Beyoncé in Formation by Omise'eke Natasha Tinsley

Beyoncé in Formation

Making headlines when it was launched in 2015, Omise'eke Natasha Tinsley's undergraduate course "Beyoncé Feminism, Rihanna Womanism" has inspired students from all walks of life. In Beyoncé in Formation, Tinsley now takes her rich observations beyond the classroom, using the blockbuster album and video Lemonade as a soundtrack for vital next-millennium narratives.Woven with candid observations about her life as a feminist scholar of African stu...

Details Beyoncé in Formation

TitleBeyoncé in Formation
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
PublisherUniversity of Texas Press
GenreFeminism, Nonfiction, Writing, Essays, Race

Reviews Beyoncé in Formation

  • Scarlett
    This is a seriously misleading title and I wish this book was just a half of what I needed it to be and what it promised. Omise'eke Natasha Tinsley decided that it was a good idea to ride the wave and hide her thesis under a famous name of Beyonce and lure people into her queer propaganda. In no way I am saying that I have something against LGBT community and I root for good writers to dedicate time to write quality books that explore those subje...
  • Zoe's Human
    Omise'eke Tinsley speaks of this book as being akin to a mixed taped, and she couldn't be closer to the truth. Beyonce in Formation is a fantastic blending of black queer femme feminist thought, personal anecdote, and adoring celebration of Queen Bey.If you haven't seen Lemonade yet, you should most certainly treat yourself to enjoying it before reading this.** For one thing, Mrs. Carter is a master of her art. She does with the music video what ...
  • Hanna
    For all things black, queer, and femme found in the epic production that is Lemonade, look no further! Part memoir, part critical analysis of what Tinsley argues is the "most widely distributed black feminist text of the current moment." Tinsley breaks it down by focusing on a handful of key parts of Lemonade (lucky for me, she touched on my exact favorite songs from the album). This was another book that I found myself spending a lot of time hig...
  • Avigail
    I absolutely loved this book. If you are considering reading it, do not be deterred by the criticisms left by other reviewers that because this is memoir a) it's not actually about Beyonce, and b) it can't be academic. (In addition to their critiques being queer/trans-phobic and peak white fragility, it completely misses that the memoiristic format is the book's greatest strength.) This book weaves the personal experience of being a femme, black,...
  • Kerry Weinstein
    A smart and thoughtful discussion of the femme-inism presented by Beyoncé in her landmark project Lemonade. A must read for those interested in feminism and pop culture.
  • Alex
    I appreciated the way this was written and the detailed account of the Lemonade experience. I have never looked into an album this was and it was very intriguing to weave it into the real concerns of today's black woman. Omise'eke's accounts and perspectives were uplifting to say the least. Great read.
  • Jordan
    I completely DEVOURED this book, I didn't want to put it down! Umise'eke Tinsley adapted the class she teaches at the University of Texas at Austin into this book, and it's fascinating. Treating Lemonade as a feminist text, she analyzes the visual album's commentary on the experience of being a black woman, wife, and mother in the South, through a queer femme lense. As a black femme mother living in Texas, Tinsley includes many of her own experie...
  • Jay Gabler
    Definitely expanded my appreciation of Lemonade and helped me see the album's many layers. I reviewed Beyoncé in Formation for The Current.
  • Megan
    So good!
  • Sierra
    3.5. Interesting read that I'll definitely have to come back to after repeatedly watching Lemonade again.
  • Anna
    Fascinating. I gotta watch Lemonade again now that I know how many layers of meaning are in it.