Box of Frogs (The Fractured Faery, #1) by Helen Harper

Box of Frogs (The Fractured Faery, #1)

One corpse. Several bizarre looking attackers. Some very strange magical powers. And a severe bout of amnesia. Madrona is not having a great week. It’s going to be okay though. All she has to do is find out who she really is, protect a soap star from being attacked by a stalker and work out why so many people seem so afraid of her. Because surely she’s a good person. Right? This is book one of a new urban fantasy trilogy and does contain an e...

Details Box of Frogs (The Fractured Faery, #1)

TitleBox of Frogs (The Fractured Faery, #1)
Release DateJul 5th, 2018
PublisherAmazon Digital Services
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires, Magic, Fairies, Fae, Romance, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Box of Frogs (The Fractured Faery, #1)

  • Montzalee Wittmann
    Box of Frogs (The Fractured Faery #1) by Helen Harper is a fun fantasy but nothing like her Lazy Girl's Guide to Magic, I just loved that series! Nothing can be better than that one! This was still good! Filled with mystery, exciting craziness, creatures, (vampires and fairies mostly), an interesting plot and characters. It was a hazy ending so I am glad I preordered the next book, next two really. Looks like another winner series!
  • *Thea 'WookieMama' Wilson*
    Actual rating 3 1/2 stars. RTC.
  • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)
    Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsThis story begins with Mad's having amnesia. She wakes up on a golf course with some very strange things going on, and she has no clue who she is, or what she was doing there. But, she starts to learn that things aren't looking so good, and she must figure it out before it is too late. This book had me laughing my ass off through about 40% of it. I mean seriously, the heroine was crazy funny, and just pla...
  • ☆Jamie☆
    Box of Frogs was everything I’ve been looking for since reading The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic series. Helen Harper has once again built a magical world that leaves you hungering for more.Summary:What’s worse than waking up with amnesia? Waking up with amnesia next to a dead body and having no clue of the events that led up to said dead body. Madrona, or Maddy for short, finds herself in this very situation. It’s immediately clear that Ma...
  • Vannessa
    This new trilogy from Helen Harper is going to be an absolutely hilarious one if this first book is anything to go by. I loved the main character and the whole idea of her story. As always with Helen's writing, this book moves quickly with plenty of background information, but not too much to overload. The characters all interweave really well and there is never a dull moment throughout! Madrona, aka The Madhatter, wakes up on a golf course next ...
  • TSN
    DNF 90%This just got more and more silly, and at the end I couldn't take it anymore.
  • Mlle Pointillés
    Au top cette nouvelle série de Helen Harper! Dans la continuité de style de la série Lazy Witch tout en étant très différent: nouvel univers, nouveaux personnages, nouvelle magie ^^Une héroïne qui a tout oublié, c’est toujours un bon point de départ. J’ai suivi Mad avec régal dans la recherche de son passé mais aussi de son identité. C’est fluide, drôle et entraînant. Et c’est même couinant! hihi« Like I couldn’t imagi...
  • Sara Oxton
    Box of Frogs by Helen Harper a Madhatter of a five-star read. This is the first book in the Fractured Faery series and what a start. I loved it, what an emotional ride this story was. I laughed, I cried, I spurted coffee all over my desk. I am not normally a fan of a massive cliffy, and this one is about the size of the white cliffs of Dover but I don’t mind as its only a little while till the second book comes out, if it had been months I may ...
  • L.B.
    An intriguing start to this trilogy with a cliffhanger that’ll make you grateful Harper is being quick with her releases! It’s a laugh-out-loud and light-hearted tale as per usual for Harper but this time, thanks to amnesia, the reader and the main character are both tripping along together trying to solve the mystery of a dead body, who the evidently magical characters are in her life, what the plot is and where she fits — is she the hero ...
  • Chelsey Nixon
    #SpoilerWarriorI laughed a lot in this book, and I was very much in anticipation to find out how the story would unwind. I wouldn’t say that I was in love with this book though, i love Helen Harper but I wasn’t sucked into this book like I’d liked to be. It was too easy to put down. But I am planning on reading the next one.As always, running thoughts:I very briefly had a book reviewing blog but then after the 12th entry where every single ...
  • Mindy
    The first story in the Fractured Faery series is really interesting. The main character, Madrona, is quite comical. Her witty banter, quick comebacks and sassy attitude make for one riotous laugh fest. Her interactions with Morgan are very interesting. I can't wait to see how the relationship between the two develops. I am saddened by what happened to the three brothers, Jinn, Finn and Winn. I truly hope that it's revealed in the next novel that ...
  • Heaven Law
    Disappointing I was very disappointed with this book it doesn't live up to the Bloodfire series I read and I hate hate hate clifhangers I only gave it 2 stars just because I could bear it to the end but i don't know if I'll bother with the next one or anymore of her books some writers only have the one good series of books and all down hill from then on it seems this author is one of those this is the second dud series of hers I've endured I don'...
  • Caelena Fey
