Republic of Lies by Anna Merlan

Republic of Lies

A riveting tour through the landscape and meaning of modern conspiracy theories, exploring the causes and tenacity of this American malady, from Birthers to Pizzagate and beyond.American society has always been fertile ground for conspiracy theories, but with the election of Donald Trump, previously outlandish ideas suddenly attained legitimacy. Trump himself is a conspiracy enthusiast: from his claim that global warming is a Chinese hoax to the ...

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TitleRepublic of Lies
Release DateApr 16th, 2019
PublisherMetropolitan Books
GenreNonfiction, Politics, History

Reviews Republic of Lies

  • David Wineberg
    I never do this, but here is the first sentence of Republic of Lies: “In January 2015, I spent the longest, queasiest week of my life on a cruise ship filled with conspiracy theorists.”SOLD! Anna Merlan has put herself through a brain-exploding experience to tell us about the astounding variety of lies Americans tell about themselves and their country. It’s a whirlwind tour of conspiracies, hate, ideology, religion, UFOs, and politics. They...
  • Jim Razinha
    I admire anonymously the monumental efforts like those of people at Media Matters, who endure hours upon hours of the likes of Fox News so that the sane of us don't have to watch to see what nonsense is being spewed at any given instance. And then there is Ms. Merlan, who takes such to extremes, diving into the belly of so many beasts to write this she has to have brain bleach on autorefill. Hat's off and bravo. There have always been conspiracis...
  • Jason
    We're all familiar by now with the fact that the poor, disenfranchised and undereducated are prone to believing in conspiratorial theories and driven by grandiose fantasies of nefarious forces colluding against them. If those people aren't in our immediate families, they're at least visible enough on our social network feeds that we're aware they exist. And, while it's been easy to ignore these people and mock their backward, peasant-like ignoran...
  • Christian
    An excellent read about the mainstreaming of conspiracy theory in American culture and (more disconcertingly) American politics.
  • Ian
    America has had conspiracies as long as it has existed but with rise of a "birther" as president, conspiracies and conspiracy theories that were once rightly dismissed as crackpots and crackpot ideas are normalized. This book gives nice explanations of conspiracy culture even if it is demoralizing to read and think about the future of our country and the truth tellers.
  • Ben
    I received an ARC from the Publisher and NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.I've been following Anna Merlan's writing on conspiracy groups at Jezebel and the Gizmodo Special Projects Desk for a few years, and it's consistently great - providing historical context where appropriate, reporting things as they are, and providing a critical eye in exactly the right places. This book does a great job of applying this eye to the conspiracy theorist...
  • Doug
    This is a good primer for conspiracy theories in the US. Since I generally try to avoid them, I found this book to be very enlightening.
  • Mike
    I know far too many people who desperately need to read this book but never will.