Ms. Marvel, Vol. 10 by G. Willow Wilson

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 10

Kamala Khan continues to mix super-heroic adventure with fun and friendship! Starting with... a slumber party! But if calamity strikes Jersey City while Kamala is having a sleepover with Nakia, Zoe and Mike, how can Ms. Marvel save the day without bailing on her best friends? And speaking of BFFs, Bruno is back — and he and Kamala are learning how to be pals again. What better bonding experience than geeking out over a little science? And what ...

Details Ms. Marvel, Vol. 10

TitleMs. Marvel, Vol. 10
Release DateMar 27th, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Superheroes, Marvel, Young Adult, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Ms. Marvel, Vol. 10

  • David Schaafsma
    Volume ten marks the conclusion of the five-year Ms. Marvel run of G. Willow Wilson, who has to be sincerely thanked and celebrated for bringing life and humor and diversity to a teen audience for Marvel Comics generally and for the character of Ms. Marvel specifically. A Pakistani-Muslim superhero from Jersey City (and no, not Manhattan)!? To mark the occasion of the fiftieth issue we go back to the series roots, to a teen girl struggling betwee...
  • Scott S.
    "You have our word Kamala will always be out there, fighting the good fight - taking down the bad guys and helping those who need it. She just hopes that you will be, too. Remember: 'good' is a thing you do, not a thing you are." -- a few final thoughts by Ms. Marvel editor / co-creator Sana AmanatWith Vol. 10: Time and Again, the Ms. Marvel series bids farewell to the steady involvement of both Amanat and writer / co-creator G. Willow Wilson. Wi...
  • Chad
    G. Willow Wilson says goodbye to Ms. Marvel in a volume mainly dealing with Kamala's relationships. Not only does she fix things with her friends, she and Bruno finally confront their feelings for one another while battling the Shocker is his weird Mousetrap game lair. At the same time Bruno discovers the science behind her powers which was actually quite dumb, involving some time travel hooha. Like the rest of the volumes, I like Kamala and her ...
  • Ashley
    And so marks the end of G. Willow Wilson's tenure on Ms. Marvel, something she thought wouldn't last beyond a handful of issues, but has now gone on for seven years, and Kamala herself is flourishing at large in the Marvel Comics universe—or so I've heard, because I just can't with superhero comics for the most part. They are too interconnected and I can't read them all, it's impossible, so I will read almost none of them instead. I have been m...
  • Bookishrealm
    It feels like it's been forever since I've been able to read a Ms. Marvel comic. I really missed the world and these characters. What I didn't realize is that G. Willow Wilson will no longer be writing Ms. Marvel and it makes me super said because I really love what she's done with the series. Of course, I was hesitant when the series first started; however, that quickly changed when I continued to read each volume. This is probably one of the fe...
  • Rod Brown
    It's often a sad thing when one of the original creators leaves an ongoing title, but I must admit to feeling quite happy when I learned this was Wilson's last volume as writer. While I have enjoyed her development of the characters's personalities and interaction, her plots were usually quite inane. Take the unmemorable batch of stories in this book for example: a C-level Spider-Man villain, some time-travel hooey, and a broken water main. Hrm.M...
  • Wing Kee
    I love this series and nostalgia goes a long way, but I wish this series ended a bit better.World: The art is fantastic as always with very beautiful expressive and emotive art that shows the personality of the characters and the tone of the series. The world building here is good but also a bit janky. I love that we are getting some real answers to where Kamala's powers come from and the pieces that Wilson creates here are very intriguing but at...
  • Jason
    Oh no, I've read the last ever G. Willow Wilson issue of Ms. Marvel. Like the Doctor regenerating, I'm excited for the future but sad to say goodbye to the past. The series ended on a high note - with a surreal fight with Shocker across time as Kamala discovered how her powers work and with 3 short stories.Fun, action packed and heartfelt as always.
  • Lenny
    Time and Again is truly a love letter to the Ms. Marvel universe, and to its author G Willow Wilson, co-creator of Kamala Khan and the title’s writer for five years, since the very first issue – and she concludes her run in volume ten. I was hesitant going into this final arc; volume nine had weak villains and a shallow love triangle, and I was worried that Wilson had burned out of story. But I was so happy to be proven wrong: Time and Again ...
  • Katie Florida
    Final volume with G. Willow as writer 😭😫I'll miss her. She brought Kamala to life and this was a beautiful closing chapter of this arc.
  • Katie Richards
