Good Gone Bad (The Fallen Men, #3) by Giana Darling

Good Gone Bad (The Fallen Men, #3)

They say one action doesn’t define you. I killed a man. Stabbed him in the neck and licked the blood off my lips after I did it. Still, one action doesn’t define you. I could have called anyone. My father, the Prez of The Fallen MC, our family lawyer, my best friend, Lila, or my brother, King. I didn’t. Instead, I called Lionel Danner, the police officer renowned for taking down the Nightstalkers MC. The man who had been my father’s arch ...

Details Good Gone Bad (The Fallen Men, #3)

TitleGood Gone Bad (The Fallen Men, #3)
Release DateNov 23rd, 2018
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Good Gone Bad (The Fallen Men, #3)

  • Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle
    ***available now - FULL REVIEW***5+ Thorny Rose CROWNSYou know when you finish a book and you just have all these emotions swirling around inside. You can’t seem to grasp any single one because you were just on the ride of your life. You are sad it is over, elated with the ending, stressed from the tension and unknown throughout the story. That is how I feel. Giana Darling put me through the wringer with Harleigh and Danner, but, oh, their love...
  • R. Scarlett
    TOP READ OF EVER!I am so so in love with this book and Giana's talent for creating addicting stories and beautiful complex characters. Danner and Harleigh Rose destroyed me and I'm itching to reread it even after I just read the end. I loved so many things in this book--the side characters, new and old, and I loved how Giana surprised me over and over again. And I'm always the one guessing in movies and books what's going to happen, but she manag...
  • Eve (Between The Bookends)
    Unpopular opinion alert...I was SO very much looking forward to this book, but I think it fell victim to the end of the year funk I seem to be in. Or maybe my expectations were too high after how much I loved the first two books. It wasn't a bad book by any stretch. Hence why I am giving it 3-Stars. It was still a very well written book. The sex was SMOKIN' hot. The plot was engaging. Although there were a few things that didn't quite make sense ...
  • Ginger
    I just finished reading a story about a badass biker chick and her straight laced cop gone badass Dom and I loved every hot, feisty, dirty, messy, sexy bit of it. Officer Danner straddled the line between dirty and sweet so well that I quickly fell in love with him. His Harleigh Rose definitely lives up to her name! She is a tough girl with a soft heart hidden on her sleeve that only Danner can see and tame (sometimes 😉). Giana Darling's books...
  • chan ☆
    exactly what it needed to bei really enjoyed this one! had been putting it off for a while because bad girl romances can be kinda hit or miss for me. but i enjoyed book 2 in this series immensely and was impressed with this author's writing so i shouldn't be so surprised i liked this.i think the best way to tell if this is for you is just listing a couple things that made this book a winner for me:- age gap- second chance with flashbacks- MC roma...
  • Melanie A.
    5 STARS!! He fucked me like he hated me, and it was the best lie he ever told. AAAHHHHHHH! I didn't just LIKE this one, I ADORED it!! Warning : this is probably my most biased rating ever. :-) In the interests of maintaining my integrity (lol), here are the true deets: Characters ===> 5+ STARSRomance ====> 5+ STARSWriting ======> 5+ STARSPlot =========> 2 STARS (serious plausibility issues/plot holes) I feel like a bit of a...
  • W.
    Originally read/reviewed on Nov 18 thr Nov 20, 2018 Mind blowing , shocking and a must read Wow, what a story; it's raw, unfiltered, passionate , gritty and sexuality explicit . I enjoyed reading this no hold barred , page - turner tale. Lionel Danner and Harleigh Rose Garro are two of the most intense , conflicted and endearing characters I have read in a while and their road to HEA it's full of deep lows , inconvenient half truths and a pas...
  •  Sonya ♕Chatterbooks book blog♕
    I didn’t think that Giana could’ve brought the heat like she did in “Welcome to the Dark Side “but boy was I wrong!! Good Gone Bad was like pure dirty delicious sexual ecstasy that made you want to never come down. Bordering on good vs bad, this story was the epitome of love, honor, and family.Harleigh Rose has always known her worth. Growing up in a biker family with her father as the President, fear has never been in her blood but power...
  • mel
