Nobody's Sweetheart Now (A Lady Adelaide Mystery #1) by Maggie Robinson

Nobody's Sweetheart Now (A Lady Adelaide Mystery #1)

"A lively debut filled with local color, red herrings, both sprightly and spritely characters, a smidgen of social commentary, and a climactic surprise." --Kirkus ReviewsA delightful English cozy series begins in August 1924. Lady Adelaide Compton has recently (and satisfactorily) interred her husband, Major Rupert Charles Cressleigh Compton, hero of the Somme, in the family vault in the village churchyard.Rupert died by smashing his Hispano-Suiz...

Details Nobody's Sweetheart Now (A Lady Adelaide Mystery #1)

TitleNobody's Sweetheart Now (A Lady Adelaide Mystery #1)
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
PublisherPoisoned Pen Press
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Fiction

Reviews Nobody's Sweetheart Now (A Lady Adelaide Mystery #1)

  • Christina - Traveling Sister
    I was provided an ARC of this book from Edelweiss and Ingram Publishing in exchange for an honest review. All opinions presented are my own.5 cozy AF stars for my sweet lil bb AdelaideWhere do I even start with this?!? This is my first Maggie Robinson book and I see that she tends to write historical romances but has switched it up with Nobody's Sweetheart Now and boy am I glad she did. This was such a fun, smartly written and genuinely enjoyable...
  • Gail C.
    Thanks to NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press for providing me with an advanced digital copy of Nobodys Sweetheart Now by Maggie Robinson. The book is introduced as the first in a new cozy series featuring Lady Adelaide Compton. If the book leads to a series, this reader hopes the future books will include some of the more interesting secondary characters as well and an opportunity to see how relationships develop. The book is well written and offer...
  • Blackjack
    Happy to have caught the first Lady Adelaide book just as the series is getting started, as I have every intention of reading more in this charming cozy mystery series. Robinson does a nice job introducing us to a cast of fully fleshed out characters, especially the beautiful, young society woman, Lady Adelaide, and her departed husband, Rupert, here in ghostly form only. Addie is looking forward to the end of her six-month mourning period after ...
  • Gail C.
    Thanks to NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press for providing me with an advanced digital copy of Nobodys Sweetheart Now by Maggie Robinson. The book is introduced as the first in a new cozy series featuring Lady Adelaide Compton. If the book leads to a series, this reader hopes the future books will include some of the more interesting secondary characters as well and an opportunity to see how relationships develop. The book is well written and offer...
  • Terry Southard
    3 1/2 stars on this one. Lady Adelaide is a charming heroine. Good start to what I think will be an interesting series. Set in the 1920s in England. One of the reviewers said it was "frothy fun" and I'd pretty much agree with that. nothing earth-shattering, but enjoyable as a cozy mystery-type.
  • Barb in Maryland
    Oh what a delightful froth of a mystery. I read the whole book with a smile on my face. I loved Lady Adelaide! And her late husband Rupert, who has so inconsiderately returned as a spirit--what a charming cad. Watching Addie trying to deal with him is a hoot.This is a classic house-party murder mystery at its core. Limited numbers of suspects, most of whom had reason to dislike victim 1--Lady Kathleen. But who could have had anything against vict...
  • Melanie (Mel's Bookland Adventures)
    The first in a new cozy mystery series. 1920s England, and Lady Adelaide is done mourning her unfaithful husband, who died 6 months prior in a car crash and decides to hold a small house party. As the guests arrive, she has her doubts and then a dead body shows up in her barn. Plus she thinks she is losing her mind as her husband seems to have come back as a ghost. I really enjoyed this, it was perfect after some more involved books. A book like ...
  • Eva Müller
    This review can also be found on my blogThis was delightful. I loved every single character; they are quirky but dont turn into annoying caricatures. This made me especially happy because many of the more light-hearted mysteries overdo the quirkiness. Especially the main characters family members are often more exhausting than amusing. Here Addiess mother (and to an extent also Devenands parents) are meddling in the time-honoured tradition of pa...
  • Linda Millard
    I have to agree with Rhys Bowen that I do not normally care for ghost stories. Lady Adelaide and this Twenties era series are off to a great start in Nobody's Sweetheart Now. Lady Addie's charming serial philanderer deceased husband Rupert was not the most obtrusive ghost. The potential for romance with the handsome Scotland Yard Inspector is something to look forward to in upcoming outings.
  • Magistra
    What a delightful, fun mystery! Lady Addie is an enjoyable heroine, her dead husband was a hoot, and the mystery wasn't so easy that I could guess it halfway through. I look forward to the next in the series.
  • Anna Elliott
    I have recently read two books which were quite heavy going so decided to treat myself to a little light reading entertainment. The stylish cover of this book suggested just that and it was such a good choice as it was exactly what I needed. It was fun, humorous and has a cozy, non-graphic murder mystery to boot.To read my full review please follow the link to my blog: https://leftontheshelfbookblog.blogsp...
  • Crittermom
    What is more embarrassing than a cheating husband who dies while speeding along with his mistress?  - one who comes back as a ghost, showing up at inopportune times providing irritating commentary and making you look quite mad.  Not only does Lady Adelaide Compton have to deal with a corpse that inconveniently appears in her barn during a weekend dinner party, she also has to cope with the appearance of her charming neer do well husbands ghost....
  • JoAn
    Nobody's Sweetheart Now by Maggie Robinson was an enjoyable beginning to a new historical mystery series.Ms. Robinson's writing allowed the reader to see clearly the surrounding English countryside where the houseparty was given. The characters were well established but there is more to them I am sure as the series continues. I liked Addie and found her to be extremely naive regarding her friends. However, this didn't distract from her inherent k...
