Book Love by Debbie Tung

Book Love

Bookworms rejoice! These charming comics capture exactly what it feels like to be head-over-heels for hardcovers. And paperbacks! And ebooks! And bookstores! And libraries! Book Love is a gift book of comics tailor-made for tea-sipping, spine-sniffing, book-hoarding bibliophiles. Debbie Tung’s comics are humorous and instantly recognizable—making readers laugh while precisely conveying the thoughts and habits of book nerds. Book Love is the ...

Details Book Love

TitleBook Love
Release DateJan 1st, 2019
PublisherAndrews McMeel Publishing
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Writing, Books About Books, Comics, Nonfiction

Reviews Book Love

  • Amalia Gavea
    This lovely little treasure by Debbie Tung contains all those moments that make us readers such a wonderful, lively, thoughtful and sometimes excruciating (for the ones around us) beautifully obsessed bunch of people.For all those moments when we brought a book to the cinema...Once I did that. I knew I wasn't going to enjoy the film (I don't enjoy most films...) but I didn't want to ''break'' the fellowship. Truth is I managed to read quite a few...
  • Julie
    Book Love by Debbie Tung is a 2019 Andrews McMeel Publishing publication. This adorable book is about me. This is me- well with a few slight exceptions. But, basically, if your life revolves around books- If you live them, breathe them, inhale them, hug them, collect them, share them, quote from them…. Etc, Etc. - This book is for you. This book isn’t a story, it doesn’t have a plot, per se. It is basically a special gift for book lovers, a...
  • Angela M
    Debbie Tung is a cartoonist and illustrator who shares her love of reading in this delightful collection of cartoons that would be a perfect gift for any book lover, including yourself. In page after page of drawings and dialogue, I got everything she depicts from not being able to resist a bookstore you walk by to times when you’d just rather stay home and read. She even gives advice on how to read more and shares some of her favorite books, s...
  • (Bern) Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
    A wonderful homage to BOOK LOVERS everywhere!What a treat this was for my bibliophile heart! It's not a book in the usual sense as there is not one story arc or developed plot. Rather it's a celebration of book lover scenarios. There is much here to warm your heart and find relatable. I found myself smiling at each illustration, thinking of the time when I had felt the same, did the same, etc. Each page in this unique book has a special way of ma...
  • Liz
    I’ve never read a graphic book before. But how could I resist a book called Book Love? It’s perfect. Anyone that loves books will totally relate to it. It will make you smile, as each page is spot on. Because “every day is a good day for books.” And yes, this is meant for those that read print books. But those of us addicted to our kindles still find plenty to love. Plus, if you’re of a “certain age” you will well remember the years...
    Thank you to Andrews McMeel Publishing who provided an advance reader copy via NetGalley. This is a book laid out in black and white comic book format depicting the many ways book lovers experience joy with their books. It's as simple as that! Each page has it's own example and message and if you're an avid reader you will relate. Some of the scenarios will cause you to laugh out loud in recognition and some will make your heart swell with joy, a...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    What to say about this book, other than it’s a must read for all book lovers! It would make the most thoughtful gift for any book lover. Book Love allows every book fan to feel validated and warmhearted about our beloved pastime. Beautifully done and this author gets it! Don’t miss the chance to read this one!
  • ||Swaroop||
    By living a reading life...I live many lives at once. If someone asks me the question - "tell us about yourself", I can now, simply and safely, give them a copy of Debbie Tung's Book Love :) :)Book Love is an interesting, delightful and informative book about the psychology of a person who likes (*read as loves) not just reading but also being with and around books.Seeing someone reading the same book as like meeting your new best friend...
  • Tucker
    Debbie Tung’s charmingly illustrated “Book Love” will have book lovers thinking “how did she get in my head?” Her observations about the importance of and obsession with books was spot-on for me and I suspect it will be for lots of other readers! I wish the book had been published in December because it would have made a great Christmas gift for my bookish friends. But there are lots of birthdays coming up! Thank you to Andrews McMeel P...
  • Carol (Bookaria)
    What a wonderful book for readers! I related to every single page!These are illustrations about the author’s love of books. It depicts anything from book recommendations (Harry Potter, Maus, Little Women, Persepolis, etc) to ways to arrange books (on my bookshelf is grouped by genre and then ordered by color).It also has suggestions on how to get out of a book slump, different types of libraries, book formats, and much more.It was an absolute d...
  • Carol
    OKAY....NOW this is the PERFECT book for us diehard book readers, lovers, addicts....and saviors of the written word! We should shelve this as non-fiction! OMGOSH....I laughed. So much of it I've experienced. So much All is absolutely true....AND those stars of love in our book-reader's eyes. Oh Yes! I LOVE....graphic novels and try to read several each year, (am picky) but this one by cartoonist and illustrator Debbie Tung is just the bees knee...
  • Bkwmlee
    My Rating: 5 starsI absolutely loved this collection of comics about the joys of reading and being a book lover! Every single page resonated with me – as a bookworm, reading this was pure bliss! The illustrations were beautiful and the ones with dialogue were so spot-on to the point that I almost got a neck cramp from nodding my head so often, lol. This is a book that anyone who loves books absolutely has to read! With the holidays around the c...
  • Judy
    I've never related to a comic/cartoon book so completely - ever. This would make a great gift for every nerdy book lover. As a book lover I related to nearly every scenario in the book. The illustrations are adorable too and they are all in black and white. Debbie Tung shows how book lovers can't pass a book store without drooling and buying something; would rather stay home and read than go to a party; would rather lose sleep and finish a book t...
  • Sam Quixote
    Like me, Debbie Tung loves books and reading, as I’m sure you do too given that you’re reading a book review on a books site! Book Love collects Tung’s many strips on the subject and it’s an ok read. A lot of the full page cartoons read like greeting cards, which is a feature in a number of Andrews McMeel books. “By living a reading life… I live many lives at once” she says in one and “Every day is a good day for books” and she...
