All Stars Fall (Seaside Pictures, #3.5; Big Sky, #4.5) by Rachel Van Dyken

All Stars Fall (Seaside Pictures, #3.5; Big Sky, #4.5)

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken… She left. Two words I can't really get out of my head. She left us. Three more words that make it that much worse. Three being another word I can't seem to wrap my mind around. Three kids under the age of six, and she left because she missed it. Because her dream had never been to have a family, no her dream had been to marry a rockstar and live the high life. Moving my reco...

Details All Stars Fall (Seaside Pictures, #3.5; Big Sky, #4.5)

TitleAll Stars Fall (Seaside Pictures, #3.5; Big Sky, #4.5)
Release DateMar 12th, 2019
PublisherEvil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Novella

Reviews All Stars Fall (Seaside Pictures, #3.5; Big Sky, #4.5)

  • Sabrina
    NOW LIVE!Amazon US * Amazon UK "Sometimes in falling, you find your forever." I may be premature in saying this since this is only the second book I've read from this series, but this is my favorite crossover series that any author has done. I love how this book connected to Kristen Proby's Soaring with Fallon with such ease. And it wasn't in a way to where if you haven't read the other books or haven't read the Seaside Pictures series that you...
  • Jemima
    I can't stop smiling 😁I love love love this book! It was so good.I can't express how much I enjoyed this book.Oh my! Be still my beating heart.*Sigh 😍😍😍
  • Jan
    It was OK. A little bit too cliche for me. The h just happened to look like a supermodel. Uh huh. There were too many 'just happeneds' in this for me. I know it's hard in a novella to have a complete story arc without making some pretty quick leaps, and I'm prepared to accept a few things I wouldn't in a full length novel. But this one didn't really do it for me.
  • Melissa B
    I haven't read anything by Rachel Van Dyken and after this book I'm kicking myself because this book was filled with all the feels! I completely and wholly fell in love with Trevor and Penelope's story! How could you go wrong with one sexy single rockstar dad of three fiesty, lovable kids? You can't, just not possible. Trevor and Penelope were two lost souls looking for a fresh start, not expecting to find that start in one another. I can honestl...
  • Denise - Shh Mom's Reading®
    4.5 stars Stars Fall by Rachel Van Dyken was just WOW..... from the moment I read this single dad blurb I was like heck yeah I want to read that, from the minute I read the opening line I was like OMG I do not want to put this book down.Penelope and Trevor's slow burn was so perfect for them. He is a Dad dealing with a life he never imagine and trying to navigate single fatherhood while still making music 🎶 the music...
  • Karen
    Hot damn. I loved this story. I think the characters were awesome. My only criticism is that book could of been longer. I would of liked more Penelope's background. If the answer was in prior books, that's not fair. This can be a standalone but author left us with a few single guys who beg to find a relationship!!So more, Rachel!! What was Penny running from? She was a teacher? Why? How come we don't see her much with the friend she moved to be b...
  • Jill S (Love Affair With Fiction)
    Seriously my biggest takeaway from this book is that Rachel should write kids more often! This rockstar, single dad, falls for the nanny romance hit all the right notes with me (see what I did there😉). This book tugged at my heartstrings and had me wanting to scoop everyone up and shower them with love. This might be a novella but I didn't feel shortchanged at all - I know some people shy away from novellas because they are afraid they won't b...
  • Erin Lewis
    After his ex-wife leaves them, rockstar Trevor Wood uproots his life and his children moving to Seaside, Oregon. A chance meeting with Penelope in a coffee shop has Trevor convincing her to interview to be his childrens’ part time nanny. After the NDA is signed, Penny realises that she may have signed up for more than she can handle. Penny is great with the children and they are just too cute. The characters were easy to relate to and totally l...
  • Romance Schmomance (Malia)
    Seaside Pictures is one of my favorite series by Rachel, don't worry I have few others. But her stories are like candy, I can never get enough of them. I'll forever have a love/hate with novellas especially when they're a part of a series I adore because I'm always wishing for them to be longer. All Stars Fall is one of those examples, loved every minute of this read and it had me wanting to re-read this series!I love it when a book has a few tro...