  • Kimberly
    Nobody's Sweetheart Now is a wonderfully funny mystery set in the English countryside in the 1920's. Lady Adelaide throws a weekend house party not long after the death of her charming, but wayward husband, Rupert. After an uninvited guest meets their early demise, Lady Adelaide volunteers to help Inspector Hunter find the murderer with a little assistance from beyond the grave. This was one of the most delightful mysteries I've read in quite som...
  • Delsora Lowe
    I admit I am a huge fan of Maggie Robinsons historical romances, filled with emotion and humor and of course the unlikeliest love found between two totally incompatible and quirky people. So when I found out she had written Nobodys Sweetheart Now, a cozy mystery with a ghost, I was torn between missing her romances and wondering what she could come up with in a cozy to compete with the romances I love.I loved Nobodys Sweetheart Now! And I cant wa...
  • Jessi
    Was Lady Adelaide "Addie" Compton upset when her husband crashed his newest car into a tree? Well, it would've been better had his companion not have been his current mistress, the last in a string of lovers. And it would have been even better if he had stayed dead instead of coming back as an all too real ghost. And in the middle of her first house party since his death. One where the wife of one of the guests has been murdered. Also sort of awk...
  • Annette
    This is a terrific book. If one can consider a book with 2 murders delightful, this is delighful.I am a new reader of Maggie Robinson. If this is an example of what I have missed, I have missed a great deal. Lady Adelaide is a widow of only 6 months. Her late husband was a World War I hero. He was a flying ace. He also had been sleeping with many, many women during their marriage. His death came when he was driving too fast with one of his lady f...
  • Nicola Weideling
    I am a sucker for a titled lady detective, particularly one who is living the high life in the 1920s or 1930s, so was delighted to see the first in a new series out for review, Maggie Robinsons Nobodys Sweetheart. Lady Adelaide Compton is recently widowed by the death of her husband. Major Rupert Charles Cressleigh Compton may have been a hero of the Somme but he was was less of a hero to his long-suffering wife, who had to put up with his endles...
  • Vanessa
    Thoroughly enjoyable cozy with two winning narrators, a intriguing and intelligible mystery, and a sort of The Ghost and Mrs Muir- thing that really, and improbably, works on almost all levels. In Lady Adelaide, Rupert, and Mr. Hunter Ms. Robinson has really tapped a rich vein and I can see these three turning up at murders throughout English society. Definitely for fans of the Lady Hardcastle series (by T.E. Kinsey) in both its humor and quick w...
  • Jennifer
    Lady Adelaide, known to her close friends as Addie, is tired of widowhood after only six months. Of course, the death of her husband Rupert is hard to regret, as he was a philanderer of the worst order. In fact, when he died, in a car crash, his latest mistress was with him. Addie thinks having a weekend house party will be just the thing to cheer her up after being in mourning. Imagine her dismay when the weekend brings not only a murder but the...
  • Kathleen Schilling
    An interesting but not great book. I often felt myself frustrated by the characters. However, it was dealing with the start of a series which can always be challenging. I will read book 2 - whenever that comes out - before making any decisions on the series
  • Susan Ferguson
    Poor Lady Addie. Six months after she has buried her philandering husband and decided to give a small house party, his ghost turns up as well as a dead body in the tithe barn. No one else can hear or see him and people are beginning to worry about her talking to herself. Especially the detective from Scotland Yard.
  • Amanda
    If you like Ms Fisher or Downton Abbey, read this series right away! Such a fun kickoff. I can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series. Many thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
  • Stacie Haden
    Good start to a series. I like that Maggie Robinson doesn't waste space with filler.Some of the dialogue didn't fit the period, but it wasn't too off putting.England, 1924
  • Kaitlyn Dunnett
    What an enjoyable book! I love Maggie Robinson's sense of humor and having a ghost as a character, interfering in his wife's widowhood, doesn't at all take away from the unraveling of a well-crafted murder mystery. Even though this one isn't officially out yet (I received an advance copy from the author) I'm already looking forward to the next entry in the series.
  • Mimi
    Thank you to NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an unbiased review.I've read and enjoyed many of Maggie Robinson's romances so I was curious to see how she tackled a mystery. Nobody's Sweetheart Now is a fun book to read with lots of humorous moments interspersed with the more serious aspects of identifying the killer. I liked the characters and the plot and there are a few red herrings thrown in to confuse ...
  • Shelley
    Quite enjoyable.
  • Christina
    Popsugar 2019 Reading Challenge: A book you think should be turned into a movieOnce upon a time, at the very beginning of my second-year field placement in grad school, I interviewed a very delirious person who spent a solid twenty minutes talking about erections. In spite of what TV may show you, hospitals are the least sexy places in the world and this was a surprising topic of conversation, not to mention awkward. My supervisor told me afterwa...
  • Homerun2
    A charming and light-hearted debut cozy. Proper Lady Adelaide is trying to recover from the death six months earlier of her philandering husband (and his mistress) by giving a little house party. But two shocks await her: a dead (and naked) body discovered in her shed, and the bizarre appearance of the evident ghost of her late hubby Rupert.Only Addie can see him, and she can't tell if the specter is real or if she is losing her mind. Soon handso...
  • Sandra
    Nobody's Sweetheart Now by Maggie Robinson is the first in what appears will be a very successful series.Set in 1020's it tells a story of a very nice lady called Adelaide who finds out that her husband has been unfaithful when he and his mistress get killed in a automobile accident. Trying to get on with her life she organizes a weekend party for her best friends. There is also an uninvited guest, a ghost of her dead husband.Since local police i...