Out of the Dark (Orphan X, #4) by Gregg Hurwitz

Out of the Dark (Orphan X, #4)

When darkness closes in―he's your last, best hope. Evan Smoak returns in Gregg Hurwitz’s #1 international bestselling Orphan X series.Taken from a group home at age twelve, Evan Smoak was raised and trained as part of the Orphan Program, an off-the-books operation designed to create deniable intelligence assets―i.e. assassins. Evan was Orphan X. He broke with the Program, using everything he learned to disappear and reinvent himself as the ...

Details Out of the Dark (Orphan X, #4)

TitleOut of the Dark (Orphan X, #4)
Release DateJan 29th, 2019
PublisherMinotaur Books
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Out of the Dark (Orphan X, #4)

  • Larry H
    "There are no good guys. There are no bad guys. There's only what needs to be done."Nobody writes thrillers like Gregg Hurwitz, particularly his Orphan X series. What an incredible group of books, full of pulse-quickening suspense, whip-cracking action, and at their heart, a flawed yet amazingly appealing protagonist. Like Dexter or other anti-heroes, Evan Smoak is someone you root for wholeheartedly even if you're troubled by what actions he mus...
  • Theresa Alan
    This is the fourth novel in the Orphan X series. Again, you could read it as a stand alone, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Evan Smoak was plucked out of an orphanage at the age of 12 and trained to be able to kill anyway you could possibly imagine while remaining totally off the grid. The elements of an Orphan X novel is that Evan Smoak, aka Orphan X, aka The Nowhere Man, has a lot on his plate that mysteriously he never needs to get sleep for. I...
  • Barbara
    3.5 starsIn this 4th book in the "Orphan X" series Evan Smoak - also known as Orphan X - plans to kill the President of the United States, Jonathan Bennett. The book can be read as a standalone, but familiarity with the series is a plus.*****When Evan Smoak was a child Jonathan Bennett - then working for the Department of Defense - oversaw a black ops program that trained orphans to be highly skilled assassins. The children were stripped of their...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    Evan Smoak is a trained assassin known as Orphan X. He was part of the Orphan Program until he broke with it and used everything he had learned to reinvent himself as the Nowhere Man. Now he helps those that are desperate and have no one else to turn to. However, now someone is killing off all the Orphans, someone very high up in the government. Evan decides to strike back to take out the man behind the killings, the man who started the program, ...
  • Mark
    Note this is Book 4 of the Orphan X series but I had not read the previous 3 and was great as a stand alone ( although am going to buy and read the other 3 now )Having seen the authors name for the last few years and the Orphan X books I now, after reading this, regret not taking notice before and for it taking me so long to discover this series‘Out Of The Dark’ deals with Orphan X’s personal mission to kill the President!, this is due to t...
  • Dianne
    He’s your last, best hope, but who can Evan Smoak turn to when he is out of options and his life is on the line? Orphan X is back and he is even more larger than life, more seemingly invincible, yet even more vulnerable and “human.” And. He. Is. A. Target.OUT OF THE DARK is Gregg Hurwitz’s latest razor-sharp tale of Evan Smoak, a product of a life of being trained to kill, no questions asked, but somewhere along the line, Orphan X began t...
  • Cindy Burnett
    4.5 starsOut of the Dark is the fourth book in the Orphan X series and my favorite since the first in the series. I loved the first book and its balance between the Orphan Program aspects of the story and Evan’s constant urge to atone for his past. Out of the Dark achieves the same balance, and both of his cases in this book are highly entertaining and race along to the fabulous and highly satisfying ending. I particularly enjoyed learning abou...
  • Janet Newport
    Oh boy, do I ache all over.Thank you Netgalley and St Martin's Press for this arc. I loved it!. (Note for Judy D., previous reviewer -- this is not a kindle doc file but an E-pub file.... you'll need Adobe Digital reader installed on your computer to read and it's really not nice to rate a book you haven't read a one star).So I couldn't get all comfortable on a nice piece of upholstered furniture.... I had to read this on my computer instead of m...
  • Dave
    Out of the Dark is the fourth book in The Orphan X thriller series which features a Jason Bourne type invincible secret agent trained from childhood to be the perfect weapon. Orphan X left the fold, went out on his own, and pays it forward by helping people who call his special phone number. He has a sort of secret identity and a high tech condo like Bruce Wayne’s bat cave. He is also haunted by his past and by the efforts of some to erase all ...
  • Bianca
    3.5 starsAfter reading and loving the third novel in the Orphan X series, I jumped at the opportunity to read the fourth instalment. Out of the Dark continues Evan Stoak’s journey as the Nowhere Man. But now, there are more complications added to the mix, such as Evan wanting to kill the President of the United States in order for the President not to kill him and the other Orphans. This scenario made me arch my sceptical, really? eyebrow, even...
  • Skip
    Evan Smoak (Orphan X) and President Bennett are out for blood: each other's, stemming from Orphan X's first job, an assassination in Eastern Europe pinned on a local rival. Bennett frees Orphan A from prison (who also wants Evan smoked) and offers Orphan A whatever assistance he needs. As Evan plots Bennett's assassination, he partners with an old adversary, a female Orphan, since she is also part of Bennett's intended clean-up of the black ops p...
  • Lou
    Out of the Dark is the fourth novel in the breathtakingly action-packed Orphan X series, and boy it's the best yet from master thriller writer Mr Hurwitz. I recommend reading them chronologically to gain the best experience. This time the tables have well and truly turned on Evan Smoak and he becomes the hunter rather than the hunted. The plot, as always, is intricate and well thought out, with plenty of high-octane action, in fact, the action ne...
  • The Real Book Spy
