Test by Cora Brent


COMING SEPTEMBER 27th! TEST (A Gentry Generations Story)PAIGEPeople say Derek Gentry is arrogant, perpetually drunk and good for only one thing. They say he’s like a neon sign that reads: ‘I AM THE WORST IDEA YOU EVER HAD.’ And I’m not tempted, no matter how hot he is. I’ve heard the rumors. I know his story. But I’ve got my own scars. I don’t need his. Despite his muscled blue-eyed good looks, he’s definitely just heartbreak wrap...

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Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreRomance, Did Not Finish, New Adult

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  • Sabrina
    NOW LIVE!Amazon US * Amazon UK3.5 StarsTest brings up back to the Gentry family with a bit of a heavier story surrounding Derek Gentry. After screwing up in a pretty big way he's now labeled himself the black sheep of the family and is trying to battle his demons on his own. But then he meets Paige on one of the worst nights of her life and finds himself drawn to her like never before. She has her own demons that she's trying to fight away but ma...
  • Kylee
    This book is aptly named as it will test your emotions from start to finish. Derek and Paige’s story is not an easy one, it is about two broken people on a path of self destruction. Test will break your heart, make you cry but ultimately it will give you faith in learning from your mistakes. It is a journey of not only true love but healing and reclamation. It is a story of inspiration, breaking the cycle and forgiveness. A powerful love betwee...
  • Sara
    4 Stars!The next member of the Gentry family, Derek, gets his HEA! I really enjoyed this book. While this is a NA romance, it deals with some pretty heavy topics. However, Cora Brent does an amazing job with those topics. She does not sugar coat or romanticize addiction and self-harm, but she does not overpower the romantic nature of the book either. The underlying romance is really sweet. These two, slighty broken people share a traumatic experi...
  • Konny
    Test by Cora Brent is book four in her Gentry Generations Series and it blew me away. The previous books are Strike, Turn and Keep. Every book is about another couple and can totally be read as standalone.Test is Paige and Derek's story. It's raw and gritty, but wonderful at the same time.Paige is a young woman who's a bit of a drifter. She works at a pizzeria, inherited a house, but has no clue what to make of her life. She hasn't a lot of famil...
  • A.BookNerd.Bookseller&Bibliophile.Blog
    This book is heavy. It's real. And I could not put it down. I have read the entire Gentry family and generations books. This book was heavy on my soul. Life is not perfect and both Derek and Paige have been dealt rough hands and meet in an unfortunate situation. They are drawn to one another and have to decide if they are ready to show each other how ugly life can really be sometimes. I will tell you there is a happy ending and I really hope ther...
  • Michella
    Another fantastic read by Cora Brent! Absolutely loving the second generation Gentry series. Derek and Paige meet by chance during a horrible incident. From there they lean on each other while fighting separate battles within themselves. Every day is a struggle but together they find determination and love. Definitely well written and I didn’t want to put this down. I can not wait for Kellan’s story.
  • Michele McMullen
    Paige and Derek this is their story .They each have lived though troubles and struggles to come out on the other side. They are drawn to each other but know that this is not going to be easy. You have to show the real you and hope that "the one "can accept you for all your flaws. This is not your cookie cutter romance. It is real, raw and a challenge . Sometimes you need to take a chance to on yourself and others to have a future !!Great Story!!~...
  • Lisa Mcintire
    I loved this one. Reading Derek’s struggle was really sad and I think it could of went a little more into his recovery more and really went into Paige’s recovery because that kinda was skipped over but I’ll look pst that haha. I really enjoy this series and can’t wait to see who’s next. I have a good idea 🤗
  • Kerry Fletcher
    I can never EVER get enough of this family. I care so deeply about what happens to them it's unbelievable! I've been dying for Derek's story after what happened to him. Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long for it.Derek is struggling. Ever since the incident which landed him in prison for a while he's trying to stay sober, but being young and staying away from alcohol is hard. His brother is partying up at college. Going to parties, getting ...
