Dreyer’s English by Benjamin Dreyer

Dreyer’s English

A witty, informative guide to writing "good English" from Random House's longtime copy chief and one of Twitter's leading enforcers of proper grammar--a twenty-first-century Elements of Style. As authoritative as it is amusing, this book distills everything Benjamin Dreyer has learned from the hundreds of books he has copyedited, including works by Elizabeth Strout, E. L. Doctorow, and Frank Rich, into a useful guide not just for w...

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TitleDreyer’s English
Release DateJan 29th, 2019
PublisherRandom House
GenreNonfiction, Language, Writing, Books About Books, Humanities, Audiobook, Reference

Reviews Dreyer’s English

  • Jessica Woodbury
    If you think I am not the kind of person to read a style guide, you are correct! I do not read them for fun or pleasure, and I try to avoid them even for professional growth. But I knew this one would be different as I've followed Dreyer on Twitter for several years (and he also follows me, full disclosure). I had enough of a hunch that it would be a true delight that I even read the AUDIOBOOK. Yes, that is correct. I read a style guide on audio....
  • Robin
    This is the first book on grammar and style I've ever read cover to cover, and I found it informative and highly entertaining. I found myself laughing over Dreyer's snarky wit and his keen look at today's language "rules" had me taking notes. His writing style, use of footnotes, and snarky wit reminded me of Mary Roach's books and I believe Bill Bryson fans will also enjoy.Everyone who does any writing (even if it's nothing but an annual holiday ...
  • Rawan
    I love books about books (Kory Stamper's Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries was one of my favorite books of 2017) and books about writing, so it's no surprise that when I saw the description for this book, I was incredibly excited to read it. A reference book by one of Twitter's leading language gurus? Right up my alley. This is a handy little guide to writing that would make the perfect gift for any copy editor, grammarian, lover of l...
  • Victoria
    Thanks to Random House and Goodreads for the ARC of this upcoming title. I loved it! Witty and useful (I almost said very witty, but I’m trying to cull my use of that overused word, as recommended by the author). I plan on buying a hard copy on publication and adding it to my reference library but it’s much more than a reference book. Recommended for anyone who cares about words.
  • Cynthia
    If you’ve ever been a copy editor or if you have interest in “proper” writing, you will love this book.
  • Ivan
    Random House’s copy chief offers a witty guide to writing. Copyeditors are my favorite kind of curmudgeons.
  • Tracy
    Some of you may wonder how a book about writing correctly could possibly be entertaining. If you're at all like me, someone who gets irritated with those who don't know assure versus ensure versus insure or know when to use between versus among or who, as much as she loves advance book review copies, hates that they're not completely copy edited yet, will find much to love in Dreyer's guide to writing with style (BTW, he probably won't like that ...
  • Chris Roberts
    Benjamin Dryer's guide confirms the existence of a lesser alphabet, ergo, lexicon. This is the age of trivial authorship, stylized writing strips a novel of plot, characterization, setting, etc.Chris Roberts, Patron Saint to Outliers
  • Ben
    I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a review.I did not expect to love a book about writing as much as I did with Dreyer's English. Dreyer approaches writing with a copywriter's eye, which is perfect when you want your writing to feel like your most _you_ while also being technically correct. This debunks style/formatting myths and provides answers on hundreds of things that generally stop one's writing up, all ...
  • Melise
    What an unexpected gem! I read this book in an advance reading copy version I received through NetGalley (note, I didn’t call it an “advanced” reading copy), which often leads me to books that I likely would never be interested in reading. It is one of my favorite things about NetGalley, and with this book it really proved its worth. A large part of my full-time job is producing proposal documents, which requires me to gather information, a...
  • Steve
    Funny, insightful and thoroughly entertaining guide to better writingI loved this book. Author Benjamin Dreyer isn’t shy about giving his opinion and he does this in a most entertaining way. The book is made up of snippets so it’s easy to pick up and read for a few minutes. However putting the book down is significantly more difficult. I found myself saying that I would only read another couple of paragraphs and put the book down. Didn’t ha...
  • P. L. Reid
    If you've read my goodreads reviews for a while, you will have noticed that I'm brushing up on the basics in things that I do all the time-- art, music, writing. I recommend this to anyone who has been creating art for a long time. You'll be amazed at how many tips you've forgotten or never knew. This guide to English is full of reminders for the grammar nerd and useful information for everyone else.
  • Stephanie
    This post is about the audiobook edition of DREYER'S ENGLISHBrilliant and Funny, Dreyer Makes his Editorial Markshttp://fangswandsandfairydust.com/201...I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.Dreyer’s English – which title I have placed in italics as Mr. Dreyer recommends commands, is hilarious, and informative. I don;t get the cha...
  • Mahin
    Whenever I speak with someone, I resist the compulsion to count his grammatical errors on one hand. I am that person who insists it's 'nauseated' not 'nauseous'. And I am that person who will tell you 'choate' and 'flammable' are major no-nos. In short, it may seem that someone who is a stickler for grammar and a self-professed Spelling Bee queen to buy a style guide; but I think it makes perfect sense. When one views a language as merely mathema...
  • John Newton
    I preordered this book and received it three days ago. Since then, I've looked for any free moment I can find to read it. You might not think a guide to writing is the sort of book you couldn't put down and read cover to cover, but Dreyer is incredibly entertaining. He's opinionated and funny and while he knows the rules of grammar and spelling, he's not scolding or pedantic. He accepts that there are perfectly good reasons to ignore those rules ...
  • Karen
    https://booksnooks.wordpress.com/Benjamin Dreyer's job at Random House is simple. In his own words, "My job is to lay my hands on that piece of writing and make it... better. Cleaner. Clearer. More efficient... [to] make it the best possible version of itself that it can be- to make it read even more like itself than it did when I got to work on it." In Dreyer's English, Mr. Dreyer puts it all out there. The book is filled with tips such as going...
  • Melissa
    First book finished for 24in48!Grammar nerd book, yaaaaas! Copy-editing nerd book, yaaaaaas! Book with many funny footnotes, yaaaaaas! If you want to read an entertaining book about something useful - like learning to write well - that is not even remotely like our school nemesis, the wretched Strunk & White, then you need this book.
  • Kay
    As a style guide, this is an enjoyable read (I had wanted to say “very” enjoyable, but edited the word “very” out as per Dreyer’s one-week challenge). I especially delight in Dreyer’s sense of humor, his voice, and his play of words. For formal writing (e.g., grant applications in academia) though, I would stick to the “big-fats” then have the bluenoses up my fundament.
  • David
    If you work with words and wish you had a little more confidence in your written style (including but not limited to spelling, punctuation, grammar and word choice), this book is for you. Dreyer's English is both extraordinarily helpful and a delightful read.
  • Greg
    Can I give a book 6 stars? Because that.