Block Shot (Hoops, #2) by Kennedy Ryan

Block Shot (Hoops, #2)

A STANDALONE second chance, enemies-to-lovers romance set in the cutthroat world of sports management.They're two sharks in a fish tank...JAREDIf I had a dollar for every time Banner Morales made my heart skip a beat...The heart everyone assumes is frozen over.Her anger is... arousing.Every glare from those fire-spitting eyes, every time she grits her teeth, gets me... well, you know.If I had a dollar for every time she's put me in my place, I'd ...

Details Block Shot (Hoops, #2)

TitleBlock Shot (Hoops, #2)
Release DateSep 10th, 2018
GenreRomance, Sports and Games, Sports, Contemporary

Reviews Block Shot (Hoops, #2)

  • Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews*
    Kennedy Ryan's writing is BEYOND amazing! This book is one of the most complete, entertaining, and engaging stories I've read this year! A 2018 Top Read!Jared and Banner's story will WOW readers! Although its the second in the Hoops series, it can easily be read as a standalone. Here's what I loved:The writing is superb! Like unbelievably crisp and beautiful. The characters are fleshed out and so real. I could totally be friends with Banner. She'...
  • Serena
    JARED IS THE FUCKING MAN!! AND BANNER? I want to be her best friend! This book is EVERYTHING. IT'S REAL. IT'S SEXY. IT'S HEART ACHINGLY GOOD. IT MAKES YOU THINK. IT MAKES YOU FEEL. IT MAKES YOU HURT. IT MAKES YOUR HEART CRASH, BURN AND EXPLODE. God, I couldn't get enough of Banner and Jared. I'll be back with a proper review when I can get my head and heart together over these two.
  • BellaorevBooks
    Block Shot is the second book in the Hoops Series. Three days ago I finished this SECOND CHANCE NOVEL and it has been three day of trying to put my thoughts in order to write this review. There’s always too many emotions to sort out when you read Kennedy’s work. This was supposed to be her less tear jerker book and still I cried HARD. Kennedy, if you wanted less tears you should had written a less REAL, WONDERFUL, INSPIRING and BADASS HEROINE...
  • Christy
    5 stars!! “Be unafraid to want it all and be disciplined enough to work hard to get it.” Kennedy Ryan has done it again! Written a profound, empowering, and important book. Not to mention emotional, angsty, sexy, and completely captivating. THIS my friends, is why she is one of my favorite authors. Block Shot blew me away. Banner and Jared meet in college. Banner is the smartest girl Jared has ever met, and Jared is the most handsome guy...
  • Sheena
    Be braced. I read a book I think is vitally important and I love it and I can’t even think about how to collect myself. I’m really trying to pull it together because you need coherency and all I can think of is the precise angle to just start shoving Block Shot into reader’s hands and eyeballing (with intensely raised brows) until they finish it! Annnnd that is probably not the best way to go about it. I think you’d prefer I just organize...
  • ♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥
    “And even in the dark, I know we see each other.”Kennedy Ryan never fails to astonish me with her writing prowess. I absolutely loved this character driven, romantic, SECOND CHANCE love story and the characters whom take centre stage. Banner Morales and Jared Foster were firm friends until the devastating day they are not and it is from this point that the love story takes flight in full romantic alpha male style in the formidable world of NB...
  • Yvette (Booksandbandanas)
    Unbelievably Amazing. Unputdownable!Exhilarating. Sexy. Addictive. Empowering. BOLD. These are only a few of the things I felt while reading this story. I’m a devoted Kennedy Ryan lover. Her books have been my favorite since the beginning of time. I always say every-time I read a story of hers. This book. This book right here is her best, there is no way she can get better, she won’t top this. Yaaa!she continues to surpass my expectations. Bl...
  • Bibi
    *Spoilers, maybe*One word to describe, Banner, our heroine: convenient. If a guy spends the duration of an academic semester in a serious relationship with his girlfriend then hits you up only on the eve of your departure for a three month(?) internship, then you are not important to him. If a guy, barring one lacklustre attempt, spends the better part of a decade without consistent and sustained effort at explaining the incident that caused you ...
  • Kennedy Ryan
    BLOCK SHOT is LIVE & Free in Kindle Unlimited!Special Release Price: $2.99. Goes up soon!➜ Amazon US:➜ Amazon Universal:* ENTER Release #Giveaway HERE: *★ About the Book ★★ Standalone★ Enemies-to-lovers★ 2nd chance★ 2 ambitious sports agents. Explosive chemistry--Text KennedyRyan to 797979 for a text msg (US Only) BLOCK SHOT is LIVE & Free in Kindle Unlimited!Spe...
  • Berry•Nice
