Bloodwitch (The Witchlands, #3) by Susan Dennard

Bloodwitch (The Witchlands, #3)

Fans of Susan Dennard's New York Times bestselling Witchlands series have fallen in love with the Bloodwitch Aeduan. And now, finally, comes his story.High in a snowy mountain range, a monastery that holds more than just faith clings to the side of a cliff. Below, thwarted by a lake, a bloodthirsty horde of raiders await the coming of winter and the frozen path to destroy the sanctuary and its secrets.The Bloodwitch Aeduan has teamed up with the ...

Details Bloodwitch (The Witchlands, #3)

TitleBloodwitch (The Witchlands, #3)
Release DateFeb 12th, 2019
PublisherTor Teen
GenreFantasy, Young Adult

Reviews Bloodwitch (The Witchlands, #3)

  • Samantha
    4.5? 4.75? I haven’t decided yet but.. my emotions.Edit: who am I kidding it’s 5 stars
  • Nastassja
    She stole his breath now, and he had no breath to spare. Bloodwitch stole my breath, stabbed me in the heart, and left me bleeding and waiting for the next instalment. And I don't really mind, because it's the best kind of pain.First of all, I must say that Susan Dennard upped her game in Bloodwitch. With every book in the series, she becomes a more superior master of words and aims straight for the readers' hearts. She feels blood and she strik...
  • Beatrice in Bookland
    "Te varuje.I trust you as if my soul were yours.”0.5. Sightwitch ★★★☆☆1. Truthwitch ★★★★★2. Windwitch ★★★★★Just read the quote. I get teary eyed everytime I think about that scene so that should be enough to convince you to read Bloodwitch :))))
  • Alexandra Elend Wolf
    "He was born a monster, he will die a monster, and monsters do not get to have Friends." Emotional and darker than ever before Bloodwitch is a worth it sequeal to this wonderfully complicated and increseasingly twisted world. Bloodwitch centers its story, as the title suggests, in my precious Aeduan. And boy did I appreciate that. We get several flashbacks and fill-ins in the story of the best Bloodwitch, while also seeing his progress in ...
  • Jade Ratley
    I love this series SO MUCH. This book was everything I needed and my heart is so full. I loved all of the characters, as usual, all of the plots and how they weave together. The writing is entrancing. The world is so captivating. The political intrigue has me hooked and on the edge of my seat at every turn. I love it. So much.
  • Jeann (Happy Indulgence)
    Trigger warning: animal death (page 283), violence (child & mother) It's been so long since I've read Truthwitch and Windwitch that it dampened my enjoyment of this book, because I couldn't remember anything that I had happened. I'm glad I read Sightwitch though because seeing Ryber in this book was awesome, even though her involvement was limited.Loved hearing more from Aeduan's perspective and finding out about his past, he's definitely a compl...
  • Shanna Hughes
    SPOILER-FREE!Bloodwitch isn’t a good book. It’s phenomenal. It’s fast-paced yet balanced, full of action while never forgetting emotion, and just an amazing adventure all around.For a while now, I’ve been looking for a fantasy book that would sweep me off my feet. A story I could get lost in. A book I didn’t want to put down. I found all of this in Bloodwitch. I find that many series lose their spark as they progress. This one does the ...
  • Travis
    Wow was this ever a "bloody" great sequel. Bloodwitch was well worth the wait and then some. Susan has created such a magnificent and complex world and it felt so great to be back with my children. Bloodwitch picks up 2 weeks after the events of Windwitch. The story remains the same and there is really nothing more I can say without spoiling the rest of the books. The politics of the book are still as strong as ever and I believe even more so in ...
  • Clephiro (The Book Coven)
    Bloodwitch is the stunning new installment in Susan Dennard's NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Witchlands series. While admittedly, the first two and a half books in the series have been solid reads, Susan Dennard pulled out all the stops in her newest book.Picking up where Windwitch left off, Bloodwitch follows the ensemble cast introduced in the series with a focus on Aeduan. Characters in this book get significant and well-deserved character develop...
  • Bright Star
    "Te varuje," she told him. "Te varuje."CAN I HAVE THE SEQUEL NOW?!
  • Wanderlust_WL
    4.5 Stars! I just love Aeduan and Iseult so much ahhh. RTC
  • Lou
    Bloodwitch, the third book in the Witchlands series, is the best of the series so far and one of Dennard's most stunning novels to date. It has a little something for every fantasy fan, and it's crystal clear exactly how talented the author is. Her glorious worldbuilding can rival anyone's, her characters flawed, real and unforgettable had my heart from the very beginning, and the plot is captivating and adventurous. There are so many twists and ...
  • Raquel Flockhart
    “Te varuje. I trust you as if my soul were yours.” I was really excited about this book. Aeduan is one of my favourite characters in the series and if I had liked Windwitch, a book especially focused on my least favourite character, I was sure that I would love Bloodwitch. And I enjoyed this third book but not as much as I was expecting to.First of all, you should read Sightwitch before reading Bloodwitch because if not, you’ll be missing a...
  • Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd)
    2.5 StarsIf I’m being honest, I feel like this series all kinda blends together and not a lot has happened. Yes the characters are in different places physically, but I feel like they’re still all the same (except for Merrik) and I don’t really feel like I know them. Or maybe I’m just not connecting with the characters, so I’m not invested even if there was a plot. I don’t know. I was excited to read Bloodwitch, because I did enjoy Wi...
  • Hayley
    This was everything I wanted and more.The last 30 pages were BURSTING with the amount of twists that I’m still in shock and denial at what has happened.Dennard knows how to write angst and female friendships PERFECTLY.How in the MOTHER-LOVING HELL am I supposed to wait until 2020 FOR THE NEXT BOOK?!?!?!?!RTC when or if my brain cell can process this book into words.
  • Marija (Inside My Library Mind)
    More reviews up on my blog Inside My Library Mind She had claimed his Aether, and she would guide his blade I Love Aeduan So Much We finally got a book that focuses on Aeduan and I don’t think you understand how important he is. I love that we got to learn more of his past and to see how that made him who he is and how he harbors so much hatred for himself because of his witchery and the way people have treated him because of it. He is by...
  • Reading Teen
    So good!! I hate waiting!!
  • Stephanie Ward
    'Bloodwitch' is the third installment in an addictive young adult fantasy series that will leave readers breathless. First of all, I want to say that you really need to read the first two books in the series before this one. In some series, you can read books out of order or as stand-alones, but this isn't one of those. There's so much happening and so many characters with different alliances and relationships that you need to read the books in o...
  • Myth
    My brand over on tumblr is garlic and rewrites, as my followers are aware. Even in books I like, my brain is often tsking and thinking 'it would have made more sense from a storytelling/thematic/character standpoint to...' It's a thing. I've made peace with it.Happily, that didn't happen with this book. I didn't question anybody's actions or motivations. The plot was fast-paced. Vivia was, of course, delightful. There were loads of ladies doing s...