    so, are we just gonna ignore the cheating in this book?i don’t condone cheating at all but honestly the OW drama here was just weird and not at all that important but i really don’t like how it was handled here in a very nonchalant way. i really like unrequited love even though it also frustrates me to no end because sometimes the love just kinda seems one-sided ya know? here, it definitely felt like this to me sometimes and maybe it’s beca...
  • Michelle Claypot_Reads
    Everyone knows I fangirl this author pretty hard. Her stories are some of the best kink I've read. And I've read a lot. She understands the dynamics involved in true BDSM better than anyone. This book though, this one nailed it for me.HR & Lion's story gave me EVERYTHING I want in a filthy read, but more importantly it also gave me EVERYTHING I need in a love story. Harleigh Rose and Danner are complex characters. They are flawed, they are genuin...
  • HoneyedPages
    ✨ 5 REBEL STARS ✨This might be the hardest review I've had to write in a while because I really want to do it justice but I just don't even have the words. Good Gone Bad is as beautiful as a rose with thorn like scenes that will pierce your heart. It's sweet, hot but most of all heart-rending.I loved everything about it and it ruined me in all the best ways! I was so engrossed reading the first chapter that I almost missed work (where I conti...
  • Joanne Packham
    Holy gambit of emotions!!! I was completely blown away by the dominating and incredibly sexy officer turned biker Dirty "Lionel" Danner! Between the sexy as hell chemistry between "Lion" and Harleigh Rose and the intense scenes of violence. I found myself glued to this fascinating book well into the night. Giana Darling really delivers a detailed and well developed cast of characters, they come to life the minute you open the cover right until yo...
  • Melissa H
    I absolutely adore Harleigh Rose and Lion. This is a wonderful story of a young woman who is the Princess of a motorcycle club and a cop & their age gap romance. Similar to the second book, the two characters have known each other for many years and “grew up” together. The story goes back and forth to showcase this and sometimes this can be done in a way that’s boring or not needed but I loved any tidbit I could get with Lion and Rosie. Thi...
  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    Well Fudge Me!!!! This.Is.A.Must.Read.Book…… Drop what you're doing and get at it!!! Harleigh Rose & Danner were so intense that I had to put down the book and walk away and allow my heart to come back to a normal rate. I loved the passion they showed for each other and for those whom they loved. H.R. being a biker princess sometimes let that get to her head and Danner made sure to bring that biker princess ego down and show her who really wa...
  • Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews*
    4.5 Good Girl StarsI love it when a highly anticipated read delivers exactly what I need and want! And boy oh boy did this one deliver. Harleigh Rose and Dirty Danner did not disappoint! I absolutely loved their love story. The author ups the ante with each subsequent release. The stakes are higher each release and the stories get better and better. Each one leaving the reader on the edge of their seat. Most impressive is the fact that the aut...
  • Jolene St Germain Triggs
    OMG this book!! First, can we just say HOT... Like windows open in the dead of winter this story is still gonna steam up your Kindle! This is book 3 in the series, and I really didn't think anyone would top Daddy Zeus from Welcome To The Darkside, but I was looking forward to this one all the same, we'd been introduced to H.R. and she was a proper bad@$$, and Officer Danner, the nice guy but kind of on the opposite side of things for an MC Prince...
  • Christine
    Oh my heart. It was ripped up, torn to shreds, and put back together over and over while reading this fantastic tale of honor, sacrifice, love......but most of all family. Danner & Harleigh Rose truly took me on an epic ride, unlike any other I've experienced. Oh my heart. It was ripped up, torn to shreds, and put back together over and over while reading this fantastic tale of honor, sacrifice, love......but most of all family. Danner & Harle...
  • Katerina
    5 Thorny Rose STARS!!!!Yes,Lion!!!!Oh God...just finished this book and i want to read it again!!!!This book is EVERYTHING..emotional,angst,twists,OVER THE TOP HOT... with a Dirty talking kinky cop and we get to see our favourite characters from LIC and WTTDS...DADDY Z!!!Do your self a favor and READ THIS BOOK!
  • Markie Hicks
    This book was was so good and cute I really liked it but Welcome To The Dark Side remains my favorite in the series so far but I loved Haleigh and Lionel together and their kids and everyone together at the end pure perfection.I could not for the life of me figure out who the next book in the series is gonna be about there’s so many characters to do I can’t wait to find out.