    This fabulous story was one I could not put down. It didn't take long for me to independently love Banner AND Jared and then love them together. I enjoy stories that are real, relatable and I especially love a story I can relate to. This one touched my heart in more ways than I can count. There were several aspects of the story that hit close to home. I won't say which ones as I feel they will be spoiler'ish and this is a story that needs to be e...
  • Malene
    Kennedy Ryan doesn’t do small stories. No, she does epic. In every sense of the word and that’s also why I admire and enjoy her work so much. Block Shot spans over ten years and as a result of that Ryan has laid a strong foundation for Jared and Banner’s story. Not only do they have history but it’s a history which has shaped and influenced them tremendously. What transpired between them in college left a permanent mark on them both and i...
  • Jessica-❥Chatterbooks Book Blog❥
    Block Shot was one of my most anticipated reads this year. As soon as I finished Long Shot, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the next installment in this series. Since I've loved every book I've read by this author thus far, I assumed this time would be no different. I was right! Kennedy Ryan's writing is beautiful and poetic. I'm seriously in awe of her every time I crack open one of her books. From the way she describes the act of a simple ki...
  • Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️
    5 “Killer with a Heart” StarsThis book was absolutely wonderful and spectacular. It took two people who each had insecurities, doubts and fears and showed them that it was okay to have them because their ultimate love helped to unburden their souls. I can’t tell who I loved more in the story. Jared is a man who is strong, sexy, confident and is brazen to go after what he wants when he decides he wants it. He wears his heart on his sleeve to...
  • XxTainaxX
    Re-read as Audiobook:My goodness this was so awesome the second go around. It got me in a spot of trouble when the headphones weren’t connected and I pressed play at work just as Jared moans and says, “And her release triggers mine.” 😳😬😅 But I still wouldn’t take back a single moment... or blush. HahahaAbsolutely can’t wait for Lotus and Keenan 😍Original:Only you could make me step right over the line that delineates my comf...
  • TheCrazyWorldOfABookLover
    2.5 StarsWhile Kennedy can write some INSANELY beautiful prose, I hate to admit this was not my favorite from her and I think the story was a bit all over the place. The overall theme is something I think many will relate to and the steamy scenes were great. I am most definitely looking forward to the books she has to come. But there were a few things that kept me from fully enjoying this.For one, a BIG pet peeve of mine with dialogue is when a c...
  • ~**Anna**~ A Romance Reader
    Really liked it! This story is about Banner and Jared, two sports agents that are soulmates. They first met in college and always liked each other. Due to a misunderstanding they part ways in bad terms and reunite after 10 years. They are both successful and on rival companies, but their story is not really centered just around that, it goes much deeper. I loved Banner! Her strength, kindness, drive and good heart are what makes her so special. I...
  • Jenny••Steamy Reads Blog••
    This review will be short. It will be honest. This book pushed my comfort zone, I stay away from books like this but I absolutely loved the first book in this series so I thought, I’m gonna try. And try, I did. And love, I fell. I kinda feel like a trader to my beliefs but right now, I’m on a Jared Foster high ♥ Honestly, my emotions during reading this book was high, i hurt for all parties involved in this crazy circle. Yes there is cheati...
  • Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle
    ***COMING SEPTEMBER 10 ***5 Equinox CROWNS Kennedy Ryan continues to astound me with her complex and dynamic characters, her exquisite prose, and plots that continually make me examine my assumptions and preconceived notions on life. Her books appeal to my literary soul and my romantic heart, truly making her books must reads no matter what topic she chooses to tackle. One of the attributes of Kennedy’s writing is that she writes honest charact...
  • Hulya Kara Yuksel
    This was my 6th book of Ms. Ryan and so far she never disappointed me! I really enjoyed this book and now I can't wait to read Hook Shot! ❤(^_^) *ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review. ❤❤❤ ------------------------I don't know you but I'm dying to read this book!!! ;)Expected publication: September 10th 2018JAREDIf I had a dollar for every time Banner Morales made my heart skip a beat...The heart everyone assumes i...
  • Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover
