The Masque of the Black Tulip (Pink Carnation, #2) by Lauren Willig

The Masque of the Black Tulip (Pink Carnation, #2)

Modern-day graduate student Eloise achieved the academic coup of the century when she unmasked one of history's greatest spies, the Pink Carnation, who saved England from Napoleon. But now she has a million questions about the Carnation's deadly French nemesis, the Black Tulip. And she's pretty sure that her handsome on-again, off-again crush, Colin Selwick, has the answers somewhere in his archives. When she finally comes across an old codebook,...

Details The Masque of the Black Tulip (Pink Carnation, #2)

TitleThe Masque of the Black Tulip (Pink Carnation, #2)
Release DateNov 1st, 2006
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Historical Romance, Fiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews The Masque of the Black Tulip (Pink Carnation, #2)

  • Navessa
    If you’ve never read a Historical Fiction/Romance revolving around espionage here's what you can expect:• A heroine that stands above her peers. She’s schmart you see. She’s spechul. All the other debutantes are shallow, vapid young girls more concerned with title chasing and ribbons than the state of the nation. If you’re really lucky the heroine will have a few friends or a sister or two that are also spechul and you won’t be subjec...
  • Lisa Kay
    ★★★★★ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Kate Reading narrates the audiobook perfectly! I can’t believe this one is even better than the first in the Pink Carnation series.It’s not easy to pull off a “time warp” book, running two timelines in parallel, but Ms. Willig does it with aplomb. Not only that, but this novel is really two genres: historical romantic suspense (with a ton of humor), and a contemporary chick-lit romance....
  • Shannon
    A colorful cast of characters is the highlight of this historical drama with doses of comedy typically tied into romance.Great voice acting by Kate Reading. OVERALL GRADE: B.
  • Raina
    OK, you've heard of the Scarlet Pimpernel and all that mess in France, right? Well, the Pink Carnation picks up where the Pimpernel stopped (due to the discovery of his identity). At the same time in the story, but taking place in the present there is a grad student finding decedents of the Pink Carnation with letters from and about that time in history.If the story plot sounds complicated, it really isn't. While it jumps around, pulling you from...
  • Diana H.
    In my eyes, this is a mystery through and through. I think some readers would classify this as chic-lit because much of the story is written from a female point of view. I guess an argument could even be made for calling this a romance. However, whatever genre you choose to put this book in, you need to read it!!!As usual, I never did figure out who the French spy was until the author “spoon-fed” me the name. Willig tells a story so well that...
  • Georgie-who-is-Sarah-Drew
    A rollicking yarn, well told. Willig's writing is a cut above many HR authors, but for me this is only a two-star read for two reasons - 1) Lauren Willig adopts the same approach to each of the "Pink Carnation" books: there are two stories - the "main" (historical) one, and a modern one where Eloise researches the historical story and slowly develops a relationship with Colin (a descendant of the historical characters). This approach really doesn...
  • Alena
    Another excellent book from the author of "The Secret History of the Pink Carnation". I loved being sucked back into the world of flower-named spies. The book had romance, mystery, plenty of wit, and even a high-speed carriage chase! I also enjoy the interludes with Eloise, the modern-day historian, doing research into these fascinating characters... but I wish she and Colin's thing would move juuuust a bit faster.
  • Jazmin
    It's always been Miles and Henrietta!! Everyone but them knew it!!! What good shit. I can't write reviews for these books because it's just me sitting there as the jenny slate scream.jpg. Anyway. Lots of fun. Richard not being happy about their compromising position was deeply hysterical after what he and Amy did.
  • Rebekah
    Such a delight to read. Miles, although not the brightest bulb in the box, was such a funny pleasant guy to read about. He was basically worthless as a spy but made up for it in being nice. Hen was also hardly helpful. She is kind of like Marguerite from the OG Scarlet Pimpernel in that she tries to help, gets caught, needs help to be rescued. I did greatly enjoy Miles and Hen. They were darling together. The scene when they were catching the Bla...
