True Places by Sonja Yoerg

True Places

A Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestsellerA girl emerges from the woods, starved, ill, and alone…and collapses.Suzanne Blakemore hurtles along the Blue Ridge Parkway, away from her overscheduled and completely normal life, and encounters the girl. As Suzanne rushes her to the hospital, she never imagines how the encounter will change her—a change she both fears and desperately needs.Suzanne has the perfect house, a successful husband, an...

Details True Places

TitleTrue Places
Release DateJan 1st, 2019
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Contemporary

Reviews True Places

  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    This book was wonderful! Fog hung in the trees, a hush of silvery damp, but the girl could tell the sun would burn through before long and dry the grasses hunched under the weight of dew The cabin stood in a small clearing, and the trees surrounding it had strained toward the heavens for a long time, long enough for the trunks to have become too thick for the girl to enclose them in the circle of her arms, long enough for anyone with decency to ...
  • Meredith
    Loved this!! “The girl was not simply ill or lost; she was otherworldly.” True Places is a beautifully written family drama that focuses on materialism and superficiality. A family is left in shambles after they take in a 15-year-old who has lived off the grid for her enter life, They must either learn to recognize what’s really important in life or lose each other.Suzanne, a mother of two, is simply existing in her upper-class world in Cha...
  • Susanne Strong
    5 Lovely, Lyrical and Marvelous Stars!There are times when there are no words. When you are writing a review and you know that you just can’t do an author’s novel justice. This is one of those times. I was lucky enough to be offered an advanced copy of “True Places” from the author, Sonja Yoerg and of course, I jumped at the chance after having read her prior novel “All the Best People” last year as that book and those characters have...
  • Christine
    4.5 stars rounded to 5 starsWhat a beautiful story. I have now read all four of Ms. Yoerg’s books, and she never fails to deliver a well-written tale with significant depth. This one focuses on Suzanne, a housewife and mother who is doing the best she can to keep her dysfunctional family rolling on. Her co-protagonist is Iris, a teenager who has lived her whole life in the Blue Ridge Mountains without ever experiencing a “modern” lifestyle....
  • Felicia
    MY THOUGHTS AFTER READING THE SYNOPSIS:This is gonna be so awesome. I cannot wait to read about how this child adjusts to her new surroundings. I mean, she has never even seen running water or electricity! What will she think of this new world and how will it change her? How did she even end up in the woods? What made her finally leave the only home she has ever known?Everything I hoped I would find in this book, based on the description, is the ...
  • Kendall
    True Places is such an exquisite, emotional, and beautiful story.Sonja Yoerg has an impeccable talent of pouring her beautiful words across the pages with such elegance, love, and inspiration. I fell in love with Sonja's writing in All The Best People last year and her new novel is nothing short of amazing.This novel spoke to me in so many different ways. Yoerg truly shines with her descriptions of the natural world. I was mesmerized with the bea...
  • Suzanne Leopold (Suzy Approved Book Reviews)
    Driving along a parkway in Virginia, Suzanne Blakemore notices something on the side of the road. As she moves closer, she realizes that it is a young girl who is malnourished and in need of medical care. After admitting her at a nearby hospital, she finds out Iris is an orphan who has been struggling to survive in the woods.Suzanne is informed that Iris will be placed in foster care if no relative can be located. Without consulting her family, s...
  • Linda
    Oh, my......I feel like the wild violet crushed under the heel of the boot in the field. So much promise, so much disappointment.Sonja Yoerg presents a story set gently in the surrounding area near the Blue Ridge Mountains. It's early April and Suzanne Blakemore, mother of two teens, is rushing between Super Mom trips. She delivers, picks up, relocates, plans, and follows through on a daily basis. All in the name of her family and her Booster Clu...
  • Lisa
    A remarkably descriptive novel that will lose you in its emotionally gripping pages.SUMMARYSuzanne Blakemore is hurrying through her busy day, when she spots a figure lying on the road. She stops and discovers a young malnourished girl in need of medical attention. She transports 16 year old, Iris to the hospital and learns that she has been living on her own in the woods for many years. Her mother had passed away in the woods three years ago and...
  • Erin
    Thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. Since I finished reading True Places on Thursday, I have been thinking very intently about my feelings and thoughts. I have come to the realization that I didn't hate the book, but I didn't fall in love with it either. At first glance, True Places sounds like it will focus on Iris, the young teenage girl that Suzanne finds malnourished and a bit wild. ...
  • Melissa Crytzer Fry
    For starters: that cover! It spoke to me immediately. But what is beneath the beautiful artwork is equally delightful. While I have enjoyed all of Sonja Yoerg’s novels, this one has to be my favorite, with its juxtaposition of nature and affluent suburban living. If you enjoy book club and upmarket women’s fiction in contemporary settings – and family drama, replete with difficult teens – this book is a must. The prose is assured and love...
  • Judy Collins
    Check out my fascinating Q&A Elevator Ride Interview with Author, Sonja Yoerg. An exclusive “behind the scenes” look behind TRUE PLACES and some fun facts about the author and her latest book. Plus learn what is coming next! Sonja Yoerg returns following All The Best People (2017) with her best yet! TRUE PLACES is moving, emotionally charged and beautifully written story with lyrical prose and tons of heart and soul—discovering our true ...
  • Darinda
    While out driving, and taking a break from her exhausting life and family, Suzanne comes across a teenage girl. The girl, Iris, is in need of medical attention, and Suzanne rushes the girl to get help. While Iris is in the hospital, it is revealed that she has been living on her own in the wilderness. Suzanne offers to take Iris into her home while the authorities try to locate relatives of Iris. Suzanne’s husband and teenage kids, a son and a ...
  • Deborah Blanchard
