Hippie by Paulo Coelho


In Hippie, his most autobiographical novel to date, Paulo Coelho takes us back in time to re-live the dream of a generation that longed for peace and dared to challenge the established social order – authoritarian politics, conservative modes of behavior, excessive consumerism, and an unbalanced concentration of wealth and power.Following the “three days of peace and music” at Woodstock, the 1969 gathering in Bethel, NY that would change th...

Details Hippie

Release DateSep 25th, 2018
PublisherCornerstone Digital
GenreFiction, Biography Memoir, Travel

Reviews Hippie

  • Celia
    I have read two other Coelho books and was spiritually influenced by both. Both were full of wisdom and abstract concepts. Loved them both (The Alchemist and Manuscript Found in Accra).To me this book beat them both. Why? It is the most autobiographical book written by Coelho and it is grounded in reality. Perhaps, too, because I lived in the 60's, during the 'hippie' era, it means a lot to me.I also learned things about Coelho I did not know. Th...
  • Gulsah
    Kitabı çook beğendim. Yazarı zaten çok seviyorum, Hayata bakışı ve kitaplarında da bahsettiği farkındalığı okumayı seviyorum.Tüm kitaplarını okudum ve bu kitap özet gibi olmuş. İç dünyasını samimi ve bilmemiz gerektiği kadarını anlatmış.Okırken gerçekten de düşünmeden edemedim. Bir dönem hippi yaşam biçimi ne kadar da moda idi.Ve hâlâ hippi giyimli ve yaşamalı birini görünce "nasıl yaşayabiliyorlar" d...
  • Seçil Polat
    "Beraber yürüyün, sarhoşluğunuzun ve mutluluğunuzun kaynağı hayat olsun, ama mesafenizi koruyun ki kimse kimseyi taşımak zorunda kalmasın - düşmek de yolun bir parçasıdır ve herkes düşünce yalnız başına ayağa kalkmayı öğrenmelidir."
  • Aileen Mackenzie
    Por destino o casualidad llegó esta novela a mis manos. Y, he de admitir que, desde que la empecé no pude parar de leerla. No es que haya leído mucho de Paulo Coelho, a penas dos o tres libros, pero tengo claro que ésta es su obra más representativa y autobiográfica.Narrada en tercera persona, y a modo de relato, encontramos una historia que nos hace viajar desde Ámsterdam hasta Katmandú permitiendo al lector conocer a un Coelho más madu...
  • Neelam Babul
    Paulo Coelho is undoubtedly an exceptional writer. Hippie is a half autobiographical book reflecting the writer's experience. I have always loved Paulo Coelho's writing style which is extremely lyrical and charismatic. He invokes such evocative images in one's mind and has a powerful fluency with language that mesmerizes the reader. In Hippie we are introduced to Karla and Paulo both of whom are in search for answers to their questions on their p...
  • Kate Vocke
    OK, so I'm a fairly big Paulo Coelho fan. I loved The Alchemist and several of his other writings. His prose is lyrical and thought provoking and I just love that it's like nothing else I've ever read, no matter what the subject. I went into this with two thoughts in my mind: 1. That it's sort of a memoir of his life in the 70's, or at least based on experiences he's had. Who wouldn't want to see what experiences shaped this brilliant writer?and,...
  • slieb
    Kitabın başındayken iyi bir kitap olduğunu düşündüm ancak ilerledikçe sıkıcı ve yüzeysel geldi. Sonuna kadar okuyamadım, bu kitap nasıl bu kadar yüksek notlar aldı anlamadım.
  • Thebooktrail
    Travel the world like a hippieI'm not sure what to make of this. It's a fascinating travel guide on the one hand and we get to see and experience some wonderful places but as a memoir I got a bit lost as it reads like a gap year diary going from one thought to another with little direction.I suppose people who experienced the hippie stage of life might get more from this but Paulo tells you what happened fact after fact without really delving int...
  • Lou
    Review @ https://more2read.com/review/hippie-by-paulo-coelho/
  • Faith
    Karla and Paulo are two twenty somethings who meet in Amsterdam and travel together. They do not meet until about the 25% point in the book, and but then I was already bored by these vapid people. I lived through this period of time and, looking back on it, the hippies actually were pretty boring, pretentious and self involved. The author's autobiographical nostalgia trip wasn't really interesting to me and I stopped reading. I received a free co...
  • Nur
    Paulo Coelho is an excellent writer for sure, and apparently this is a half autobiographical book from his side but i feel like for some reason it's left in the middle. We read about the journey of Karla and Paulo, how the relationship is growing and turning into something else. Towards the end (no spoilers) Paulo finds some answers but i feel like it happens too quickly and we're not really sure what's going on as readers. And all of a sudden, t...
  • Bihter İyidir
