Defy the Fates (Constellation, #3) by Claudia Gray

Defy the Fates (Constellation, #3)

Hunted and desperate.Abel only has one mission left that matters: save the life of Noemi Vidal. To do that, he not only has to escape the Genesis authorities, he also must face the one person in the galaxy who still has the means to destroy him. Burton Mansfield's consciousness lives on, desperate for a home, and Abel's own body is his last bargaining chip. Alone in the universe.Brought back from the brink of death, Noemi Vidal finds Abel has not...

Details Defy the Fates (Constellation, #3)

TitleDefy the Fates (Constellation, #3)
Release DateApr 2nd, 2019
PublisherLittle, Brown Books For Young Readers
GenreScience Fiction, Young Adult, Romance

Reviews Defy the Fates (Constellation, #3)

  • Cindy Pham
    Although I appreciate the romance between the two main characters and the series as a whole, I felt like this book was a repeat of the conflicts we’ve already seen in the first two books, like the two characters being separated (once again) or sacrificing their lives for the other (once again). As a result, this book felt redundant and unneeded. Some of the misunderstandings were also uncharacteristic considering all they’ve been through toge...
  • Adah Udechukwu
    Defy the Fates was perfect, perfect, perfect.
  • Andi
    My local Barnes and Noble placed this out on the shelves early - nice.Now that the series is over, I feel kind of let down that the third book of the trilogy wasn't as engaging or enjoyable as the first two. I kind of suspected something (like being a tad left down) when I saw that it was thinner than the last two books. :/ (I like my prose, especially this book with its take on humanity and the future.)What I didn't like would probably be a bett...
  • Lata
    Gotta say, I liked this final book in this series much more than book 2. Even with a couple of things that totally annoyed me (e.g., Abel's repeated offering of himself for destruction, instead of ever talking to Noemi to figure out a possible other course.) And all the connections Noemi and Abel made in book one were again vital in their dealing with the new troubles between Genesis and Earth, and dealing with the situation on Haven.I knew going...
  • Suzanne
    Satisfying conclusion to this trilogy. I actually found this one moved at a great pace and the characters really developed even more so. I really enjoyed the first two a lot but this one really focused a lot on Mansfield’s God complex (pet peeve of mine) and it got a bit obnoxious more than with the previous books. Overall, good conclusion.
  • Sharon
    By the last half of the book, I got super invested. I was like oh shit please don’t kill off the good characters – but especially my favorite ones. Considering how this had a literal 30-year galactic war, my anxiety was up thereeee. Here are some of my thoughts:• I love that the plot perfectly balances science and religion. This series is seriously coming through with those areas, as well as philosophy, morals/ethics, politics, mortality, e...
  • Lindsay
    Noemi is badly hurt and Abel has no choice but to engage in a dangerous bargain with the daughter of his creator, Abel's body for her father's consciousness in exchange for saving Noemi by turning her into a human/mech hybrid. The political situation between Earth and its colonies has never been more unstable though and none of their survival is guaranteed particularly with Genesis on the ascendancy and desperate to win the Liberty War by any mea...
  • Mary
    That about sums up my feelings on the last two books.This should've remained a standalone. The first book was so good! And it all just bit the dust.The lack of imagery is starkly apparent in the 2nd and 3rd books. It was easy to overlook this in the first one but when the story focuses on several different planets and we barely get a glimpse at them all? OOF.The romance, which began as a cute and healthy relationship, quickly devolved into martyr...
  • Sara (A Gingerly Review)
    4.5 starsI loved being back in this world but so sad that it is over! FRTC
  • Clare Carter
    I'm glad I finished this trilogy out, but this was definitely my least favorite of the three books. I'm definitely disappointed because the first book in this series is a book I really loved, and I really enjoyed the second one too! I just felt like this third book was kinda repetitive and oddly paced. I just found myself not really caring as much as I did in the first two books, because I felt like the characters were just doing the same things ...
  • Jacqueline
    edit 5/26/19 I've settled on a four star rating because, while I preferred other books in the series, the series still feels worth the read to me and I enjoyed it so much overall. Happy reading! :) Post Reading This is a hard one to rate because I loved everything except for the last three chapters. The last three chapters are important. Prereading When you want a book so badly you keep coming back to check the release date as if it will someh...
  • Jennifer
    4.5 stars. It would have been 5 but... something big I was expecting didnt happen and WHY NOT. Ugh.
  • Shelley
    *Source* Library*Genre* Young Adult, Science Fiction*Rating* 3.5*Thoughts*Defy The Fates is the third and final installment in author Claudia Gray's Constellation Trilogy. The story picks up right where Defy The World ended with a shocking cliffhanger. Now, the author has a choice: Does she make readers believe that everything is going to be fine, or does she twist the story so radically that it will fundamentally change the lives of both main Ab...
