When the Dark Wins by Jennifer Bene

When the Dark Wins

Inside these pages lurks the stuff of nightmares, the inky blackness of our world captured by the top authors of dark romance. Except in these stories there is no romance. No heroes. No happy endings. This is a book that has been crafted, twisted, and deformed to shred you, scare you, and possibly traumatize your mere mortal mind. Here is your last warning... no one is coming to save you if you choose to dive into the depravity.In these stories, ...

Details When the Dark Wins

TitleWhen the Dark Wins
Release DateMay 6th, 2018
GenreDark, Horror, Anthologies, Mystery, Crime

Reviews When the Dark Wins

  • Badh
    Send wine and fluffy kitties, stat! Those are pretty much the only things that got me through this one. I love the dark. I play in the dark a lot. I will read every dark thing I get and revel in it, and really, I think the darker the better. I'm perfectly happy to not have a happily ever after, a happy for now will work too. But in this book? Happy is a forbidden word. There are no happy endings. Period. There is no light, no happy, no nothing bu...
  • Snow
    Fuck....The title of this bundle says it all...really...utterly...completelyIt's darkIt's deprivedIt's twistedAnd there's NO hea😈Enter at your own risk...I was enthralled by all the stories but I got especially invested and intrigued by the stories of Zoe Blake My name is Jane, A Sinner in Virtue by Eris Adderly, and Hunted by Michelle Brown...I have read Zoe Blake before but the other authors are new to me but I will certainly check out their...
  • Ally Vance
    Warning! If you can't handle the darkness, and stories that feel like they are ripping you out from the inside then steer clear. There is no fluff When The Dark Wins.In no particular order here are my reviews for each instalment in this anthology. I will be adding the rest as I read them. Breaking Beth by Jennifer BeneI dont think its quite sunk in yet. I did take a deep breath at the end though. Anthony is a pure psychopath, I hated him in the T...
  • Am4u ❀ ~ AprilMarie4u ~ ❀
    This review is on the story Used by Cari Silverwood. Used: Is set in the world of Mesmers from Cari Silverwood's Dark Hearts series. However, this story features different main characters than what was in the Dark Hearts series. World Basics: Mesmers are the men with the ability to mind control women. These men are often corrupted by this power, have an increase sex drive, and their sexual pleasure often leans towards the sadistic side. This & ot...
  • M. Shane
    This review is one I have been putting off for a while, if only because this has to be one of the more difficult reviews I’ve written about a novel I have read recently. When the Dark Wins is an anthology of short stories written by some very well recognized authors in the dark romance genre, which is one that I happen to particularly enjoy. That being said, much of what I have read in said genre still contains, in the end, an HEA – a Happil...
  • Cécile Smits
    Thank you,Cari! For giving my teddy bear nightmares. For making me sleep with the light on and checking behind every door.....For giving me this dark boxset! This is a collection of really,really dark stories! Stories with absolutely no chance of a HEA. They each have their own version of dark and depraved. And they each stick with you,haunt your mind,make you jump at every sound. If you are into dark,pitch black,with no HEA,this is the collectio...
  • Gab
    This is a collection of disturbingly dark stories. Do not read them when you're alone in the house at night!!You need a sunlit reading place, with butterflies and fluffy bunnies, and a stiff drink. You'll need all of it, believe me !!!Breaking Beth by Jennifer BeneAgain Ms Bene paints an utterly chilling picture of the process of taking everything from a human being until nothing but an empty shell is left. And all that for the satisfaction of a ...
  • Up All Night With Books
    There are no happy endings here, there are no 'happy for nows'--there is no happy. When the Dark Wins is a dark and depraved collection of stories that are meant to haunt your dreams. Each story is demented in its own way and I enjoyed all immensely. Say what you want, but I would love to have continuations of several of these stories, how messed up does that make me? Not to mention I also fell a little for more than one of these villains. Over a...
  • Cortnie
