Blood for Blood (Ziba MacKenzie, #1) by Victoria Selman

Blood for Blood (Ziba MacKenzie, #1)

Ziba Mackenzie profiles killers. Now one is profiling her.Rush hour, London. A packed commuter train is torn apart in a collision. Picking through the carnage, ex-special forces profiler Ziba MacKenzie helps a dying woman who passes on a cryptic message: He did it. You have to tell someone.When a corpse is found bearing the gruesome signature of a serial killer dormant for twenty-five years, Ziba is pulled into the hunt for the perpetrator. As th...

Details Blood for Blood (Ziba MacKenzie, #1)

TitleBlood for Blood (Ziba MacKenzie, #1)
Release DateFeb 1st, 2019
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction

Reviews Blood for Blood (Ziba MacKenzie, #1)

  • Joey R.
    1.5 Stars—- “Blood for Blood” by Victoria Selman was a Kindle first selection that I put off reading for months because I was unsure from the reviews whether it was worth reading. After reading it I can tell you — it is not. Selman is a first time, Oxford educated author whose work does not measure up to the works of other English authors profiled on for a variety of reasons. First, the author tries too hard to make her protago...
  • Christopher
    It's rare that a single side-character causes me to cut a book rating in half, but here we are. One of these days I'm going to read a book with a strong, independent female lead. 2018 wasn't a good year for me and such a book, but I entered 2019 ever hopeful. One might be fooled into thinking that this is one. But no. What we have instead is a woman still broken from the death of her husband. Which is fine. Could be great, even. It's a great oppo...
  • Misty
    Blood for Blood was both a page-turner and a disappointment. What began as an edge-of-your-seat read quickly deteriorated into a muddled pool of feints and missteps. The book starts on a commuter train where Ziba MacKenzie is engaged in people-watching. It’s clear that she is keenly observant as she relates the minute details of her fellow passengers and silently passes judgement on each. The reader learns that MacKenzie is a successful indepen...
  • Mackey
    Blood for Blood was an Amazon First Read selection for January and I'm thrilled that I chose this one. I have a new favorite series as well as a tough, new female protagonist to follow. Zina MacKenizie is former special ops, a widow who watched as her undercover cop husband was shot by a pro in front of her eyes. She now is working as a freelance profiler for the MET and is one of the best in field. Selman, the author, writes a gritty, dark, fast...
  • Darcia Helle
    This was my Amazon First Read pick for January. It's not a book I'd recommend, and it's not a series I'll follow. Some things that bothered me include:Ziba is an annoying character who tries too hard to be a badass. She has a habit of calling people ridiculous derogatory names, constantly, such as "moon chicken" and "DI Dipstick." She also uses her personal lingo for common things, such as "lifer juice" instead of coffee. And a man's hands are "d...
  • Krystin Rachel
    Book Blog | BookstagramOpening Hook: It’s a blasty-blastMain Character: If Sherlock Holmes lacked a personalityPlot Twisty-ness: Technically good, missing the feeling.*shakes fist at sky* I just want to read a legitimately strong female character! Just one!Okay, so I liked this and it’s also a disappointment in some big ways so… *fart noises*Here goes my ranty review. I’ll try to highlight the positive stuff, but we all know that’s not ...
  • Darinda
    The first book in a new crime series by debut author Victoria Selman. Ziba MacKenzie is a profiler, and her latest case involves a serial killer who is back after a long hiatus.A fast-paced crime mystery with a strong female lead. I usually enjoy books with strong female protagonists, but Ziba was kind of annoying. She seemed a bit of a know-it-all, and the weird phrases she uses threw me off. Additionally, I would have liked more backstory about...
  • Adah Udechukwu
    Blood for Blood is a three star novel. It started well but it was unnecessarily long and the novel was not as compelling as I would have liked.
  • Janet Newport
    Thank you NetGalley and Amazon Publishing / Thomas & Mercer for this arc.I must say I'm baffled by all the good reviews this has received. I found it to be the usual serial killer hunt & "trap" read with rather erratic pacing and very little "tension". Maybe it's because there were too many "suspects" / dead-ends. But it was the dichotomous mess of Ziba Mac that just kept hitting the sour note for me. She turns from the wobbly, weepy widow woman ...
  • Liz Barnsley
    A proper serial killer thriller with a great main protagonist and a twisty page turner with some great writing. Part of my "First Monday Crime" reading so will review properly at a later date. Looking forward to the next in the series!
  • Lynda Kelly
    This book was one of the two choices I made for the Kindle First offer for January. I've given up on it at 30%,'s full of military slang and I just got totally cheesed off having to keep looking up what she was on about. Especially as Ziba no longer works for the military. There's just no need for it and for me it ruined what is in essence an interesting story. Such a shame.She uses the word ass a lot as well when it should be arse...
  • Kevin Dowson
    This book left me very torn. A dichotomy of a book. I loved the villain, I hated the heroine. I thought the writing was excellent but detested the author's ham fisted attempts to be clever. I thought the plot was good, but the ending was relatively weak.Let me explain why I hated the heroine, which also references the annoying attempts at cleverness and the watery ending. Ziba MacKenzie is an ex-Special Forces operative turned freelance profiler....
  • Carly Jerome
    I found a lot of issues with this book. First, it always bothers me when strong female characters aren’t written as people. In other words, a common trope is to have the female character solo. NEWSFLASH: women aren’t any less powerful when they ask for or accept help. Many pages were fluff - it seemed more like the author was trying to reach a certain number of pages rather than writing to move the plot forward. The author also restates thing...
  • Jim
