The Age of Light by Whitney Scharer

The Age of Light

She went to Paris to start over, to make art instead of being made into it.A captivating debut novel by Whitney Scharer, The Age of Light tells the story of Vogue model turned renowned photographer Lee Miller, and her search to forge a new identity as an artist after a life spent as a muse. "I'd rather take a photograph than be one," she declares after she arrives in Paris in 1929, where she soon catches the eye of the famous Surrealist Man Ray. ...

Details The Age of Light

TitleThe Age of Light
Release DateFeb 5th, 2019
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Romance

Reviews The Age of Light

  • Tammy
    This is a romance novel masquerading as historical fiction. Despite my interest in Man Ray and Lee Miller, I truly don’t need to read about their steamy sex. Their sexual proclivities aside, there is a lot about this that simply reads false.
  • Jennifer S. Brown
    This novel of Lee Miller--a model turned photographer who became the assistant and lover to the more famous artist Man Ray--is lush and engrossing and the details of her life swept me away. There is something almost photographic in the way Scharer captures the story, diving into Miller's life as a war correspondent in the 1940s, delving into Miller's libertine mindset, and allowing us to enter the lives of the artistic scene of Paris in the late ...
  • Liz
    As an amateur photographer and someone who loves photography as art, I was thrilled to get an advance copy of this book about Lee Miller and Man Ray. It took me back to the days when photography was as much about developing a picture as taking it. The book shines when the descriptions turn to the art of photography, especially when Lee is framing a shot or Man is teaching her how to develop for maximum effect or they come up with a new technique....
  • Crystal King
    I knew very little about Lee Miller before diving into this delightful debut novel (thanks NetGalley and Little, Brown). I was immediately drawn in, not just by the exquisite language and Scharer's gift of storytelling, but also her ability to send you right into the mind of Miller. Scharer squeezes your heart, and inflames your senses with every move that Miller makes. It was only afterward when I wanted to know more about Man Ray and his enchan...
  • Christopher Castellani
    This is such an engrossing and transporting book, one that, as many readers have already noted, makes these glamorous and thrilling characters come vividly alive on every page. Scharer is a natural storyteller who gets you emotionally invested not only in the relationship between Lee Miller and Man Ray, but in the dramas and passions of the demimonde they inhabited, and especially in the psychology of Miller herself. I particularly liked how The ...
  • Karen
    My favorite book so far this year. Absolutely brilliant!
  • Louise Miller
    This is truly an extraordinary novel. From the first scene to the last, I fell into my own passionate love affair with this book--I found myself always wanting to be reading it, and pining for it when I had to set it down, thinking about the characters and the lushness of the details as I fell asleep. Scharer has a visual artists eye for detail, an ear for lyrical prose, and a huge empathetic heart. I can't wait to share it with everyone I know.
  • Liz
    I am lucky enough to have read a preview copy of "The Age of Light". Whitney is an amazing first-time published author. This book was a delight to read and I could barely put it down. It contains the joie de live of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel and the artistic intensity of Frieda Kahlo. Lee Miller is a perfect character and pulls you in to her story. Other books would have portrayed her as the woman behind the man, but this story proves how comp...
  • Mary Urban
    An evocative historical fiction that swiftly whisks you away to the beautiful melancholy of the 1930s Paris art world. A woman's voice and her place in art and relationships are at the center of this novel, a contemporary theme among a historical setting. The Age of Light absolutely drips in style; enjoy rubbing elbows with Picasso, Cocteau, and, of course, the tumultuous and intoxicating Man Ray in secret salons and on dimly lit cafe boats. Note...
  • Erin
    2.5 stars rounded up to 3. Thanks to Netgalley for an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review So having spent time on Google researching about Lee Miller and Man Ray and their outstanding work in surrealist photography and paintings, I was expecting maybe a bit too much from this novel. Alternating between the couple's chaotic relationship in the 1920's to Lee Miller's work during WWII, the best bits of the story are when the focus is on the art...
  • Ygraine
    i come away from the age of light with a bitter, almost metallic feeling coating my throat; it is, i think, a hard book to read at times, and one that is consciously uncomfortable, creating a distance between itself and the reader that it is hard not to imagine as a lens, the glass through which scharer invites us to look and see a place and characters slightly dislocated from reality, upside down in the is a fictionalised account o...
  • Stella
    Loved every line of it...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    I knew nothing about either Lee Miller or Man Ray before I read this book. However, I was absolutely fascinated by this story. Several times during the time I listened to the audio version of the book did I have to take a break to google both Lee Miller Man Ray for their art. Now, I had an ecopy of this book, but I decided to listen to the audio version during work. However, I couldn't stop listening and start reading when I got home. The narrato...
