Blood Claim by Claire C. Riley

Blood Claim

What rests beneath the ground is not always asleep…Mike Cooper has spent his life fruitlessly searching for gold in the great American West. Looking to finally make his fortune, he decides to risk everything and pack up his crew of fellow miners to head for the heart of gold-rich Ghana West Africa, where an opportunity arises that’s too good to ignore.Leased a plot of land, Mike and his crew feel they’re on the cusp of success. Overrun by g...

Details Blood Claim

TitleBlood Claim
Release DateJan 1st, 1970

Reviews Blood Claim

  • Eli Constant
    Abso-freaking-lutely LOVED this book. This is straight horror, guys. Nothing mushy about it. There's depth, nuance, twists that'll leave you breathless. Riley has done a seriously thrilling job putting together this terror-filled roller-coaster. Top stars for BLOOD CLAIM. You'll come away convinced you'll pay with your life.
  • A. Walters
    Of course I loved it. Is there anything this woman writes that I don't love? Scary and full of heart stopping moments, I was enthralled. I'm not a big horror reader anymore (I used to love the genre when I was younger), but Blood Claim is a definite page turner.
  •  Charlie ✰ WLTB Blog ✰
    Well... I did not know what I was letting myself into reading this book.I knew it was a horror but that was about it. I went in blind and what a book it is. Is there anything Claire cannot write?This story sucked me in and did not let go until the last page.Mike Cooper and his crew go in search of gold and greed take's over. All Mike sees the gold, they ignore all the warning signs. Not knowing the land they start digging on is cursed and that Te...
  • Brandi Aga
    Claire is phenomenal at painting an evil picture that leaves your skin crawling in the dark. I LOVE everything Claire writes! Seriously- horror, zombies, bikers- she writes it all and each one is spectacular in its own special way. Blood Claim falls into the horror category. I went into this blind because hello?! It’s Claire Riley! This one is different from what I read a lot of the times (no romance) and I kept having to stop reading to tell m...
  • K Dz
    I always start Mrs. Riley’s stories knowing I will be amazed and surprised. This one was different, I was amazed and surprised, but also terrified. I read it in doses trying to savor every word, but ended up not being able to put it down at times, the struggle was real. My head hurt, my gut clinched, my heart pounded and my mouth was dry with every page I turned. Claire is a genius at melting you into the characters lives and minds, so much so,...
  • Shannie
    Omg! ClaireBear you did it yet again. Brilliant!
  • Erin Remen
    This is was an insanley terrifying horror that seriously had me doubting my own sanity for enjoying it so much. Gold fever is given an entirely new meaning in this horror from Claire that will leave you never looking at your wedding ring the same again. A gamut of emotions are wrought from these characters one by one as they fall prey to the terrifying horror of the beast that wants it's sacrifices, in the most disgusting ways. Claire has a truly...
  • Stormy
    After finishing this book, and having trouble sleeping a few days after. I have come to the very real conclusion that there is absolutely NOTHING, Claire C.Riley can not write!!! I mean it!!! Every genre she picks, she nails it every single time!!!!When I first started reading this book. I knew very little about it.. All I knew was that it was horror, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. This book will grab you from the get go. And will not...
  • Emma L.J
    I loved it 5* all the way
  • San
    Claire, has done it again! This book was dark, foreboding and at times gruesome. When a bunch of American friend go to mine some land in the deepest depths of, Ghana for the gold that would set them up for life, they wouldn’t have expected what was waiting for them...The characters in this book develop and change reflecting the environment around them. It pushes these characters into their own individual hellholes, breaking them down and sendin...
  • Sal
    Claire does it again! Again I went in blind, not knowing exactly what to expect except for it was a horror story and I ended up reading a fabulously brilliant story that had me gripped from the very beginning.This story is so clever that you don’t realise just how deep it has sucked you in until it’s too late. The setting for the story is original and so well thought out, the characters are engaging and totally believable and the storyline fl...
  • Pam
    I have read Claire C. Riley’s MC books and loved them! This is not that! I am not generally a fan of horror type books but this was was just so good! The writing and dialogue was fantastic! The decent into ‘madness’ super intense. If your into this type of book you will love this novel! I will be checking out her other non MC novels from now on!
  • Melanie Marsh
    I know you guys are expecting one of my usual longwinded reviews of Claire's newest book, but there is really only so much I can say about this one without giving away any of the story. Blood Claim is definitely a different kind of horror from what I'm used to seeing from this author. I loved that there was no romance because, as you know,  that is most definitely not my kind of thing. It's very well written and exciting as we have come to expe...
  • Dixie
    slow beginning and kept hoping it would get better. eventually it did.