    It was always going to come to this. Evan Smoak, aka Orphan X (when he’s not going by the Nowhere Man), has spent years searching for the man who gave the order to have him terminated–after he broke from the off-the-books government program that made him a killer–hellbent on burning their operation to the ground.Likewise, those in charge of the Orphan Program have been looking for Evan, the only asset to ever walk away, in an effort to tie ...
  • Rose
    3.5 stars
  • The Cats Mother
    Evan Smoak has a busy schedule: in between his regular job, protecting a vulnerable young man from a psychotic gangster, he has to dodge other Orphans who may or may not be trying to kill him, tending to his fragile friendship with a beautiful widow and her son, provide long-distance emotional support to his feisty teenage ward, keep his potted succulent Cera alive, oh and figure out how to kill the President of the USA!This is the best so far of...
  • Kelsie
    Out of the Dark by Gregg Hurwitz is the fourth book in his Orphan X series. This latest offering is a thriller of the first order. Orphan X continues his exciting personal missions. Evan is subject number twenty-four in the Department of Defense covert Orphan Program and has been given the codename Orphan X. All of the orphans were taken from foster homes, group homes or similar housing and trained as assassins. Evan was taken from a foster home ...
  • Eric
    Out of The Dark by Gregg Hurwitz is the fourth full-length novel involving Evan Smoak. Smoak is known as Orphan X and also The Nowhere Man.As a child, Smoak, an orphan, was selected by a secret organization for training to carry out secret government acts, including governmental assassinations. Smoak has created his dual role as The Nowhere Man to help innocent people facing dire circumstances with no one else to turn to as a way to atone for wha...
  • Renee (itsbooktalk.com)
    If I'm ever in trouble, I hope someone calls Evan Smoak for me! Orphan X is back in the 4th installment of this fast paced, fun thriller series and he's going after his most hated opponent yet, the President of the United States. The prologue shows us a very interesting scene in Russia in which Evan is out on his first solo mission as a trained assassin for a dark black ops program the US government formed.  I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of...
  • 3 no 7
    “Out of the Dark” is part of the “Orphan X” series, but it starts with a flash back that introduces Evan and details the relationship between Evan Smoak, Orphan X, and Jack. This gives new readers any needed background and adds new insight for fans of the series.Evan had no idea why his first mission was so important to Jonathan Bennett, now president of The United States. Evan is one person, a representative of the children who had had b...
  • OutlawPoet
    I love this series so much.If you’re new to it, Orphan X is kind of like the equalizer with heart. While I recommend starting with book 1 just because it’s awesome, you can absolutely start here. The author does an excellent job of giving just enough backstory for new readers without boring longtime fans of the series.As usual, the book is full of drama, intrigue, and pure thrills. The author brings back a character I loved and gives us a new...
  • Kay
    Oh Hellooo ... I have a new crush, you've guessed it, Evan Smoak! What a ride. Plot is sort of Jason Bourne'ish, action is nail biting good. Evan vs. the bad guys, secret service, D.C. po po. Big guns, small guns, mortar, Matcha Latte -- he's well armed and get things done. I can't wait to see Evan on the big screen.
  • Karen
    Loved this latest installment in Hurwitz’s Orphan X series. Evan Smoak is a smartly written, fantastic character and I love the high tech stuff that the author Hurwitz always incorporates into these action-packed books. Hurwitz is a master storyteller.
  • Jacqui
    The defunct Orphan project developed super-killers for the USA, assassins who could kill anyone with a pen ten different ways, who were also clever enough to outthink, outplan, and outrun any adversary. In this, their top assassin was Evan Smoak also known as Orphan X:"He sensed the men approach’s before he heard them. A vibration of the floor. A scent in the air. A pressure against his skin. He heard the melody of a slender rake tickling lock ...
  • Nick Brett
    Very enjoyable series. Part Jason Bourne, part The Equaliser and some Jack Reacher mannerisms thrown in there too. What could go wrong? Well, not a lot.The previous books have been taking us towards this ultimate showdown where Orphan X needs to take down the US President to protect himself and those he cares for. So while a bunch of sanctioned bad guys try to take him down, X has to consider if it is possible to get to his ultimate target. And a...
  • Judy Lesley
    Many thanks to St. Martin's Press, Minotaur Books and NetGalley for an eGalley of this novel.Definitely 4.5 stars would be my rating if I could use half stars. In this fourth book in the Orphan X series Gregg Hurwitz brings back all the characters I want to keep up with as the series has progressed and added in some new people of interest. As the Nowhere Man, Evan Smoak encounters a *civilian* victim who plucked every emotional nerve I have. I ke...
  • Darren
    I got this as a arc e book from net galley. I enjoyed reading it. It had a good story to it. I liked the variety of characters in it. I hope to read more books by this author.
  • Jessica
    Thanks to Minotaur Books for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review. Hurwitz brings us book 4 in the Orphan X series, and I loved it just as much as HELLBENT. I came into the series late, but I went back to pick up books 1 and 2. I would highly recommend this series to those who love some political intrigue to their thrillers.The Orphan project was an off-the-books operation that was designed to create assassins. At the age of 12...
  • Sarah
    Gregg Hurwitz has written his masterpiece. This book is so expertly weaved, and written in a way that lets the reader fly through it and be fully immersed. I cried, laughed, and gasped my way through this fast paced thriller. I love how Hurwitz has multiple story lines going, yet he keeps them separate and able to devote energy into that line as if it were the only story. This is by far my favorite Orphan X mission! Beyond amazing!!
  • Laura Rash
    Another good solid read about Orphan X. I always enjoy these and this one was full of some one liners that had me chuckling. I’m always eager to see what will happen with Evan next. Thanks to Minotaur for this early copy:)