    Okurken beni gülümsetmiş olmakla birlikte içeriği derinlikten uzak buldum. Öykü de, içinde bahsi geçen felsefi yaklaşımlar da fazla basitleştirilmiş dolayısıyla değersizleştirilmiş, sanki hippi kültürü de, sufilik de bir kez daha ticarileştirilip paraya dönüştürülmüş. Ayrıca çeviriyi de beğenmedim, ana dilinde okuma şansım yoksa da başka bir çevirmenden daha okuyup kıyaslama imkanı olsun isterdim.
  • Dawn
    Heerlijk boek over reizen, liefde en spiritualiteit.
  • M. Starks
    I won this book in a giveaway, very excited to read it the moment it arrived in the mail. I could begin to see the shape of The Alchemist (one of my favorites) take form along Paulo’s journey. I’ve read a few of his books before this and found them to be powerful, Hippie does not disappoint. I’ve been told by some that I would have made a great hippie, due to my philosophies and ways of questioning the world around me, ever the seeker of tr...
  • motherbear
  • Angie
    Unlike most of the people on the planet, I hadn't read a Coelho book before this one, so I'm just going to review it on its own merits. And I just wanna say -- God bless his wife. It's not every woman who can support her husband as he pens a nostalgic and personal story about his experiences with two of his early girlfriends. But more than his personal relationships, this book is about international hippie experiences, and a side of that culture ...
  • Tanjina Tamanna
    Lots of religious references or Sufism never work for me although I loved the part of the travel in the book and the description of the 60's. It is a very suitable comfortably read book. A complete summer book. As a travel reference and life experiences or as a memoir I enjoyed while reading it.I started this book with a great enthusiasm and expectation, but the book did not meet my expectations. I must say that I found the expression quite beaut...
  • Sirunmanug
    Coelho’nun yolculuğunun ve tekamülünün Hac kitabındaki gibi olduğunu düşünmüşümdür fakat görüyoruz ki herşey 1970 yılında bir “sıska” hippinin Amsterdam’dan 70 dolarlık biletle Nepal otobüsüne binip yolculuğuna bir yıllığına İstanbul’da ara vermesiyle şekillenmiş. Herkesin kendi yolculuğuna dair birşeyler bulabileceği veya feyz alabileceği yönleri, satır araları olduğunu düşünüyorum. Kitabın en...
  • Hikmet Okur
    Genel olarak Paulo amcanın kalemini seviyorum diyebilirim. Rahat okunuyor ve siz pek de itiraz edemeden aklinizi ve kalbinizi değişik yerlerde dolaştırıyor.Paulo Coelho pek çok şey düşünmüş, hissetmiş, deneyimlemiş; ancak bunu sözcüklere dökmek ve içinde uyandırdığı şeyleri okuyuculara, hatta çok yakınındakilere -karısına, çocuklarına bile- aktarması çok zor, hatta imkansız. Bunu binlerce sayfa yazarak da deneyeb...
  • Şevval Serdaroğlu
    It really hooked me from the start and kept me on the edge throughout the book. The ending was very fitting and realistic, which raised the 4-star to 5 in my opinion.
  • bellatrix begins
    Basmakalıp bir dönem tasviri.
  • Jill Elizabeth
    I love Paulo Coelho's lyrical narrative style. He paints such evocative pictures and has such a marvelous fluency with language. I was intrigued by this title and the opportunity to learn more directly about his life, but found the format of this one to be a little too free-flowingly 1970s for my taste... I was born in 1973 so didn't directly experience the ups and downs and conflicts that shaped the formation of relationships (to others, to the ...
  • Gianna
    I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.Hippie is a semi-biographical depiction of hippie life in the 1970s. Paulo Coelho uses, as always, beautiful descriptions to help the reader live some of those moments in the story, while sharing some of his life's lessons with us along the way. This was an interesting, travel-like collection of things that happened to the author during that era. H...
  • Özlem Güzelharcan
    Zamanda yolculuk yapabildiğimde, kuşkusuz ki ilk önce 60ların sonuna gideceğim zira çiçek çocukların felsefesi, müzikleri, modası, her şeyi benim kalp atışlarımı hızlandırıyor. İşte bu sebeple bu kitaba büyük bir heves ve beklenti ile başladım fakat kitap beklentimi karşılamadı. Anlatımı oldukça yüzel bulduğumu söylemeliyim. Kitabın başındaki heyecan da bir süre sonra kayboldu gitti. Yine de Coelho’nun haya...
  • Ruben
  • Bengisu
    Paulo Coelho'nun gerçek hayatından kesitler okumak ve ona yön veren önemli olayların bir kısmının İstanbul'da geçiyor olması benim ilgimi çeken tarafları oldu. Onun dışında klasik bir Coelho akıcılığında olan kitap, yaz tatilimde bir çırpıda bitti.
  • Gokce Aslan
    Her ne kadar başlarda heyecanlı olduğunu düşünsemde sonlara doğru düzensiz, özensiz ve yüzeysel geldi. Ve İstanbul da görülen o kırmızı köprüyü merak ettirdi :)
  • Çisem Bakoğlu
    I definitely do not agree with the writer but who am to judge...Yet, to me, life is not a journey, it is a zero sum game.