Ōkami (Flame in the Mist, #1.25) by Renée Ahdieh

Ōkami (Flame in the Mist, #1.25)

At the close of Flame in the Mist, to end a bloodbath between the Black Clan and imperial soldiers, Ōkami allows himself to be taken prisoner by Prince Raiden, Mariko’s betrothed. For someone who doesn’t believe in heroes, it’s a surprising choice: to trade his life for the lives of his friends and the one he loves. For he will surely be killed when he arrives in the Imperial City. But he decides if his life is the cost of love, it may not...

Details Ōkami (Flame in the Mist, #1.25)

TitleŌkami (Flame in the Mist, #1.25)
Release DateApr 24th, 2018
PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Short Stories, Novella

Reviews Ōkami (Flame in the Mist, #1.25)

  • Reynita Maharani ★ The Night Reader ★
    It was a fine read for me and I love the cover! 😍😍
  • Warda
    Renée Ahdieh writes like a dream. I so need more on Ōkami, habibi!
  • Alyssa
    ***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***Ōkami by Renée AhdiehBook 1.25 of the Flame in the Mist seriesPublisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young ReadersPublication Date: April 24, 2018Rating: 4 starsSource: Purchased Kindle copySummary (from Goodreads):At the close of Flame in the Mist, to end a bloodbath between the Black Clan and imperial soldiers, Ōkami allows himself to be taken prisoner by Prince Raiden, Mariko’s betrothed. Fo...
  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    Well, this was completely pointless. I was hoping this would be a backstory of how ōkami got his powers, but it's not :(
  • Sepani
    Excited to read the next book !
  • Manisha
    Actual review: 3.5Ahdieh is a genius! This is one of two free ‘digital shorts’ to be released before the final book of this duology. For people like me who enjoyed the first book but can’t remember the details, this is a great refresher course. (Now I can enjoy or not enjoy the next book on its own merit, rather than based on what I remember.)We follow the thought processes of Ōkami as he is captured and taken to the capitol. In all hones...
  • Nadia Awadi
    Okami, I luuurve you bitch. I seriously do. BUT this wasn't a novella. Or anything really. It's just his POV after what happened in flame in the mist. It's definitely okay not to read this. It doesn't add anything to anything. But since I'm Okami trash, I will give it 3 stars.
  • Dannii Elle
    Actual rating 3.75/5 stars.This is the first of two short story additions to the central The Flame in the Mist duology. It is told from the perspective of Okami and follows directly on from events in the first book.This delivered a story that was not necessary for a full understanding of the central story-line but was an engaging addition, all the same. The scene detailed was not a repetition of one the reader had encountered before and it also e...
  • Cora Tea Party Princess
    5 Words: Perfect length for a cuppa.A decent enough couple chapters that give us a closed look at Ōkami and what's going on inside his head during events between the first and second book.But I don't like Ōkami, shhh.
  • Coreen (AsThePlotThickens)
    Officially ready for the second book.
  • rachael ♡
    "Warmth settled around his heart. Soothed his soul. Even if Ōkami died a thousand deaths, it would be worth it." 4 stars! I really loved being in Ōkami's POV and ate up every extra bit of info about his family and backstory. I wish it had a bit more of that, or was a bit longer, but I guess that's what SMOKE IN THE SUN is for. :) The last page made me SO emotional about his relationships with a variety of the characters, which I was NOT PREPARE...
  • Azbaqiyah
    Oh my god....The tension is bulking up and yet the words are written so beautiful.
  • Ezgi Tülü
    Even if Ōkami died a thousand deaths, it would be worth it. I'm so ready for Smoke in the Sun!
  • mith
    But heroes, after all, were a thing to hate.I love this line! This made me want to reread Flame in the Mist tbh. But also excited for the sequel!
  • Raquel Flockhart
    “Perhaps heroes were a thing to hate.” I’ll be honest with you: I decided to read this novella tonight just because I wanted to complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge. I read Flame in the Mist a year ago and it was just okay for me. Despise that, I was planning to read Smoke in the Sun, the second and last book of the duology, this year—which didn’t happen.As the name of this novella suggests, this is a very short story about Ōkami. I...
  • Noah
    A fun little short story with some insight into Okami's brain. I would have liked it more if it was longer, but honestly that's my only complaint here.
  • Iliana Matute
    Necesito massss...Como nos das sólo unas cuantas paginas no es justo 😭😭
  • Nancy The book junkie
    Review to come!
  • Monique V
    Why so short!!!!I want more! He is such an interesting character and I want to know more about his power and where it comes from! I hope the next book answers my questions!
  • Mel Anie
    Mini review: Rating: 4 honest stars ✨ (would give 5 if it was longer lol) Okami is a short story (barely 8 pages) . It is written from the perspective of Okami and is following up narrative from Flame in the Mist. Okami is also a good book to remind oneself how previous book ended. It's written in an easy to read way with well-blended-in-text explanation of items.Really recommendable for fans of 1st book in this duology!
  • Beatrice in Bookland
    "Perhaps these heroes did not exist, save for in stories.Ōkami was not a hero. His father had died trying to be one.Perhaps heroes were a thing to hate."It wasn't a fantastic novella, it was too short (this seems to be Ahdieh's style tho, she always writes her novellas like this) but it was nice to read Ōkami's thoughts!And now I need Smoke in the sun even more.
  • Nafeeza
    I would consider this an Amuse-bouche for Smoke in the Sun. Enjoy!
  • Ana Tascón
    OMG! I am not okay! Send help... and Smoke in the Sun! I need to read it now.
  • Raven_Blake (dreamy addictions)
    I loved it but it was too short! I need more Okami! I can't wait to read Smoke In the Sun!
  • Anna 'Bookbuyer' call me bookbuyer. ^-^
    Gah! Such a tease! Can't wait for Smoke in the Sun! This just wet my appetite! I loved the little bits we got of what will now happen in Smoke in the Sun! I need my book to ship already! I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *GRABBY HANDS!*
  • Kathy - Books & Munches
    *Squeezing two reviews into one because both these novellas are soooo short.*It's been a while since I read Flame in the Mist but I do remember loving it. Alas, reading as many books as I do, it took me a while to remember who the characters exactly are and their place in the story. I can easily say these two novellas definitely helped with that so I might just dive into the actual sequel pretty soon!OkamiIn this novella we get some more insight ...
  • Grace Alvarez Stevenson
    Sadly I read this small story after finishing Smoke in the Sun, however this small insert explains so much of Okamis behaviour when he's taken prisoner. I fell in love with this character witty smart mouth banter. Something you rarely see him do whilst being tortured and question by Roku and Radien. "A new emotion cut through Ōkami’s core. One tinged in pettiness. The boy inside him wished nothing more than to taunt the son of Minamoto Masaru....
  • Jordanne ~ Bloodthirsty Little Beasts Blog ~
    I liked the opportunities to get inside Okami's head in Flame in the Mist so I loved this too. This is a lovely short story to tide you over until the next book - a great way to slowly immerse yourself back into the world and recap the ending of the last book. It is the metaphorical bag of water you rest in the fish tank before being dropped in.Not to mention it is currently free on Amazon! Free! I've got an ARC of Smoke in the Sun which I'm goin...
  • Krista Baetiong Tungol
    This is all about Ōkami’s ruminations following his surrender to the Imperial army to save Mariko and his Black Clan brothers. He is ready to sacrifice his own life for them, and while he does not really believe there is heroism in it, he thinks it is the right thing to do after everything he has put them to. In truth, I was actually hoping for a backstory on Ōkami’s childhood or how he came to having his supernatural powers at the least, b...