  • Keilani Ludlow
    Specific to this book - I found the heroine much more enjoyable in this book than in the last. Her personality and character fit the story better to my personal point of view. Lovely book.Since I will say nearly the same thing for every book in this series - this part will be the same in all of them. Fun regency mystery/romance. I’m not really much of a mystery reader, but these are more of an intrigue than a mystery and tied up with the regenc...
  • Rusty
    Usually Willig's books are fun, light reading for me but this one was a bit much. The plot followed her usual romps with Eloise, the graduate student studying spying activities during the English/French war with Napoleon at the head of his troops. And, of course, Eloise falls for her host, Colin Selwig, hoping for a romantic adventure. However, all this is normal for this series. What bothered me was some of the dialog. I doubt that women of this...
  • Kit
    I listened to the audiobook, which kept me constantly amazed at the narrator's ability to switch between English and American accents and sound totally natural either way. I'm a sucker for the Dashing Hero's Steadfast Best Friend, whether it's B.J. from M*A*S*H or Ron from Harry Potter, so a book about Miles Dorrington, the steadfast best friend from The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, was more interesting to me than the first installment.T...
  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    Second in the Pink Carnation series. I liked it. Maybe not quite as much as the first but close. I would have liked to see more of Eloise and Colin but I guess I'll have to continue the series to see how they do. This one is the romance between Lady Henrietta and Miles Dorrington. A friends to lovers theme, they have known each other since they were children. Miles was called upon to watch out for Henrietta and keep her out of trouble. Meanwhile,...
  • Adrielle
    It was probably a good four years after reading 'the Secret History of the Pink Carnation' that I ordered this book. Uni and life got in the way of my reading, unless it was a set text for a literacy unit. When I finally got back to picking whatever I wanted to read, I got back I to this series. Remembering that I didn't think it was the best writing I had ever read, I also remembered having an absolute blast with the story and the characters. No...
  • Lollyletsgo
    well, there was no bodice ripping (though there was shift ripping =])!I liked that Ms. Willig had a parallel story line going on with the researcher and her subject- though she's now sucked me into reading the next novel to see what happens with the researcher and her potential love interest... It was fun, a nice flouncy romp (if those can be flouncy) through regency England and it's nest of spies and potential, those spied upon.
  • Angie
    10/25/2014--just finished a re-read in keeping with the Pink for All Seasons challenge in honor of book 12 coming out August 2015. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and had forgotten what an adorable and likable couple Miles & Henrietta are! I actually changed the rating from 4 stars to 5 because it was so delightful. I am looking forward to next month's read of book 3... :D
  •  Linda (Miss Greedybooks)
    I will get the next book & most likely all (10) in the series. I enjoyed the writing & the characters. The mystery is well done. The humor is well placed.
  • Rosanne Lortz
    Grad student Eloise Kelly is in England researching the network of spies surrounding the English hero, the Pink Carnation, when dreamy Colin Selwick invites her to investigate the archives at his ancient manor house. In between trying to ascertain whether Colin is flirting with her and enduring the slings and arrows of outraged locals, Eloise stumbles across some old letters. They tell the story of Henrietta Selwick, the sister to the Purple Gent...
  • Lynn Spencer
    I liked The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, but I absolutely loved reading this installment in the series! I've been rereading the first few Pink Carnation books before I go on to finish the series, and while I remembered that this one had been a favorite, I'd forgotten just how charming it was. I enjoy the slowly unfolding tale of Eloise and Colin, but in this installment, the historical tale just sparkles.Henrietta has known her brother's...
  • Beth Levitt
    This series is a magnificent romp - historical intrigue meets current day academics with a frisson of romance.
  • Kelly
