Acid For The Children by Flea

Acid For The Children

The iconic bassist and co-founder of the Red Hot Chili Peppers tells his fascinating origin story, complete with all the dizzying highs and the gutter lows you'd want from an LA street rat turned world famous rock star.Michael Peter Balzary was born in Melbourne, Australia, on October 16, 1962. His more famous stage name, Flea, and his wild ride as the renowned bass player for the Red Hot Chili Peppers was in a far and distant future. Little Mich...

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TitleAcid For The Children
Release DateNov 5th, 2019
PublisherHeadline Publishing Group
GenreMusic, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography, Audiobook

Reviews Acid For The Children

  • britt_brooke
    Flea refers to this as his origin story. It begins with his parents and ends just before RHCP. Unsurprisingly, hes a gifted story teller. And this is a must on audio! His narration is fantastic and quirky. Flea is way more than a genital sock donning bass player, hes a massive reader, devout Vonnegut fan, and a quality human. I wish to be his friend. I sincerely hope he writes a follow up. Flea refers to this as his origin story. It begins wit...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    I am a Chili Peppers fan, and Flea has always been an intriguing person, so when I learned he was writing an autobiography, I definitely wanted to read it! Fleas life begins differently than you would expect: calm and typical, until his parents split. Its then that his moms new boyfriend exposes him to music, musicians, and a bohemian lifestyle, which inspires him to get into music, too. Acid for the Children is a wild ride. Theres coming-of-age,...
  • The Nerd Daily
    Originally published on The Nerd Daily | Review by Beth MowbrayMichael Balzary. You probably know him as Flea, bassist and co-founder of the iconic band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Observing him in the public eye, playing intensely energetic rock shows for over three and a half decades, one may think Flea is just your typical rock star an over-the-top persona. However, after reading his memoir, it is clear this would be a monumental misrepresentation...
  • Kristina
    This book is yikes city. Flea waxes poetically about all kinds of vibing with the sound, connecting with the Earth etc since he was a kid, but in a very first grader who is enlightened vocabulary. Isnt this man sixtyish by now? Some of the book Ive found to be endearing, but most of it is unfortunately pure gibberish - and I say this as someone who loves him and the RHCP.He is an inconsistent writer, finishing chapters and stories in weird sudden...
  • Derek Hoeksema
    It felt like he was holding me down and forcing me to listen to something that he thought was profound.
  • Nick Craske
    As open, honest and expressive as his musicianship, Flea evokes the euphoric chaos of discovering music; exploring drugs and growing up fast in LA. Psychedelic, Punk'n'funkadelic. Flea channels Vonnegut and Bukowski, Byron and Eliot in his writing and writes about his youth up to the moment he steps on stage and first plays with Anthony Kiedis.
  • Ben Leiter
    What Is It: Considering he's been naked on magazine covers and played concerts while wearing nothing but a sock on his junk, exposure is not something Flea fears. However, his new memoir Acid for the Children is less about the Red Hot Chili Pepper's bassist getting physically naked (although he does that a few times in the book) and more about him getting emotionally naked. Michael Peter Balzary was born in Australia to a strict father and a bohe...
  • Seth
    [I got an ARC via a goodreads giveaway] This definitely was not what I was expecting from a rock n roll hall of famer. It is an unusually self-aware, non-self serving autobiography. Instead of regaling you with romanticized stories of sex, drugs, and alcohol Flea lets you into his mind as he dealt with his very dysfunctional family (severe emotional neglect among other issues) from when he ran the streets as a child to using hard drugs to show wh...
  • Bon Tom
    Simply the best rocker biography I've ever read.The right way to ingest this is audio form, read by man himself.Reading in any other form, you're cutting yourself short.His warm, involved, emotional voice carries as much information as words themselves.Yes, he jumps a little around, chronologically, just as he does physically on stage, but I guess it's just the way he is. He seems to be spur of the moment type of guy and it just comes with the te...
  • lunacat37
    I truly enjoyed this book so much. Flea is a natural at writing and his words are poetic and raw. I love the insight this book gave me into one of my favorite musicians! This book was a fun trip down memory lane into the 1970s LA street scene. Even if youre not a huge RHCP fan, I think youll enjoy this book. I truly enjoyed this book so much. Flea is a natural at writing and his words are poetic and raw. I love the insight this book gave me int...
  • Beth M.
    I have to admit, I knew very little about Flea - bassist for the iconic band Red Hot Chili Peppers - before reading this book. Of course I grew up listening to their music. I remember skating around outside, free as a bird, to the tune of Aeroplane. Driving around in my first car with the Californication album blaring. And perhaps a performance or two with the guys wearing some strategically placed socks. 😝 But I knew nothing about his life st...
  • Petergiaquinta
    Long after Im dead, no doubt, someone will erect a statue of Flea in West Hollywood. Hell be slapping that bass in mid-flight, wild-eyed, legs spread, his pants half-way down his ass, and with such a look of joy on his face that it will become a place of pilgrimage for young and old alike.Even those benighted folks who have never even heard of the Red Hot Chili Peppers will visit this shrine to be inspired and blessed by the radiant transcendence...
  • Michele Gardiner
    I whipped right through this. Michael Balzary (Flea) is a former client in my audio business, so I knew he had a love of esoteric jazz, and that he is a deep, thoughtful man. Here are some of my thoughts about his book:1) Flea's chapters are short and to the point. It's a format I enjoy. Don't tell me ever freaking boring thing. What mattered? What's compelling?2) Interesting, we both had major life-changing experiences in the late '60s. He refer...
