Freefall by Jessica Barry


A propulsive debut novel with the intensity of Luckiest Girl Alive and Before the Fall, about a young woman determined to survive and a mother determined to find her.When your life is a lie, the truth can kill youWhen her fiancé’s private plane crashes in the Colorado Rockies, Allison Carpenter miraculously survives. But the fight for her life is just beginning. For years, Allison has been living with a terrible secret, a shocking truth that p...

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Release DateJan 8th, 2019
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction, Mystery Thriller, Suspense

Reviews Freefall

  • Emily May
    This is the kind of pulpy, plot-based read that you can power through in a single sitting, preferably on the beach or during a plane ride (if the plane crash aspect doesn't make you too nervous). The short chapters keep the pacing up and make it easy to zip through.However, seasoned thriller readers might be a little disappointed by the lack of surprises. Most of the plot is fairly easy to predict and the one promised "twist" felt a lot more like...
  • Larry H
    I don't know about you, but sometimes when I'm reading a book, something about the title triggers a song (or even two) in my brain, something that keeps running through my head the entire time. Needless to say, I was glad I devoured Jessica Barry's Freefall in one day, because I don't know if I could have handled Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" running through my head longer than that! (If it gets stuck in your head, you're welcome.)"Here are the fa...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    4 exciting stars!Freefall opens with Allison surviving a plane crash. She is the lone survivor, and she’s in the mountains with a smashed cell phone and few supplies. The pilot was her fiancé, and she has lost everything. And guess what? She actually doesn’t want to be found. On top of it all, someone is following her. Across the country, Maggie, Allison’s mom, has been told that her daughter likely died in the crash…but Maggie refuses t...
  • Tammy
    This is well plotted, if unsurprising, and the pace is fast. It’s told from the alternating voices of the daughter and mother which work but there are mistakes that the editor should have caught. Firstly, it is a character driven novel and the characterization should have been accurate. The mother is depicted as nearing eighty years old as opposed to her actual age. Next, please remember where your characters are. The daughter receives a phone ...
  • Katie B
    3.5 starsThis turned out to be a pretty solid thriller. Maggie Carpenter is devastated to hear the news her daughter, Allison, died in a plane crash. Even though they have been estranged for the last two years, Maggie is determined to find out more about Allison's life leading up to the crash. Except wait, Allison didn't actually die, but she doesn't want people to know she survived either. Told from the perspectives of a grieving mother searchin...
  • Tucker (TuckerTheReader)
    You guys! I just finished the most amazing book! Twilight! Just kidding. I just finished Freefall by Jessica Barry, my first favorite of 2019! Congrats, Jessica! Freefall is my kind of book. Most books take forever to actually start the story but unlike most books, Freefall hits the ground running (Literally 😉) The book opens with a plane crash with a sole survivor, Allison. The book then switches back and forth between Allison and her mother,...
  • Reading.Between.Wines
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫 / 5WOW you guys! Freefall by Jessica Barry is a fast-paced survival story that I absolutely could not put down!What it's about: Allison Carpenter is on her fiancé's private plane when it goes down over the Colorado Rockies. The pilot doesn't make it, but amazingly enough Allison survives. But Allison knows a terrible secret, one that some very powerful people will kill to keep under wraps. So she must run, and not let anyone kno...
  • Amy
    4.5/5This is my first review of the new year and what a read it was, this one begs to be read in one breathless sitting, a total binge read. From the brief, incredibly fast paced chapters to the switch between points of view it’s a truly entertaining read with a fresh premise, what more could you want?!This flips between Allison for one chapter and then her mother Maggie the next, Allison’s story begins from the minute her plane crashes and M...
  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    Allison by her own choice had no contact with her mother for two years, and then her mother found out that Allison had been killed in a plane crash.Maggie had not talked to her daughter since her husband had passed away, knew nothing about her life, and was at a loss to answer questions about her daughter.Maggie did what every mother would have done to keep in touch, but to no avail, and I admired her for searching out details about her daughter...
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    It's quite possible that I sometimes rate debut novels a bit higher than I would other books. Maybe it's because I always feel that the first book may be a little bumpy and therefore it's a learning process. So when I come across a debut that just bites at me like the bugs did to Allison in the woods... well, I just can't help myself. Ok ok, I realize that might not have been the best analogy but I hope you get where I'm coming from.Told in alter...
  • JuJu (Julie)
    My Thoughts: One hell of a debut! A well-written, gripping and positively unputdownable thriller! I can’t wait to see what Jessica comes out with next!This book looked so good, I had to start reading it as soon as I was approved! First...the cover caught my eye. Although it’s nothing spectacular, there is something catchy about it. Then...I read the description. A plane crash in the Colorado Rockies. I’ve lived in Colorado most of my life, ...
  • Sherri Thacker
    Wow!!! How can this be a debut novel for this author?? This book had me on the edge of my seat from the very first page wanting to know more!! So many lies, deception, twists and turns throughout. I loved it! 5 stars ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐Looking forward more by Jessica Barry!! Wow!!! How can this be a debut novel for this author?? This book had me on the edge of my seat from the very first page wanting to know more!! So many lies, deception, twi...
