The Binding by Bridget Collins

The Binding

Imagine you could erase grief.Imagine you could remove pain.Imagine you could hide the darkest, most horrifying secret.Forever.Young Emmett Farmer is working in the fields when a strange letter arrives summoning him away from his family. He is to begin an apprenticeship as a Bookbinder—a vocation that arouses fear, superstition, and prejudice among their small community but one neither he nor his parents can afford to refuse.For as long as he c...

Details The Binding

TitleThe Binding
Release DateJan 10th, 2019
PublisherThe Borough Press
GenreFantasy, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Adult, Writing, Books About Books, Lgbt, Romance, Mystery, Young Adult

Reviews The Binding

  • Paromjit
    Bridget Collins has written a beautifully imagined piece of fantasy historical fiction, a sumptuous love story, of poor farmer's son, Emmet Farmer, and the wealthy, privileged Lucian Darnay, doomed to be star crossed lovers. In this world, books are not what we would recognise them to be, books are for all those things that people feel destroyed by and cannot live with in their lives. They are extraordinary hand crafted, leather bound repositorie...
  • Will Byrnes
    We’ve been called witches since the beginning of time. Word-cunning, they used to call it—of a piece with invoking demons…We were burned for it too. The Crusade wasn’t new, we’ve always been scapegoats. Well, knowledge is always a kind of magic, I suppose. Emmett Farmer is a young man with issues. He used to think that he would inherit his family’s farm. It was the life he was used to and the road he expected to follow to, and beyond,...
  • Ova - Excuse My Reading
    This is a difficult one to review. I think I expected this book to be more fantasy than it currently is. It started very slow for my liking, and I think if it wasn't all the PR campaign and the interest that's built on Social media, if this was a book I've myself picked, I'd probably give up around 20%. But I continued reading because I was really intrigued, also the reviews are really good for this book. Sadly I will not join the fan base, this ...
  • Umut Reviews
    2.5 stars.
  • Hollis
    I'm starting to become a little disillusioned with upcoming releases by unknown or new-to-me authors. THE BINDING has an excellent marketing campaign, a gorgeous cover, and was a book I wanted to get into my hands, desperately, due to a (inaccurate) comparison to a book I love. However, for this reader, the insides don't match the outsides.This book has three parts to it. The first act is slow, plodding, and mired in the familiar 'other character...
  • Katie.dorny
    SPOILERS AHEAD I loved this! And the gays get a happy ending!!!! 2019 is treating us good!!Emmett is a sick young man, but he is handed off by his parents to a binder - a woman who can take traumatic memories and bind them in books to make you forget. She has specifically requested Emmett as her apprentice.Emmett is a conflicted, flawed but wonderful young man with good morals. Lucian is a trapped middle class brat who wants what he can’t have ...
  • Caroline
    ***NO SPOILERS***In this surprisingly emotional fantasy–literary fiction blend, books are sordid things, definitely not read, and locked away in vaults at reputable companies with names such as Lyon & Sons. Each book in this world contains the wiped memories, most often horrible, of one person. Destroy that book by fire, and restore the horrible memory. Or, in rarer instances, destroy that book and restore destroyed lives. On the simplest level...
  • Lou
    The Binding, Bridget Collins's first adult novel, is a book full of wonderful magic and searing heartache. A special hybrid of fantasy and historical fiction, it is a sumptuous and emotional affair which is substantial in its sincerity and exquisite in its writing. The premise, that memories you wished to be forgotten can be bound and effectively erased from a person's life, is a unique one and one I was on board with from the beginning. But this...
  • Christie«SHBBblogger»
    Title: The BindingSeries: StandaloneAuthor: Bridget CollinsRelease date: January 7, 2019Genre: historical fiction, fantasyI had such high hopes for this book and I'm so disappointed that I didn't love it. When I read the synopsis it sounded like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which is a favorite film of mine. It's about a couple who have broken up and erase each other from their memories to forget the heartbreak they suffer from. The twis...
  • Liz Barnsley
    Very difficult book to review this, without giving away the secrets that make it pure magic on the page, but let’s see how we go.Imagine if you could bind away your memories in a book – once written and bound you forget. You can leave the bad behind. Is that good? Or would it empty you of that which makes you who you are..Emmett has been unwell, a fever of the mind, when he is called to learn the trade of the bookbinder. So begins an unusual ...
  • Kelly
    I was very lucky to receive a beautiful proof copy of this book from the folk at Borough Press and I am so pleased I did. This is a phenomenal book that is going to be a front facer in the fantasy section for a long time coming. The story of a young man who is summoned to be an apprentice binder is beautifully written and full of emotion. A wonderful imagining of a world where your memories can be taken from you, if you wish, and bound into a boo...
  • Kindling Micky
    THE BINDING felt to be a unique read, within a historical/magically-orientated world. THE BINDING is about my favourite subject, books. It is about the making of them and what is behind the whole need to make a book; it wasn't at all what it seemed to be. More than anything, THE BINDING was about the binder, a young man, an apprentice, Emmett Farmer. This is a book that started slow, and for me, it had pacing issues right through the first half. ...
  • Tahlia
    Blog Post:*I was provided with an ARC of this book through NetGalley, in exchange for my honest opinion. All quotes used may be subject to change upon publication.The Binding was one of my most highly anticipated releases of 2019, and so I was more than eager to get my hands on it, and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have quite high expectations g...
