The Real Frank Zappa Book by Frank Zappa

The Real Frank Zappa Book

The legendary Frank Zappa, one of the most influential, innovative and controversial musical artists for the past 20 years, takes us on a wild, funny trip through his life and times. Along the way, Zappa offers his inimitable views on many things such as art, politics and beer.

Details The Real Frank Zappa Book

TitleThe Real Frank Zappa Book
Release DateAug 3rd, 1990
PublisherPicador USA
GenreMusic, Biography, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews The Real Frank Zappa Book

  • Michael Finocchiaro
    The first third of this book is really Zappa talking in a tongue in cheek manner about his career. Unfortunately, the second two thirds is more or less ranting about people he didn't like, his politics in the 80s (which I mostly agreed with but that is NOT why I wanted to read this book) and we do not learn much about the evolution of the band over time, why he made certain musical choices, about the riotous concert in Italy, about the MTV Hallow...
  • Robin
    I greatly enjoyed the first part of this book. Zappa’s humorous look at his early years and musical experiences is entertaining and somewhat informative. As the book progresses, though, it becomes more of a series of rants against his various critics and pet peeves. Several of Zappa’s associates have noted that this account is largely fictionalized, tending to reflect Zappa as a more just and generous character than he actually was. I recomme...
  • Katie
    Whether you like Frank Zappa's music or not (of course you do), I can't recommend this book is Hilarious (note the capital "H")...he had a terrific perspective on the world, and the most perfect sense of humor. I want to read it again just thinking about it.
  • East Bay J
    I started paging through The Real Frank Zappa Book in an effort to generate band name ideas and ended up reading the entire thing cover to cover. I attribute this to three things; Zappa had an interesting life, he had interesting things to say and he was able to talk about things in an interesting manner.TRFZB is part autobiography and part philosophical exploration, the exploration being of Zappa’s mind in the form of theories, beliefs and ide...
  • HeavyReader
    I read this book so long ago.It belonged to my boyfriend at the time, Michael Schneider. We were on a road trip from New Orleans to Milwaukee, where he grew up. We were going to visit his family. I was meeting his family for the first time. We had car trouble and ended up getting stuck in Effingham, Illinois. I read this book while we waited for car repairs. It was hilarious and I laughed out loud a lot. It saved my sanity.Here's the poem i wrote...
  • Corey
    Let me say right off that I love Frank Zappa. His albums, especially 'Freak Out' and 'We're Only in it For the Money,' were part of the soundtrack of my youth. They added their own secret herbs to the olio of my musical personality. But this book is a disappointment. It's got way, way too much about his appearance before Congress and his disdain for organized religion (though God knows I love zingers against politicians and Jerry Falwell--but jus...
  • L.
    started out great, seemed to be full of delightful anecdotes and stories, but in the meantime transformed into boring babbling about pretty much everything. i prefer different streams of consciousness.
  • გვანცა მეგუთნიშვილი
    პოლიტიკის მიმართ ოდნავი ინტერესი მაინც რომ მქონდეს იმ ერთ ვარსკვლავს არ ჩამოვაკლებდი ამ ოქრო კაცს
  • Michael
    This is a brilliant and very funny book. It has great insights into the current state of America, music, politics, televangelism, and much more. The biography of Zappa is only a small part of the book. The rest is devoted to his thought on various issues, and deserves reading. An excellent read!
  • Josh
    Very important in my teenage years. Introduced me to a lot of important ideas, none so important as the John Cage bit: "If John Cage, for instance, says 'I'm putting a contact microphone on my throat, and I'm going to drink carrot juice, and that's my composition,' then his gurgling qualifies as his composition because he put a frame around it and said so. 'Take it or leave it, I now will this to be music.' After that, it's a matter of taste."
  • Barnaby Hazen
    Hilarious, down to earth. He's as much a movement as a composer. I didn't love all his musical work, didn't even love half of it but his revolutionary irreverence holds an importance to me I can't overstate.
  • Zek
    מעט מאד מוזיקאים יכולים להתגאות בגוף עבודות כה גדול ומגוון כמו פראנק זאפה. מעט יותר מוזיקאים , ובמיוחד מוזיקאי רוק, זכו לתואר "גאון" עוד בחייהם. פראנק זאפה היה כזה ועוד יותר מכך: הוא היה גם סופר, מחזאי, יצר כ- 10 סרטים, איש משפחה שמרן (מפתיע עד כמה..), סאטי...
  • tiger lily
    I bought this because I wanted to read whatever Frank Zappa wanted to write a book about. Only, he didn't want to write a book. In fact, the very first sentence reads "I don't want to write a book, but I'm going to do it anyway, because Peter Occhiogrosso is going to help me."This book is actually pretty damn cute, oddly enough. I had a little flick through when I first got it, and landed on a page with the title, centered and in bold: "My Fabulo...
  • Felix Zilich
    В 1988 году издатели из ныне покойного Poseidon Press уломали Фрэнку Заппу написать книгу собственных мемуаров. Получив в качестве литературного негра журналиста Питера Оккиогроссо, Заппа пустился по волнам собственной памяти и породил море качественн...
  • Wrightb
    This book was very interesting. The first half of the book is an autobiography of Zappa's life, while the second half of the book consists of short chapters explaining his political and musical beliefs. I found the first part of the book more than the second part, but I really enjoyed a few chapters in the second half.
  • Beka Adamashvili
    ფაქტობრივად ბლოგპოსტების კრებული უფროა, ვიდრე ავტობიოგრაფია. კარგი მსჯელობაა ბევრ საკითხზე - განსაკუთრებით რელიგიასა და ცენზურაზე.
