Nightwing, Vol. 7 by Benjamin Percy

Nightwing, Vol. 7

It's a new beginning for Dick Grayson, as novelist Benjamin Percy takes the vigilante on a high-octane, adrenaline-fueled adventure in Nightwing Vol. 7, a great jumping on point for new readers!Change is on the horizon. A new technologist sets his sights on Bl�dhaven, creating a holographic, interconnected city where everyone is an individual and part of a larger network. It's the internet made physical. Gentrification on gigabyte-laced steroid...

Details Nightwing, Vol. 7

TitleNightwing, Vol. 7
Release DateDec 31st, 2018
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Dc Comics, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Nightwing, Vol. 7

  • Chad
    I was hoping for a Green Arrow redux scenario after Percy's turn on that book. What we got instead was a crap story mixing up random tech and pop culture. The big bad here is some computer virus-y thing named Wyrm. His big plot is to give every business in Bludhaven some kind of augmented reality rig so their place can look nicer. It's a really dumb idea that makes no sense. In reality he's using AR to control people. There's so much other nonsen...
  • Wing Kee
    More Percy's Teen Titans than Green Arrow.World: The art is okay, it's not that great cause for the most part the art is trying to be Romita Jr (and they even had Romita Jr. do some alternate covers) and not doing that good of a job. Just get Romita Jr. The issue with Otto Smidt which partnered with Percy for Green Arrow is so beautiful to look at. The world building here is okay, there are moments of greatness and moments of logic leaps readers ...
  • James DeSantis
    This was painful to get through. Bad plot. Bad dialogue, nothing like I would expect from the guy who wrote the pretty damn good green arrow.
  • Eli Seibert
    So this volume had a lot going on. Even though I don't really care for stories where the moral seems to be "technology is bad, and younger generations should feel bad", I think this plays with the idea of misinformation as a super villain really well.Towards the end it starts to get a bit more chaotic; turning into something like Speed Racer mixed with Tron mixed with Ready Player One, which is a bit outside of the realm I usually like members of...
  • Sans
    Read as single issues when they were released. This was the beginning of the end.
  • SzaraReadsComics
    3/5Dick is one of my favourite DC characters and so far Rebirth wasn't treating him right – the only volume I enjoyed so far was the one written by Humphries. I had high hopes for Percy as I liked his Green Arrow run but unfortunately his Nightwing didn't rock my world. It wasn't that bad but it never gave me the thrill that my favourite Nightwing comics do. I wasn't really that much into grandpa Dick who's so against technology, I never really...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    [Read as single issues]It’s a new creative team and new threats for Nightwing, with Bludhaven under attack from all sides as technology runs riot, and even Batgirl’s assistance might not be enough for him to save his city. Then it’s the race from hell as Nightwing blazes trails with the lives of his newest friends hanging in the balance.Ben Percy’s Nightwing run is a weird one. It was cut short after issue 50, with Percy leaving abruptly ...
  • Abby
    Not that impressed with this one.
  • Veronica
    A different type of story for Nightwing.
  • Richard Choate
    Nightwing Vol 7 is fine. It wears its flaws on it sleeve with its poor characterization of Dick Grayson and its, frankly bizarre for 2018, anti technology vibe. The opening pages of the first issue have Dick lament how technology is everywhere and he's the kinda guy who would use a landline instead of a cell. To my knowledge, this has never been a trait applied to Dick and doesn't make a whole lot of sense. In previous stories by different writer...
  • Ben Truong
    Nightwing: The Bleeding Edge picks up where the previous volume left off, collecting six issues (44–49) of the 2016 on-going series and Nightwing Annual #1. This trade paperback has three stories: the four-part story "The Bleeding Edge", the two-part story "Harm's Way" and the one-shot Annual serves as a bridge between the two stories.Blüdhaven is on a verge of change, after the fall of the casino industry, a new technologist sets his sights o...
  • Chris
    The concept of technology-taking-over-the-world isn't a new one, but that's not to say it's a bad idea to incorporate into Nightwing's story. What is jarring is the way it's written, like all of a sudden a guy who grew up surrounded by state of the art technology, who ended up working for a highly technological spy agency AND continues to use said technology is suddenly a luddite.A token attempt at explaning his fear of technology is given while ...
