The Mystic Heart by Wayne Teasdale

The Mystic Heart

Drawing on experience as an interreligious monk, Brother Wayne Teasdale reveals the power of spirituality and its practical elements. He combines a profound Christian faith with an intimate understanding of ancient religious traditions.

Details The Mystic Heart

TitleThe Mystic Heart
Release DateMar 9th, 2001
PublisherNew World Library
GenreSpirituality, Religion, Occult, Mysticism, Nonfiction, Christianity

Reviews The Mystic Heart

  • Ci
    This book is both a summary of various mystic traditions and practices, as well as a guidebook to a life in mystic spirituality. It is well-written, well-researched, with a style and tone equally balanced between scholarly neutrality and personal conviction. It is a book worthy of re-reading.Compared with other developed countries, US is highly religious measured by statistics of surveys and church membership. Yet our psychological life is hoiste...
  • Kevin Fuller
    Mr. Teasdale offers this book of Hope to anyone who has ever had a hint or glimmer of the transcendent impede in their lives. I owned this book for at least five years before finally picking it up to read, and am glad I finally gave the thing a chance. Most other books on Mysticism concentrate on various Traditions (good) yet offer only one way along the path, that being inward and subjective (not so good). As a refreshing alternative, the author...
  • David Metting
    This book presents an incredible vision of what the author terms "Interspirituality." One of my professors said "God is one mountain and there are many paths to reach the top." In the depths of my spirit do I believe this to be true. Wayne Teasdale argues, convincingly, in my opinion, that mysticism is the strongest indicator of the different religions' essential unity. A great read, though at times an information overload. I heartily recommend i...
  • Maureen
    This is a well- written and informative book. This will appeal to both scholars and informed lay readers. The author combines a Christian faith with an understanding of the world's religions with a good explanation of universal spirituality...
  • Leroy Seat
    There is a lot of good information in this book, but also some misleading (and inaccurate) material. I also thought it was not very well organized.
  • Michael Chrobak
    Although this book was a tremendous resource in terms of defining the comparisons of various beliefs and cultures, I feel it was lacking in the ability to describe the path to mysticism. Perhaps it was my judgment of the nature of the book to consider it to be more practical and less theoretical, but I was drawn to it for the purpose of inspiration. At no time, other than very early on, did I find myself drawn into a stronger desire for a monasti...
  • Jessica Davidson
    An inspiring guide to mysticism and spirituality, providing a necessary balance to religious fundamentalism and secular pluralism. Whatever your tradition, whether you see yourself as a mystic or not, this book is an excellent place to start developing a deeper understanding of the variety of faiths we share and find the common values on which we can build a future worth living for. Full review:
  • Paul
    This is a wonderful book about mysticism as an element in all religion, and interfaith dialogue about it. It explores the story of interfaith dialogue since the late 19th century, as well as aspects of and topics about mysticism.
  • Carl-ann
    One of the best I have ever read. I still refer to it.
  • Moira
    The Centering Prayer by Thomas Keating is especially rewarding if practiced consistantly.
  • Tristy
    Powerful stories. Another important book for the Interfaith movement.
  • Suzanne
    This book reiterated my views that spirituality is not exclusive and that people find it through their own personal mystical experiences.
  • Diane
  • Caitlin H
    I finished this book over a week ago, & have been trying to write up a review ever since. I liked this book, don't get me wrong. It is a calm, & calming, kind of book, due to its subject matter & the way Wayne Teasdale writes. It's a very hopeful book, which feels incredibly poignant when you see it was published in 1999. Even so, it's still powerful; it gives a vision of what all the spiritual paths could achieve by working in concert.There were...
  • Stevie Booth
    From what I remember this was a great book.
  • Valentina
    Es acerca de espieitualidad, no religión, me gusta mucho.
  • Donna
    A difficult read but worth it. Describes the mysticism common to all religions and offers a vision of the future spiritual journey as more about finding our true nature as mystics.
  • India
    Love this book. It's beautiful.