The Christmas Scorpion (Jack Reacher, #22.5) by Lee Child

The Christmas Scorpion (Jack Reacher, #22.5)

Jack Reacher likes to head south for the winter, to stay warm: so just before Christmas he arrives in a small town in Southern California. But the weather there is not warm and dry, as it’s supposed to be: he arrives in a freak blizzard. Reacher finds refuge in a snowed-in roadhouse with four other strangers stranded by the storm. Two of them are British military police, separated by the weather from the VIP they are detailed to protect. Can Re...

Details The Christmas Scorpion (Jack Reacher, #22.5)

TitleThe Christmas Scorpion (Jack Reacher, #22.5)
Release DateOct 1st, 2018
PublisherTransworld Digital
GenreThriller, Fiction, Short Stories, War, Military Fiction

Reviews The Christmas Scorpion (Jack Reacher, #22.5)

  • Matt
    It’s almost time for the annual Jack Reacher novel, but that does not mean that Lee Child has been resting on his laurels. This short story that includes our rough and tumble protagonist is a perfect bridge for those who can never get enough—Tom Cruise-less—Jack Reacher. Winters for Reacher must have a single element, warm weather. That explains why he’s made his way to Southern California just in time for Christmas. However, Mother Natur...
  • Bill Lynas
    I have to admit that although I really enjoy Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels I do find his short stories a bit hit and miss. This is an average entry. The main problem is that although Reacher is in the story there is sadly very little for him to do.
  • David Highton
    Classic Reacher short story
  • Mary Heron
    DisappointedLove these Reacher.short stories especially the ones set.In his past but this one disappointed. Reacher is stranded in a snowstorm with some people who have a problem, naturally Reacher help.them. No surprises there.and at.48 pages there's not much room for.frills. So my problem the book is about 100 pages long we also get a preview of the new book Past Tense now I paid £1.49 for this and happy to spend it, if I h...
  • Elvan
    Short and quintessential Jack.
  • Rosemary
    The Christmas Scorpion - a review by Rosemary KennyThe soon-to-be-released short story The Christmas Scorpion is #23.5 in the incredible Jack Reacher series by Legendary Commander of the All-Action Hero genre, Lee Child.When a freak blizzard traps Reacher in an isolated roadhouse with four strangers, tensions run high.Two of the 'inmates' are police security for a VIP who's in deadly danger if they can't break out of their blizzard-consumed motel...
  • Chera
    The Christmas Scorpion was published in episodes in The Mail on Sunday in December 2017. This is a short story and it does show Reacher's unique thought processes and attitude. The identity of the Scorpion is the mystery and readers are kept guessing to the end. This is a quick read and not a full length novel with time to develop characters and plot; it is a quick shot of Reacher. That being said, it's a quick look into Reacher's trek around the...
  • Stacey
    Lee Child Takes A Turn As SantaA Christmas gift for Reacher fans. Our favorite hero, caught in unexpected circumstances, is what we always want him to be - low-key but always thinking. Always one step ahead, even in snow up to his waist.The coolest part is that these stories make me believe these kind of high stakes things happen all the time, and that a guy like Reacher saves the day.This is a great, quick read that doesn’t disappoint. Highly ...
  • thomas marshall
    Too Short🔱 As much as I love you as an Author Mr.Childs, Boy the Christmas Scorpion, was like putting a juicy worm on a hook to catch a Fish (ME) which you did, Hook, Line & Sinker....... I even took an afternoon Nap because I knew once I started I would find it hard to put down ....... On a Serious Note, keep up the good work 🤗
  • Eric
    Fun for what it is."“You could call the MP barracks. You might still know someone. You could mention the 110th. I’m sure that makes people want to help.” “Usually it makes people want to shoot me in the face."This is 22 digital pages with a couple of pages from the next full novel. If you buy it expecting more than that, you will be disappointed. It is fun for what it is.
  • lucky
    Pointless read. Not sure why this was released. It’s a short story so wasn’t expecting much, but this is just pointless to read. There’s not even enough to build any plot or get any enjoyment. And on top of it had to pay for this. Disappointed.
  • Larry Jewett
    Looks like Lee Child has just about run out of ideas for writing fresh stories of Jack Reacher. I've got the book coming in November on order, but I'm not expecting much, as the last year's was pretty bland.
  • Kevin
    UniqueI enjoyed the short story, found that the story was compact and straight to the point from start to finish, and written in a way that reminds me of how a good short story can capture the imagination
  • Peggy Kincaid
    Desert ChristmasShort and sweet. Maybe a bit sinple and you only have so many characters but a nice tale to get readers ready for the new book.
  • Anoop Kumar
    To be Frank, I enjoyed the sneak peak of next reacher story than the short story.
  • Robert McLean
    No action in this oneI've read them all. This one has no action and Jack's role is minimal. The plot and setting just don't make sense. Seems like a give up.
  • Cindy Fronk
    Always high adventures with reacherShort but sweet. Fun to read and revealing of the character of reacher. He's a man of action even in the small interactions.
  • Randy Tramp
    I like anything Jack Reacher, this short story is no exception. Tension and action-packed.
  • Alice
    Short and sweet!
  • michael mcleary
    Top of bookI have read longer prelouds to a book and what stings is i paid £1.49 and two days after I get it Amazon reduces it to 99p
  • Tony Hill
    I was robbed27 pages of nothing... like many others I have all the Jack Reacher books / short stories but this, £1.49 is a joke. I’ll pass on short stories from now on.
  • Michel Fayad
    DisappointingThis is a Very brief story and it has a very sudden end without the logical build up that is so typical of the Reacher books.
  • kartik narayanan
    A lot of build-up with minimal payoff.
  • Henry
    Quick read.. Good , but not your typical Reacher book.
  • Shirley Brown
    GoodNice little short story about Jack Reacher by Lee Child. Not much to it, but it made for a good story.
  • Steve Chadbourne
    OK and finishes very quickly. I thought there was a lot more to read but the rest was a preview of the next book.
  • Linda
    Very clever.
  • Martyn
    BasicCould see the ending from miles away. Flashing it's lights and sounding its horn. Been better if it had been snowed in
  • Robert M. Hodge
    Great Short Story!Very enjoyable short story! The ending was too abrupt. It felt unfinished. It was still better than any of his competitors.
  • Pat
    A nice short storyThis was a very quick read, but a good little story. I enjoyed it. If you are a Reacher fan, then you would like it