Anywhere With You by Christina Elle

Anywhere With You

An Amazon Top 50 Bestseller! You are cordially invited to... tick off the bride. Teegan Michaels has attended six weddings for her sorority sisters dateless and she refuses to go to the last one alone. Not when she has a perfectly respectable—not to mention hot—NFL player ready to save her from humiliation. Who cares that he’s the bride’s ex-fiancé and only wants to go for revenge?*This is a novella (approx 46k words) and is meant to b...

Details Anywhere With You

TitleAnywhere With You
Release DateJun 27th, 2018
PublisherChristina Elle
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Sports and Games, Sports

Reviews Anywhere With You

  • Nanda
    The guy spent the entire book in love with his ex and in the last 10/15 pages he realized that he’s actually in love with the h (who is a doormat btw) lol I can’t ...
  • Wendy'sThoughts
    3 Getting Revenge or Really Stars* * * Spoiler FreeIt is never fun being the last one to find your guy...especially when that means your group was your sorority sisters who love to remind you that you are still out there ALONE.This is a tale of just such woman who finds herself, once again dateless for another wedding and she has had it..Teegan is determined to not go it alone.Her best friend feels her pain and reaches out to her brother... yes, ...
  • Anne OK
    No way, Jose'! Nothing like I was expecting -- totally unbelievable. Still in love with his ex and making no secret of it. Uses his sister's best friend to get revenge at his ex's wedding. And without much character building (well there's plenty of gratuitous sex), he suddenly discovers he's not really in love with his ex any longer, even though she's just cancelled her wedding to his teammate. Oh my gosh! Help me! This is just too bizarre. Silli...
  • 2OCC Reviews
    A quick super fun read, Anywhere With You was sweet, sexy and sassy. Teegan was attending ANOTHER sorority sisters wedding, and her best friend’s brother (the bride’s ex) wanted to tag along. Wes had his own reasons for going to the wedding, but what he went for and what he found was not the same thing.The relationship between Teegan and Wes was slow building, but when they got there it was hot! Loved the banter between these two. Misty, Wes...
  • Sassy Southern
    This was my first read by Christina Elle and I really enjoyed it. It was a quick funny, endearing book. I loved how awkward and funny Teegan was but really felt bad she was always so down on herself. Wes kept going back and forth between a good guy and a bad guy. Like you understood where he was coming from but he kept making so many mistakes you just wanted to smack him upside his head. Even in the little sad parts it was funny. And I liked that...
  • Read.Review.Repeat Blog
    This was a quick novella; but still held a punch with the sweet and sexiness; and was about 2 long time friends finally seeing what has been in front of them this whole time. I enjoyed it from start to finish. Would love to see more about this couple in the future.
  • Liz
    Anywhere With You buy Christina Elle was a fun, quick and sexy read. It is on the shorter side, but is a complete story and one that was easy to get lost in and just enjoy. What do you do when you are the last of your friends who is single and you have gone to tons of weddings alone? And this one happens to be a destination wedding and you do not want to go alone…again! You bring along the bride’s ex and your best friend’s brother, of cours...
  • Megan
    Teegan was cute and quirky if painfully shy and awkward. She was equally endearing and pitiful. I'm kind of on the fence about liking her because from the start she was a ball of neuroses and vulnerability with sparks of strength and determination. There were far more moments where her character was likable than there were with Wes though.From the very beginning Wes didn't have a ton of redeemable actions. He was tolerable throughout the story an...
  • Harlie Williams
    I needed this book. Yes, needed. Since February, our house has been neck deep in baseball and tomorrow it will officially end. (Last day of the second baseball camp) I needed a cute, sexy, rom-com to read. I’ve read all of Ms. Elle’s romantic suspense books and they are excellent, so I went with the knowledge that it would have some funny moments. She didn’t disappoint at all. In fact, there were some parts that I shouldn’t have laughed a...
  • Kathy Rouchelle
    What a wonderful little read. I loved this book so much, even when I wanted to hurt A wonderful storyline that would have you smiling one minute, then frowning the next. There are even a few giggle worthy moments tucked between the pages, but it is the story of the football player and his sister's best friend that wins the game. What do you do when you are the last single girl amongst all of your sorority sisters and you are invited...