    Devastating news that Ms. Marvel will no longer be maintained by the co-creators G. Willow Wilson and Sana Amanat. This volume lacked some of the continuity in the plot development that I had hoped for and felt fulfilled by in past issues. This volume felt more like a collection of one-off episodes. I think it was also pretty weird how Miles/Into the Spiderverse "Spiderman" was introduced as a possible suitor then the story almost immediately del...
  • Baker St Shelves
    For the most part I liked it. Kamala having a slumber party and dividing her time between friends and being a superhero was both hilarious and impactful that had a nice conclusion. The other part featuring the Shocker went a little too long especially when the driving force was trying to see what limits her powers are. In itself that’s not a bad thing, but it feels like that should be done near the beginning and not ten volumes down. Very well ...
  • Bonnie McDaniel
    This is the end of an era, as these are the last issues written by series creator G. Willow Wilson. Which is sad, but this is a good way for Wilson to bow out. A large part of this is due to the fact that Bruno has returned from Wakanda; his relationship with Kamala was a highlight of the series' earlier volumes. This volume feels more grounded as a whole, focusing to Kamala's relationships with her family and friends (she admits to being Ms. Mar...
  • Rummanah (Books in the Spotlight)
    Ms. Marvel Volume ten is end of G. Willow Wilson writing the graphic novel series that has meant so much to me. Though Ms. Marvel will continue and be written under a different writer, I will really miss Ms. Willow's writing who has brought warmth, culture, humor, and diversity which is much needed in the Marvel Comics. Kamala Khan is the first time I saw myself on the page though I don't have her embiggening powers or her responsibility of being...
  • Norman
    I’m glad to have read Ms. Marvel all these years. While it did have its ups and downs (sometimes incredible, sometimes boring), it is truly a revolutionary storyline to comics. These particular last issues are nice endings for G. Willow Wilson’s run, but they pose similar issues of quality consistency. I did appreciate the one-off issues, but the overarching Bruno/Kamala storyline, which I feel is the heart of Kamala outside of her culture an...
  • Erin Cataldi
    I had been a little meh about the last few volumes, but this one really renewed my love for this whole series. It really shows the stress of being a teenager, sometimes there are scarier things then fighting villains, like keeping secrets from your friends or trying to come to terms with your crush. Kamala Khan fights off the bad guys while navigating friendship, family, the future, and compassion. Cute while still being totally kick ass!
  • Don
    This story is starting to get repetitive, especially with Kamala's struggles to maintain two separate identities and be a teenager in school. Then all the sudden there's a twist and the story takes a different turn. I was so ready to give this 3 stars, but then it surprised me and went in a different direction. And the video game issue at the end was truly delightful. Always a fun read.
  • Kristi Housman Confessions of a YA Reader
    I'm sad to see G. Willow Wilson finishing her story for Ms. Marvel. I am happy that it will continue with a new writer and I'm looking forward to seeing if I keep the same feelings of love for this series.
  • Chelsey
    I really liked this one! I feel like several previous volumes have been heavy and serious, whereas this one felt more in line with the light-hearted and quirky approach of the originals. More like this, please!
  • Nori
    I've been DNFing a lot of books lately. So, it was nice to actually love something. I loved this one. I love Ms. Marvel, and I feel like this character has grown so much by this installment. I can't wait to see where this goes.
  • Michelle
  • Nikkie
    Ten volumes in, this is still an incredibly solid series.
  • Laura
    Thanks for everything, G. Willow Wilson and Sana Amanat.
  • Becca
    Still enjoying the series but either it's fading a little or I need to do a series reread to get back into it. Will reread and then decide.
  • Kelly K
    Dude, I want foreshadowing sloth pajamas.
  • Jess
    Finally got my hands on this newest volume and wasn't disappointed...but sad it is G. WILLOW Wilson's last book with the character 😢
  • Lexie
    I’m not ready for G Willow Wilson to stop writing Ms Marvel, but here we are. Her last issues were lovely and I’ll miss her.
  • Jordan
    I'm continually in love with Kamala, her friends, and her story. Starting with a fun and heartfelt sleepover-themed 50th issue and ending with a better understanding of her powers and friendships, this volume of Ms. Marvel continues her fantastic journey through being Jersey City's one and only super hero. I'm so pleased with how Kamala's friendships and relationships are developing and I can't wait for the next issue. I also really love The Shoc...
  • Helena
    Kamala means a lot to me and these last few issues definitely made me tear up. I'm so thankful for everyone who made this series so pleasant to read with stories consistently full of joy and hope. With Ms. Marvel I feel like I got the kind of representation I always wanted but never had growing up. I never lost my excitement for Ms. Marvel and I can't wait to see what happens next.