  • Nightbird Novels
    3.5 StarsDerek Gentry has made some horrible mistakes in his life. Trying to keep himself on track is a work in progress, but with every failure he has, he gets back up again to start over...Paige Morrissey knows all about Derek Gentry and the mistakes he's made. But, when he saves her from a dangerous situation, she finds herself getting to know the man behind the gossip...With the comfort they find in each other, Derek and Paige begin a journey...
  • Kim
    OK, so I LOOOVE Cora. Always and forever. This book, though, wasn't my favorite. Here's why. It's something that might not perturb most people, and the characters are great, as always. I am a firm believer that anyone with any dependency should heal before jumping into a relationship. That out of the way... I know that it's fully possible for someone to form a very healthy relationship while undergoing treatment for a condition, but with alcoholi...
  • Sabrina Thompson PA
    This is the third book in the Gentry Generations series. It can be read as a standalone but would make more sense if read in order. This book deals with some heavy themes, if you are easily triggered by addictions or addictive behaviors, be forewarned. This book is by far the heaviest and most emotionally charged book written by Ms. Brent. It was, at times, difficult to read. The characters seemed so raw and so vulnerable that it felt intrusive t...
  • Susan
    Another fantastic book in the Gentry Saga. I think Cora did an amazing job with this one.Derek and Paige will put you through the emotional ringer. Their story is heart breaking and definitely makes an impression, these two don't have an easy time but I loved their journey.As we know already Derek has his problems, he's still struggling with the biggest mistake of his life. Derek doesn't feel worthy of happiness so he punishes himself, It actuall...
  • 💋Meme Chanell Book Corner💋
    This story is about two people in their twenties. They both have issues they are dealing with. Derek is a recovering alcoholic after a fatal accident he spent some time in jail and is now sharing an apartment with his younger brother. He wants to recover from his addiction but it is hard for him. He now works at his uncles garage.Paige is still trying to figure out life, she hates crowds and is socially awkward.Her mother left her at a young age ...
  • Jennifer Pierson
    Test is another book that I've read this week which had my emotions played with. First of all, let me say that it did take me a bit to become invested with these two broken souls, which is what kept me from the perfect rating. (Remember it's MY OPINION) Paige is a girl who doesn't do well with people around her, so even when she's a young woman, she doesn't go out & have fun like her friends. Derek Gentry is a man who is bringing her to life, eve...
  • Cassie May
    Welcome back with the Gentry’s.We got glimpses of Derek in the last Novella and his problems made me question if his book would be the book for me. I’m not good with books where the main character is addicted to something, but I thought, I would give it a try. I shouldn’t have doubted the author. Derek and Paige have a beautiful story and my heart was breaking more than once for what they had to endure in the past and through the book. I wo...
  • Amy Crull
    So I haven't kept up with the Gentry clan if I'm being honest, despite that , I was able to follow this story just fine. I will say that the blurb drew me into the story. This story is about two people who's had struggles and have learned to move on from it. Paige had a troubled childhood, deserted by her mom but raised by incredible grandparents. She's more than ok with chillin at home by herself. Her friends drag her out for a night and that ch...
  • Kim Richards
    BrilliantI was pulled into the story right from the beginning and stayed there until I had finished every single word that was written. All the time watching it play out in my head. Every single emotion that the characters went through, I went through with, I might of even shed a tear or two. Parts of this story really pulled on my heart strings.There are a few surprises waiting for you throughout the pages of this book, some you may see coming o...
  • Serena Worker
    Paige works at the Pizza shop while she was trying to work things out, her two friends Sam and Ric wanted her to go out and have fun, and at a party she sees two of the Gentry brothers, but remembers Derek who had an accident drink driving that killed someonePaige had heard about Derek Gentry and what he did, he’s reputation, but when she went to the store and there was a junkie that started to attack people, even though she didn’t like being...
  • Natalie
    Cora, you have done it again. I have loved the Gentrys from the first book Draw, and they just keep getting better and better! Following a few years after Keep, we get to know Derek Gentry and his struggle with alcoholism, and his ever present guilt for his stupid drunken decision to drive a car home after his cousins wedding which resulted in the death of his cousins brother-in-law. Derek is trying so hard to beat his demons and stay sober but t...
