macmillan, for giving me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.You won't stop meaning something to us just because you think you're temporary. —SophieAfter reading a bunch of fantasy novels, it's nice to finally return to reality. Also, it's been a while since I gave a contemporary book four stars. Ugh, most YA contemporary novels these days do not hit the mark. With that in mind, I'm thrilled that my first Emma Mills ...
  • Madalyn (Novel Ink)
    This review originally appeared on Novel Ink. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Emma Mills has quickly become one of my favorite YA contemporary authors. She excels at writing dialogue and at creating characters who truly feel like real teenagers. I went into Famous in a Small Town fully ready to fall in love again, but unfortunately, this one ju...
  • Wing (bibliomeds)
    3.5 stars.i wish i clicked with this one as much as i did with emma's other novels!i have to say that's the story itself isn't very memorable and i recently read one other mediocre ya contemporary and i keep getting bits mixed with in between - both didn't really strike a chord within me.the book itself is written very cleverly, but for some bloody reasons i just didn't enjoy this as much as the others? it's just a weird feeling.... I'm actually ...
  • Fatma
  • Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤
    This book was nothing like I expected-and that’s both a good and a bad thing! The friendships were off the charts in terms of addicting, in my opinion, the story was strong-even if I could give a f*** about the pop star from their home town (only thing I didn’t like about this book)-and the surprising emotional devastation followed by the feels of how cute Sophie and August’s relationship was-it was a lot to take in! And I truly loved it ...
  • Stacee
    I’m 1000% here for anything Emma Mills writes. I have enjoyed everything she’s put out and this was no exception. I loved Sophie and her friends. I loved Sophie’s conviction and dedication. I loved the group’s loyalty and acceptance. There were fights and inside jokes and fun times and everything seemed to be tied up in a pretty package. Plot wise it was good. I liked getting the bits of friendship backstory while the present story happen...
  • Grace {Rebel Mommy Book Blog}
    Oh my love affair with Emma Mills' books has continued with Famous in a Small Town. Here are the things I loved:Friendships. Mills knows how to write friendships so well!! I loved their little group so much. I think mostly because they feel real. Like I could see them being my friends. Writing/dialogue. So much fun banter and times where I laughed. I love to laugh with a book!! It took on serious tone though when need be and transitioned well bet...