Homebody by Joanna Gaines


In her design book, Homebody: A Guide To Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave, Joanna Gaines walks you through how to create a home that reflects the personalities and stories of the people who live there. This comprehensive guide will help you assess your priorities and your instincts, as well as your likes and dislikes, with practical steps for navigating and embracing your authentic design style.Room by room, Homebody gives you an in-depth ...

Details Homebody

Release DateNov 6th, 2018
PublisherHarper Design
GenreNonfiction, Design, Self Help

Reviews Homebody

  • Diane
    This is a lovely book about home design from Joanna Gaines. Thanks to HGTV and Hulu, I've recently become obsessed with the show Fixer Upper, and I was excited to flip through this big book and hear more from Joanna. I found the book to be more inspirational than informative — there are descriptions of different styles, lots of photographs and drawings, and some general advice about the design of different rooms (such as Entryways, Kitchens, Be...
  • Danni
    I wish there had been more how and not just pretty pictures.
  • Camie
    An absolute favorite among my shelves of home deco books. JoJo’s Texan style doesn’t always completely translate to my situation, which is snowy Northern Ut and a renovated period historic home, but I still love to peruse her great ideas. 5 stars
  • Amy
    I didn't read most of the book, but I did get some good inspiration from the multitude of pictures that were included (and their captions)!Gaines provides good information for creating spaces. She also provides suggestions in case you don't want to remodel a whole room / house for small projects that you can do to, i.e. increase lighting in your kitchen, etc.She also provides some Troubleshooting tips, like how to deal with "Toys Everywhere," in ...
  • Go
    I love the home designs on "Fixer Upper," however, in this book there is a lack of personality. There was very little variety displayed in this book. The photos were too neutral; The style was consistently classic. Everywhere there was black and white and wood…including the cover. You might sometimes think that the photos are actually in black and white. An occasional green plant added some much needed color. I was hoping for different pops of ...
  • Kaitlin
    Her designs are always gorgeous. The book itself was beautiful. I wish I had found it a little more helpful. It definitely made some good points and helped me gain a little perspective on what I’d like to do in my new home. I just sort of wish there was a little more how-to, as opposed to inspiration. Maybe I just don’t know enough about design to be able to take the principles laid out and apply them to my own situation? I enjoyed the book, ...
  • Carole (in Canada)
    I am a huge fan of Joana Gaines' design aesthetic/philosophy. I have followed Joana and Chip's show 'Fixer Upper' over the years and always came away with something that I truly liked. I don't prescribe to all her looks and 'distressed' being one of them, but how she approaches a space based on her clients personalities and what 'season of life' they are in, shows me the thought and care that goes into the overall design and finished product.Rece...
  • Kelly
    A beautiful book with lovely photographs, especially if you love modern farmhouse style.I love the sage, if not novel, design advice to tell your story within your home, filling it with things you love ("creating spaces you never want to leave"), rather than adhering to a certain style or guidelines; I didn't love that, even though there are some helpful tips and takeaways here and there, it isn't particularly helpful or insightful overall as a "...
  • Carolyn Hill
    Home design books are my adult picture books, and I love to indulge. I'm usually all about the photos, and will skim the text and read the captions of the pictures I love. But to review a book, I feel I should read it, and I did read most of this - there's not a lot of text, and the text doesn't seem to be the point. There are some pretty generic pointers and "troubleshooting," but it's mostly Joanna Gaines relating about developing her approach ...
  • LillyBooks
    Meh. I enjoyed watching the Gaines' television show because I like their interactions and because I do believe that Joanna is a master of space planning. However, all of the houses there - and in this book - are decorated alike although she seems completely unaware of it. For example, at the beginning of this book, she takes the trouble to explain different types of decorating styles and states there will be example of each type on the following ...
  • Katie Meyer-Robinson
    A useful guide for finding your design style and using that to design each room of your house. The examples Joanna provides are beautiful and inspiring. I hoped there would be more "how to" in the book, but what was included was useful enough that it was worth the read for me. Will use as a coffee table book going forward.
  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    My library had this in their e-lending library and I borrowed it. It shows different rooms (i.e. living, bed, bath and so on) and pictures of those rooms along with explanations of what inspired the rooms, etc...I would probably have enjoyed it more if I had the actual book so I could flip back and forth as I wanted to get the full picture. But it was fun seeing the pictures and critiquing them for my own personal taste.
  • Maureen
    Wow! Just wow! I requested this book from the libray and never guessed I would read the WHOLE thing. It's beautiful! It's brilliant! It's encouraging! I don't ever need to read another home design book as this one has it all. IT was bliss to read. The structure was great. I learned about design styles. Went through room by room, with examples, what to consider and troubleshooting. All this and accompanied, I felt, by a friend who was just as exci...
  • Melanie
