The Bombshell Effect by Karla Sorensen

The Bombshell Effect

Allie Sutton just got a new job.Not one she wants, and definitely not one she's prepared for. She hadn't seen her dad in years, so the last thing she expects upon his sudden death is to inherit the thing he loved more than anything (or anyone) ... the professional football team he owned for the last twenty years.Luke Pierson does not want a new boss.What he wants is to be a good father to his daughter, the best quarterback possible for his teamma...

Details The Bombshell Effect

TitleThe Bombshell Effect
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreContemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Sports and Games, Sports

Reviews The Bombshell Effect

  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    4,5-5 STARS I loved it so much.What a nice surprise, this is my first book by this author and I need more!The Bombshell Effect has everything I wanted and even more Karla Sorensen delivers a sweet,sexy,lighthearted story.With my favorite trope, a singe dad and a fantastic romance, with angst,humor and steamy moments! The characters were well developed and the romance between Allie and Luke is steamy!These two is like an explosion whenever they ar...
  • Alex ♈
    3.75 – 4 starsIt was my 1st book by this author. Liked it a lot, or better said liked the heroine a lot.She had such a beautiful name – Alexandra. Love it! You’ll never guess why *lol*I was happy to share my name with her.Allie (fortunately no one calls me that) was very smart, loyal and strong woman. At the beginning I was a bit skeptical, but when she stood up for herself the 1st time she met the ‘rude’ hero, I was on her side.Playboy...
  • Dri ✰
    ★ 2 stars!! ★ Bem, bem, bem... o que dizer sobre esse livro?Um dos elementos que mais me atraiu na sinopse, foi o fato de que Luke era pai, que ele queria ser um bom pai para a sua filha. Minha escolha de leitura foi decidida aí, adoro histórias onde há crianças. Mesmo que a maioria dessas leituras não superou as minhas expectativas nesse quesito, eu continuo arriscando e tentando encontrar uma que me satisfaça. O que infelizmente não ...
  • Corina☞BookTwinsReviews
    4.5 starsThis was my very first book by Karla Sorensen, and boy was I glad that I picked it up. As many of you know, book funks happen to me with quite the frequency lately. And getting out of it is no small feat. The Bombshell Effect managed that by being a fresh take on two favorite tropes - sports romance and enemies to lovers.Within a few pages I was immediately drawn into the book. Allie Sutton and Luke Pierson met under certain circumstanc...
  • Kandi Steiner
    I'm literally dead. DEAD, I tell you. Shooketh from the amazingness that is The Bombshell Effect and Karla Sorensen's killer writing. Holy WOW. I absolutely devoured this book, from the very first word to the very last, and then proceeded to lick every juicy drop from my fingers as I sat there wishing the story wasn't over, wishing I could stay within this world -- with these characters -- just a little longer. And that is the BEST feeling.The Bo...
  • Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads
    4.5 "OMG. LOVE" Stars!I love a good sports romance, especially a football romance. And The Bombshell Effect was everything I wanted to read when I picked it up. It was a sexy, fun, surprisingly heartfelt, on the edge of your seat romance that I could not put down. Luke and Allie, our main characters, have the best back-and-forth, the sassiest, funniest come backs, and the most decadent tension that burns between them. This was my first time readi...
  • Melanie (mells_view)
    A sweet football romance!I actually didn’t read the synopsis for this one. I just figured it’d be a fun sports romance from the cover, and it was essentially that, but both characters were interesting and had good back stories. I liked that Luke is a single dad, and that his daughter has a connection with the heroine without it feeling forced. Allie faces the things thrown at her head on, and I loved that. These characters have their ups and ...
  • Staci Hart
    The Bombshell Effect left me standing up in my seat wth fists in the air like my home team just won the Lombardi. Pure elation. Between the laughs and the lust, the love and luscious writing, I could not put this five-star read down.
  • Amy Daws
    This book is was like my own, personal catnip. It has sports, it has tension, it has sexy bits that are amazing! The perfect blend of hot and heart-warming. You need this book in your life!!!!!