    This is a beautifully written story about the complexities of life and finding your true place in the world. This is the story of Suzanne, her family and Iris, whom Suzanne found by the side of the road. It is about losing yourself, but then finding what makes you happy. The characters are riveting and vividly portrayed. I was there. I could feel the anxiety, the fear and the joy. The landscape is rich in imagery. You can feel the wind in your ha...
  • Ann
    With all the glowing 5 star ratings lauding “lyrical” and “exquisite” prose, I expected to at least enjoy the writing. Did they read the same book as I did? It starts off well enough - the first chapter made me think it would be worth the effort - but this is a straight-up bad book. It’s a Hallmark movie, it’s a trashy romance novel without the sex or romanace. In other words, a perfect, yet dissatisfied, white lady has a meet-cute (o...
  • David
    I rate this brilliant creativity 7 stars... I've lived on the edge of the wilderness, so I have witnessed the subtle stirring magic!“Sometimes it takes a stranger to show you what should be obvious, how far you’ve drifted from who you want to be, from what’s right for you, your true place.”Yoerg, Sonja. True Places: A Novel
  • Krista
    Rating: 3 uneven starsIn ‘True Places’, Sonja Yoerg has written a book that unfolds in dual storylines, and then dual perspectives once the storylines merge. First we meet Iris and see her struggle to survive alone in the backcountry of North Carolina after her mother dies and leaves her with a one-room cabin and excellent survival skills. Then we are introduced to middle-aged Suzanne Blakemore who is trying to gain some control over her life...
  • Camille Pagán
    With luminous prose and a story that speaks straight to the heart, Sonja Yoerg has crafted another stunning novel. TRUE PLACES is a beautiful reminder that though we may busy ourselves seeking what we want, what we need has an uncanny way of finding us.
  • Sue
    I have a huge stack of books to read but when I received a copy of True Places, it went right to the top. I have read all of Sonja's books and knew that it needed to be read NOW. WOW - what a fantastic book - I wish I could give it more than 5 stars. It will definitely be one of my top books of the year. The writing is so beautiful that I had to stop several times to re-read and became part of the story instead of just the reader.Suzanne is a wif...
  • Susan Peterson
    “Sometimes it takes a stranger to show you what should be obvious, how far you’ve drifted from who you want to be, from what’s right for you, your true place.” Suzanne is living a life filled with the busyness of being a mom, a wife, a volunteer....all the things that keep her scrambling to keep up with everything that seems vital to her family...but there are cracks everywhere, and Suzanne doesn’t recognize herself in the person she’...
  • Holly Robinson
    I was given an early copy of this book for review, and although I finished it weeks ago, I'm still thinking about it. Even without the fast-paced plot, which tells the unique story of what happens when a wealthy suburban woman discovers an orphaned girl who has been living in the woods most of her life, this is an unforgettable novel. That's largely because the writing is so hauntingly beautiful, particularly when Yoerg, who carved out a career i...
  • Bette Crosby
    Excellent story - well-written and engrossing. This is a story that makes the reader stop and think about the things that hold a priority in your life.
  • Jeanne Adamek
    3.5 stars
  • Kathryn
    I finished reading an advance reader copy several weeks ago and the story has continued to resonate in my soul. I have finally figured out why: in many ways, I am this story. I am the harried Suzanne who has defined herself through over-busyness—and, while asking nothing in return, is slowly depleted. Like her, I had to learn to build the life I wanted. I hold within me warring teens, each of whom is hoping that their way will lead to love—on...
  • The Lit Bitch
    I have been long impressed with Yoerg’s novels and when she has a new one come up, I am always happy to review it! One of the things that I love about Yoerg’s books is that they are standalone novels and the character arcs are wrapped up in the book rather than stretching it out to multiple novels.She writes strong and impactful stories that leave readers satisfied with a resolved story that will stand out in the readers minds. This latest bo...
  • Jen
    I was originally planning on reading this on a trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway, but unfortunately that trip never panned out. True Places would have been the perfect book to bring along on my travels. Set in the mountains and rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we find a devoted mother at her wits end, and a young girl found on the edges of the wild. Incredibly malnourished, sick, and frail for her 16 years, Iris is found by Suzanne, a mom ...
  • Tammy
    True Places is a beautifully written story of Iris, who has lived her entire life in the woods, away from civilization and Suzanne, the woman who finds her. Suzanne suffers from terrible anxiety and dealing with her two teen children and husband have taken a toll on her. While on a drive to clear her mind, she finds a starving, sick girl at the edge of the woods. Suzanne brings Iris home with her and they both start on a journey of self discovery...
  • Laura//lauralovestoread Gelinas
    “Sometimes it takes a stranger to show you what should be obvious, how far you’ve drifted from who you want to be, from what’s right for you, your true place.”True Places was a wonderful story, about a girl named Iris, who only knew the ways of the world through nature and living in the woods. It’s also the story of a woman named Suzanne, who has lived her own life through her husband and children’s needs, forgetting her own, and tryi...
  • Kathryn
    4.5 stars. Wonderful story with excellent narration. I loved the characters, and the fact that all the main characters were given time for viewpoints. The themes of parenthood, marriage, teens, loss, grief and courage stand out. Iris was an amazing person, who could cut to the truth and challenge the values that were so false and prevalent among many. Highly recommend to anyone who loves a good family drama story, full of emotion.
  • Letty
    Sonja Yoerg has become one of my favorite authors and her latest book, TRUE PLACES, is her best yet. All of the characters are so well written, especially Suzanne who I feel will resonate with many women who read this book. She certainly did with me, a mom who, at one point, tries to be perfect, volunteering for many school events, and just does for others without taking much time for herself. I applauded her for taking Iris into her home until o...