  • Rachel
    A rather insane and fast paced ending to this trilogy. Talk about a book hitting the ground running! This novel picks up where the last leaves off and flips between two points of view (I kind of love novels that do that) and is almost non-stop action from the beginning. This novel further explores the scary possibility of A.I. learning and changing, although with Abel it seems to be for the best and in a positive way because he found his soul in ...
  • Cait Jacobs (Caitsbooks)
    Quick Stats:Overall: 4/5 StarsCharacters: 4/5Setting: 5/5Writing: 4/5Plot and Themes: 4/5Awesomeness Factor: 3/5Review in a Nutshell: Defy the Fates is an action-packed ending with all of the humor, romance, and philosophizing that the first two books made me fall in love with.“The opposite of Faith isn’t doubt. The opposite of Faith is certainty.”// Content Warning: Violence, Death, Assault, Gun Violence, Suicide Mention, War Themes, Murde...
  • Jessica (The Psychotic Nerd)
    This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic Nerd Short and Simple Review I have to admit that I did not like this one as much as the previous two. I still loved it, I gave it four stars, but that is one less star than the previous books. For some odd reason, I felt like I was slogging through this book and it felt like it had middle-book-syndrome, even though it's not the middle book in the series. The book starts off right away, conti...
  • mith
    THE COVER HAS BEEN REVEALED AND I LOVE ITANYWAY it’s almost April if we just casually overlook March and I AM SCARED AND NERVOUS FOR THIS BOOK.
  • Scarlett
    Yay! So happy I read this series. While I didn't LOVE it the way I LOVED A Thousand Pieces of You I really REALLY liked it. I absolutely fell for these characters and this incredibly imagined world that Claudia Gray has created here. By the end of this trilogy I really feel like I know them and throughout this book I was either cheering them on or on the edge of my seat fearing what tragedy would befall them next.If I have one small complaint it'...
  • Vedha K
    A nail biting ending of an incredible trilogy. Defy the Fates has stood up to its story, name and imagination it brings forwards. The shock with which we ended up in the previous part is retained for few chapters where we do not know how things will turn out to be. I gotta say that Abel surpasses every single criteria for a human, a hero. He is loving, determined, invincible to an extent, kind, emotional and even funny. He is everything a person ...
  • Eileen (BookCatPin)
    4.5 starsSci-fi's not my favourite genre but the Constellation series is fantastic. It's so underrated I wish more people would read it! Defy the Fates is a death-defying conclusion befitting the imaginative adventure that started in Defy the Stars.The story is fast-paced with action after action. Every moment was full of urgency and sometimes desperation but with a hopeful undertone. The unknown was super thrilling. The pacing never faltered. I ...
  • Melissa **Just Really Loves Musicals**
    I'm so disappointed I didn't love this more. As a huge fan of the first two books, this one fell flat. I still love the characters and the romance, but Noemi and Abel spent a lot of the time in this book either bickering, misunderstanding each other or apart. The pacing was slower and some of the things going on was a bit rushed and confusing. I just couldn't fall back into this world as I had done in the past. It was a satisfying ending to an am...
  • Kathleen
    Rating: 4.5
  • Laura Harrison
    I read this in ONE DAY. And I suffered through the worst traffic to get it the day it was released. I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!
  • Helen
    I didn’t enjoy this book as much. I felt there was too much repetition- the I’ll sacrifice myself for you; oh I don’t think they do love me; it all started to wear. Overall an enjoyable series.
  • Venus
    I'm not ready . . . but I am at the same time!Defy the Stars and Defy the Worlds had me hooked, then they tore me apart, built me up, tore me apart AGAIN, built me up AGAIN, and then both of their endings tore me to SHREDS.I loved it. I hated it. But above all I loved them both, and now I'm both dying for and slightly dreading this one, because it is literally everything going against them (more-or-less), them trying to save themselves, and both ...
  • Daphne
    I enjoyed this book, but on reflection I feel like I mostly enjoyed it because I got so attached to the main characters after reading the first book. If I think back to the actual plot of this one, I'm not that excited. It was good, but a bit predictable and repetitive. It felt a lot like the previous two books did, and because it was repeating the same beats a bit, it felt a bit stale and the stakes didn't feel very high.I had thought the change...
  • Aly
    This was a great ending to a fantastic series!I loved these books, the characters were interesting and fun and the plot was cool and had twists and new ideas that I loved. This book especially was well paced and kept me hooked. Abel has so many realizations as he becomes an actual person and not just a machine. The romance between him and Naomi was sweet and moved slowly as it should when you've never even considered the idea of loving another be...