    The title and the summary will not prepare you to read this book. The whole book is totally unpredictable and keep surprising me. The heroine is someone that has an amnesia, but it doesn't mean she just wait around until her memory back or things to happen. She's the one that set the pace, her action will definitely surprise you. We had no idea who she is and so is her, but let me tell you something, She's the craziest heroine I've ever read in U...
  • Becket Warren
    Fun, Sassy Heroine, Well-written RompMadrona is suffering from amnesia, and is caught between what her mind is telling her now and the evidence piling up around her: is she a force for good or an agent of evil? The Fey community and other non-human beings in the Manchester area are as confused as Maddy is, and so the proverbial jury is out. This first Fractured Faery novel is a fun, jumbled up box of frogs indeed! If you have read this author bef...
  • Debbie
    Loved it!I liked the heroine, who has amnesia, discovers she's fae, and a not nice one at that! But in her current frame of mine, apparently her instincts tell her she isn't evil as she works with some of her former nemesis's to get her memory back - and find out who's trying to kill her!Wonderfully witty dialogue, great characters, this had me turning the pages yet wishing it wouldn't end! Looking forward to to the next in the series!
  • Molli
    It was sooo good!Helen Harper has got me hooked again. I think it’s awesome that she’s releasing these books so closely together but I will be going crazy for the next one! Her heroines are always witty and complex and keep me turning the page. I absolutely hate cliffhangers, but since the next one comes out in a few weeks I think I’ll let it slide! Great book, great world. Helen Harper does it again!
  • Sarz
    *Gasp!*This book does finish with a little bit of a cliffhanger! I really enjoyed it, I like Urban Fantasy set in the UK, as it feels more familiar - I don't have to look up popular references in order to 'get' the scene being set, and that makes the story flow much more easily for me. I really liked the premise of the story and the main protagonist, and the constant questioning between her reputation vs her thoughts and actions is very cleverly ...
  • Meredith
    Fun bookI can’t say much about the plot because that would spoil the book for others (the lead wakes up with amnesia at the very beginning, so I don’t want to give away any of the mystery) - but this is a classic Helen Harper book. You have an interesting and varied cast of characters, a plot line that never goes flat, & plenty of snark...can’t wait for the next to be released!
  • Shawn
    First bookThis is the first book by this author I have read. It won't be my last. The first part of the book was a bit difficult. I felt thrown in to a new world and didn't understand anything happening. I finally began to realize if Madrona doesn't know what is going on, neither will I. I am happy that it's only a few more days until the release of the second in the series!
  • Natalie
    Damn that cliffhanger. I usually can’t stand the amnesia stories but this one was intriguing and funny. The mad hatter is off her rocker, naïve superhero wannabe and its really entertaining. Julie is complex and adds a certain wit to the story. Morgan is dangerous and sweet. Really want to find out what happens next.
  • Jana Gundy
    A spectacular book!Oh my gosh, what a book! I love Helen Harper’s writing, it’s always fresh and well written. This one is such a laugh, Madrona is a riot! While there is plenty of humor, there is also a serious drama going on with faeries and world domination. It was spectacular!
  • Saki
    Cliff hanger .....not cool...i loved the book it was hilarious.Madrona wakes up with a dead body and realise s she has no memory.later she finds out she was a evil fae with a black heart. Apart from it she becomes a bodyguard for a soap star and hunted by numerous magical beings.Then there are the brothers who wants to claim her as their own toy.its a fun read with Arun plot .
  • Sian Barker
    I couldn't put it downI loved this story and the comedy within the pages.Madrona isn't your usual heroin and it was refreshing. I couldn't put the book down and can't wait for the next book to see what happens.
  • Pamela
    New happiness lies ahead...Any Helen Harper story is one worth reading. I strongly advise you to give her a chance. ☺. I’m not great at reviewing stuff. But I promise you will find at least ONE of her series to satisfy your desires. New happiness lies ahead...Any Helen Harper story is one worth reading. I strongly advise you to give her a chance. ☺️. I’m not great at reviewing stuff. But I promise you will find at least ONE of her se...
  • Louise Bowling
    Loved itLoved this story, unique and interesting this I was unable to put this book down. Hilarious at times with lots of action it was a wonderful read. Can wait to find out what happens next x
  • Allison
    Helen Harper does it again! Excellent read. I love the supernatural - mystery - humor mix Helen Harper excels at writing. I didn’t think anything could top her last series but this is a really good start! I can’t wait to read Book2!
  • Kathryn Bevan
    This book was ok it was not as good as the other books i have read on the helen harper books and was hard to get into.
  • Noodle TheNaughtyNightOwl
    7/10Amnesia, concussion and a dead body – it was a hell of a way to spend a night.Good fun.And I figured out the title! Yay!This whole situation was as mad as a box of frogs.>
  • Brian Davis
    ☺☺☺☺☺Really good fun protagonist, good supporting characters, an entertaining plot and fast paced writing. There is a cliffhanger unlike the Slouch Witch series.
  • Ruth
    The first in a new fantasy series.