Lessons by Gisele Bündchen


Gisele Bündchen's journey began in southern Brazil, where she grew up sharing a bedroom with her five sisters and bullied by her classmates. At the age of 14, fate intervened suddenly in Sao Paolo in the form of a modeling scout. Four years later, Gisele's appearance in Alexander McQueen's runway show in London launched her spectacular career as a fashion model, while also putting an end to the "heroin chic" era in fashion. Since then, Gisele ha...

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Release DateOct 2nd, 2018
GenreBiography, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography Memoir

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  • Gina *loves sunshine*
    I enjoyed this book, I related to this book, I learned from this book and I think it's a great tool for women!!!! Especially.....young women and young moms that need some guidance on old school life! And there are soooooo many women who weren't taught the value of the simple things in life. That don't know how great it is to sit down and enjoy a meal every night with your kids....you don't realize the life lessons and personal benefits for every ...
  • Pam Gonçalves
  • Alona Fil
    At the end of the book I felt full of love and inspired. I found this book quite honest and tricky at the same time; so open and somehow closed; so practical and hard to adapt if you don't have additional help.Overall, it is just lessons that Gisele had throughout her life that helped, guided her to where and who she is now. This is her story. And she is not saying follow me, she says - build your own life the way you want it to be, step by step....
  • Nsikan Akpan
    Gisele has been my favorite supermodel since I was fifteen (I’m twenty-three now). For eight whole years I compared myself to her, and I always fell short. God tried to remind me: “I made you to be your own person. I have a unique story just for you.” I didn’t listen to Him. To some, this book may just be a cool thing that a supermodel did, but for me, Gisele’s words were the key to freedom from wanting so bad to be her. I’m not white...
  • Jillian Leah
    2.5 Stars:Ho-hum! I was really excited to read her book, but found it came up short. It was written very conversationally, but a lot of it felt like bragging and boasting. She does not acknowledge her privilege - from being a fair-skinned Brazilian to having the time to pursue all of the personal development imaginable. I liked reading about her connection to family values and some of her day-to-day rituals. I had a huge problem with how she dism...
  • Sheri Hooton
    I would give this book probably a 3.7 or 3.8.There was a lot of good stuff in here. From the ways Gisele's upbringing has shaped her and how she overcame some of her toughest struggles. I really appreciated all of that. I will say something that bothered me though, and if you don't identify as Christian then you probably won't care... but she talks about her Catholic upbringing and how one day she asked one of her teachers, how could the bible sa...
  • Yoric
    Simplicity is what comes to mind when reading this book.We may be surprised how much importance a model gave to "discipline" in her life.Her philosophy of life is nice to read, as it is more about being responsible, taking action, being positive, thankful...Then we realize her "success" in modeling was not by chance. But by attitude, as other successful people usually state.Her 4 steps to success: Clarity, focus, dedication, humility.She did writ...
  • Carolina Magalhaes
    I was drawn to this book because I read an article about it and I thought it was very brave of Gisele to talk about having panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. Most people go through tough times and it is really important to take the “bad” (wrong) idea people have from mental diseases (that happen, like the physical ones; and if addressed properly can be healed, like the physical ones).The whole book is a brave and loving statement of someone...
  • Vanessa
    Que mulher maravilhosa! Sem dúvida, é muito inspirador ler esse livro e conhecer um pouco mais do lado pessoal da Gisele. Mesmo depois de tantas vitórias e sucesso, ela continua sendo a mesma pessoa simples de sempre. Adorei saber das histórias da infância dela, ver o carinho que tem pela família e pelo nosso país. As fotos que ela compartilha desses momentos são a coisa mais linda! Se alguém acha que vai encontrar imagens de catálogos ...
  • Katerina Galkina
    I read an advanced reading copy of this book, and while it's not the best book I read by a famous public figure, I did enjoy reading about some of her tips and tricks regarding self care and meditation. I still think that the book was in many ways redundant and repetitive. Prior to reading this book, I didn't know much if anything about Gisele Bündchen, besides the fact she was and still is a very hyped-up super model.
  • Chloe Crew
