Switchers by Dawn Graham


Don't settle . . . SUCCEED in the right career! Are you stuck in an unsatisfying job? In the wrong profession? An industry that just isn't a fit? Get unstuck! Land a new career--one you're genuinely passionate about. Switchers helps you realize that dream. Written by celebrated career coach and psychologist Dr. Dawn Graham, the book provides proven strategies that will get you where you want to go. The first step is to recognize that the usual ru...

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Release DateJun 26th, 2018
GenreBusiness, Nonfiction, Self Help

Reviews Switchers

  • Marks54
    This is a book about changing careers - not picking careers but moving from professional work in one area where one has developed experience and had some success to starting a career in another area where one has little or no professional experience. That there is a strong demand for making such switches is clear to anyone working with young professionals today. The difficulties in making such a switch are large and new graduates are seldom aware...
  • Cassandra
    Really excellent guide for switchers, people switching roles or industries or both, and non-switchers. Clear advice on clarifying your plan a, committing to plan a, and crafting your value proposition in the interview, resume, and cover letter.
  • G. Gregory
    Dawn Graham’s Switchers is a must read for anyone thinking about making a big career change, or even a small one!A licensed psychologist, Doctor Graham knows all of the emotional baggage and survival instincts holding us back from landing the job of our dreams. She gives straightforward, easy to digest examples of how we can change our mindset and succeed.Graham also shares her experience working with recruiters, hiring managers, and decision m...
  • Dan Lovaglia
    Next Career Unclear? Prepare Yourself to Navigate Uncharted WatersSticking with the same career is no longer the norm. It's a contemporary challenge affecting employees and employers alike! All job seekers, especially those changing vocational lanes, need proven insights and practical advice for navigating the uncharted waters of any career change. Dawn Graham, in her new book Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers—And Seize Success,...
  • DW
    This doesn't exactly apply to my situation, but it does a little bit. Or it might in the future. Some of this advice has been written before (basics of getting a job, networking, negotiating salaries). Some of it was not immediately obvious to me (your second-level connections are the most useful (because your first-level connections know all the same stuff you do)).Only one sentence made me gag: "Your brand is a feeling (remember how much weight...
  • Lillian
    Given the numerous opportunities that have arisen from globalisation and the internet switching careers has become more of a norm. According to statistics, most Americans will spend around five years of their lives in some type of job search activity. Further, the numbers also say that one is likely to hold eleven different positions in the course of your career, and each job search might take six months or longer.Enter Dawn Graham, a celebrated ...
  • Kay Rock
    This handbook could easily become the new bible for career management as we almost certainly will be called upon to seek new employment and/or change careers during lives. Dr. Dawn offers professional, practical, and precise steps we can take to manage our career or find a new one. She offers a helpful summary at the end of each chapter and even provides scripts we can practice to give confidence when we are "live." I highly recommend this book n...
  • Craig Amason
    This book is more designed for those interested in switching careers in the middle of their professional life as opposed to retooling for a different career in retirement. It gets a bit redundant in places, but there are some helpful hints about redrafting resumes, interviewing, and negotiating the offer.
  • Bue_digre
    Got me through my interviews with good pointers.
  • Matt McCullough
    Based on a quick skim, seems like a solid book with great strategies on changing careers. Very tangible doable steps to pursue.
  • Gina
    A dull read with a lot of advice we've heard from other books.