Once a Liar by A.F. Brady

Once a Liar

From the author of The Blind comes an electrifying story of deception, duplicity and suspensePeter Caine, a cutthroat Manhattan defense attorney, is extremely adept at his job. On the surface, he is charming and handsome, but inside he is cold and heartless. A sociopath practically incapable of human emotions, he has no remorse when he fights to acquit murderers, pedophiles and rapists. When Charlie Doyle, the daughter of the Manhattan DA—a...

Details Once a Liar

TitleOnce a Liar
Release DateJan 29th, 2019
PublisherPark Row
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Once a Liar

  • Kaceey - Traveling Sister
    3.5*Peter Caine is a highly successful defense lawyer in New York. Many would call him cutthroat, ruthless. But he wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time he was a kind and loving man. A man who fell in love and simply wanted to follow the noble path of his mentors to become the best lawyer he could be. Careful what you wish for...Told in two time lines:Then - Peter is just starting his rise. Falling in love and building his empire, on his cli...
  • Susanne Strong
    3.5 Stars (rounded down)Peter is a high-powered attorney. He’s cold and he’s calculating. Getting ahead and being successful is all he cares about. Peter has been divorced from his ex-wife Julianne for quite a few years to the detriment of his teenage son Jamie, whom he gains custody of once Julianne passes away. He has been with his girlfriend Claire forever, though being faithful is not high on his list of priorities. He’s been stepping o...
  • Michelle
    Peter Caine is not a nice man. You may even call him a sociopath which is perfect, really, for his job as a Manhattan defense attorney. He doesn't lose a wink of sleep when he acquits murderers, rapists, and pedophiles. Success, wealth, and recognition are the only things that Peter cares about. Peter has an ex-wife, Juliette, a teenage son, Jamie, a current live in girlfriend, Claire, and a secret lover, Charlotte. What happens when, Charlotte, ...
  • DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quotes:Claire has been living in my house for eight years, but I still can’t fully acclimate to cohabitating with another human being with her own will and own needs… I still stumble over her things, crash into her when she stands between me and my destination and I can never remember how she takes her coffee.I realize that I am lying to myself as much as I’m lying to everyone else. I’m not in control, and I see now that I never ...
  • Tammie
    Once a Liar was an enjoyable mystery/thriller-solid 4 stars. The book centers around Peter, a defense attorney and one of the most unlikeable characters I have ever read. Peter is all about his career and himself but he is forced to to take a hard look at himself when his life suddenly changes for the worse. When Peter’s ex-wife passes away, he finds himself taking on the role as father to his son Jamie-a teenager he barely knows or wants to ge...
  • Dennis
    Peter Caine is a defense attorney living in New York—representing murderers, rapists, and other low life scum, for a price. His reputation and success is known throughout the city, and he's paid quite handsomely for it. From a small town boy with humble beginnings, Peter has shaped his life to be the one he's always dreamed about, but it has taken a toll on his livelihood. As his success and financial gain grew, so did his mental stability. Pet...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    Peter Caine is a merciless Manhattan defense attorney who may seem to be charming on the outside. However, beneath the mask, he is a cold and heartless man who doesn't care about other people's feelings. He doesn't even harbor any feelings for his own son Jamie, and he is less than pleased when he has to take him in after Peter's ex-wife dies. But, his life will change dramatically when his ex-lover, the daughter of the Manhattan DA is murdered a...
  • JuJu (Julie)
    Short SummarySuspenseful and edgy. After I hit the half-way mark, I DID NOT want to put it down!My thoughtsThis book definitely makes you think about the consequences of your actions and the way you treat your family. If you love thrillers and haven’t read A.F. Brady, you need to read this book...I can’t praise her writing enough! Although it wasn’t immediately unputdownable, once I settled in a little, it quickly picked up the pace!It swit...
  • Amy
    This flips back and forth between Then and Now, then follows Peter as he begins his career and adult life and now is after Charlie is murdered and he becomes the prime suspect. Sometimes I get annoyed when a book alternates timelines but this time I enjoyed it. Almost every chapter ended with some sort of revelation or small twist and this tactic only served to propel me forward faster to get back to what I had just left behind. Both timelines we...
  • Li'l Owl ~ Incorrigible Reader
    Political and Judicial Corruption. Power. Sex. Money..... What does it all add up to? You guessed it. MURDERWhen Jamie breaks down talking about how quickly his mother turned for the worse, I carefully observe the reactions from the crowd. I file these looks away in my brain for reference in the future. I wouldn’t have to pay such close attention if only I could still conjure these emotions naturally. But I haven’t felt remorse, I haven’t f...
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    A tale as old as time.... man from a bad childhood wants to make it big so he leaves his old life completely behind, works hard, loses any goodness he has while building the perfect life he so desperately seeks - at any cost. Beautiful, successful wife who he grows bored with, enter mistress and the affair that will eventually end on a multitude of levels. Bye wife, enter girlfriend, who he also grows bored with but it looks better professionally...
  • Katie
    This psychological thriller was intricately plotted and had an interesting premise. However, the journey through the book felt labored and I couldn’t connect with the main character Peter Caine. The author tries to make the case that sociopaths can be created through life experience instead of just being born that way. I was not won over to that view because Peter was portrayed inconsistently. Some readers may be able to let go and just enjoy t...