  • Liz Barnsley
    Immersive page turner of a thriller. Review to follow.
  • Amitaf0208
    3.5 stars
  • Jannelies
    What do you do when you are in a plane that just hit the ground. Hard. The pilot is dead and you are wounded. You know you have to save yourself...The first chapter of this interesting tale is very captivating. Allison, one of our main characters, finds herself wounded, physically and mentally (why that is will be explained later) and knows she has to save herself. Although for the past few years she's led a very sheltered life, she is deep down ...
  • Rebecca
    I need to get something off my chest. Writers, a thesaurus exists to help you make better word choices. Please do not use it to help you make worse word choices!Okay, back to the review. Freefall is a great story. The author, Jessica Barry, is a standout when it comes to pacing. She moves the story along quickly, keeping the reader interested with a steady supply of information – just barely enough, never too much – that’s both satisfying a...
  • Basic B's Guide
    A fantastic debut from Jessica Barry. This has all the makings of a binge read. Short chapters, multiple POVs, and a twist at the end that I did not see coming. This book reminded me a bit of The Banker’s Wife by Cristina Alger which was a favorite of mine earlier this year. Fierce female lead characters, corrupt business men and the great lengths people go to make a buck.It all begins with a plane crash. Ally is fighting for her life and Maggi...
  • Jaclyn (sixminutesforme)
    In this narrative we follow the alternating perspectives of Maggie and Allison, a mother and daughter, just after a plane crash. What starts as a straightforward missing person story soon transpires to be a little more complex. The operative word here is “little” - for the first 200 or so pages I felt like we moved incredibly slowly in each of the narrative threads. The story lacked the typical pace of a thriller for me for most of this early...
  • Linda Zagon
    Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “FreeFall” by Jessica Barry, Harper,January 8, 2019Kudos to Jessica Barry, Author of “FREEFALL : A Novel” for writing such an intoxicating, addicting, intense, captivating, intriguing and thrilling novel. The Genres for this story are Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Action and Fiction. The timeline of the story is set in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events in the story. ...
  • Marc Bougharios
    3.75 (rounded up)First of all, can we talk about this lovely cover? It's just so beautiful I was so scared that I would damage it or drop anything on it. Freefall is a suspenseful novel about a couple whose plane has crashed in the middle of nowhere. Allison's husband is dead, but she is on the run. If they find her they will kill her. The plot of this novel was so intriguing and I knew that I had to get my hands on it when I read it. I've read a...
  • booklover
  • Shelley
    *Source* Publisher*Genre* Crime, Thriller*Rating* 3.5*Thoughts*Freefall is an edge-of-your seat tale of suspense about two women (Allison & Maggie Carpenter) who find the strength to take control of their lives in the face of adversity. Jessica Barry’s debut grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until its intense finale. Featuring a pair of rich, full-blooded women, this emotional page-turner beautifully captures the fraught yet unbreaka...
  • Paula Sealey
    A fantastic thriller, real life got put to one side as I became engrossed in the superb, tension filled plot! Alison is the daughter presumed dead when the plane she was travelling in crashes. Maggie is her mother, desperate to find out what happened to Alison and still clinging onto the belief her daughter is alive. As she begins to delve deeper into the accident and Alison's life in the past few years, secrets are revealed that could have deadl...
  • KC
    When a private plane crashes in the Colorado Rockies, the two passengers on board are feared dead. Allison Carpenter miraculously lives but the pilot is mortally wounded. Willing herself to survive, Allison sets out in search of help. Her mother believes she is alive since her body is still missing but soon discovers that there is more to Allison's story than what's on the surface. This debut novel is a true thrill ride.
  • Heather LitChick4ever
    I received an advanced copy of this book from Penguin Random House in exchange for my honest review. It didn't take long for me to become immersed in this book. There were no chapter numbers to mark out this book. Instead, the novel was divided into Allison's and Maggie's point of view and alternated between them. If the chapter told from Allison's point of view ended in a big reveal and twist in the plot, I read a chapter of Maggie's point of vi...
  • Rissa
    Freefall 3.75⭐She needs to survive even if the rest of the world thinks shes dead. I really liked her experience on the island and if it was more of that and less of her life leadingup to it, it would have been a 5 star but it was still good. I liked the characters and she did a good job jumping back and forth in time leadingup to how she got on that plane. Freefall 3.75⭐️She needs to survive even if the rest of the world thinks shes dea...
  • Jennie Shaw
    This book was bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s. A slower burn in the beginning in terms of getting answers, even when nothing much was happening, it felt very tense. A triumph, to say the least. When the reveals ended up happening, I can say with absolute conviction that I had no idea where the story would go next. I loved the alternating POVs of Allison and Maggie, and shorter chapters kept the pace tight. The plot's depth was a surprise and delight, and ...
  • Jamie
    Fun thriller! RTC
  • Kailey C
    4.5 stars - I loved it. I flew through this one. Short, quick chapters that alternate POV. I thought this was fresh, original concept that was easy to follow. Although she wasn't perfect, Allison was a bad-ass protagonist, which I always appreciate. I didn't see certain parts of the plot coming - I had suspicions, but either way I don't think it'd detract from the story if you guessed certain things. I would add this one to your TBR if you're a s...