    Things to love about this novel? In chapter one, it picks up with the tale of its modern-day research, Eloise Kelly, who is off to the country with the dishy Colin Selwick for a look at his archives. (Insert eyebrow waggle here.) The Black Tulip also picks up with the lives of some of the characters introduced as secondary in the first book in the series, The Secret History of the Pink Carnation. Amy and Richard, the main couple in the historical...
  • Vicky
    I enjoyed this book quite a bit more than the first book in the series, The Secret History of the Pink Carnation.I was a bit disappointed in the obviousness of the Black Tulip's secret identity. From the moment the character first came onto the scene I knew who they were. Finding out the motives behind the character that was not the Black Tulip was more intriguing then the unmasking of the spy. I adored Miles and Henrietta. In the greater scheme ...
  • Andree
    So, this was ridiculous. In a good way.Probably really 3.5 stars, but I'm rounding up.I really enjoyed Miles and Henrietta's banter. It was generally hysterical. I will say, I definitely enjoyed the first half of the book mroe than the second though.All of the literary illusions were tremendous fun.I'm really ridiculously invested in Eloise and Colin at this point as well.However, (view spoiler)[I So, this was ridiculous. In a good way.Probably...
  • Sandy Vaughan
    Raise you hand if you liked the tripping back and forth in time with The Secret History of the Pink Carnation? OK, so I can only see two hands (my own and DH's), but they are waving enthusiastically! What? You didn't? OK, but you have heard of the Scarlet Pimpernel and all that mess in France, right? Well, the Pink Carnation took up where the Pimpernel stopped (due to the discovery of his identity). In the present there is a grad student (the pre...
  • Magill
    The dilemma - I requested the 1st 2 books of this series from the library (in case I liked it and wanted to keep reading), read #1 and wasn't impressed but here was #2 looking at me. Having nothing else better to read at the moment... I read it... I suppose a literary version of: "I wanted a few potato chips and had enough but it seemed a waste to toss away the remainder"... okay, maybe that's just me.I didn't think it possible for this books to ...
  • Jacqueline J
    Enjoyed this regency book. The whole thing was light hearted and left me with a happy feeling after I finished. I didn't think the solving of who the spy was was as in depth as it could have been. Henrietta and Miles were just not all that good as spies or as spy catchers. That is what kept the novel from rating higher. I wasn't 100 percent fond of the two time lines either. I think the modern time line which seems to be there to carry the story ...
  • bijal
    I enjoyed this one more than the first book in the series, probably because it was being read to me and the narrator's lovely British accent felt so soothing yet droll in all the right places.But I also liked Miles & Henrietta much more than Richard & Amy. Miles because he is a gruff dude who spends much of the book in a state of crankiness and/or bewilderment, and Henrietta because while she is flighty, she still seems somewhat sensible. Overall...
  • Kimberly
    A thousand times better than The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, this book was written with better characters, characters I actually liked (I did not like Amy in Pink Carnation and I'm not a huge fan of Eloise), and better dialogue. Henrietta was a much more sensible character than Amy and even when she was doing something ridiculous (like hiding in the bushes with her friends while trying to spy on Miles and the marquise), she still had mo...
  • Selenis
    Mais um livro que apareceu numa recomendação do BookDepository. Gostei da capa, gostei da sinopse, e resolvi arriscar.Quando o comecei a ler percebi que é o seguimento de um outro, mas lê-se sem necessitar dele, e não consegui esperar.Adorei! Aventura, mistério, espionagem, amor, e gargalhadas à mistura, tudo num estilo muito inteligente e divertido de escrever. Another book featured in Book Depository. The beautiful cover and the synopses...
  • Colette
    There was a lot going on in this book & I loved it! Like the first book, I wanted more of the present day storyline, but I really can't wait to see where this storyline goes next. This book took me a lot longer yo read but I think it's because there was a lot going on &. Because the romance took forever to happen. That being said I did love Hen & Miles. I think one of my favorite secondary characters was the oblivious Turnip Fitzhough. I hope the...