Robert B. Parker's Blood Feud by Mike Lupica

Robert B. Parker's Blood Feud

Robert B. Parker's iconic and irresistible PI Sunny Randall is back, and the stakes are higher than ever as she races to protect her ex-husband--and his Mafia family--from the vengeful plan of a mysterious rival.Sunny Randall is "on" again with Richie, the ex-husband she never stopped loving and never seemed to be able to let go, despite her discomfort with his Mafia connections. When Richie is shot and nearly killed, Sunny is dragged into the th...

Details Robert B. Parker's Blood Feud

TitleRobert B. Parker's Blood Feud
Release DateNov 27th, 2018
PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime

Reviews Robert B. Parker's Blood Feud

  • Tim
    First time I heard of author Mike Lupica was through ESPN sports network in the USA. On the program he was so obnoxious that he was dismissed the next day. Little difference between then and this story. 0 of 10 stars
  • Monnie
    Of all the main characters in the late Robert B. Parker's books - among them Spenser, Jesse Stone and Susan Silverman - I'd have to say Sunny Randall has been my least favorite (although I suspect that's mostly because I wasn't happy back when she had a fling with Jesse). After reading this one, though, I've moved her up several notches.I'll chalk that up to the writing skill of the author, who was chosen by the Parker estate to bring this charac...
  • Donna
    Private investigator Sunny Randall receives a call in the middle of the night to inform her that ex-husband Richie has been shot, although his injuries are not life threatening. Richie's father is a crime boss but Richie has never been a part of this way of life. Sunny is not about to let this attempt on Richie's life lie still. Although the crime bosses tell her to drop it, she refuses and calls in favors with the local cops and the other side o...
  • Heather
    DNFGreat job Mike Lupica for ruining a fun character and series! Again, a liberal mouthpiece infuses his disdain for Republicans and Trump into a non political PI series. Lazy lazy writing. All Republicans are white? Give me a break. The liberal elites in the USA mock or ignore black conservatives. And because someone is white, why does that mean to liberals that he/she is homogeneous, without diversity? I know white people with a variety of heri...
  • Chris Conley
    I am always surprised when a new author takes on one of Robert Parkers characters and retains the flavor and strength that Parker gave them. Sonny Randall felt like an old friend. Thanks I am always surprised when a new author takes on one of Robert Parker’s characters and retains the flavor and strength that Parker gave them. Sonny Randall felt like an old friend. Thanks
  • Ed
    #7 in the Sunny Randall series (#1 by author Mike Lupica after 6 by series originator Robert B. Parker). This debut entry by author Lupica is a curiosity, he has Parker's snappy dialogue and Boston environment down. Series fans will be pleased to see familiar characters, but here Lupica verges close to writing a pastiche - Sunny and gay pal Spike appear, of course, with ex-husband Richie Burke and his gangster family but so does psychiatrist Susa...
  • Stacy Bearse
    Mike Lupica stands in for Robert B. Parker to breathe new life into the late author's Sunny Randall character. BLOOD FEUD represents a slight departure from the terse prose that characterized Parker's work. Lupica is a bit more expansive in both plot and style. Still, this is a good yarn with strong characters against the gritty background of Boston's underworld.
  • npaw
    Was good to see some of my old friends again but just didnt have the feeling of the homecoming I had hoped it would be. Hoping it was just nerves from first one but it felt a little too like he was trying to hard and Parker made it all feel so effortless. Was good to see some of my old friends again but just didn’t have the feeling of the homecoming I had hoped it would be. Hoping it was just nerves from first one but it felt a little too lik...
  • Jackie Narkiewicz
    I hated this book. It was 300 pages of not much happening. I also couldn't keep all the characters straight. I usually love Robert Parker's characters/books, but this time not so much.
  • Hobart
