Bird and Squirrel All Tangled Up (Bird & Squirrel, #5) by James Burks

Bird and Squirrel All Tangled Up (Bird & Squirrel, #5)

When Red has to go spend the night helping Grandmole, Bird and Squirrel are put in charge of taking care of Squirrel's daughter, Birdie. But Birdie wants to go with her mom because staying home is so BORING! So Bird convinces Squirrel (despite his better judgment) to have some fun while Red is gone. And as far as Bird is concerned, nothing is more fun than setting off in search of the most elusive creature of the forest: Bigfoot! And even though ...

Details Bird and Squirrel All Tangled Up (Bird & Squirrel, #5)

TitleBird and Squirrel All Tangled Up (Bird & Squirrel, #5)
Release DateJan 29th, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Childrens, Middle Grade, Humor, Family

Reviews Bird and Squirrel All Tangled Up (Bird & Squirrel, #5)

  • Steph
    The best Bird & Squirrel yet!!!
  • Theresa Grissom
    My favorite Bird & Squirrel yet!! I love this series! Super cute and hilarious. Lots of laugh out loud moments. The kids at school will be fighting each other to get to this one.
  • Ms. Yingling
    Copy provided by Young Adult Books CentralRed, Squirrel, and Birdie are a happy family, but Squirrel is very anxious about letting Birdie do anything at all risky. When Red has to deliver some herbs downstream and needs to be away for a few days, Birdie is looking forward to doing exciting things like river rafting. Squirrel says no to all of these exciting activities, wanting Birdie to read quietly indoors. When Bird arrives and claims to have s...
  • zapkode
    {My thoughts} – So much adventure and so many things to be scared about. Red is Squirrel’s wife. We met her in the last book. At the end of the last book we were introduced to their daughter Birdie. Yes, she is named after Bird.Red has to make a delivery that will keep her gone for a couple of days. Squirrel is left home to take care of their daughter. Bird visits and gets Birdie all excited about going on an adventure to find Bigfeet. This i...
  • Mia Robicheaux Robin
    My seven year old son and I love this series! We read one together almost every night. It's hard to choose a favorite but I think it's a toss up between #4 and#5. The only complaint about All Tangled Up is that it is shorter than On Fire. My son hoped they would keep getting longer. But we really did enjoy it anyway. This story was great in exploring Squirrel's and Birdie's father/daughter relationship. Funny and adorable.
  • Stacey
    This series is the best! Our copy arrived today and my 9 year old is in hysterics reading it. I’m laughing while I type as I listen to him excitedly tell his dad all about it. I highly recommend this series, the whole family loves it!
  • Michelle Mossey
    Another hilarious installment in this series. My boys and I love it!
  • Gail
    I may love bird and squirrel even more than my kids. Always a nice reminder to have balance with worries.
  • Emyrose8
    I had no clue there was another Bird and Squirrel adventure! This one features all our favorite pals, especially Bird and the little squirrel Birdie. Bird convinces everyone to help him look for Bigfoot (or should I say Bigfeet?). It was cute, but not my favorite in the series.
  • Michelle (FabBookReviews)
    Bird & Squirrel is such a fantastically playful series, and All Tangled Up might be my favourite series entry. The addition of 'Birdie the Brave' (adorable and bubbly daughter of Squirrel and Red) is super and there are clearly lots of fun stories left to tell in this series.
  • Chris
    I enjoyed these so much I read the first five volumes (all there are so far) in a row. Excellent "buddy" humor and surprising character growth over the course of the series--it's not just the same jokes repeated endlessly. I'm getting ready to start them with my kids.
  • Lesley Burnap
    What a treat! Squirrel as a Dad is as neurotic as you’d imagine, but just as loving, too! Bird makes the perfect (FUN) uncle!
  • Pam
    Graphic NovelThis time Bird and Squirrel have an adventure involving Squirrel's child too. She wants to be adventurous like Bird but Squirrel sets limits. Birdie learns how much braver her dad is that Bird and figures out that limits aren't always a bad thing.Elementary readers will enjoy the adventures and simple to follow text.
  • Jessica
    A very quick read . Long story short: it is about squirrel being the parent and squirrel being the indulgent uncle.
  • Sarah Sammis
    Very similar in plot to The Bigfoot Files with a very different execution.