  • Matthew
    Excellent story! The writing was fast-paced and enthralling. Even though I knew how it would end [who did it] I couldn't put it down. This book can make you rethink how you interact with your fellow human beings. Relationships are far more important than we realize.
  • Amber
    Thanks to the publisher for the free review copy.Review to come.
  • Monique
    Collateral damageSociopaths live among us, and most of the time we don’t know who they are, and this is what ONCE A LIAR is all about. This is not a gory tale of serial killers, of psychopaths, but of people almost, almost like you and me. ONCE A LIAR is an extremely well-crafted story that will keep you guessing until the very end, because I certainly had no idea how it would turn out. The author knows what she’s talking about, she doesn’t...
  • Jenna
    Excellent characters, brilliant read. I looked forward to Brady’s second book and it didn’t disappoint.
  • Becky
    While this novel is very well-written, I found it a bit difficult to get into it simply because none of the characters are likable. The main character, Peter Caine, and his boss are both sociopaths (and generally proud of it). Peter's love interests are clingy, desperate, and needy. However, the story is interesting and I did want to find out what happened. I was able to figure out the ending pretty early - in fact, I thought the "whodunit" was p...
  • Shannon
    I was lucky enough to win a uncorrected copy. Thank you A.F Brandy! 😁I could not put this down! Peter is a defense attorney and unbeatable at his job. He never fails, he does not allow it it is who he has trained himself to be. Can he prove his innocence against a former lover? Great ending..
  • Roma Sharma
    3.5 Stars rounded downThis is a hard book to rate. It does extremely well in some areas and not so much in others. It is the kind of book that is fascinating yet not too hard to put down. It starts at a good pace and is engrossing but then it quickly slows its pace and that does not help, also I did figure it out so that made it slightly predictable. The timeline of Peter’s life is a little messy so it takes effort to keep track of it. Other th...
  • KC
    4.5 stars. Peter Caine is successful high powered Manhattan defensive attorney. He uses cut-throat tactics, is a repeat adulterer and appears to be a sociopath. After the death of his ex-wife Jillian, he, along with live in partner Claire, assume custody of his 16 year-old son Jamie. Soon after, Peter's on again-off again lover is brutally stabbed to death with all circumstantial evidence pointing to him. This is a fast paced thriller with one of...
  • Jessica
    Full review to follow on blog tour date!
  • Owl._.
    Hooked from the beginning and the end .... totally unexpected!! Highly recommend if you are looking for an intense , pshychological thriller that you won't want to put down.Thank you #netgalley and #HARLEQUIN – Trade Publishing (U.S. & Canada) for the eARC.
  • Cindy Price
    My review is featured in Library Journal. It will be in January or February 2019.Great second effort by Brady, proving to be a master of suspense!
  • Donna Hines
    Peter is a Manhattan attorney with a reputation for getting hardened criminals off.Now he must deal with being under the spotlight as a sociopath.Questions arise concerning his mistress Charlie Doyle whose death shocked the nation.I'm sorry did I say Charlie I meant Charlotte his live in girlfriend whom he met as a design assistance which consequently was after divorcing Juliette.Well at least they divorced before he went and had an affair with C...
  • Joelle Egan
    The first-person narrator of A.F. Brady’s Once a Liar is exactly what many people assume all Defense Attorneys must be to succeed- callous, soulless and greedy. The book opens as Peter attempts to feign human emotions at the funeral of his ex-wife. He is dismissive of his caring girlfriend and clearly dreads the fact that his estranged 16-year-old son will be coming to live with them. It turns out that Peter was not always this way, evidenced i...
  • Kathleen Gray
    Peter Caine is not a nice man. Not at work and not at home. He's got some mental health issues, to say the least. However, he did not murder Charlie (or did he?). Hah! Charlie's stepfather was already a sworn enemy and he's a DA so things are just bad. This nicely twisty thriller will keep you guessing. Told in dual time line, you'll follow Peter as he becomes the man he is when Charlie is killed. He's left a trail of broken relationships and jus...
  • Courtney Lavallee
    Thank you Netgalley for providing me with an e-arc for an honest read and review.I wasn't sure what to expect with this book as I haven't always had the best luck with thrillers.This book was so good, it kept me on the edge of my seat. I got about 75% of the way through the book before I started to realize who the bad guy was. It had so many twists and turns that you kept expecting certain things to come to light and the exact opposite would happ...
  • Christopher Lawson
    With short chapters, the pace is frantic. The characters are well-drawn, three-dimensional. Such a brilliant novel I highly recommend!
  • Stephanie Nelson
    This book had an awesome twist at the end that I loved! To me part of the ending had always been possible, but there were other things that happened that I hadn't thought were a possibility. It was great!The book follows a man named Peter Caine, a criminal defense attorney; and it goes through his life alternating between the past and the present. Peter has just obtained full custody of his teenage son Jamie, as his mother, Juliette, has passed a...
  • Lee Staes
    “Once a Liar” is an exciting psychological mystery thriller in which Peter Caine, a ruthless and cutthroat but highly successful defense lawyer in New York is accused of the brutal murder of his mistress, Charlie. As the story unwinds, there are many surprises, twists and turns that make this an enjoyable read. I was sure I had this book all figured out but then the author managed to prolong the suspense about who murdered Charlie. The ending...