I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn

I Love You So Mochi

Kimiko, jeune Californienne d'origine japonaise, prépare son admission dans une université d'arts réputée.Seulement, voilà : depuis plusieurs mois, elle est incapable de dessiner quoi que ce soit.Malgré la peur grandissante de décevoir sa mère, qui ignore la crise qu'elle traverse, ses toiles restent désespérément blanches, au profit de créations plus récréatives, comme la robe en emballages de sucreries qu'elle a réalisée pour sa...

Details I Love You So Mochi

TitleI Love You So Mochi
Release DateMay 28th, 2019
GenreYoung Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Cultural, Japan

Reviews I Love You So Mochi

  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    I read this all in one sitting and it definitely was not a bad way to spend my afternoon! It was sugary sweet.
  • may ❀
    book #9 completed! for the reading rush ✓ i am Spent y'all. i need to sleep for the next two weeks to rest my eyesvery cute, very wholesome, very precious
  • CW (The Quiet Pond) ✨
    My goodness, I Love You So Mochi is just so delightful! I was in the mood for a light-hearted romance, and this book just hit the sweet spot - I enjoyed reading this so, so much and it was faultlessly feel-good and just good.- Follows Kimi, a Japanese-American teen who flies to Japan to visit her grandparents to try and figure out what she wants to do in life. There, she meets Akira, a Japanese teen who aspires to be a doctor and dresses up as a ...
  • Dani ❤️ Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...The BuzzI Love You So Mochi has been flying around the Asian book blogger blogs. It caught my eye due to the title, based on a Japanese confectionery made from pounded rice and molded around a yummy filling. My favorite are ice cream mochi... I was dying to see how they were incorporated into the story.The PremiseKimi Nakamura has been practicing her art since she was a child at the knee of her w...
  • Emma
    The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. 2.75 starsFull review hereThis book just wasn’t for me. I appreciated the descriptions of Kyoto and all that there is to see and do there. They were all very good. They were probably one of the things I liked most in this book, alongside the development of a deep relationship between Kimi and her grandparents. My main issue with this novel is that...
  • Olive
    Super cute! Probably more like a 3.5.
  • chloe yeung ♡
    oh my god i loved this so mochi. review to come!update: i loved this book so mochi.before i start talking about the story, let’s just take a moment and appreciate the fluffiest piece of art that is the cover of this book. also, the title is so punny and adorable, which adds to the cuteness even more.one of my favorite things about the book is that it’s set in kyoto, a part of japan that almost never appears in ya novels. it’s underrated, re...
  • Vicky Again
    THIS WAS SO CUTE AND FLUFFY! the family feels! the super sweet romance! the finding yourself & fashion design & exploration of japan!! would highly recommend. THIS WAS SO CUTE AND FLUFFY! the family feels! the super sweet romance! the finding yourself & fashion design & exploration of japan!! would highly recommend.
  • Fares
    2.5 starsThis could've been way better, I mean it had a combination of many things I love about YA contemporaries and I manly mean food! But sadly all the food can't fix the "let's ignore things until they fix themselves up" attitude the characters had in this.
  • Rec-It Rachel
    wow wow wow what a stunningly perfect contemporary and honestly exactly what i needed after a day of being sick
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    Rating: 4.5 StarsHer mother's dream was for Kimi to become the next great Asian American artist. The only problem was it was not HER dream. While standing at a crossroads in her life, Kimi received a plane ticket and an invitation to visit her estranged grandparents in Japan. She saw this as the perfect escape from her mother's crushing disappointment, but it was exactly what she needed to find her passion.I swear, I didn't stop grinning for hour...
  • Rodoreads
    I'm soft, giddy and grinning like an idiot. What a cute book. Starting from the title, to the cover, to the story! So adorable. Sometimes reality intrudes on what we want. That’s just the way it is. Kimi had her life perfectly planned. Or you can say her mother did. She just wanted her mom to be happy and pretty much followed everything she said to see her smile. Until she couldn't anymore. Until she just became a blank canvas with no idea wh...
  • Camryn
    This is the sweetest and softest and I loved every minute of it. There is so much heart and love in basically every page. I loved the descriptions of Japan and Kimi’s clothes and the family dynamics and AKIRA. Our world is really harsh right now and it was so, so nice to have something so hopefully and kind and soft.
  • Ashley
    This is probs like 2.5 stars from me*I feel like this entire review has spoiler-y content, so if you don't want to know anything besides how I felt, here you go:Not-believable romance, weird parental expectation that didn't seem believable, super fun fashion design mc swoon-worthy descriptions of Kyoto and very cute grandparent relationship scenes. *I'm kind of sad I couldn't get behind the main conflict in this book. There were so many precious ...
  • alexandra
    this was cute, fluffy, and made me want to visit japan really badly! i loved all the relationships and rep, but found the mc a little frustrating at times — but that’s the nature of her growth. overall, would recommend if you’re looking for a light read :)
  • Jane (It'sJaneLindsey)
    Maybe 3.5 stars. This was really sweet!
  • mindful.librarian ☀️
    (free review copy) SO SWEET!!! And inspiring. The setting, the story, the romance, the food, the friends, the family dynamics - ALL OF IT.
  • Hanis
    4.3/5 stars. Can we just appreciate the cover for a second? That’s one awesomely beautiful cover and I’m not gonna lie, the book cover attracted me first. And luckily, when I read the synopsis I was interested and intrigued. This reader right here definitely didn’t regret picking this up.The story began with Kimi who went to Japan to get some brief vision of what she aspired to do in her life, as she couldn’t handle the very thing her mot...
  • Shealea
    ... I need a moment. Full review to follow.
  • Jessica
    Super cute book about finding your passion, and your family! I loved how Kimi connects to her roots, and strengthens the bonds of those currently in her life. I loved the descriptions of the food, and the passion she has for all things cute and colorful! I do wish there had been pictures, sketches of her fashions because I couldn't imagine some of them!
  • Rachel A. Dawson
    This book was ADORABLE and lovely and just so delightful. Love a good exploration of self and ancestry, love an honest developing mom/daughter dynamic, love a sweet love story, love a strong and quirky female lead... such a winning YA read!
  • Alleah
    super juvenile and cringey at times, and the plot was pretty insta lovey but it was still fun and cute and fluffy. although, i wish akira had more character depth and personality as he was kinda lame.
  • Sachi Argabright
    I LOVE YOU SO MOCHI tells the story of Kimi Nakamura, a Japanese American high schooler who is passionate about designing clothes despite her mother’s disapproval. After an explosive fight with her mother, Kimi receives a letter and plane ticket from her mysterious Japanese grandparents and takes them up on their offer to visit over Spring Break. After meeting and staying with her grandparents for the first time, Kimi is learns more about her f...
  • Kaitlyn
    OH this is CUTE CUTE
  • belle ☆ミ (mybookcastle)
    it was an adorable, fluffy book about self-discovery and romance. kimi’s passion has always been fashion designing. her mother wants her to enter a prestigious art school as a painter but it isn’t want kimi desired to do at all. after receiving a letter from kimi’s maternal grandparents, she decided to take a trip to japan to escape from reality. not only was this kimi’s journey for some soul searching, kimi learned about why her mother w...