    ★ ★ ★ 1/2 (rounded up)An expanded version of this originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader.--- Since we saw her last, Sunny has had to move, Richie (her ex-) has gotten another divorce (giving them the chance to date or whatever you want to call it) and has replaced her late dog, Rosie, with another Rosie. Other than that, things are basically where they were after the end of Spare Change 11 years ago (for us, anyway, I'm not sure ho...
  • Art
    Columnist Mike Lupica becomes the fourth author to take over one of Parker's character franchises (Spenser, Jesse Stone, Cole and Hitch, Sunny Randall). It just demonstrates how prolific -- and how good -- Parker was.Lupica's first take on Sunny Randall is a good one.The action, characters and dialog ring true. And it's a great beginning.But I must admit there were times I found this version sounding more like Spenser than Sunny Randall. Lupica a...
  • Teri Pre
    Reed Farrel Coleman did an excellent job of seamlessly taking over the Jesse Stone series. Mike Lupica didn't do the same with Sunny Randall. The wit fell flat, the story was boring and drawn out and while Sunny has always had somewhat of a "sailor's mouth", it was over and above this time. This will most likely be my last Sunny book.
  • Jeff Dickison
    An enjoyable return for Sunny as she investigates as to who has put out a hit on her former father-in-law. The only drawbacks: Spike is not believable, and her "on again, off again" romance with her former husband and current boyfriend. The action is good, the dialogue is taut and she has a new Rosie. Recommended to Sunny fans.
  • Ann
    I do like the Sunny Randall character. RB Parker's Sunny books always seemed lighter and with less substance than Jesse Stone books and that hasn't changed. Sunny is Sunny, she does her thing and not much else happens.
  • Mystery & Thriller
    One of the primary questions that has been asked since Robert B. Parkers sudden death in 2010 is whether or not someone would take up the reins of his Sunny Randall series. Sunny, a Boston private investigator with an interesting public and private life, appeared to have vanished into the ether. The question of succession has been answered with the publication of the wonderfully written BLOOD FEUD. The author of this extremely pleasant surprise i...
  • Roger
    Robert B Parker died in 2010. Mr. Parker was the creator of several memorable series characters, such as Spenser, Jesse Stone, Cole & Hitch, and Sunny Randall, who last appeared in 2007's Spare Change. Unlike Parker's other series characters, her adventures were never continued. Now, after an absence of nearly a decade, Mike Lupica (and presumably the Parker estate) decided to revisit Sunny Randall. The result is Blood Feud, which I am rating at ...
  • John
    Mike Lupica does a good job of bringing back Robert B. Parkers Sunny Randall. She a bit older than the last time we seen her (who isnt!) and still conflicted over her relationship with ex-husband Richie Burke, but just as determined as ever. Lupica always had a sardonic wit even as a sport writer and it works well for him here. Looking forward to more books in this series. Mike Lupica does a good job of bringing back Robert B. Parker’s Sunny ...
  • Maureen FitzPatrick
    Great continuation of Robert Parkers series starring Sunny Randall. Mike Lupica did a nice job getting Parkers nuances down. Great continuation of Robert Parker’s series starring Sunny Randall. Mike Lupica did a nice job getting Parker’s nuances down.
  • Jerry B
    Robert B. Parkers Estate has presumably continued to make a fortune off extensions to the original popular multiple series of that great author. In addition to the 39-book Spenser series, there are 8 extensions by author Ace Atkins; to the 9-book Jesse Stone series, 3 extensions by author Michael Brandman, and 6 more by author Reed Farrell Coleman; and now we have as addition to the shorter 6-book Sunny Randall set, this first extension, Blood Fe...
  • Judy
    It's Sunny, Spike and much ado, as usual, about Rosie the bulldog, the second! Someone is literally taking potshots at Richie's mob family, and he was first up, but just wounded. Others in the Burke family - plus the family goon - don't fare so well and are dead. Sunny, who is on-again, off-again with Richie, visits all the gangsters in town, one by one, including Ty Bop and Vinnie Morris, the sharp shooter. Cops Frank Belson and now-retired Mart...
  • Scott