  • Cam
    Love Red Hot Chili Peppers ..... I enjoyed Fleas story from childhood to adulthood..... I must say Im surprised he made it to adulthood with all the drugs he pumped into his system. Love Red Hot Chili Peppers ..... I enjoyed Flea’s story from childhood to adulthood..... I must say I’m surprised he made it to adulthood with all the drugs he pumped into his system.
  • Renee
    Never have a read a memoir before where the spirit and sheer truism of the author bubbles up to the surface. Did it help that I've been a mega RHCP fan for decades? Probably, but it doesn't take away from the introspective beauty of this novel.Acid for the Children was not written "with" someone, these are Flea's words-excitable, jazzy, regretful, disarming, and writhing away in his biological bass zone. I loved that the prose were as off-centere...
  • Armand Rosamilia
    Spoiler alert: this dude smoked a lot of weed. His insights into life are intriguing, odd, oftentimes confusing, but definitely entertaining. If you're a huge RHCP fan but only looking for insight into the band itself, this will disappoint. It takes you from his earliest memories right up until the RHCP idea is formed.
  • E
    Flea's personality/soul/whatever - 5 starsInteresting sad childhood - 5 starsHorrifying drug use - You betchaActual writing - 3 starsPhotos at the back - 5 starsNumber of times Flea probably should have died - Several hundredMy anticipation for a future installment - 4 starsWould recommend.
  • Erin
    Poetic, hilarious, unexpectedly wholesome at times. I hope he writes more books, in general, as his particular turn of phrase is hard to put down. Brilliant.
  • Amanda
    Five surprising stars!I just finished reading this book (Acid For The Children) when I should have been doing a thousand other things. It turns out Flea is a most unexpectedly engaging writer. Truly eloquent, yet profane. Sharp, intelligent and insightful, while also having done many terribly (admittedly) stupid things. Just as Flea writes about his relationship with Anthony Kiedis, "Our friendship is complicated and many layered.. the blatant in...
  • Jo
    Acid for the Children: A Memoir by FleaFlea is the bassist and co-founder of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and this is his origin story.Who knew that Mike Balzary known world wide as Flea, would be such a brilliant writer, he's open, honest and sometimes poetic, he's a deep and thoughtful man who is not afraid to own his own truth.Hes a wild and crazy guy, but with a very kind heart to rival those other traits. Stories of drug-fueled debauchery are t...
  • Georgette
    Not at all what I expected, which is why it's brilliant. Flea gives you all of his best, and what a funky fresh reveal it is. Seriously enjoyed.
  • MCZ Reads
    2.5 starsFleas memoir of his childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood is anything but conventional. After all, you dont do a ton of drugs and become the bassist of a renowned rock band by following tradition. But this unconventional approach, and a general lack of focus, derails this book from reaching its full potential.Acid for the Children attempts to recount Fleas development from a young child in a seemingly mild, conservative family into...
  • Pól
    Incredibly entertaining and imbued with the manic energy of the author, a gripping and fast-paced read from the outset. Flea flits through the landmark experiences of his life, pausing only to dwell on the lessons he learned and the vital connections he made from the event. His love of eclectic music, the influences that drove a very young musician to formulate a canon of great work, are particularly vivid and leap off the page. Overall a very en...
  • Laura
    3.5 As a kid who spent the 1990s in high school and university, Red Hot Chili Peppers were a huge part of my soundtrack. Flea is open and honest about his formative years, the good, the bad and the ugly. He lived to tell it all and came through it with wisdom and insight. A must read for any Chili Peppers fan.PS: I highly recommend the audiobook read by Mr. Balzary himself. Flea is a fantastic narrator!
  • Joseph
    Ive read a lot of musical memoirs, this one actually felt personal. It felt like Flea wrote it. Thats why Im giving it 5 stars. Lot of interesting things but nothing exciting. But I loved the layout of the book. I’ve read a lot of musical memoirs, this one actually felt personal. It felt like Flea wrote it. That’s why I’m giving it 5 stars. Lot of interesting things but nothing exciting. But I loved the layout of the book.
  • Jim Cabaj
    When Flea, puts out a book titled Acid For The Children, it got my attention right away. I really didn't know anything about the entertainer other then I enjoyed the movies he was in and love Red Hot Chilli Pepper music. I was in for treat as I kicked back to read about the young man Michael Bazlzary and his evolution into being Flea. First this is no standard autobiography, this is an adventure ride into Flea's youth.I was captured by his tales ...
  • Jennifer Walkup
    A chaotic and tender journey of vulnerability, this book is beautifully real, honest, and self-depreciating at times. Reading this is akin to seeing Flea on stage - frenetic energy, alive with originality and the pulse of his creativity. He is unabashedly and introspectively himself in this memoir. There were moments I had to step back from reading, to stop, absorb, and sit with some of his philosophical insights, and other times I was reeling fr...
  • Jason
    Sweet, tender, open. A study in how sadness informs joy and the other way around. A portrait of an artistically restless and deep searcher in the LA of the 1970's and '80s. There's a lot of forgiveness and warmth in these pagesone needn't be a Chili Peppers fan to enjoy. Bonus: Flea's Albums I Listen to Again and Again and Again (part one: and part two: are really ...
  • David Wilson
    Not the biggest RHCP fan but this book really touched me. A great and gritty origin story. The audio book is a must!!
  • Jessica Deodene
    Man, I love Flea. This book was very poetic and Flea is super insightful.