    I have only had the opportunity to read 2 of the stories in this anthology so far, so I will be adding to my review, but I need to try to put into words what you are getting when you dive into this.This review is for Breaking Beth, by Jennifer Bene, and the only word I can use is WOW. I have had the pleasure of reading other books by this author, including her Thalia series, so I had an idea of what I was getting with this one. It was so much mor...
  • Mary S.
    This is my review of three authors that are definitely becoming one of my favoritesUsed by Cari SilverwoodOk I don't know where to start with this review. But Mrs Silverwood took me for a ride with this one that I don't know what to think. It sure was something I don't know if I what to love Isak or what? But the only thing I can say is that I for sure don't what to cross him.The Hunted by Michelle BrownWow I don't have words to describe this sto...
  • Maria
    The first story that I read of this book is Catacombs of Addison Cain.This short story is tragic since the beginning.The life of Pearl is not easy, she has suffer mental and physical abuse her entire live. She doesn’t know what is wrong with her. But she is fighting to survive and find her way to pass her life. She is content with her mini apartment and her tiny window.One night in her way home a man try to rape her and she defends her self the...
  • Julianna
    When the Dark Wins Anthology by Jennifer Bene, Addison Cain, Cari Silverwood, Zoe Blake, Yolanda Olson,Dani René, Eris Adderly and Michelle Brown. When the Dark Wins isn’t for the faint of heart. Right when this anthology hit my kindle, I jumped right into it without any concern that it was late at night. Even with the light on as I read, the dark and twisted stories certainly caused goosebumps to appear, but I loved every page. Everything is ...
  • Tequila
    Be still my little black heart! This anthology is a wonderfully delicious collection of very dark novellas that kept me hanging on every word. Before reading this, I was already fans of Cari Silverwood and Jennifer Bene, but I have found several new authors I need to check out. I'm thrilled. My debit card not so much. If you really love dark erotica and plot twists that seeps into your skin and leaves you begging for more, do not miss out in this...
  • Elizabeth Cash
    The short story in this anthology by Yolanda Olson, What Lies Beneath, is yet another story she can add her to "wtf" shelf. This one pulls you in, drags you along, then drops you over the edge with a twist you won't see coming. I seriously cannot wait for the rest of this anthology. If her story is just a taste of what is in store, then I'm already hooked
  • Jessa
    Look, y’all know I love dark and disturbing stories as much as the next person, but these are just overwrought snapshots of torture porn. That’s just not my idea of a good time.
  • Tanya Rae ~ TaSTy WordGasms
    The only book that I reviewed in this anthology was for Cari Silverwood. I do plan on reading more of these stories and when I finish I will edit this review at that time.Used is a spin-off story from The Dark Hearts Trilogy and Wolfe. This novella is part of an anthology When the Dark Wins and won’t be published alone.Wow “Used” is dark, very dark. Cari Silverwood says that this is the darkest story that she has written to date. And, since...
  • Daria
    Cari Silverwood's - UsedIf you've read anything of Cari's before then you won't be surprised she hits the mark dead on with "Used" she's created a world excitingly dark. One must wonder about the power of control are we really doing what we want? or is there some dark figure pulling our puppet strings. The monster that is Isak who thinks his calm is Red one that he let go and is back. That monster hovers at the edges by a thread once lose the rea...
  • Diane
    So far I have read 2 stories from the collection. And do heed the warnings of darkness! May not be suitable for some adults. But I, myself, loved it.Breaking Beth by Jennifer Bene: This story put me through so many emotions. You really get to know the characters, very descriptive. Beth was taken to be trained as a sex slave. That didn't go over so well with her. Anthony (her trainer) was determined to break her. Beth doesn't go down easy either. ...
  • Bridgett Brown
    Ok this was 3.5 stars but I rounded up for the couple of stories I liked. To start with this anthology is beyond Dark. Like seriously if you have a problem with rape, torture, and just brutality in general skip this one. My problem with the stories was I didn’t understand some. How did that even happen? Like no explanation. I personally have no problem reading the most messed up horrific books I can find. BUT they have to make sense and actuall...