  • Jen
    Anywhere With You was an amazingly good beach read. It's a sweet and sexy novella about falling in love with your best friend's brother. And who of us haven't had a crush on a friend's brother before? I know I have. It never went anywhere but alas, it happened. Teagen was the last girl to get hitched in her sorority. Tired of the pitying looks and cleverly hidden insults, she hatches a plan to have a plus one at the latest wedding. She's sweet, s...
  • Laura Reading
    It is tough being the last of your circle of friends to find your happily-ever-after. After attending SIX weddings without a date, Teegen was considering hiring someone to go with her. This was a destination wedding, everyone staying at the same hotel for DAYS and being coupled up.The bride-to-be happened to be the ex-live-in-girlfriend of Teegen's best friend's brother. She dumped him when an injury abruptly ended his football career. Nothing li...
  • Kay Daniels (Kay Daniels Romance)
    Teegan Michaels was tired of being the single girl at weddings and with the last Delta Gamma sister headed to the alter it appeared that Teegan was about to make another wedding appearance dateless once again. So when she was approached by Wes Stevenson to take as her plus one so she wouldn't have go alone, Teegan wasn't sure what to do. Not only was Wes her bestfriends brother, he plays defense in the NFL so it wasn't like his profile was lowkey...
  • Naomi Connor
    ***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog*** This was a quick, Sexy, Fun read.Teegan is yet to find her man she will settle down with and with another of her sorority sisters getting married it looked like she would be going alone once again...hat is until Wes steps in and propositions her.Wes is no stranger to Teegan, he is Her best friend Misty's brother and he is also no stranger to the bride to be.Wes had...
  • Rubi
    Teegan is the last of her sorority sisters go get married and for the last six weddings has gone dateless. She is tired of being pitied. Here comes Wes, Teegan's best friend and sorority sister's big brother. Wes dated the bride until an injury stopped his NFL football career and she ran for the hills while he was still injured. Wes comes to Teegan and asks her to take him with her to the destination wedding in Mexico. She hesitantly accepts. The...
  • Susan Trewick
    This was a quick, sweet, friends to lovers read. The story follows Teegan and Wes, sick of going to her sorority sisters weddings dateless, so what’s a girl to do? Luckily for Teegan fate lends a helping hand in the shape of Wes, her best friends brother. Wes is still reeling after being dumped by bride at his lowest point so wants revenge. What happens when what your looking for is suddenly right in front of you? You will have to read to find ...
  • Amanda Gillespie Shock N Awe Book Blog
    Anywhere With You was a cute and easy to read novella. It is the first I have read from Christina but won’t be the last. The story follows Teegan, the last single girl in a crowd of sorority sisters and Wes, the bride's ex who is out for revenge. Teegan is the mousy quiet, shy girl who is sick of going to all her friends’ weddings alone but has never found that special someone. Wes is Teegan’s best friends brother and, you guessed it, Teega...
  • Barbara
    Simply Adored this book! The author has written a wonderful storyline that is funny and heartwarming and will simply make you feel good. The characters are well developed and will feel more like family that just characters in a book.Teegan is going to “another” college sorority sisters wedding, and just like the prior “six”, she’s going alone. Sick of being the long sister with no date she jumps at the chance to go with her college crus...
  • April Symes
    This is a short yet sweet novella about 2 longtime friends finally seeing what has been in front of them pretty much the entire time. Teegan has to go to the seventh wedding of one of her sorority sisters. She would be going yet again alone and she doesn’t want to. Wes offers to be her date. Wes is her BFF’s brother and the girl getting married is Wes’s ex-girlfriend. Teegan decides she will drop her stag tradition and bring him with her as...
  • ♥️Fantasy Land Blog Book Reviewer♥️
    DNFI wanted to like this book. The blurb made it sound so wonderful. But once I started reading I was like WTH is this. Wes is a total weirdo. He gets dumped by the bride because he gets hurt (he is a football player) so he wants to use Teegan as a date to get into her wedding to say I am better than the man you are marrying? I mean how childish. And Teegan is not off the hook. She has a crush on Wes so she goes along with it. But she acts like a...
