Giant Days, Vol. 9 (Giant Days #9) by John Allison

Giant Days, Vol. 9 (Giant Days #9)


Details Giant Days, Vol. 9 (Giant Days #9)

TitleGiant Days, Vol. 9 (Giant Days #9)
Release DateMar 6th, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Young Adult, Graphic Novels Comics, Fiction

Reviews Giant Days, Vol. 9 (Giant Days #9)

  • Sam Quixote
    As summer arrives, Sheffield University breaks up and, after two years, so do our three studenteers! Susan and Daisy are swanning off to live with their beloveds leaving poor single Esther all alone – who will take her in? Enter: lovesick Ed Gemmell, secretly pining for the goth princess this whole time, who may have the answer: his place! Will he have the guts to suggest it? Bah, who needs guts when you’ve got booze! Except a near-deadly nig...
  • Carmen
    Ohhh. I love these girls so much, more and more in each installment if that is possible. I've grown fond of them since volume 1. Esther,Daisy and Susan are growing up and it is a pleasure to accompany them in the path to adulthood. Sometimes they crack me up, sometimes I see myself reflected :) but I just want to protect them (and poor sweet Ed too)all the time...The only one who I find overconfident enough is McGraw. This is the end of their sec...
  • Anna (Bananas)
    This was close enough to perfect that I’m going with the full five stars. Giant Days has become a complete comfort read for me. The characters and situations are hilarious and also pure joy at the same time, even when they’re being outright tortured, LOL. It reads as such a simple array of experiences for these college girls but it’s all so relatable and so genuine. I love that they included an LGBT character in a main storyline and that he...
  • Devann
    Another great volume in this series. Lots of changes for the group in this one and I'm definitely excited to see how next year is going to go after all the events here. Also, and I KNOW this is horrible, but Esther's story about her teacher reminds me of the math teacher we terrorized in 6th grade until she left our school literally 3/4ths of the way through her FIRST YEAR of teaching. Yeah, not proud of that as an adult but as a 12 year old who ...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    You know the drill by now. This series can do no wrong. It's hilarious, genuine, and the most accurate portrayal of the peculiar experience that is English University that I've ever seen. The characters are wonderful, the artwork is great (even with some guest artists this time around), and somehow we keep finding more and more insane situations that the girls fit seamlessly into.This volume features the ill-fated romance of Esther and Ed Gemmell...
  • Ashley
    Totally read this the first moment I could, all in one sitting. In the last volume, Esther, Susan, and Daisy were facing the prospect of no longer living with each other, and this volume explores that more fully. As a diehard introvert, I related to Esther's problem of trying to find new roommates! This issue was a little short on laughs for me, but the art was stunning as usual. Very happy to see how Daisy and Ingrid ended up, and that a 10-year...
  • Karen Foster
    Still the only Graphic novel series I’ve stuck with. I love these three gals as palette cleansers...... The Uni set friendship makes me warmly nostalgic for past escapades which is always a lovely thing....Volume 9 was more of a good thing..... 💕
  • Selene
    3.5 Stars
  • Olivia
    Good ole Giant Days, please continue forever. It's getting more clear that this is would be a great gift for someone starting college, as I'm seeing a lot of relatable scenarios. Extra points because Esther gives a Vulcan salute.
  • Shelly
    A very good volume of one of my favorite comics.
  • Nina
    This is definitely my favorite current graphic novel series. I love everything about the girls and the boys and... everything!! I was sad about them moving out, but happy with all the other happenings in this volume. Ready for more!
  • Claire
    Read as single issues
  • Ethan
    A fun read. Deals with Ed and Esther, finally, which is nice.
  • Angela
    Lots of big changes for the girls in this volume, which is definitely my favorite in the series so far. It'll be very interesting to see where Year 3 takes everyone.
  • Baker St Shelves
    Still loving the best currently published comic series ever as the girls are starting to move in separate areas of life as they move to new apartments away from each other. A big step to be sure as they’ve lived together since the start. My complaint from the last book paid off as Ed is now a big part of this book since he and Esther are looking for a new place. The best scenes are when they do a pub crawl and drunkenly become vulnerable togeth...
  • Christiana
    Although I am so thrilled to see Charlotte Grote (from Allison's Bad Machinery series (CG is my spirit animal)) in this shared world, I do not love how she was dressed or depicted in this one, but I think that's something that would bother Bad Machinery fans and not seem here nor there to readers just following Allison's Giant Days series. Otherwise, LOLs per usual, Giant Days forever.
  • Kyle Dinges
    Another solid volume of Giant Days. There's a bit less laugh out loud comedy in this one than the previous volumes. We see resolutions to some of the biggest conflicts from year 2 and get set ups for drama for year 3. This continues to be one of my favorite series. Despite the perfectly executed situational comedy, the characters are very authentic feeling and by this point you've got to be invested in all of them and their relationships with eac...
  • Lara
    Man...a LOT happens in this volume! And, of course, most of it is hilarious and wonderful and Esther, Susan and Daisy. And Ed. And Susan's dad and McGraw together? THEY ARE ADORABLE! And Charlotte, aka Esther condensed? I still love this series so, so much. That is all.
  • Sarah
    Can't really say much without spoilers but I was really happy to see a lot of focus on Esther and Daisy this volume. I love Ed so I'm also glad to have got a big chunk of his story. I really hope we get a good resolution to that soon.
  • J.c.
    Every volume of Giant Days has been a delight. This is no exception.
  • erin
    This is one of the few comic book series that I read as issues (not quite up-to-date, but ahead of the collections). I continue to love it to pieces.
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    Another good volume.
  • Amanda
    Read as individual issues. These girls are too much.
  • Nancy Svinicki
    Read as individual issues
  • Imogene
    Poor Ed! Poor Daisy! I love all these babies, and I also want Esther’s wardrobe
  • Menna✨
    At this point I consider Susan, Esther and Daisy my best friends!
  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    Review to follow.
  • Cassandra
    Readers likely knew this part of the story was coming, but it had to be done. Our favorite characters each had some meaningful, soul searching moments.
  • Paolina
    The best comic series there ever was!