The Man of Steel by Brian Michael Bendis

The Man of Steel

Genre-defining author Brian Michael Bendis makes his triumphant debut at DC Comics, as an alien being comes to Earth to kill Superman and finish the mission he first started decades ago: destroying the planet Krypton and killing every last Kryptonian! One of the genre's greatest mythologies is turned on its head in Man of Steel!A new era begins for Superman as a threat name Rogol Zaar comes to Earth to put an end to Superman and his cousin, Super...

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TitleThe Man of Steel
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Superheroes, Dc Comics, Graphic Novels, Comic Book, Superman

Reviews The Man of Steel

  • Sam Quixote
    Here it is: Mister Marvel himself, Brian Bendis, finally made the move over to the enemy, DC, after years of writing for Marvel, and this is his much anticipated first DC book, his big debut - with the most iconic superhero of them all, no less, Superman - in The Man of Steel. Ohhhh boy! Ohhhh… crap. Unfortunately we got Blandis. I was severely unimpressed with this one. Give Doomsday an axe and you’ve got the big bad of this woefully dull st...
  • Artemy
    HOT. DAMN.In a stunning turn of events, Brian Bendis swoops in and single-handedly (well, with a little help from six of DC’s most talented artists) saves Superman from years of stagnation and trash storylines one after the other. Now that’s a nice present for the character’s 80th anniversary! And look, I am not some mindless Bendis fanboy — I fully and openly admit that his last few years at Marvel were not good. His stories felt mediocr...
  • James DeSantis
    Here it is. The first major book in the DC Universe made by Brian Michael Bendis! Is it good? Actually, yeah, it's pretty fun. So this Man of Steel Mini-series starts with Superman being the hero we all know and love. He goes around the whole city, protects everyone he can, and fights for the greater good. I know after the shitty man of steel and batman vs superman movies you might have forgotten that Supes is heroic but Bendis gives a nice remin...
  • Jedi JC Daquis
    While not the most mind-blowing, memorable start, Brian Michael Bendis debuts his DC career with freshness and optimism that is clearly reflected in The Man of Steel.The main villain in this mini-series is just one of those "destroy because it is the right thing" brutes whose personality isn't that carefully fleshed out, but hey, Superman is the main man anyway.Tomasi really did well in his Rebirth Superman run and I really didn't see the the poi...
  • Malum
    Blech! I was holding out hope for this after the last few superman volumes have been straight up abortions, but this was really lame. Ok, here we go (spoilers ahead):The villain: A one-dimensional Doomsday knock off with a bit of Lobo thrown in. His motivation starts as "Krypton is a dangerous planet, we must destroy it" and--for no reason--morphs into "I have a racial hatred for Kyptonians". Lets put this into perspective: Lets say there is an i...
  • Wing Kee
    3.5! A solid starts that changes the status quo (some good and bad) and makes me excited for the future of Supes.World: The art is good, there are a lot of great artists in this 6 issues series. That being said, the weekly issues and the deadlines does make the art janky, the reason there’s re so many artists is because of the deadline so the transition is not smooth at all, sometimes in issues themselves there are transitions that just hurt my...
  • Logan
    An okay read. So Brian Michael Bendis has left Marvel to now write for DC. I'll admit I only ever read a couple of Bendis's Marvel stuff, he never really blew me away as a writer, but I was still slightly curious to see what he would do with Superman! So the story follows Superman as he battles against a big brute, alien villain, who hates Kryptonians because...reasons. And in the background Lois and Jon are missing, where are they? To talk about...
  • GrilledCheeseSamurai
    So...I've always been a pretty big Superman fan but I have never actually had one of his books as a monthly pull. I mean, sure, I've followed the bigger arcs and graphic novels, kept up to date as best as I could...but I was never heavily invested.With Bendis coming onto the book I figured I should take a peek.Am I ever glad I did as I ended up really enjoying this mini springboard of a series that will lead into the ongoing title. Maybe its beca...
  • Roy
    3.5* I read this in single issues. I actually didnt mind Bendis with how he provided his own reworking of superman. However his usual strength of dialgoue was at times pretty cheesy. The change of art style was distracting and I hope they get someone consistent for future Superman titles.
  • Anthony
    BENDIS FIRST FULL VOLUME OF DC WORK. And it's really good. Very Bendis and you can see he's already trying to shake things up, but I think he has a good handle on Superman. It also doesn't hurt that he's teamed with some amazing artists here.
  • Andrew Greatbatch
    A lot of people didn't enjoy this very much, but I loved it. Can't wait for Bendis' take on Superman & Action Comics.
  • Mel
    Bendis is really good about diving into a character and making him or her his own. He's good with original stuff too (Powers, Alias--otherwise known as Jessica Jones), but I like his takes on existing superheroes a lot.I wasn't sure he would be able to pull off "reinventing" Superman (which he really doesn't, but he does add layers--with the super-hearing--that other writers haven't thought about so much), but so far he's done a great job.Bendis ...
  • Billy Jepma
    I’ve always wanted to love Superman, but for whatever reason, have never been able to get invested in many of his comic storylines. His ongoing series’ rarely present the kinds of conflicts that work for me, and while I don’t doubt the value of those stories, they never spoke to me. But I wanted them to. With Brian Michael Bendis’ dramatic departure from Marvel and his equally dramatic entrance into DC, I thought that this could be a good...