    I wanted to like this book.But, I must have been 'hitting the hippie lettuce' to have finished this supposed thriller. I suppose that just makes me 'shit stain' to not encourage this up-and-coming young author. But it's the use for such off-the-wall phrases that I find most off-putting. 'Sweet mother of dog shit', I find that annoying.But finish it book, I did. I did like the set-up and Ziba did start out with promise, but the whole thing started...
  • Kelly
    It has been a while since a book has intrigued me as much as this one had. I am fairly good at being able to call who the murderer is but this one had me guessing, then second guessing only to revert to my original suspect. And still I was incorrect. However, it wasn't because the murderer was random or completely unforeseen but because of the way the story was written and the focus on different details that are then disregarded as new ones come ...
  • Lisa Gray
    Blood for Blood is a fantastic debut from an exciting new author. A brilliant explosive opening is followed by a thrilling plot that kept me gripped and guessing to the end. As well as a pacy plot and an enjoyable mystery, the characterisation was superb. Ziba MacKenzie is a fresh and intriguing female lead with some cracking skills and some great one liners. I can’t wait for the next instalment in the series.
  • Kristin
    DNF at 38%.I don’t normally read books on Kindle, but since Amazon offered two free books for January, I couldn’t turn it down. I’d been stuck in a repetitive cycle of reading WWII books so I decided a thriller would be a nice way to break out of it…unfortunately, it appears I should have waited a bit for some of the reviews to come in or chosen from one of the other two books I had considered as a secondary but passed in favor of this.Zi...
  • Kathy
    This was my selection from the monthly Kindle books available to Prime members of Amazon. I usually don't make it through any of the books I choose, so this was a step forward. The young woman profiler Ziba had appeal, so I stuck with the story as it went from a devastating train crash into a Scotland Yard campaign to catch a serial killer, not one of my favorite topics.
  • George P.
    Ziba MacKenzie is a criminal profiler who consults with Scotland Yard. On her way to dinner one night, the train she’s riding collides with a derailed tanker car, killing more than a dozen and wounding several hundred. Though injured herself, Ziba comforts a dying woman who with her last breath whispers an enigmatic confession: “He did it.” Who did it? What did he do? And why? are the questions Ziba asks herself.But these questions get push...
  • Barbara
    Intense!Could not put down this book long enough for my kindle to recharge fully!Fabulous debut novel. Erratic killer who believes he heard the voice of God has started killing again after a 25 year absence. Will Ziba, profiler at Scotland Yard get to the bottom of the case before it's too late?
  • Suze
    Blood for BloodI'm glad I chose Blood for Blood for my January First Read, it's a great mystery thriller with the bonus that it is the first in a series.Ziba Mac is an endearing character, she is still grieving the loss of her husband Duncan two years ago. She gets caught up in the death of a woman killed in a train wreck that coincides with the reappearance of a serial killer after a twenty-five year hiatus. As a profiler she gets in the killers...
  • Jennifer
    Wasn’t feeling this the whole way through. Didn’t help that it kicked off with a ridiculous number of coincidences. Our hero in in a train crash and comforts a dying woman at the top of the book. She’s also brought in on a serial killer murder investigation later that night. The mom of the first victim of the serial killer? Turns out she was the dying woman on the train. Oh and the serial killer was on the train too. (Cause why not?)
  • Krystal
    To begin with, how does book one in a series leave you feeling like you missed something? Was there a series prior to this where Ziba was a background character? The fact that I came into this novel simply hearing about her husband's death, I don't feel as though her grieving made me feel what I'm sure the author intended. Nor did I feel any strong feelings one way or another about her working with, or being around, his former friends and colleag...
  • Roxy
    Stereotypical, repetitive, gory, and too easy to spot the bad guy.
  • Tori
    Exciting I wasn’t sure at first about this book but it was the kindle first option that seemed like something I would like the most. I like that the story goes right into it and you hav to help Ziba decipher clues as she goes. You also are trying to figure out who Raguel is and how he someone seems to understand Ziba and how she works. I like that she is a lone wolf but will call in help when she really needs it. I thought it was interesting th...
  • Taryn
    I Couldn’t Put it DownI was enthralled by this book. I’m used to suspecting what’s going to happen within the first few chapters and almost always being right. This one had me on the edge of my seat to the very end desperate to figure out what was going to happen. Highly recommend to lovers of crime novels!
  • Barbara
    Amazon have spoiled Prime members this month with a new year double-whammy of not one but two 'first read' picks and this was one of mine.Ziba MacKenzie is a Special Forces veteran and a specialist in criminal profiling. Like every good superhero she has a talent (profiling, understanding human behaviour) and an Achilles heel (her grief over the murder of her husband). We meet her on a London suburban train just as it's about to crash with catast...
  • Kristin.
    Beware the bible quoting man with a knife!Zeba Mackenzie, a profiler who had taken the FBI course in serial murder , adding to her impressive resume, had been called back to Scotland Yard to lend her skills on a series of brutal murders done by a man the papers had deemed the Lancaster Lacerator. His modus operandi was particularly¿ gruesome, involving a ritual of seven slashes to the throat, stabbing through the eyes, and brutal removal of male...
  • Andrea Nourse
    This is not my usual genre, but I enjoyed the way the story was woven together from the Ziba’s perspective and Raguel’s. It was refreshing to have a strong, intelligent female lead who was also real and relatable.
  • Liz Horton
    I just finished watching “Killing Eve” and was in the mood for another story about a serial killer and this fit the bill. Compelling story, and although there were some head-scratching plot holes, it was very enjoyable. A good pick from the Amazon First Reads January selection.