  • Britt Red Hatter Book Blog
    Every new release in this series feels like coming home. I’ve been so attached to this family from the very beginning and the next generation of Gentry’s is proving to be even better than the first. Test is by far my absolute favorite so far. Derek and Paige’s story is filled with so much emotion and so much swoon it’s nearly impossible to put down once you start. I couldn’t have predicted how much I was going to fall in love with these...
  • Rachel
    Oh Derek 💜💜💜Derek Gentry is the troubled Gentry. He has been struck by the addiction curse which hangs like a spectre over the otherwise happy Gentry clan. Throughout the book he struggles to stay away from temptation and to work on his sobriety. I especially loved this aspect of the story as it felt incredibly realistic. Addiction is dealt with sensitivity and it only made me warm to Derek and Paige more.Paige for her part is also suffe...
  • Cali Gals
    Paige and Derek have an AMAZING story to tell. I love who they are as people even through all their imperfections. In fact, it only makes me love them more to see their desire to carry on past their struggles. It wouldn’t be a Gentry book without the theme of Family being its foundation (so beautiful). Siblings seem to always play a big role in any story this author tells which I LOVE and I was not disappointed. This read will tug on your heart...
  • Maggie Bell
    I really really enjoyed this book. I am huge fan of the Gentry series, and Chase (Derek’s dad) was always my favorite of the triplets. In a completely irrelevant comment, my dog Chase is half named after Chase Gentry. In the novella before this book, you see Derek make a horrible decision that alters the course of his life and ends that of his new cousin-in-laws brother. About a year (2 years?) later, Derek is back and trying to readjust to lif...
  • Lainey Da Silva PA
    THIS BOOK!!! This is the latest release in the Gentry Series and once again Cora blew me away.Derek and Paige had me on the edge of my seat reading this, it was emotional to say the least but in THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY Derek has a past he is trying to work through and struggles with it daily.... some days better than others.Derek constantly questions why he should be happy, deserving a life that others have effortlessly. He struggles with this dail...
  • Laura Briggs
    Let me just start by saying welcome back gentry family I will never get enough of this family and as long as their are new books on this family I will be one clicking them I was so excited to read test although a little bit apprehensive this is the story of Derek gentry-and Paige we meet Derek more in the last novella and learnt of his troubles and problems with alcoholism so I highly recommend that you read that book first but while your at it r...
  • Terra Oenning
    Wow I am such a great fan of cora Brent and I have read all of her books and between stone and Derek its a tie for my all time favorite books of all time. Paige is pretty much a loner and lives her life without being noticed. She has secrets and scars and keeps them bottled but when being in the wrong place will she survive or will a hero save her? Derek is now out of prison and trying to get his life back to normal and has a fight every day to k...
  • Lisa
    What a great read!!! Derek and Paige's story was well written and relatable to readers that have experience with Derek's struggle with alcohol and Paige's eating disorder as well as the amount of loss that she had experienced as a result of addiction even though the pair were brought together through extreme circumstances. The circumstances of these characters is unfortunately common for many people and it was written is such a beautiful, tastefu...
  • Cate at Fiction Beer & Cupcakes
    This book was a first for me. I have never been able to connect to a character that is an addict. I normally struggle and quit reading. Being that this was Cora Brent, I didn't quit reading and I was able to understand Derek. My heart broke repeatedly for them. However, I would not read this book as a standalone. I think it really helped that I was able to connect a little more, because of what Derek's dad Chase went through. He isn't the first i...
  • Tiki Girl
    I received an ARC of Test for an honest review.Cora Brent has been an automatic but for me since I first read Draw, which happens to be my first introduction to the Gentry family. I won't go over the synopsis of Test because I'm sure many reviewers will do that for you. Paige and Derek were two halves of whole. The both had their own demons to fight and were struggling, but they were stronger together. We got to know Derek's younger brothers in t...