  • BleuBelle
    Really enjoyed it. Kick-ass heroine. Cute kid. Totally safe.
  • Carlene Inspired
    For this review and others visit Carlene Inspired.Luke Pierson doesn't do media and he definitely doesn't go for the female fans that throw themselves at him, especially not the new blonde neighbor. Except, she really is attractive and her smart mouth has been feature in one too many fantasies. Allie Sutton doesn't do jerks and she doesn't do football, at least she didn't until her father left his beloved team to her. There's got to be a purpose ...
  • Kathy West
    What a sweet love story!!! If you know me, you know I usually go towards darker reads, but Karla is an author that I love and I will read whatever she write. Luke and Allie have such a sweet, fun, heart-breaking, heart-touching love story. Luke is the starting quarterback for the Washington Wolves. When the owner of his company dies, he has no idea who is going to be taking over. All Luke knows is that he needs to continue to be a leader for his ...
  • Joyce
    This was a really fun football book! I really enjoyed it. It was quick and light. Solid romance. Allie was a strong, confident woman. Luke was a stand up guy. Usually I don’t like reading romances with the guy being a single dad, but in this case, it highlighted what a good guy he was. And Allie had grace and self confidence and strength to really own who she was and who she wanted to be. She might have cowered internally but outwardly, she hel...
  • Mary at USAT's HEA
    After reading and loving The Bombshell Effect by new-to-me-author Karla Sorensen, I’m now a dedicated fangirl. This contemporary sports romance is swoony entertainment from beginning to end and checks every box on my must-read list. Luke is a mega-star quarterback and dedicated single dad to an adorable daughter, and he tries to deny his attraction to his new boss and neighbor, Allie. But the more he gets to know her, there is absolutely no way...
  • Treena
    Karla Sorensen is a new-to-me author. So I had no idea what to expect. But I'm so glad I took a chance because reading her book was such an unexpected surprise! I really, really liked it.The MC's are fantastic. The 2ndary characters are also cool and make me hope they get their own books too (Paige in particular). The story is engaging and full of feels --- with enough football scenes to make the sports fan in me happy. It's also low on the angst...
  • RentasticReads
    This was my very first Karla Sorensen book and I must say, I don’t know why I’ve waited this long to devour her words. I got so into Luke and Allie’s tale that I couldn’t, for the love of all things holy, peel my eyes away from it once I dove in. From cover to cover, this book was just absolutely captivating and enthralling as hell. The Bombshell Effect definitely left me on a massive heart-thumping Washington Wolves cloud nine. Maybe sh...
  • Anne OK
    I love a sports-related romance especially when said sport equals football. And I'm really happy when I find a new-to-me-author that writes it well. Luke Pierson, a single dad with a six year old daughter named Faith wasn't lookin' for love. One might even say that he blocked it from his life. Until he met his new neighbor that his daughter dubbed "Barbie." And when he finds out she's his new boss and the owner of the team, well he knows he's goi...
  • Sarah (sarahandherbookshelves)
    *ARC received for review from author*Wow I have read another new author this year and Karla's newest book The Bombshell Effect was a definite winner for me! I already have added mulitple other books by her to my TBR and literally can't wait to see were she takes this series next!The Bombshell Effect is Luke and Allie's story. Luke is a single father of a litter girl named Faith and Allie is the new boss and owner of the football team Luke plays f...
  • Britt Red Hatter Book Blog
    I keep falling more and more in love with Karla Sorensen’s writing every time I read a book by her. She has this way of making characters I’m on the fence about become so true to life that I end up LOVING them. Usually one to cheer for the underdog nerdy girl a bombshell (and Allie is exactly that) is not the typical character I’m drawn to, but wouldn’t you know? I adored Allie. She’s so much more than her gorgeous exterior. A sweet wom...
  • Becky Rendon
