Dining with Angels by Larissa Ione

Dining with Angels

In a world where humans and supernatural beings coexist — not always peacefully — three things can bring everyone to the table: Love, a mutual enemy, and, of course, food. With seven brand new stories from the Demonica universe, New York Times bestselling author Larissa Ione has the love and enemies covered, while celebrity Southern food expert Suzanne Johnson brings delicious food to the party. And who doesn’t love a party? (Harvester roll...

Details Dining with Angels

TitleDining with Angels
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
PublisherEvil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Demons, Vampires, Angels, Shapeshifters

Reviews Dining with Angels

  • Sophia Triad
    Food....Demons....and AngelsThe book starts with a note by Larissa:I love food. Love it. In fact, when I travel I plan my itinerary around food and drink. Seriously. I watch shows like Delicious Destinations and keep a file of the restaurants and foods featured in each country and city. Then, along the way during my trip I make sure to stop at these places. I basically eat and drink my way through my vacations...Well...me, too.I believe that the ...
  • AJ
    4 Demonica-loving stars!This book was a surprising release – a cook book set in the Demonica world. Actually, it’s a series of shorts revisiting couples from the series, incorporating themed recipes from celebrity Southern food expert, Suzanne Johnson. Unexpected, perhaps, but as a mad Demonica fan I will take any opportunity I can to get back into this world, so I dove in eagerly!To be honest, I wasn’t initially interested in the cookbook ...
  • Sarah
    Dining with Angels is a collection containing seven short stories, or slice of life snippets from characters who have previously starred in Larissa Ione's Demonica or Lords of Deliverance series. It also contains a whole collection of recipes from Suzanne M Johnson that fit the theme of the stories.As a huge fan of the Demonica world I had so much fun catching up with previous characters and seeing how their families have grown and changed over t...
  • Ann Lorz
    Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog: https://romancingthereaders.blogspot....When I heard about this cookbook I couldn't wait to try it out. It's a mix of stories and recipes. I loved being able to visit with characters that I truly enjoy reading about. Their little stories really help you enjoy the cookbook part of this even more.Each story story gives you a glimpse into the lives of the character but it also draws in the foods. As the chara...
  • Tanaka K
    First of all, I love new concepts in the romance genre. I like when authors try new things especially for their series. I love when they link a fresh and spunky new thing to their books. It really gets me very excited. I am new to Larissa Ione's books. However, I decided to try a recipe book inspired by her Demonica series because I love food. Nothing goes wrong when there is food involved. I love recipes. I love trying new recipes. I used to be ...
  • Ing
    Nice peek into the Demonica world after the HEA. These are short little stories for some of the couples that mated and fell in love in the Demonica world. If you have not read this series do not start with these short stories. This is a book you read after you have immersed yourself in the Demonica world. For fans of this series you will love getting glimpse into your Demonica couples.I really love seeing how some of the couples are doing. It was...
  • Janna ♥ I'm A Sweet And Sassy Book Whore ♥
    ***This and other reviews can be found at www.imasweetandsassybookwhore.com ****ARC*Okay it is official I need a solid month off from blogging so I can read the Demonica, Demonica Underworld and Lords of Deliverance series all over again. I didn’t realize how much I have missed these characters until I read Dining With Angels, also I will be checking out a good amount of these recipes because some sound really good. Yes, you read that correctly...
  • Rubysbooks
    Review originally posted at Ruby's BooksIt's here, it's here!!!! I’m not sure what excited me more when I first found out about this book, the fact that it was a new Larissa Ione book or a new Suzanne M. Johnson cookbook. You guys already know I love Larissa Ione, and Suzanne’s pairing with Lexi Blake in their two cookbooks is my absolute favorite thing ever. So when I heard about Dining With Angels, I was over the moon with excitement. Not o...
  • Sheena
    I would skipHonestly if I knew this is what I would of been buying I would of skipped it. It honestly really does not give you much of a slice of life. It gives you a “sli “ not full on.it was more about the recipes for this book. Which I can do without. This book leaves so many things open and so much foreshadowing it is ridiculous. If you really want some recipes buy this. But if you are looking for an actual slice of life this is not it. A...
  • Selenity Jade (Coffee Addicts Book Reviews)
    I really liked the read. The substitution of floof for the F word was actually hilarious once I got used to it. This book doesn't really add much to the series except one important plot that ran through the various short snippets we read. So don't expect an excellent in-depth sexy read and fans of the series will love it.
