The Beatles in Comics! by Michels Mabel

The Beatles in Comics!

This volume explores the complete illustrated story of the Beatles from their formation, through the Beatlemania phenomenon, all the way through their breakup. Readers see how the band evolved and amplifed the uproar of the sixties, became politically and socially active, and achieved a lasting impact unparalleled in pop music. Chapters combine text and comics for complete information presented in a fun way.

Details The Beatles in Comics!

TitleThe Beatles in Comics!
Release DateNov 30th, 2018
PublisherNBM Publishing
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Music, Nonfiction, Biography, Comics, Art

Reviews The Beatles in Comics!

  • Julie
    The Beatles in Comics by by Gaet's, Michels Mabel is a 2018 by NBM Publishing publication. I've listened to The Beatles since I was a very small child. But, it wasn't until I was about ten or eleven that I became an avid fan. I’m not a collector of memorabilia or anything, but I do love reading anything about the group, and have several lovely coffee table books about The Beatles. This book intrigued me because this past year I suddenly develop...
  • Dave
    "The Beatles in Comics" is a fun coffee table type book telling the history of the Beatles. There are 24 chapters, each beginning with a short summary and photos of that part of their history. That part is similar to many coffee table music books. That summary is then followed by a cartoon story, with each chapter featuring work by a different artist. I found this book to be lots of fun. The advance reader's copy I was provided only took the stor...
  • Rod Brown
    My fifth Goodreads Giveaway win in two years! (My secret super power? Door prizes. Seriously, you do not want me as your co-worker in any sort of drawing at a company gathering.)I have a passing familiarity with the Beatles, but growing up, mine was an Elvis Presley family. I do own a few of the Fab Four's best-of compilations and the White Album though.This is a nice, if not particularly deep, survey of the band's formation, rise in popularity, ...
  • Kathryn B
    A must read for any Beatles fan.
  • Peacegal
    This biographical comic, told in segments drawn by a wide variety of different artists, tells the story of the Beatles' career arc in a way designed for those who aren't too familiar with the story of the "band that made it very, very big, that's all," as John Lennon once put it. There are also short blocks of text and actual photos to move the story along. As with any comics anthology, there will be art styles you will like and those you do not....
  • Derek Royal
    About as much prose as comics in this book titled The Beatles in Comics. Plus, this book really needed a good edit. A number of textual problems and factual errors.
  • Tori (alwaysbookphoenix) Kisamore
    I received this as a free eARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review! I am IN LOVE with this! I am already a huge Beatles fan so this little graphic novel made my heart so happy. The illustrations were beautiful and it really helped me visualize the Beatles in their prime and made me just appreciate them more. I also listened to the "Yellow Submarine" record while listening to this. Perfect combination.
  • Amy
    The charm of the Beatles outweighs the horrendous editing and repetitiveness.
  • Brittany
    How I Came to Read This Book: A random pick-up at the library.The Plot: The Beatles story is told in about two dozen different comic chapters, interspersed with contextual historical background before each graphic novel portion (and some random asides, like lyrics and weird fun facts told at the end). Each comic is crafted by a different artist who all give the group very different visual treatments. Everything from the Quarrymen to touring in Am...
  • Christine
    This is a comic book that is a nonfictional account of the Beatles forming and rising to fame. It begins with how John, Paul, and George meet and, along with some other friends, begin the Beatles. It shows how they develop as a band, their popularity (Beatlemania), and ends with their Shea Stadium concert.Some good points about this book are how it sticks to nonfiction and does it in a linear way in a graphic novel format. I think that is an inte...
  • David Germain
    Je viens de terminer la version française chez Petit à petit et j'ai trouvé ce bouquin décevant. Il ne s'agit pas ici d'une bd de type "roman graphique" , mais d'un recueil de vignettes de 3-4 pages, chacune sur un sujet précis. Chacune des vignettes est introduite par un texte écrit pour la mise en contexte, et les quelques pages dessinées n'apportent rien de plus, que de la répétition. De plus, le ton dans les texte est trop familier, ...
  • Tobin Elliott
    A very lightweight, super-high-level overview of the Beatles with no real subtlety or depth.The writing is relatively amateurish, and the art runs from the terrible (to the point where I couldn't tell which Beatle was supposed to be saying something) to the very good, but nothing outstanding....and apparently, the Beatles had a song called All I'm Losing go gold, according to one of the vignettes. It was actually All My Loving, but hey, who cares...
  • Amy
    Free ARC from work. This is an odd collection, the story (roughly speaking) of the Beatles told in 24 chapters, each by a different illustrator. The art styles clash strangely, and the English translation seems to have been done by the internet. Also, there are just a lot of weird errors (the Beatles did not have a song called "All I'm Losing" and I have never heard them called "the four boys on the wind." Perhaps that's a French thing?). The aut...
  • Sheri S.
    This is a great overview of how the Beatles came together as well as their history before their ultimate dissolution. As someone who didn't know a lot about the Beatles before, I feel like I am well informed. The chapters begin with a brief amount of text followed by comics that explain the text. I enjoyed the book and now, please excuse me, while I go listen to a few of their songs... :)
  • Jiyun
    I think the book covers lots of details about The Beatles--I heard that they were the most famous band group once--, but there were some confusing points in this book since I didn't know anything about The Beatles, and how they look like. The ways of drawing characters changed too often that I couldn't see who's who in the comics.
  • Samantha
    If you are a fan of the Beatles, this will be fun to read. There were only a few things that I didn't already know, and parts repeated itself which made it a tedious read. But I enjoyed seeing different artists tell parts of the band's story.
  • Daniel
    Entertaining and informative graphic novel bio of the Beatles. Some very good info with some surprises, and ultimately a very "Hunter Davis" like kind of work, respectful and protective of the band's legacy. The book gives proper respect to George Martin and Brian Epstein.
  • Elizabeth P
    I was interested to read about the Beatles. The maddening thing about this book, though, is that it has a short factual account in the Beatles' history and then that exact same account is told in graphic novel format. What would have been enjoyable in either format became annoying because of the duplication. It was okay but I was hoping for better.
  • Comics Alternative
  • Ron Bailey
    Very fun brief overview of the Beatles history despite some typos and some inaccuracies most Beatles fans know.
  • Maurizio Codogno
    Questo libro è una storia dei Beatles a fumetti, come del resto recita il titolo. Più precisamente, è una serie di piccoli flash, ciascuno disegnato da un artista diverso e con qualche pagina di testo per dare il contesto.Il problema è che il testo è costellato di errori: per esempio, a pagina 33 si dice che Stu morì tre giorni dopo (e non prima) che gli altri Beatles ritornassero ad Amburgo, a pagina 60 gli studios di Abbey Road sono stati...