The End of Ice by Dahr Jamail

The End of Ice

The author who Jeremy Scahill calls the “quintessential unembedded reporter” visits “hot spots” around the world in a global quest to discover how we will cope with our planet’s changing ecosystemsAfter nearly a decade overseas as a war reporter, the acclaimed journalist Dahr Jamail returned to America to renew his passion for mountaineering, only to find that the slopes he had once climbed have been irrevocably changed by climate disru...

Details The End of Ice

TitleThe End of Ice
Release DateJan 15th, 2019
PublisherThe New Press
GenreNonfiction, Science, Environment, Nature

Reviews The End of Ice

  • Max
    The End of Ice is a really serious book about climate disruption. The author travels around and interviews people who are affected by climate change first hand. The book begins with some personal experiences of the author, and then goes on exploring different parts of the world, for example the Arctic circle and the Amazon forest. While there is a lot of number- and fact-dropping, this is a really well written book. It reads easily and I found th...
  • Carolyn McBride
    This is a highly readable, chilling (no pun intended) eye-opening book. Everyone should read this, especially those that refuse to believe that climate change is real. How can anyone deny global warming when faced with a line such as this? "A child born today will see an Everest largely free of glaciers within her lifetime"On one hand, I felt better educated on global warming and how melting glaciers affect us all. On the other hand, I am at a lo...
  • Amit Verma
    This book by a journalist who has worked in Iraq and has deep longing and concern for our nature.Book is enjoyable, pierecing, accurate, detailed and contemporary. Author covers all facets of our ecology damaged by blind mindless pursuit of industrious human beings.. Deeply moving testimonials by reputed environmentalists throws light onto the fact that we are already in irreparable stage..Journey starts at Denali and covers Barrier reef, amazon ...
  • Matt
    This book was, well, depressing. It presents an utterly convincing case that humans are destroying the planet, and that we are negatively affecting pretty much every ecosystem, from the Alaskan tundra to the Great Barrier Reef, to the Sierra Nevada range, to the Amazon Rainforest. Unfortunately, while this book is important, it wasn't really enjoyable to read. Jamail travels from place to place, interviewing person after person about the effects ...
  • Mark Valentine
    Impossible to read this and not be moved--to tears, to longing, to action.Jamail's best journalism involves his investigations while being embedded in the field. In his first book, Beyond the Green Zone, he worked as an embedded war journalist in the Iraq-American War--embedded with the Iraqis, that is, during the American assault on Fallujah in 2004. Now he takes his investigative skills to report on climate and environmental issues, embedded wi...
  • Ramin
    [ I'm a fan of this new book, as you can tell from my book review in Smithsonian magazine. Here's an excerpt of that piece, and please go here to read the whole thing: ]The Aleutian people of the tundra-covered Alaskan island of St. Paul, hundreds of miles from the mainland, used to count on giant rookeries of northern fur seals every year for pelts and meat. They hunted plenty of fish and birds, too, but ...
  • Andrew
    We are screwedOne of the best reads on the topic of anthropogenic climate disruption. I have never been so certain that all of us collectively have truly fucked up
  • Anett Kovacs
    Note: I received a digital ARC of this book from NetGalley.In short, The End of Ice by journalist Dahr Jamail is a deeply moving book about climate change. The author takes us on a journey from Denali and Alaska's (not so permanent) permafrost regions through Amazonian rainforests that are being cut down at an alarming rate and coastal regions that will soon vanish due to a massive rise of sea levels to the basically dying Great Barrier Reef. H...
  • Kim Cabrera
    Climate disruption. That’s the word used by journalist Dahr Jamail in the new book, The End of Ice. This book should be required reading for everyone who lives on planet Earth. Read this book, but do so in short sessions to give yourself time to digest what you’ve just read. You will want to think deeply about it. It’s that moving. We have done some serious damage to our planet and our climate is suffering. It makes for very emotionally tax...