    Some books give you a smile.Some books give you a happy glow.Some books give you both.The Bombshell Effect is a "both" book. A smile inducing, happy glow radiating book. With its initial meeting of the main characters and then subsequent meeting, there is no way to avoid the smirks and side eyes. Even if you know nothing more than one and ten...this football story will make you a Washington Wolves fan. If only I could get a jersey...The Bombshell...
  • Joy Novel Thoughts
    The Bombshell Effect by Karla Sorensen was combustible!!Luke and Allie had sexual chemistry that was so intense it almost felt tangible! They circled each other like a shark circles blood. They were rooted in misconceptions and bad first impressions. It was funny for me to figure out their connection prior to them finding out. There is just something so much fun for me when I know something that they don't know. If you have followed my reviews fo...
  • Reading with 2 book lovers
    this is the first book I've read by this author and I have to say I have a soft spot for sports books so this one I highly enjoyed.allie and Luke made me fall in love with there characters right from the start, I do wish they weren't so slow in realizing they wanted each other but it was still a great read."I felt like she was the one in the room who knew exactly what I was feeling"I loved Luke's daughter faith she just made this story what it wa...
  • Rhonda Ziglar
    5 PHENOMENAL STARS!! This story is perfection with feels, humor, sexiness and fantastic characters. Allie and Luke's story is addicting, you can't put it down. The author puts the right ingredients for a delicious story that you will devour it in one sitting. I can't wait to read more in this series. Do yourself a favor and 1-click this book.
  • Anne Milne
    I loved this book it was just what I needed it had everything I love in a book, a sassy woman a hot guy and a cute kid.Allie was such a great character finally a female lead that knows who she is and isn't afraid to show it. She's beautiful strong determined and not to be underestimated. Luke is a single dad and my ovaries went boom I love his relationship with his daughter it's adorable there is nothing better than a man loving his kid. There ar...
  • TSN
    3.5 starsThis reminded me so much of It Had to Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips - one of my all time favorite books, that it almost felt like a retelling. Don't get me wrong here, that is a good thing.It was a great book and it still managed to create a new twist to the same basic plot.What can I say? It was absurdly absurd. But you know what? I don't care, because I loved it.
  • Just Lily
    3.75 starsWhat I liked:- Hero was celibate for a very long time before meeting the heroine- He was a wonderful father- His daughter was adorable, I would’ve liked more scenes with her- There was a significant character development for both of them. In the beginning I didn’t particularly liked any of them. She seemed too young, little bit shallow and somehow lived without any purpose. He was very judgmental and rude for no apparent reason and ...
  • Andrea Britton
    A Total TOUCHDOWN!Five big SWOONY Stars!!Nothing is better to me than a single dad story with a dad that is 100% into his kid. And let me just say that Luke Pierson is that dad and that man. Luke Pierson Quarterback for the Washington Wolves, is a single Dad to an adorable 6 yr old little lady named Faith. Being in the spotlight isn’t something Luke likes. He’s a simple man who keeps his personal and family life quiet. Alexandra Sutton’s wh...
  • Diary Of Book Fiend
    This just landed in my Kindle earlier this afternoon and I have already devoured it. OMG it was so good.Allie and Luke are two incredible characters whom I adored!! And Faith, who is Luke's daughter, she just absolutely stole my heart.This book had it's serious moments but it definitely had it's funny moments too. Like the pink cupcakes that Luke wore. Fantastic!!And can I say that Dayvon, who isn't even the main character, but a secondary charac...
  • Taylor Freeman
    I was so excited when I saw the blurb for this book. I love sports romances and add a single dad to it and sounds like a winner! However I was halfway through the book and wasn’t feeling any connection to the characters. I felt that they hadn’t really developed and the romance part for me was a little “bleh”. I was highly surprised to feel this way considering all of the amazing reviews I’d seen, but it just wasn’t doing it for me. I ...