  • Samantha I Love HEA Romance Book Blog
    Anywhere With You was a really cute and quick story. It is the first from Christina for me but I really enjoyed reading it. The story follows Teegan who is sick of going to all her friends weddings alone, and Wes, the bride's ex who is out for revenge. Teegan is quite, she isn't as outgoing as the rest of her sorority sisters. I felt for her character. I could see a little bit of me in her. Wes is the complete opposite of Teegan. He is outgoing, ...
  • Gavinsmommaloves2read
    Awesome Rom comThis was my first read from Christina Elle! And definitely will not be my last! While I didn't love everything about it I still loved this story. Its a best friend older brother/ revenge/ friends to lovers/ secret crush troupe and I seriously love books that mash troupes together it's my thang! Tehran has been to six of her sorority sister weddings solo and she's tired of being that sad woman so she needs a date to her last sororit...
  • Tracy- OMGReads
    A quick read, Anywhere With You was a light story with a lot packed in. Teegan and Wes have known each other for years. When her sorority sister, and Wes' ex, gets married. Teegan decides to drop her stag tradition and bring him with her. A fake relationship creates unexpected sparks. The two are unsure what to make of that, as they are surrounded by so many friends in a tropical paradise. I loved as they navigated each other and the muddy water...
  • Marie Brown (Marie's Tempting Reads)
    Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:A quick sexy and oh so sweet novella that had me smiling good and wide. This is a bite sized story that had lots of fabulous moments with a sprinkling of giggle worthy ones thrown in the mix. It was sassy, sweet, cute and perfect for summer time or weddings coming around. I so enjoyed the way this book was written. The characters really sparked my interest and the plot fit beautifully. I could see myself quickly ...
  • Melissa
    One of my favorite things to read about is brides! Now it does not have to be about the bride herself. Teegan has to go to the seventh wedding of one of her sorority sisters. She just does not want to do it alone. Wes wants to go to make the bride see what she is missing since she walked out on him at the worst time. First book by this author. I can not wait to read something else from this author. I read this book in 1 setting. I finished at 2:3...
  • Alicia Harrietha
    I absolutely LOVED this story. Anywhere With You by Christina Elle blew this short novella out of the park!!! The story of how Teegan will do anything to not have to go to another sorority sisters wedding alone including take her best friends brother Wes who just happens to be the brides Ex. Not only is he an ex but he is a bitter ex and wants nothing but her to regret her decision. Together they try and make everyone believe they are in love but...
  • Myreadulterylife
    This novel does exactly what it says on the tin ‘enjoyed as a quick, easy beach read. It is a complete story, though slightly shorter in length than a traditional novel’. I thoroughly enjoyed this quick and easy read, light on the drama but filled with great characters and chemistryWithout giving too much off the storyline away, it is a great read about a plan between two friends who attend a wedding as a ‘pretend’ couple but later realis...
  • Tina Morgan
    This was my first read by Christina Elle and I really enjoyed it. Definitely will read more by her. It was a quick funny, endearing book. I loved how awkward and funny Teegan was but really felt bad she was always so down on herself. Wes kept going back and forth between a good guy and a bad guy. Like you understood where he was coming from but he kept making so many mistakes you just wanted to smack him upside his head. Even in the little sad pa...
  • Emily Goodman
    If you follow my reviews you should know by now that my kryptonite is a good friends to lovers romance. Christina Elle brings one of the best in this short little novella Anywhere With You. In Anywhere With You, Elle tells the story of two longtime friends who finally see the possibility of forever with each other it only takes one wedding to seal the deal. While this story was a little predictable, it really was spectacular from start to finish....
  • Cierra McCauley (Cierra's Corner)
    Anywhere with you was a sweet and funny romance. Teegan and Wes were too character's with their own agenda. She wanted a date, after having gone dateless to 6 previous weddings. He wanted revenge on the bride to be, after being left high and dry while injured. This situation was just trouble waiting to happen! filled with plenty of drama and sexual tension to keep you engaged! I enjoyed reading Anywhere with you, it was an easy read that left me ...