  • Carissa
    4 stars While this was a bit predictable it was actually really cute, especially seeing Trevor with his kids. I liked this one.
  • Becca
    So excited to head back to Seaside! And All Stars Fall brings back all the fun of the Seaside gang plus the heart of romance with Penny and Trevor.My heart melted reading Trevor's story. A single dad who is just trying to make it day by day while his kids are trying to make it through the day without all the emotional damage of their mom leaving. Penelope moved from Montana to Seaside for a fresh start. She never imagined she would be watching th...
  • Kim
    Penelope left Cunningham Falls, Montana for Seaside, Oregon in search of an adventure and a fresh start. She never expected to meet a rock star, much less the one she used to have posters of on her wall. Becoming his nanny was an unexpected happy accident. Falling in love with his precocious kids desperately in need of attention, understanding, and stability was inevitable.But acting on her attraction to to the hot, overwhelmed, rock god Dad is s...
  • Teri
    Single dads, nannies, and Seaside Oh My!… Let me just start by saying that I’ve read both the Seaside Pictures series by Rachel and the Big Sky series by Kristen. This novella has no issue standing on it’s own but is most definitely enriched with the cameos from previous characters that we always love to see. Veterans of the Seaside series will most definitely appreciate it (*hint *hint).So onto the main event of Trevor and Penny. I’m not...
  • Nightbird Novels
    Penelope decides to move to Seaside, Oregon for a fresh start, and she promptly finds herself with not one, but two jobs. Barista by day and nanny to the three adorable children of a rock star by night, she has her hands full... and she wouldn't trade that for anything.After his wife left him and their children, Trevor Wood is working hard to make life for his kids as normal as possible. But, while he is at a loss as how he can do it all on his o...
  • Jackie Wright
    I love cross over series and All Stars Fall did not disappoint it was everything I expect from this author and a cross over read.Penelope left Cunningham Falls, Montana to start over because she needed a fresh start but the last thing she expected was to meet a rock star that she crushed over in her youth. After a chance meeting Penny seemed to fall into the job as part time nanny for rocker Trevor Wood and his adorable children and as she settle...
  • Clare
    All Stars Fall is such a brilliant story!Trevor Wood, drummer of Adrenaline and single dad to three kids.Penelope, single girl wanting to make a fresh start in a new town working in a small coffee shop.The most perfect match ever! I love Rachel Van Dyken's writing and her storytelling is just so captivating. The way Trevor and Penelope first meet by her being kind to his kids at the coffee shop where she works just about melted my heart. Bella is...
  • Beth
    I read 4 books for this collection faves in this order (i must say that none of these stories are similar, unless u say they are all romance reads??! so u can not really judge them this or that, just that i enjoyed one more than other, maybe that i connected more with one, 'cause of the characters, emotions i felt, memories it made me think of or whatnot? tunes, visuals, whatever, if that makes any sense? i've read all authors before, expec...
  • Liz
    I absolutely loved reading All Stars Fall by Rachel Van Dyken. It was such a freaking charming story with all the best feels. I loved our heroes, the kids and visiting all friends! This story is part of the Kristen Proby’s Crossover Collection, as well as part of Rachel’s Seaside Pictures series. It is a great read for new and old fans of any author in the collection and especially for Rachel Van Dyken fans. Penny needed a fresh start somewhe...
  • Misty (Reds Romance Reviews)
    For me, the best stories are the ones that reach out and grab your heart, and tap into your emotions and truly make you feel the words on the pages....and All Stars Fall DEFINITELY does just that! From the very first page this one drew me in, and had me completely enthralled with it's perfectly crafted words and charming characters. I am a sucker for single dad stories and this one was a winner on all fronts, Mr. Trevor Wood had me swooning at fi...