  • Deborah Ideiosepius
    This book is an interesting example of light magic realism used in a otherwise realistic scenario. The book is set in a vaguely medieval setting (We have pistols and some machinery, coaches ect), though not much writing is dedicated to expanding on the world building of time and place.This novel is, essentially a YA love story with the slight twist that the romance is LGBT rather than standard. The twist to the romance, and the world, is that in ...
  • Angel McGregor
    What a phenomenal book!! I received a proof of this book at a Bookseller event, and had the privilege of meeting Bridget Collins and hearing her speak about her story before I read it. Listening to her was fantastic, hearing where her ideas came from and how the story developed. The intriguing idea of books being true stories, bound from people who want to forget, or needing to in order to make money, was one that intrigued me on a level that I t...
  • Rebecca
    The Binding is a new Novel by the Author Bridget Collins whose other works include; The Traitor game and Game runner. I received an E-arc of this book off Edelweiss+ for review. Emmett Farmer is one of those characters that takes a while to figure out. For the first part of the book I wasn't wholly sure where his story was going, but by the end of part two I was a little bit in love with him. His story is one of a forbidden love and familial obl...
  • Menna van Praag
    Every so often, once in a decade if I’m lucky, a book comes along that grips me with such force that I lose my mind a little. In my pre-teens it was The Water Babies, in my teens Rebecca, in my 20s The Time Traveller’s Wife, in my 30s The Night Circus. In my 40s it might just be The Binding - unless something comes along in the next 9 years to trump it, which I can hope for (who doesn’t want that experience again?!) but suspect is unlikely....
  • Joanna Park
    The Binding is a dark, intriguing novel that will stay with you weeks after you’ve finished reading. I’ve waited a few days to review it so I could properly get my head around what I wanted to say.The setting of the book is an historical one which seems very similar to our own world. There is mention of the crusades, the workhouse and the old rigid class system that used to be present in the UK. This made the book a little more atmospheric an...
  • Victoria
    I picked this up because the cover looked beautiful, not really knowing anything about the contents, and I'm so glad I did This book is very richly written, and a fascinating twist on magic, books and memory. I'm usually *really* not a fan of the whole star crossed lovers trope but I was completely rooting for the characters in this. So many times I had to put the book down because I needed to go out and knew if I kept reading I would never get a...
  • AnnaG
    Great concept, but didn't live up to its potential in my opinion. I wasn't keen on the characters and I kept on thinking how much better a plot I could have come up with based on this concept.
  • Beadyjan
    Isn’t it wonderful when you hear about a book you’re certain you’ll love.Isn’t it awesome when you are granted a copy to read and review before most folk get to read it? (Thank you Harper Collins and Edelweiss+)Isn’t it amazing when you love it even MORE than you thought humanly possible?Isn’t it brilliant to be able to shout about it and tell people how amazing it is? And isn’t it hard to find the right words to do it justice?To sa...
  • Eleanor
    I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this - it's getting the extremely-pretty-jacket treatment, which experience has taught me is often an early warning of a great idea badly executed - but it turned out to be rather good. The thought-provoking premise is that books are not, as we think of them, made-up stories, but are rather the true memories of a person, magically bound between covers, which a person cannot retain  once they've been bound....
  • Jessica Woodbury
    3 stars for me, but a likely 4 stars for fans of Historical Fantasy. What I enjoyed most about this book is how much it surprised me. At first I thought I knew what was happening, but I didn't. And every time I got my feet under me in the narrative, it would shift to something new. The fantasy element (which I won't spoil) is both a familiar trope and a modern twist, the kind that will make you wonder what you would do if it was real. There's rea...
  • Ruth
    Such a great concept! I confess I struggled a bit with the first act thinking that it was a bit slow and a bit too much exposition, but actually once I'd read the second act I pretty much re-read the entire first act looking for all the bits I missed. I couldn't put it down by act three - I loved the viewpoint change and I really needed to know if it would end how I hoped it would. I really appreciated that it's a stand alone book - the author co...
  • Karina
    What a story! Set in what feels like Regency era England, but with a fantasy element that combines bookbinding and memory, love and loss, desire and control in a wholly unique way. A story with a forbidden love at it's heart that remains tantalisingly just out of reach, a smart and gripping structure and vividly drawn characters - I utterly loved this and have been urging it on friends ever since I finished it! It is also one of the most beautifu...
  • Penelope
    An epic, spellbinding and richly imagined novel of magic, memory, books and love. This wonderful novel is a poignant love story, a page turning thriller, a treasure trove of wonderment and just a simply splendid book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and very much hope that the author might brings us to this world again as I would be sad if this was our only visit.
  • Mairead Hearne (
    I really do not know how to start and finish with this review. The Binding is described as ‘a genre-defying fusion of history and magic, gripping and pacy, with a twist…’ It is the brainchild of Bridget Collins, a writer many of you may know from her writings in the YA world of fiction. The Binding is her first adult novel and just wow!!!!The Binding is probably one of the most original and unique books I have ever read.Imagine if we could ...