  • Patrick
    Read as single issues.I hate when someone just says "this was horrible" and then offers no real critique. So, I'll offer some explanation.As a story, it's boring. It's tired. It's been done over and over and over. And in the world of comics, that's not exactly the end of the world. Plenty of comics are repetitive. But they shouldn't feel that way.The character of Superman feels regressive. He's spent years progressing. I've followed him for years...
  • Alan
    There are writers who I hear about, read reviews of their work, whom I figure I'm supposed to like. Whether it is Dickens or Zelazny, Twain or Octavia Butler (whom I'm going to try again), somehow they just don't work for me. My history is Bendis is not great, I wanted to like Powers much more than I did (note: I was very underwhelmed, but love the concept).So, with all of that said why read this? Because DC, the IP owner of Superman, has done an...
  • Sans
    I was not expecting to like this. Over the past several months I’ve been bombarded with double page “BENDIS IS COMING” spreads in EVERY comic book DC puts out and with each one, I have become more and more bitter about him taking over Superman. But I did like it! His subtle humor was just right and, while I think this story could have been half the length, it worked well as the basis for a new direction for the characters.
  • Christian Zamora-Dahmen
    This was a refreshing return to Superman for old readers who skipped his stories since quite a while. The story was compelling, the parade of artists was just exquisite.I'm so glad I decided to give it a chance.
  • Martin Králik
    Citalo sa celkom dobre, len obcas mi vadila ta opakovanost. A dost mi vadilo to mnozstvo ilustratorskych stylov, dokonca v ramci jedneho zositu.
  • Josh
    Not a bad start for Bendis on Superman, but there is plenty of room for improvement. Man of Steel has the same problems (to a lesser extent) as Action Comics Rebirth e.g., too much action, not enough plot, and nonsensical character choices. Still, there are enough touching moments and interesting ideas to make Man of Steel worthwhile for Superman fans.
  • Yossi
    Yay! Superman is fun again.
  • Jaime Guzman
    It's the debut of Michael Brian Bendis writing for a DC comic! I finally collected all six issues and read all of them in one sitting. This is the essence of the story - Lois and son have taken off with Jor-El and new villian Rogol Zaar really hates Kryptonians and so much so that he wants to wipe them all out.The art work is really good with some of the finest comic book artists under the DC banner. My only gripe is that I wish it would've staye...
  • Dan
    Lukewarm start for all the hype. Hopefully his main plot in #1 steps it up.
  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    I received a copy of The Man of Steel through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. I’m a huge fan of Brian Michael Bendis, so at this point I’ll pretty much read anything he puts on the market. So obviously I was curious when I heard that he was going to be doing a Superman plot. Sure, I had hoped something like this would happen back when I learned that DC had managed to lure him away…but I hadn’t actually expected that s...
  • Norman
    A lot of me wants to believe in Bendis just because he’s Bendis. Yeah, he’s written some questionable stuff, but I want to entrust Superman to him. Unfortunately, I don’t think his language translates to the guy. It’s constantly pushing back and forth between a kind of older Peter Parker mixed with good ol’ USA heroism, and I feel as though I’m missing a genuine Superman. Maybe it’s coming across as a caricature. Of course, having s...
  • Kat
    Basic plot: A major threat from Krypton's past threatens Superman in the present, while he deals with family issues.Bendis gives Superman humor and light sarcasm, which I like. He has to be more human than even the human characters are, because he is fricking Superman. Any time a villain is smart enough to do villainous things without being dumb or succombing to monologuing, that makes them all the more interesting. It is the mystery.The art styl...
  • Mitchell Kukulka
    This book took every fear and apprehension I had about Bendis' taking over of the Superman brand and turned them on their head. The signature style of naturalistic dialogue that made Bendis such a visionary of the superhero genre in the first place isn't lost in the setting of Metropolis and its cast of characters, with the Daily Planet regulars Perry White and Jimmy Olson in particular fitting Bendis' words like a glove.Most surprisingly, Bend...
  • Antonio Kleber Gomes
    W-o-w! Ok, I had not read a monthly Superman book like this in a very long time, which is to say I LOVE THIS! I love Superman and I think that the character, although it had good stories over the past few years was lacking focus.Superman has iconic elements that must be represented in order for a story to be considered amazing.Lois Lane, of course, is one of those, but his connection to Krypton, Kandor, the Daily Planet and Perry White. Jimmy Ols...
  • George
    Brian Michael Bendis is really good at writing characters and I really like the way he portrays Superman here (as well as the characters around him), but the plot is fairly pedestrian and rehashed. The new villain is forgettable and seemingly a reskin of existing Superman big bads. And there's a twist about what's happened to Clark Kent's family in this that's fairly dumb and never really fully explained. I suppose it's a good restart for Superma...
  • Iris Nevers
    So the first real chance to see what Bendis is bringing to Superman. As much as I want to say I didn't really like this, it was still a good story. Bendis does know how to write and definitely how to add that heart factor. I definitely am looking forward to what Bendis brings to the Superman mythos.