  • Darcy
    These books are always fun to read. I love all the food that is in them, but I love more that we get to catch up with each couple, to see how they are. In this one there was a lot of family time, lots of kids. It's fun to see how everyone is parenting and still trying to find time as a couple.
  • Tammy
    So good to see these guys again.
  • Miriah Oswald
    It was nice to catch up with the characters, but it was seriously toned down. No sex scenes and no swearing. It didn’t feel right and every time the characters said “floofing” I got pulled out of the story. It’s still super worth reading, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next with Azagoth and Lilliana. No comment on the recipes portion as I was not interested in it :)
  • Becca - ★Wicked Quests of a BookNinja★
    Review can be found at Little Red Reading Hood from 11/11!
  • Brandy Muller
    Mild Spoiler alert(sorta)29% into the new book:Preordered Larissa Ione’s new book...just now started reading it and I’m beyond disappointed. I NEVER thought those words would come out of my mouth with her. I have read all the Demonica books 6 times each since I found them. Those with an aversion to the f-bomb will be thrilled. I, however, am beyond F-in mad. She has infused the word FLOOF, and it’s derivatives, into the mouths of demons tha...
  • Tania
    "Dining with Angels: Bits & Bites from the Demonica Universe" by Larissa Ione.So this book is like having two books in one. You get 7 short stories involving all a lot of our favourite characters from the Demonica series. Then you also get an assortment of recipes after each chapter, some recipes being featured in each story. Now being that this book is 1/2 cook book and 1/2 Demonica short stories...and the Demonica series is not PG but cook book...
  • Melissa Schaub
    So I’m not sure where to start... with the stories or the food....I really loved that we were able to see these couples where they are “today” and I love that not much has changed with them since we last saw them. These are the characters that we fell in love with and even though they still tend to get themselves into situations, their relationships are still as strong as ever! But I am really excited to try the food. My family is always lo...
  • Martina Nix Govoni
    Valeva la pena di prenderlo. Sarà che queste piccole storie di quotidianità io le adoro, mi fanno innamorare sempre di più di un universo, sarà che ormai sono drogata di ricette americane, mi diverte troppo vederle, ma sono stata veramente contenta di aver letto questo libro. Non so se proverò mai le ricette, forse farò quella per la crema per le zampe dei cani da regalare ad un'amica, ma il cibo in casa me lo casserebbero di sicuro, però ...
  • Laura
    Clever idea for a cookbook!Is it a cookbook? Is it a collection of short stories about the Demonica Universe that I've been dying to read? It depends on if you're jonesing for a Demonica fix or desperately in need of a last minute dinner idea. The stories are all wonderful and totally whet my appetite (heh) for more from the Demonica Universe. I'll definitely need to try some of the recipes too. This is one book that I think I'll have to get in p...
  • Rob
    Best yetAs a die hard fan of any and all books, this compilation of intertwined stories is the best folding together of any series I have probably ever read. Not only does it have so many beloved characters but it reaffirms why series of any genre are created, because as readers, we always want more. Regardless that I have read through all of these books several times over, I will be doing it again, and highly recommend them all after these short...
  • Jessica Michelle
    I was super excited for when this came out since I have read every single one of her Books from Demonica, Lords of Deliverance, and Moonbound clan. This was a huge disappointment. The stories weren’t that interesting and I felt like they were written by a completely different person. In every story everything was edited, even the swearing. I hope the next book actually follows the writing style of her books before this one.
  • Mare
    This is the most precious recopilations of after-book-life-characters stories I have ever read! It is particularly enchanting to get very detailed information of how everybody is doing. The demonica and LOD books are my absolute favorites ones inside this genre, so this is exactly what I needed during this time of the year, when my kids are driving me crazy!
  • Aundrea
    This was a fun way to revisit some of my favorite characters. It was great to see how they're all settling into their new lives. Also some of these recipes sound amazing. If you're a fan of the Demonica series then I highly recommend this collection of short stories/cook book.
  • Misty
    It's always nice to hear from Larissa's world.I enjoyed every one of the short stories and the glimpses on the characters.Pleaaaaaase, I want a full novel now :(I can't really comment on the cookbook part, but I'm sure the recipes are delicious!
  • D A
    interesting/fun tidbits/shorts to catch up on series couples. recipes look interesting too.
  • Karen
    I love this author but the whole “floofing” thing was ridiculous and annoying.
  • Alina
    A beautiful sneak peak of my favourite characters . 😍
  • Lisa Lenox
    Interesting concept, and good recipes.