  • Cheri
    !! NOW PUBLISHED !!Debbie Tung is a very gifted artist, illustrator / graphic artist from Birmingham, England whose exceptional gifts are shared in her book of comics, Book Love. This book is sure to appeal to those who love to read. Her illustrations are charming, without being too simplistic or ornate, appealing to all age groups.For many of us, reading is an essential part of our lives, like eating, sleeping, and Tung shows how well she unders...
  • karen
    NOW AVAILABLE!!!photobucket is being difficult so i haven't been able to upload/crop the pictures i took to illustrate my words, but this title is being archived on netgalley tomorrow, so i needed to get this part up, at least. hopefully pictures will get sorted soon. sorry i am so disappointing and disappointed.************************************************i fear that i am going to have my booklover card revoked for not loving this book enough...
  • Schizanthus
    Book nerds rejoice! Debbie Tung doesn’t just understand us; she’s one of us! Debbie first drew scenes from my life in her debut Quiet Girl in a Noisy World: An Introvert's Story and now she’s gained access to the bookish part of me which, let’s face it, is pretty much all that’s left once you take away the introvert part.This is my second (but not final) read of this graphic novel and once again Debbie’s nailed it. Her illustrations...
  • PattyMacDotComma
    4★"The book I'm reading is about a magical world of dragons and wizards! They go on adventures and explore unknown places! And then at the mansion in Hertfordshire, a wealthy man and Mr. Darcy...Oh, wait...that's a different story.""You're reading two books at the same time again, huh?"GUILTY! But it does make for some wonderfully imaginative what-ifs! This little book of simple drawings of a young woman wearing a hoodie, happiest with a book a...
  • destiny ♎ [howling libraries]
    Debbie Tung has done it again, with another adorable collection of comics about life as an introverted bookworm. The biggest reason I recommend this collection is not only because the art is cute and simply sweet and the stories themselves are fun, but because I think so many book lovers will be able to relate to it!Whether it's taking a book to a party, staying up all night to finish your current read, or the undeniable pull of a bookstore no ma...
  • Darinda
    A graphic novel that encompasses what it’s like to love books. Depicted in comic style, a variety of bookish topics are covered – favorite books, book formats, bookstores, libraries, and more.I loved Quiet Girl in a Noisy World, so I was excited to see a new book by Debbie Tung. Even better, this one is all about books and the bibliophiles who love them.A delightful book. I could relate to so many of the scenarios shown. A perfect read for bo...
  • Chad
    Book Love is a collection any goodreads user will enjoy. I was amazed at how many times her comics echoed my life. Like when we travel:You don't know how many times my wife has yelled at me for bringing too many books on vacation. Or the disappointment of getting a new book and it's the stupid movie poster on the cover instead of the original.The strips can get a bit repetitive, especially having to do with her smelling books. But all in all, a v...
  • Montzalee Wittmann
    Book Love by Debbie Tung is a cute comic/ humor book I requested from NetGalley and the review is voluntary. This is a book any bookstore will relate to! I know I did! Every illustration is cute and fun with the clever message spoke of unspoken...readers know what is means! Lol! The author has thought of everything we bookstore go through and has cleverly out it to one and paper! I think I could relate to every one of those cartoons! Very witty a...
  • Kathleen
    Special thanks to Debbie Tung, NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for a digital copy of BOOK LOVE in exchange for my unbiased review. Debbie Tung's talent shines brilliantly in her book of comics BOOK LOVE. The cartoons capture the readers' love of books in numerous scenarios. As an avid reader, I could easily identify with the illustrations on every page! This book would make an excellent gift for book lovers of all ages. 5 shining stars⭐...
  • Katie
    I was having a bad day and then I heard that this book of comics about books was available for review from NetGalley and downloaded it. Did I mention I am now having a great day? The comics were so relatable and any booklover should enjoy this. Yes, I have seen some of these as memes before. Do I care? No. I have found my people, my book people.
  • Prashasti
    I've been growing impatient ever since I've heard about the release of the second book and I feel so happy to finally read it, also in a single sitting!First and foremost, thanks a tonne to Netgalley for providing me an arc of this comic book in exchange for an honest review.Book Love is a beautiful comic strip comprising of charming illustrations by my favorite Debbie Tung.I felt like I was watching myself via Debbie and my life all along the pa...
  • ♥ Sandi ❣
    5 stars Thanks to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for allowing me to read and review this ARC. Publishes January 1, 2019. Welcome to a wonderful book lovers book, that can be read in one day. Appropriately titled "Book Love" Debbie Tung, an artist and cartoonist, melts the heart of any person who loves books and loves to read. On almost each page you can see yourself or a situation you have been in. Short in length. long in smiles, this i...
  • Divine
    "Once a reader, always a reader." Every bibliophile should take the time to read this cute and totally relatable graphic novel! Book Love adeptly encapsulates the reader's complex and utterly nuanced affection for books. It's entertaining and light and soooo heartwarming. I feel like I'm more connected to the book community because of this. It kind of reminds me of Little Moments of Love because of its easy format! It's a quick read and definite...
  • Beatrice ~ Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic
    ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.A perfect graphic novel for bookworms. It's a fun and relatable book. 98% of the comic strips described me as a book lover.I can't find any dull moments and the only con in this book was it gets redundant. Overall, it's a simple and joyful read.
  • ❀⊱RoryReads⊰❀
    4.5 Stars.Charming! These drawings could only have been done by a true book lover. The humor is gentle and the drawings depict emotions all book lovers will understand and connect with. I look forward to seeing more of Ms Tung's work.Thank you to NetGalley and the author for a copy of the book.