    There's not a lot of text in this book, so it's mostly just about looking at pretty pictures of interiors. The book is organized by room, and the photos feature about 10 different homes that are a mix of a variety of styles. What text there is is good - mostly Joanna's personal experience creating a home that works for her family, plus the message that your home should be a reflection of you and not just the latest trends. Many of the homes still...
  • Shayne Bauer
    Oh, how I love Joanna Gaines!Her warm personality definitely shines through in this book. She is a true professional who is as devoted to her career as she is to her beautiful family. I don't know anyone who finds such joy in making others happy. Creating elegant and functional spaces for her clients brings her genuine fulfillment. I enjoyed reading about the motivation behind her decorating tricks, and it was fun to see some rooms I recognized f...
  • Jay
    Just loved this bookPhilosophy fits my style perfectlyI will refer back to this book over and overWould make a lovely gift for anyone just starting outAnd designing their own space as well as people downsizing and Starting over
  • Rebekah Theilen
    I enjoyed the pictures and reading the captions. A nice book if you can handle not coveting natural light. I now have a cute green plant on my kitchen counter.
  • Victoria
    I liked Joanna's voice, but NONE of the (black and white) homes looked like people actually lived there. I craved color and a smidgeon of clutter. Oxen and mangers and messy stalls and all that.
  • Morgan Britnell
    Hard to rate a book like this, but I Joanna Gaines and it looks nice on a book shelf so 5/5 Hard to rate a book like this, but I ❤️ Joanna Gaines and it looks nice on a book shelf so 5/5
  • Kayla
    Big, beautiful book full of ideas and photos for anyone who loves the Gaines’ style!
  • Kris Patrick
    Buckle up mike! I’m rearranging
  • Angela
    To me the best thing about this book was the index of which picture was in which house. It was very nice to have a reference for the different styles and how each would look as a whole house. However, even though various home styles were supposedly represented they all looked very similar. I like the Joanna Gaines farmhouse style but looking at the traditional, modern, etc homes designed by her in this book, they all still looked farmhouse. Yes, ...
  • Tiffany
    I enjoyed the commentary and the organization of the book. I think it is more basic level of those considering venturing into interior design. I would like to see Joanna do a book that translates the images/thought process she sees when she looks at a remodel job. On her show, you see her immediate start processing ideas. It would be cool to see that in book form. Maybe a before shot and a markup page of proposed changes with a more detailed desc...
  • Kalena
    4.5**** Non-fiction/Home Life. As a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines, I eagerly read through this book. What I liked most about this beautiful book was the author's simple encouragement to create yourself and your home. I am no expert in fashion or style, but this book helped me remember how we should embrace things that inspire us and truly make a home for our families.
  • Barbara
    Joanna Gaines’ philosophy in Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave is that we shouldn’t decorate just to fit everything within a certain style. Rather, our homes should be reflections of the needs and personalities of those who live there.Throughout this book, you’ll notice a theme of “telling your story” within your home. What I mean is that I want you to approach the design of your home with intention, to surrou...
  • Christy Baker
    Having forgotten that a friend has read and reviewed this book, I picket it up at the library and independently foynd myself having many of the same critiques: by and large, this is not a book geared toward smaller spaces and rentals like apartments. While Gaines proposes to educate on a handful of primary design styles, I often found her slection of samples heavily favored modern or more minimalist versions of other styles. Despite indicating th...
  • Michael
    If you are looking for a more informative design book rather than an inspirational one I would skip this one. An enjoyable read. I really appreciate the message that it doesn't matter so much about following trends in a house, but following what you like and the fulfilling the needs that you have in your space that makes it beautiful. I definitely got some creative inspiration from the photos that are in this book, these homes are beautiful. The...
  • Cleo
    Enjoyed the narrative, which did not accurately reflect the photos. Words 'fun' 'practical' or 'whimsical play space' matched with the photos planted inescapable pictures in my mind of those poor rhesus monkey babies with the wire rack bottle-holder mamas. Dry ground for youth or liveliness in these homes. Maybe grups with our rattled brains and cruel industrial pink ghetto jobs could settle down in some of these tepid lime-washed rooms with the ...
  • Kailey (BooksforMKs)
    I love the beautiful photos in this book, and I even recognized some of the homes from the Fixer Upper show. I like the philosophy of decorating, with an emphasis on telling your story through what you allow in your home. Your home should be functional for your family, and feature things that are important to you.I just adore Joanna Gaines' style, and this is a lovely book. I can't say that I actually got any doable ideas for my own home from thi...
  • Alexandra
    I love a good interior decorating book for inspiration - it just feels better to me to page through a book and get inspired, especially when it has a strong theme/consistency that you can't find on pinterest and Instagram and other more chaotic places of inspiration on the web. While there are things that I don't love or feel have been overdone since Joanna Gaines has gained popularity, the text was nicely written and gave some insights into her ...