Interior States by Meghan O'Gieblyn

Interior States

"Meghan O'Gieblyn's deep and searching essays are written with a precise sort of skepticism and a slight ache in the heart. A first-rate and riveting collection." --Lorrie Moore A fresh, acute, and even profound collection that centers around two core (and related) issues of American identity: faith, in general and the specific forms Christianity takes in particular; and the challenges of living in the Midwest when culture is felt to be elsewhere...

Details Interior States

TitleInterior States
Release DateOct 9th, 2018
PublisherAnchor Books
GenreWriting, Essays, Nonfiction, Religion, Spirituality, Theology

Reviews Interior States

  • Jason Scarbrough
    Great book on the midwestern mindset and the author's loss of faith.
  • Alan
    Yet once again, Nervous Breakdown Book Club drags me out of my reading comfort zone into a world of phenomenal essays touching on topics as disparate as John Updike, Christian Music, and Michigan. The author, now secular, was once a home-schooled evangelical who studied at a famous bible college. I was concerned in starting out that this would either be a scathing criticism of something I knew very little about (evangelical christianity) or some ...
  • Marian
    Assigned review TK in October.