    I have been reading Robert B. Parkers Spenser mystery series since the 1980s when my English professor introduced the first book in the series The Godwulf Manuscript to me and invited me to write a paper comparing and contrasting Spenser with some classic character that I can no longer remember. However, Spenser I never forgot. I grew to love him over the years and looked forward every spring to a new outing with my private investigator hero. The...
  • Bookstash
    Spoiler NotesRobert B. Parker's Blood Feud (11/18) by Mike Lupica[Sunny Randall - 7] (D+ Implied Sex) [9-04-19] Library -- Audible: Kate Burton, OkayTags: Divorced Couple - Second ChancesDog: Rosie (not the original Rosie)Sins of the Father - RevengeLook-A-Like BrothersOrganized Crime - Mafia - Irish MafiaGun Trafficking - Murder1st Person POV - FemaleToo Much ProfanityToo Much Political ShadingToo Many CharactersSunny Randall, Private Investigat...
  • Michael O'Leary
    When my favorite author, Robert B. Parker died unexpectedly in January 2010 I was devastated. He was a great mystery/detective writer with several viable series in the genre. After his death the owners of his estate decided, together with Parker's publishers, to continue his series: Jesse Stone, Spenser, and Virgil Cole & Everett Hitch. The Jesse Stone series has been continued, through 2016 with six novels, one a year, the first three by Parker'...
  • 3 no 7
    Blood Feud by Mike Lupica reintroduces readers to Sunny Randall, Robert B. Parkers PI last seen in Spare Change. A few things have changed; she moved; she got a new dog, and she is a little older. Do I look as if Im getting older?This is some kind of trap, he said. Im being serious, I said. The UPS kid maamed me the other day. However, most things remain the same.I assume you shot him, Spike said.No, I said. But I thought about it. In a first pe...
  • Will G
    When Robert B. Parker died in 2010, his estate placed the responsibility for three of his long running series in the hand of new authors with mixed results. As a fan of Spencer, Jesse Stone and Sunny Randall (never was much for westerns, so I did not follow his Virgil Cole series), I tried all of them. Ace Atkins started Spencer a little rocky but has settled in, I would say just okay... Jesse Stone has had the hardest time with two different aut...
  • Gerri
    Almost a 3 but not quite. Based on previous Parker books this is a difficult book for me to rate or review. Didnt dislike it but sure was not overly impressed with the writing. Although the story was extremely predictable I somewhat enjoyed the book. Was disappointed in the lack of growth in some of the charters since the last installment; especially Sunny. I did not enjoy or appreciate Lupica injecting his political views into the story line. Wh...
  • Joe
    The estate of the late Robert B. Parker has commissioned talented authors to continue his Spenser, Jesse Stone, Virgil Cole & Everett Hitch, and Sunny Randall series. After being dormant since 2007, Sunny Randall is back with Mike Lupica at the helm. Like the other authors continuing Parker's work, Lupica's main weakness is that he is no Robert B. Parker. In Blood Feud, Lupica captures Sunny's character and dialog, but the storyline is a lacklust...
  • Don Gorman
    (3). Another reincarnation of a Robert B. Parker franchise, how interesting. And even more so, as it turns out that Mike Lupica was a friend of Parker's. Better yet for us readers, Lupica has Parker's style down, with just a little more interpretation and feel to make it his own. This is not quite as strong as the work that Atkins has done with Spenser or Reed Farrel Coleman has done with Jesse Stone, but Sunny Randall is not the character that e...
  • LInda L
    Sunny Randall was always one of my favorites of the Robt. B. Parker books -- I was sorry there were only 6 books with her as the heroine. In my opinion, Lupica has done a great job with her, and I hope he continues. There were so many great characters in the book -- besides Sunny -- the main one being Spike. Someone commented that everyone should have a Spike in their life, and I agree. He was just wonderful. Also, I had forgotten about Sunny's l...
  • Robert Greenberger
    I swore I would not read any of the Robert B. Parker series after his death. However, the three lastest pastiches arrived for Scribe Award judging. I had to put my personal feelings aside to read this and I was curious to see Lupica's adult prose style.He certainly nails Parker's style, his characters, and dialogue. The plot's inventive and stays true to the mythos.But it all felt like warmed over Parker. There's the same cast of characters, same...