    Reading about her life was interesting for the first half of the book. I did enjoy reading about her modeling, family and was quite inspiring how she dealt with her anxiety. However, towards the second half of the book I wasn't so drawn and struggled to finish it. Some of her points were good but at times it seemed naive. She's had a great life with lots of experiences and is a hard working woman.
  • Nancy Safar
    Surprisingly a good readThis book was informative, back to basics, thoughtful and grounding, Gisele has her feet planted firmly in the ground and is an inspiration for all of us, notably women of all ages.
  • Amy
    I've always liked Gisele because she's pretty, she loves the environment, and she dated Leonardo diCaprio in his prime. She was a celebrity before social media made celebrity more accessible, and reading this book made me really think about the mystique of supermodels (which, in my opinion, don't really exist anymore.) I love reading and watching shows about the fashion industry. It fascinates me. Gisele doesn't really reveal anything about the i...
  • Christina
    I love Gisele and still love Gisele... but her book was a reminder how imperfect us mere mortals are compared to her supermodel, superhuman, celebrity status. It also came off to me as very preachy - as though where she is, IS exactly where we want to end up. I mean she DOES have the ideal life, so I get it, but it completely missed the mark in terms of us experiencing her grit and struggle, all which was necessary to achieve this enlightened sta...
  • Sarah
    I have never really paid attention to Gisele, or Tom Brady, but I ended up watching the 73 questions from Vogue and she seemed like a pretty decent person. (I was mostly amazed by their Boston home.) It's hard not to sigh at her current zen state of family and work, but she has earned every penny of it. Living on her own and working 350 days a year starting at age 14? Oh my. She is inspirational, and maybe tomorrow I will make better decisions. (...
  • Miranda Head
    I love this book. I will probably try to read it again in 5 years because it’s one of those books that can affect you at every stage of life. She has a keen awareness about herself, society, and the earth and she tries to impress upon the reader the importance of knowing how to be aware of all things in our lives. Thankful for such a successful woman to share her story. I learned a lot.
  • Gabriella
    maybe this is a biased opinion because i've always admired this woman, but this was a great read. some of the things she said really touched me and it felt like something i needed to hear.
  • Leticia
    Mega leve de ler e tão autêntico e simpático como eu acho a autora 😉
  • Isabella
    3.5 para ser más justa.
  • Hagege
    Amazing book. I really love all the lessons of this book. I recommend it!
  • Kayo
    Author seems well grounded, despite the wealth and notoriety. Interesting book.
  • Devon
    Reading this book was like recharging my battery. I love the positive message and life affirming lessons that Gisele shares in an incredibly honest, straightforward way. This is not a book about modeling, but about an intelligent woman who has achieved great success, and the many important lessons she has learned along the way. There are many insights into her life that I think will change mine for the better. Most importantly, she shares how she...
  • Tafny Lais
    O livro é muito atraente, gostei da leitura rápida e leve. No início, se vc tiver uma auto estima baixa kkk vc se sente um pouco mal pq ela, além de ser a TOP model, também faz mil coisas (inclusive pilotar helicoptero). Mas no final (também no decorrer do livro) ela da varias dicas de como vc viver melhor e priorizar as coisas na vida. Recomendo :)
  • Guilherme Yoshioka
    Ao se despir e revelar o seu verdadeiro eu, Gisele deixa as portas abertas para, ao menos, espiarmos tua trajetória de um viés mais pessoal. Certamente ‘Aprendizados’ traz muitas reflexão e muitas proposições legais. Com uma escrita leve, fluída e inspiradora, o livro emociona e nos faz ir ao encontro do nosso eu.
  • Sandy Larivee
    I throughly enjoyed the book. Her interpretation and experiences in life were interesting and thought provoking. A different kind of biography that gave you insight into her life past and present as well as a refreshing outlook on life. I came away inspired by her suggestions and viewpoints.
  • Traci Bild
    I was surprised by how good this book was, I really enjoyed it and it was full of practical information that is incredibly useful!
  • Megan Rich
    Couldn’t get past the fact that she cured her panic attacks in a matter of months. Could not relate.
  • Kassandra Reinhardt
    Some good stuff in there but overall a bit bland..
  • Jessica
    You MUST read this book. Seriously it’s great
  • Katrina Sark
    1 – It All Starts with Disciplinep.26 – Humility allows you to grow from your mistakes, to know that everyone and every experience can teach you something. In my experience, it opens the doors to a bigger, more meaningful life. p.28 – I wake up every morning anywhere between five am and six am to the “ocean” sound on my phone, which sits on my bedside table in airplane mode. It’s a soothing way to begin my day. The sound of the water ...