  • Tammy
    As of this moment I have read two of these deliciously dark reads and I must say these are REALLY dark reads so be prepared. Used by Cari Silverwood – Red wants to kill him but once he has her, she can’t help what she is doing she must comply. Once the monster is free there will be no one to save Red. Catacombs by Addison Cain - Pearl meets Darius anew every day. He does his best to make her prison a pleasant one until his need for her grows ...
  • Ellie Midwood
    This collection of stories is a definite must-read for everyone who loves a good dark read. And of course, as soon as I saw that one of my favorite authors Yolanda Olson wrote her story for the anthology, I just had to grab it. What is so cool about “What Lies Beneath” is that everything is definitely not what it seems and once you get to the end you will see the events that unfolded from a whole new perspective. The atmosphere is dark and om...
  • Brittany Reece
    One of the reasons I was interested in this anthology is because Yolanda Olson was involved, and so I knew the stories would be dark and twisty.Yolanda's What Lies Beneath is the sheer definition of dark, twisty, and oh so messed up. You never know where her writing will take you but you can bet it's going to be deliciously disturbed and boy howdy it was. This was a page turning that had me whispering 'what the bleep' every few pages and the endi...
  • Linda Cotter
    The idea for this book just pulled me in, and I had to devour Yolanda Olson's book right away. When I tell you that this story is twisted, you'll have to believe me. This is starting one way, you know what's going on, suddenly all hell breaks loose and you're questioning everything you thought you knew. Everything I would expect, but nothing like what I expected. Well done!
  • Karen Aguilera
    My name is Jane by talented Zoe Blake with make you looking in your closets.This books pulls you in from the start by saying WTF. You will go on an emotional rollercoaster with Jane as she tells you her story. It is beyond dark and twisted and then you are thrown for a loop.If the rest of the series is as dark as anything like Zoe's I am hooked.
  • Bea Brugge
    I read My Name is Jane by Zoe Blake. A brilliant story that’s dark, romantic (depends who you ask), and a slice of horror thrown in there. It’s DARK and there you’ve been warned. Zoe hit it out of the park. I love the darkness.
  • Dawn Yarrow
    Dark and twisted is my thing so to find all these stories by best selling authors in one book is amazing. When they say dark they mean dark, There are no happy ever afters in these stories, if you have any hard limits then I suggest you try a different book. I won't comment about all of them or we'd be here all day but Yolanda Olson's story what lies beneath had me hooked and the ending blew me away! it is completely messed up and her story made ...
  • Maria Hunt
    What happens When the Dark Wins? You get an amazingly twisted and haunting book full of stories that will make you want to embrace the darkness or hide under the covers. Happy endings are not guaranteed and your limits will definitely be tested. From the first story I was riveted and found myself alternating from reading with my mouth dropped open in shock, cringing at times yet wanting so much more from this amazing group of authors. Breaking Be...
  • Candice Barrier
    Dark Stories do Exists!!Breaking Beth- Jennifer takes it to a new level. I have to say this is by far a very dark book. The final scene where Beth is finally broken is one that will be etched in my memory for a while. Jennifer wrote this story so well that I was sweating by the end of it, I was that caught up in the story. It will be interesting to see how she continues this story later on. Be sure to read this book on a sunny day, it can make yo...
  • Gaynor Jones
    Catacombs - Addison Cain This is not a story of your handsome studley vampire with a little angst and fangs. This is the monster you fear in the dark, the shadow that moves out of the corner of your eye, the noise that raises the hair on your body. YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE! Pearl is unfortunate enough to break a law of a species she didn't know she was part of. Taken captive by the leader of the vampires each night her mind is a clear slate for him t...