Do No Harm (Dr. Katie LeClair #2) by Dawn Eastman

Do No Harm (Dr. Katie LeClair #2)

Readers of J. T. Ellison and Tess Gerritsen will be enthralled by Do No Harm, by real-life small-town doctor and national bestselling author Dawn Eastman. Small-town doctor Katie LeClair is drawn back into an old murder investigation, a mysterious disappearance, and a dark undercurrent of violence.The idyllic town of Baxter, Michigan, seemed like the perfect place for Dr. Katie LeClair to settle down after years toiling in medical school—until ...

Details Do No Harm (Dr. Katie LeClair #2)

TitleDo No Harm (Dr. Katie LeClair #2)
Release DateDec 11th, 2018
PublisherCrooked Lane Books

Reviews Do No Harm (Dr. Katie LeClair #2)

  • Mackenzie - PhDiva Books
    A disappearance in a small town, a decade old murder case revisited, and an enigmatic man at the center of it all—Dawn Eastman’s Do No Harm is compulsively readable and absorbing.I’d almost consider this to be a cross between a cozy mystery and a crime thriller, since it centers around amateur detective and family practitioner Katie Leclair and takes place in a small town with some big murders. This is a fun one, and I think readers will ad...
  • Liz
    Book two in this series finds Katie helping a young man recently released from prison as well as searching for a college aged woman that was investigating his case before going missing. I didn’t find this book as well done as the first. Katie is a newly minted GP and it continues to beggar belief that she spends so much of her time investigating possible crimes. I enjoy the characters in this series. Eastman does get the whole small town feel r...
  • Sue Em
    Dr. Katie LeClair returns in DO NO HARM for another exciting mystery. Her new patient, Eugene, has just returned to town after serving 10 years for manslaughter of a young woman, and he and his mother are being threatened and harassed. Another young woman goes missing. Even though she was reportedly trying to prove his innocence, he comes under suspicion. Enjoyable page-turner!
  • Sheela
    This is definitely an easy to read quick mystery and even being that its the second in a series doesn't effect how you enjoy it. Dr. Leclair is a very likable character and her honest curiosity draws you into the story with her. It wasn't a difficult or overly thrilling crime, I'd say it's pretty close to a "cozy mystery" type of story but it's a very entertaining, well plotted read.
  • Tiffany
    Do No Harm isn't the most innovative mystery novel I've ever read, but I found myself enjoying it immensely regardless. It was only after I started reading that I realized that this is actually the second book in a series featuring the protagonist of Dr. Katie LeClair. Despite the fact that I hadn't read the first book, I wasn't lost or confused at all as Dawn Eastman did a great job of catching the reader up on the events from the previous stor...
  • Daniele
    DO NO HARM, the second book in the Dr. Katie LeClair mystery series, is a well written book of suspense and small town life. It can easily be read as a standalone mystery. Eastman does a good job of giving readers plenty of back story without ruining the mystery of the first book in the series. The story is compelling and the pace steady, keeping me glued to the pages, reading the entire book in one sitting.Small town doctor Katie LeClair finds h...
  • Laura
    Do No Harm by Dawn Eastman is the 2nd in this series however it reads as a stand-alone novel as well as the fact that the author does a great job at giving the backstory so that the reader can follow along. Eugene Lowe has been released from prison after serving 10 years for a manslaughter charge. He goes back to his small hometown to live with his mother. He visits a Dr once home to remove some sutures he had and finds out that she does not know...
  • Jacqueline Murphy
    DO NO HARM is the second in the Dr Le Clair mystery series but my first read. I found it easy to follow as a stand alone but feel having read this in a day, that I will certainly be going back to No. 1 and keeping a look out for future instalments! I loved the whole Jessica Fletcher stance, although in this case a small town Doctor solving a mystery, I kinda figured out the perpetrator so it came as no surprise but it didn’t take away from it. ...
  • Susan
    Somehow I missed the first in this new series which surprised me because I have read her other series and enjoyed it. Now to get my hands on the previous mystery. Do No Harm works well as a stand alone. I had no trouble following all of the characters and their back stories. Each was well drawn and were people I felt I would like to know.Katie has her hands full with her clinic schedule taking a hit now that they are without one of the doctors. S...
  • Pam
    Eugene Lowe is home, but the years gone by were spent in prison and not everyone is happy to see him back. He is being targeted and harassed. Dr. Katie LeClair is one person who can help him; first, by being his doctor, then by being one of the few whom he feels he can trust.Then things heat up when a young college girl investigating Eugene’s case for her sociology class is missing. Taylor’s thoughts were that Eugene was innocent and she was ...