  • Kyle Dinges
    What in the hell just happened? The first 4 issues and the annual contained here are a slightly below average Nightwing story. Technology is out to get us! Again! It's not good, but not aggressively bad. The art from Chris Mooneyham is pretty good.And then there is an absolutely baffling shift for the last two issues. Percy tries to tie it in to the story from the first part of this volume but it makes no sense. It's like he got bored with the st...
  • Beelzefuzz
    There are two wildly different stories here. Neither feels like a Nightwing story.The first is about a living internet virus type guy and only Nightwing can stop him because Nightwing hates cellphones. There are many logical flaws in the story that make it seem not well thought out, and it ends with a joke about finally getting to punch technology in its stupid face. This whole arc was probably only written for that joke and it all failed.Next th...
  • Andrew
    I have mixed feelings about these issues. I like Percy's take on Nightwing, overall, but I miss all the characters and stuff that Tim Seeley had established during his run. The whole cyberpunk villain thing is old hat, at this point, and he doesn't add much that's new or original to the mix. But it's reasonably well done, for what it is. The art, mostly by Chris Mooneyham, is good overall, and very good at points.I know that Percy's run on Nightw...
  • Jess
    The opening arc is very strong. Even with my personal preference for a less Metahuman and Ultratech Batbooks, this story is a lot of fun. However it's the last story with its nonsensical car race that is really really really trying to pull of sort of a Fast and Furious sort of feel. It fails miserably. Instead of being taken seriously it seems more like a post-apocalyptic version of Cannonball Run or Wacky Races.
  • Amanda
    Uh, what just happened? First I'm reading a fairly standard, if not remarkable, superhero-kinda Nightwing story when out of nowhere we're thrown this weird, Mad Max style motorcycle race? That Dick Grayson has to win to save some C-Level side characters?? And there's a weird, augmented reality villain that can some how also kill you IRL??? It's too much. It's like that old adage of taking off one accessory before leaving the house. There's like t...
  • Daniel Butcher
    3.75.To be fair I am in on Percy. And I'm concerned he seemed to have left the title early. There are points where I am like not another anti-tech rant. But he does a good job giving two perspectives. And as Percy makes it clear, info is king.
  • Scott Lee
    One of the more interesting techno-villains in a while in my opinion, and Dick feels more like a separate character and about his own business and less like Batman lite than I've felt in this whole rebirth incarnation.
  • InformationSuperhero
    Strong first half with great plot. It fizzled out midpoint. Plus the first half illustration were less cartoonlike and worked well with the storys tone.
  • Jacob
    Public library copy. While I enjoyed this writers work on Green Arrow, I can't recommend this title. One good thing about this book, for me, might be the JR jr art.
  • Kris Ritchie
    It was ok, but not really anything to write home about. My copy of the trade paperback had some ink printing issues, and comparing it to other copies at the library I was not the only one.
  • Jesse A
    The story is ok, not great. I dig the books retro style though.
  • Lindsey
    Not a lot happened in this volume. It felt more like filler than anything.
  • José
    65/100.Al menos, es mejor que los volúmenes anteriores. Me ha gustado el cambio y es una buena introducción a la narrativa de Percy, que no me ha disgustado. Veremos cómo continúa.
  • Yas
    Read in issues.That was a solid read. Not the best arc, but not the worst either.
  • Lukas Holmes
    I'm torn. The new baddie was pretty interesting, but the jumping around the narrative and some plot points that don't really add up, detracted.
  • Kurt Lorenz
    44-47, The Bleeding Edge, ☆☆☆Annual 1 ☆☆☆48-49, Harm's Way, ☆☆☆
  • Adam Graham
    This was my favorite Nightwing Volume since DC Rebirth. The first part of the book is set in Bludhaven as a new software promises people the abiliity to manipulate their environment, but of course there's something more nefarious afoot. Nightwing follows the evil plan to Gotham where the evil plan involves fake news and media manipulation. The events of that part of the story lead Nightwing to a no-holds-barred race on a mysterious island with a ...