  • Violet
    I am so freaking in love with Lion!! Who wouldn't love a gentleman on the streets and a Dom between the sheets?!?!? His courage and determination, his tender kindness toward those who have been wronged and deserve justice, his devotion and never failing love for those he cares for. Lion appears to be the epitome of everything good, but is anyone ever all good or bad?Harleigh Rose is full of sass, rock and roll, and badassery! She never met a rule...
  • Amanda
    Oh my goodness what a ride! Packed full of action, twists and turns and some super hot chemistry, this book kept me hooked from start to finish! I had very high hopes for Harleigh Rose and Danner’s story and this book by far exceeded all of my expectations! I just finished it and I already cant wait to read it again! That ending though! I need me more Fallen Lords!
  • Lee Piper
    I’ve been trying to figure out what makes Giana Darling’s, Good Gone Bad such an amazing read. And it’s hard trying to pin it down to a single reason. It’s kind of like trying to determine what makes a puppy cute. You can’t just say it’s in the trusting eyes or the floppy ears or the excess skin it’s yet to grow into. It’s a combination of all three and then some. Good Gone Bad is a lot like this. There’s so much to love. The he...
  • Tpagirl Loves Romance
    Good Gone Bad was the third book in Giana Darling’s Fallen Men MC series.Harleigh Rose was the Fallen Men Princess. Her father was the President, her brother was the heir. She was born and raised in the MC and was their princess. Her boyfriend was in a rival MC and he was bad news.Lionel Danner was a cop. The MC stayed away from him because he genuinely wanted to rid the world of bad, always working on the side of good; however, we also learned...
  • Sue
    "He was an old growth oak with roots sunk deep into rich earth, limbs stretching wide across the sky, standing sentry across centuries as the world toiled away beneath its leaves."The more Giana Darling I read, the more I love. This one may not be for the feint of heart as it starts with a bang and ends with an even bigger bang. We ARE talking MC clubs here so we know there is violence and crime interwoven with the delicate (or not so delicate in...
  • Linda
    3,5 ⭐️I didn’t understand Danners character. He supposed to be a really good all American guy but he had multiple personalities. And the girlfriends just ruined it for me. I could get the undercover part, but why did he have to have the cop? What was the point? I just hate it when characters are suppose to be long-time-in-love, but starts relationships with others. I can’t understand why you would be with a guy who strings girls along kno...
  • Tyi
    When I'm good,I'm very good, but when I'm bad,I'm better. - Mae West I'm going to be honest. I didn't know how much I would love Harleigh Rose. I kept thinking while I was reading Welcome to the Dark Side, I would take Loulou over H.R. any day. I felt for Lou because she was a long lost friend and I felt the love that she had for Zeus. With H.R., it took me a minute. She became my friend as well. Not like Lou but maybe even better. She had an ove...
  • Hannah storbeck
    Good Gone Bad by Giana Darling Holy Wow Ms. Giana Darling has completely blown me away with these two Harley Rose and “Lion” Danner. It is hot and sexy and completely steamy. There was a moment I wanted too through my kindle and cry why are you doing this to me. And Nooooo. Be completely upset because I did not want was happening to happen to my fallen characters and all of the characters of this world that I have been falling for from the mo...
  • Antonella
    maybe Giana Darling is not an author for me...DNF!!
  • Sannia
    3 stars. Because, what a disappointment. All the anticipation and excitement and it just wasn't up to par with previous books. My issue was the weak, wuss of a hero, Danner. Lion? More like a pussycat. I didn't care for him and didn't warm up to him until 60% in. Sorry, I like my Heroes to be protective, possessive, and fight for his h. Danner was just weaker in those areas. Hell, H.R showed more more balls than him. She was the pursuer in the re...
  • •PerSefone•
    4 ⭐️• Genre: Romantic Suspence-MC Romance• Tropes: age gap (10 years), opposites attract, forbidden love, secret relationship, Dom/sub• First person, h/H POV • Standalone? #3 book in The Fallen Series (It can be read as a Standalone but I suggest you to read the previous books first, especially Welcome to the Dark Side )• Cliffhanger: Yes (for the Series) and No (for this couple)• HEA• Trigger? violence, abuse• Steam level ? H...