  • Bradley
    Published four years before his death in 1993, this autobiography explores various facets of Zappa’s life including his childhood, career as one of the weirdest musicians in rock music, and censorship battles against Washington legislators. Gifted with the ability to create a clever turn of phrase, Zappa utilizes his own brand of humor to tell his side of the story.I am a huge fan of Zappa’s music. When I found out he had published a memoir, ...
  • Bruce
    Regarding my thoughts on Zappa and his excellent ouerve, see my review of Kelly Fisher Lowe's book.This autobiography/polemic makes for a zestier read, although the last 50-90 pages of it descend rapidly through stages of acerbic wit from critical observation to rant to diatribe to screed. (You know there's trouble any time a writer begins moving from italics to boldface to BOTH IN ALL CAPS WITH MULTIPLE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! ) I'm guessing that...
    When I discovered the music of Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention way back in 1970, I wasn't ready for it. W/in a few mnths I was all about it. I was 16 & this was, indeed, the music that got me really excited. It was experimental, it was rock'n'roll, it had some politics, it had some satire, it was complicated, it did the trick for me. I 1st heard the Mothers of Invention live when I skipped school on my graduation day to hitch-hike north of...
  • Nick
    Music is the best, and Zappa's music is among the best. What a shame then that most people know him for his reputation for being outspoken, for defending the right to swear on a record and for recording smutty lyrics. That was just the day job. Zappa wasn't interested in fashion, and so he was not that interested in getting airplay on the record-industry controlled airwaves. What comes across clearly in this conversation with Peter Occhiogrosso (...
  • Oscar
    In the real Frank Zappa Book, we get to hear from the man himself, about his career, music, politics, and variety of other subjects. This is probably not the best written book on all things Zappa, but what we get here is shades of the brand of humor and philosophical thought that is familiar to fans of Zappa. The book, which takes us from Zappa’s Maryland childhood to the present, that is, the ‘80’s in which the book was written, is basical...
  • Karl
    Not so much a book as a "conflicted document," perhaps. Zappa wasn't going to write an actual autobiography; nor did he necessarily have the patience to serve as a subject for a biographer (nor would his aims probably have consistently aligned with a proper biographer's). So this book has the curious characteristics of (a) often sounding like Zappa himself chit-chatting, (b) some actual biographical information (probably), (b1) some of that of ac...
  • Lisbeth Solberg
    Made my way about a third through this years ago; finally picked it up and started over. Finished! Now it's out of my "stack."Here's a quote:I suggest we learn how to take anything bad that happens to us and polarize it. Instead of being overwhelmed by a negative event, dodge to the side like those t'ai chi guys and let it whizz by your pants. Maybe it makes a little breeze--big deal. (Please, don't mistake this for optimism.)This is not a repres...
  • Stu Kesting
    No one can express Frank Zappa's view of the world better than himself, and he did so in such an interesting and hilarious way in this autobiography. Whether you're a fanatic or this is your introduction, it's hard to not enjoy the life story of Frank Zappa, from his birth in 1940 and the adventures through his life up until 1989. The fast paced, but detailed stories take you on a journey through the mind and body Frank as he goes through life wi...
  • Matthew
    Though the last 1/4 of the book is nothing but a long tirade against the PMRC (among other things), the preceding text more than makes up for it. Though there's a picture of his family, he gives very little information about his parents and nothing (not even names) for his siblings. However, you will get (in great detail): how he got into music, his love of Varese, how he met his wife, how he almost got in a fight with John Wayne, what he does fo...
  • catherine
    i like zappa, but im not one of those freak-fans that you find out there. i enjoyed this book, however, because it wasnt a zappa bio, but a collection of his thoughts on various topics. its a quick read, so anyone interested in music or the absurd can quickly check it out. the chapter on music was wonderful, and the one on the 1985 tipper gore pmrc bs is also quite interesting - reprinted are zappas officaily statements both to the us and MA govt...
  • Aaron
    An interesting book by and about Frank Zappa, telling some of the more interesting stories of his interesting life. I think his ideas on government (such as doing away with the income tax and generating government revenue from sales) were a little crazy. However, his music, his background, and his struggle against censorship are all in here and quite interesting. This book is a good and accessible read for anyone looking for a little more about t...
  • Stephen Hines
    Not only was Zappa an undisputed musical genius, he was a brilliant father, husband, inventor, and political analyst. By today's standards he'd probably be considered a Libertarian, but I would have voted for him any day of the week. He was a valiant warrior against censorship and for separation of church and state who suffered no bullshit from anyone.
  • Roland
    I wish this book went more into why studios took a risk on him, how he persuaded his band to switch from being a typical bar band into the strangest group of the 60s, and more of the history of his groups, but I can't complain too much. This is a fascinating, funny, and incredibly smart book from one of the most talented musicians of all time.