  • Rachael Burrows
    Great and informative read!
  • Will
    Upon finishing this novel, I really wish that I had read one of the biographies of the fascinating Lee Miller rather than this flawed and salacious fictional account of her relationship with Man Ray.
  • Rebecca
    (3.75) This novel about Lee Miller’s relationship with Man Ray is in the same vein as The Paris Wife, Z, Loving Frank and Frieda: all of these have sought to rescue a historical woman from the shadow of a celebrated, charismatic male and tell her own fascinating life story. Scharer captures the bohemian atmosphere of 1929–30 Paris in elegant but accessible prose. Along with the central pair we meet others from the Dada group plus Jean Cocteau...
  • Fidan Lurin
    I was recently sent an ARC of The Age of Light by the publicists at Little, Brown and Company in exchange for an honest review. This work of historical fiction by Whitney Scharer is expected to be published on February 05, 2019.The Age of Light is a captivating and exhilarating narrative that keeps readers emotionally invested up to the very last page. Masquerading as historical fiction, the novel recounts the life of Vogue model turned photograp...
  • BookGypsy
    Lee Miller is a Vogue model turned photographer. She meets and falls in love with the famous Man Ray in 1930' Paris. Haunted by her past Lee is charmed by the remarkable Man Ray. As lee's career starts to rise Man Ray becomes jealous and things take a turn. This is at times very sexually explicit. Very bohemian in nature. I loved it! I was compelled it. The setting being Paris, the whole artsy feel of it. The characters were feelable. Can't say e...
  • Theresa Smith
    Let’s just cut to the chase: how stunning is this cover?! And for a novel that is largely about photographic art, it’s utterly perfect. As to the novel itself, The Age of Light is biographical historical fiction, a sub-genre I tend to gravitate towards.For the most part, The Age of Light delivers on what it promises. And it’s stunningly written in places, truly lyrical. Take this passage about Lee’s depression, the picture it paints is so...
  • Karen LeBlanc
    The Age of Light by Whitney Scharer chronicles in historical fiction the love affair between a former model turned photographer Lee Miller and the famed photographer Man Ray, an influential force in the Dada and Surrealist movements rooted in Paris in the 1930s.We first meet Lee in 1966 as a puffy middle-aged woman prone to drinking whiskey and dulled by the monotony of her marriage and life on a farm on Sussex England. At midlife, Lee has settle...
  • Krista
    The Age of Light is one of those books that says with you long after you've finished it. The story follows beautiful model Lee Miller as she moves from NYC to Paris and reinvents herself as a photographer. She meets Man Ray, already a successful artist and photographer, and they embark on the kind of love affair that defines one's life. Lee is Man Ray's lover, partner, protege and overall muse and their relationship plays out on the pages , drawi...
  • Julia
    The problem I had with this novel is the same one I had with Paula McLain's latest ("Love and Ruin"). The author, in both cases, takes a female artist who by all accounts has lived a full and extremely interesting life, and reduces her to the relationship she had with a more famous male artist. In this case, Whitney Scharer examines Lee Miller, a model-turned-photographer in late 1920 and early 1930s Paris. Lee becomes Man Ray's assistant and the...
  • Thebooktrail
    Visit the locations in the novelI have to admit that before reading this novel I had never heard of Lee Miller and had only heard of Man Ray in passing. Well this was an eye opener! If you’re an art fan, you’re going to be able to indulge in this pretty early on, but although it took me a little longer, it didn’t read like a debut!The nuances, shades of light and dark of the Paris art world are captured like literary photographs on every pa...
  • Susan
    Sensuous writing dripping with period set details from salons to cabarets, seedy lounges and absinthe dens, Whitney Scharer's The Age of Light is the fictionalized account of the love affair between Lee Miller and Man Ray, interlaced with brief chapters from Miller's time as a war photographer. The third person present narration gives each scene immediacy unshackled from traditional historical fiction. Scharer's smooth, unabashed writing style ma...
  • Lou
    The Age of Light is writer Whitney Scharer's historical fiction debut, and it's rather a mixed bag in terms of enjoyment. It tells the deeply emotive story of model, photographer and war correspondent Lee Miller who moves to Paris and becomes the muse and lover of surrealist Man Ray. It captures perfectly the time period and Paris at the height of artistic creativity and freedom; it's rich in detail, and you feel very much a part of the story rat...
  • Vivian Payton
    In this beautifully written debut novel by Whitney Sharer, THE AGE OF LIGHT transports readers to Paris in the 1930’s and Europe during World War II when Man Ray and Lee Miller meet. Lee is a successful model whose father used to photograph her when she was young and taught her some basics of the trade. At the age of 22, she meets Man Ray, a successful and renowned artist and photographer, who she begins to work for him as his assistant. As the...