    4 Equinox Stars! “I saw you first. I had you first. I want you back.” Jared *swoon* is *still swooning* everything!*sigh* Kennedy Ryan has proven herself once again! And with another amazing read she is now forever stuck into my fave authors list (she was on that list after reading Still , my favorite read of 2017!).This book is everything I expected from Kennedy. The teasing, the bantering, the sex, the beautiful storytelling. I honestly cou...
  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    3,5-4 stars Long Shot is one of my top favorite books for this year so you can imagine my excitement to read Block Shot.The writing was so beautiful and the story was intense and the romance heavy.While I loved the beginning there were some parts in the story that I found a little too much for my taste.There was a lot of drama and I was frustrated and anxious with some of Banner and Jared's behavior.I loved Jared, he is a swoon worthy hero.Banner...
  • Dee Montoya
    5 BIG BRIGHT Stars*****Kennedy Ryan has become one of my favorite authors. I find myself always craving her stories, and never wanting to miss one of her books because her words always reach my heart. Block Shot is definitely another winner for me. Banner and Jared were good friends during their last year of college. They both had a huge crush on each other, and when they finally acted on it, the timing was terrible, and the whole experience not...
  • Olga therebelreader
    "This woman is my match. She is bright and good. And I can be dark, bad when I have to be. Sometimes when I don't have to be, but just want to be. She is day and I am night. When day and night are absolutely equal, it's equinox. Banner is my equinox. My equal." Block Shot is a good second chance sports romance with great character development and some bite. I found that the book stirred in me several emotions which made me appreciate the power o...
  • Jemima
    Title: Block Shot (Hoops #2) Author: Kennedy Ryan Genre: New Adult, Romance,Sports Ever since I read Long Shot (Review of Long Shot) this past march, I have been eager for Jared's story. I knew it would take a special woman to knock this man off his egomaniac self. Banner was everything I hoped for Jared: Ambitious, independent, strong but most of all his equal.Banner is Jared's equinox.I am utterly amazed by Kennedy Ryan's writing. Her ability ...
  • TeriLyn
    **BETA READ**5+ "Convince me." StarsYou want this book, romance-lovers. You need it. Another brilliant, important story from Kennedy Ryan. A romance readers will DEVOUR. "This job may be a jungle, but even in the wild, the daughter of a lion is still a lion." There’s so much to say about Banner Morales. Kennedy Ryan continually constructs heroines who are REAL. Women in which I can relate to and from whom I can learn something new and somethin...
  • Megan✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦
    “I saw you first.I had you first.I want you back.” Wow! Kennedy Ryan is a phenomenal writer, her stories always grab your attention from the very first word and keep you completely mesmerised and captivated right up until the very last word has sunk in. Block Shot is the second instalment in Kennedy Ryan’s Hoops series and can absolutely be read as a standalone. However, after reading this, you’ll definitely want to read anything this co...
  • Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog)
    Brace yourself. If you think Block Shot is your run of the mill enemies to lovers romance, think again. This book is simply more: more complicated, more impassioned, and more believable.Banner and Jared! Sigh. Talk about a power couple. They are both top dogs in the competitive world of sports management. Their chemistry is dynamic and nuclear hot! Here’s a tip. Grab those fans, ladies! I guarantee you will need them. I was fond of Jared, but I...
  • Melanie A.
    3.75 STARS! The gulf between the truth and the lies we tell ourselves is filled with misery. To say the least, my expectations for this book were HIGH - maybe unreasonably high - because, while Block Shot was good, it didn't knock my socks off like Long Shot. It did, however, confirm for me that Kennedy Ryan is a literary force to be reckoned with!Firstly, she's not afraid to write a book that not everyone is going to like or approve of. Seco...
  • Heather❀Book and a Blanket❀
    6 BadAss Banner StarsKennedy Ryan has officially solidified herself as a 1-click author for me. Block Shot was so much more than what I was expecting. This review is going to be super vague because you need to go into this blind to truly appreciate it. This author ALWAYS does MORE than just romance and the story line was so unexpected. It took me to a place I didn't even realize I needed to go and Banner Morales is going down as one of my favorit...